Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1582 – Master Monkey admires you!

Chapter 1582 – Master Monkey admires you!

Master Monkey admires you!

Wu Ningzhu and Big Yellow were still within the crowd. Their expression didn’t seem very well. After all, they had just witnessed the might of Nanbei Chao and he had gone after Jiang Chen. It was impossible for them not to feel worried now.

“Big Yellow, do you think Little Chen will be alright?” Wu Ningzhu asked concernedly.

“Rest a.s.sured. That brat has exceedingly incredible means. He will be alright. Even if he can’t beat Nanbei Chao, it won’t be hard for him to escape.”

Big Yellow could only console Wu Ningzhu in such a way. As a matter of fact, he was also incomparably worried in his heart. He could already imagine that if Nanbei Chao persistently chased after Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen absolutely wouldn’t be in a good situation. He might even be in danger. Of course, Big Yellow couldn’t say these things to Wu Ningzhu as it would only intensify her concerns and do no help.

However, he didn’t believe that Jiang Chen would die so easily. Jiang Chen was a man with great luck and could always create miracles at the most critical moment. In the eyes of Big Yellow, Jiang Chen was the unbeatable rival of Nanbei Chao that would hardly die.

“Big Yellow, why would Nanbei Chao chase after Junior Brother Jiang Chen all of a sudden?” Xuan Zhong asked, puzzled.

He really didn’t know when Jiang Chen had offended Young Master Chao. Even if Jiang Chen had really offended Nanbei Chao, given Nanbei Chao’s ident.i.ty and strength, he wouldn’t have put an early Immortal King in his eyes, but after defeating Mo Wuqing, Nanbei Chao had gone after Jiang Chen. It was an undeniable fact.

“You ask me, I ask who? Sister Ning, let’s go.”

The troubled Big Yellow felt that it’s totally unnecessary to humour Xuan Zhong, he then left with Wu Ningzhu. It was no longer meaningful for them to stay here. Nanbei Chao would never return. Jiang Chen too, wouldn’t come back.

“Where are we going to find Little Chen?” Wu Ningzhu asked.

“I really have no idea about this. I’m unable to figure out Little Chen’s location. We might as well don’t care about him first. Let’s seek for treasures in Golden Horizon. Don’t worry. Jiang Chen won’t die. He will find us soon,” Big Yellow said, and vanished along with Wu Ningzhu from the Broken Edge Cliff.

Somewhere in the desolate void of Golden Horizon, Nanbei Chao was sitting in the interior of the void. He had totally integrated with the spatial law. He had created a miniature world here that was difficult for outsiders to discover. Currently, there was no more blood in his eyes. He had recovered his eyesight, but it was undeniably impossible to recover the Eye of Heaven, at least not possible within a short period of time.

“That d.a.m.ned monkey! How dare he injure my eyes?!”

Nanbei Chao gritted his teeth. Not only was his Eye of Heaven severely injured, the iron staff that hit him had almost contorted his body. He still felt pain from it. The strike from the iron staff carried a force that could destroy a world. If it wasn’t for his timely move of casting the Immortal Armour, the consequences would be even more severe than this.

“Battle Saint Ape! Never thought that such an abnormal kind would be born into this Heaven and Earth. A mighty immemorial creature is truly terrifying. And that Fiery Golden Eyes was too extraordinary. Not even my Eye of Heaven was a match for it. Humph! But today’s matter won’t be forgotten. Once I’m fully recovered and advanced to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm, I must shred that monkey to pieces. If I can acquire his bloodline, my cultivation base will rise to a very terrifying extent and I will obtain tremendous benefits from it. And that Jiang Chen has to be eliminated as well for he will only become a huge threat sooner or later,” Nanbei Chao spoke viciously.

As the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign, he had never received such a ma.s.sive blow until today. This was his first time. The defeat this time had affected his Monarch Heart. His high and mighty, undefeatable heart had become imperfect after today’s defeat, which was extremely unfavourable to his Monarch Path.

He closed his eyes and began healing his injuries. He was well-versed in many secret arts. Although his speed of recovery wasn’t as fast as Jiang Chen’s wood spiritual qi, it wasn’t slow at all. Apart from the slow recovery of the Eye of Heaven, his other injuries could be healed pretty quickly.

In the thirty-third level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, two months had pa.s.sed. Jiang Chen’s injuries had already fully healed. Incredible qi waves rushed out of his body and swirled rapidly in the s.p.a.ce of the level. He opened his eyes, two substantial light swooshed out and fell precisely on the wondrous rock, causing the rock to buzz.

“You mother***er Jiang Chen!” Dragon s.h.i.+san’s voice rang from the inside, sounding angry.

“My apologies. I’ve gotten too excited.”

Jiang Chen chuckled. He didn’t do that on purpose. Not only had he fully healed his injuries, but had also stimulated the potential strength inside of him, increasing the number of dragon marks by another 10 000, reaching a total of 1 190 000 dragon marks. Now, he was only 10 000 dragon marks away from the threshold and advance to the late Immortal King realm.

Although a 10 000 increase in dragon marks didn’t help him advance to the late Immortal King realm, it had brought his combat strength to a new level, a more terrifying extent.

“What’s the excitement for? You only recovered fully. Didn’t you know that Master Monkey is still inside the rock?” Dragon s.h.i.+san spoke grumpily.

“s.h.i.+san, how can you speak before your birth? Why not stay silently in your seclusion?”

Jiang Chen stared at the wondrous rock curiously. He was quite interested with Dragon s.h.i.+san and liked his unconventional, unscrupulous, decisive and forthright disposition. Also, the monkey’s inborn narcissism made him almost comparable to Big Yellow.

It was imaginable that after Dragon s.h.i.+san was born, it would be lively the moment he met Big Yellow.

“Master Monkey is well versed in everything. Even though I’m in this rock, I know everything that’s happening outside. The temporal rule in this spatial zone is very profound. It’s 30 times faster than the time outside. Now, I’m not far from being born.” Dragon s.h.i.+san spoke narcissistically.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen nodded. This type of immemorial creature was too scary and was full of divinity. So it was no longer strange that he could sense everything outside while being in the wondrous rock. After observing the strength of Dragon s.h.i.+san, Jiang Chen regretted not putting the wondrous rock in the thirty-third level a while back. Otherwise, Dragon s.h.i.+san would have already been born.

“Since you can speak, why didn’t you tell me to throw you at the thirty-third level earlier?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“What do you know? Do you think that Master Monkey has to observe you first before doing so? What if you have some bad intention against me? That will endanger my life.” Dragon s.h.i.+san replied.

“Then what have you observed about me?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Pa.s.sable. You are not bad. Whether if it’s your cultivation talent or style of conduct, both are great. You are going to reach a tenth of my power soon. Master Monkey does admire you very much,” Dragon s.h.i.+san spoke shamelessly.

Jiang Chen had a look of speechlessness. Initially, he thought that the monkey was praising him, but very quickly, the monkey switched back to praising himself. It seemed like this monkey wouldn’t let any chances of admiring himself go. And this was when he was still in the wondrous rock. How narcissistic would he become after he came out of the rock?

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