Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 157 – Being Worshipped

Chapter 157 – Being Worshipped

Chapter 157 – Being Wors.h.i.+pped

Lord Blood Moon was killed, and all Blood Devils were gone. The disturbance the Blood Devils had brought had been solved by Jiang Chen, even before they did something big. Lord Blood Moon had even provided Jiang Chen with lots of benefits. Not only had he given him lots of devil cores, he had even helped him with breaking through to the Heavenly Core realm, and he had given Jiang Chen the powerful weapon, Blood Banner.

Jiang Chen punched out a huge golden beam and destroyed the altar of blood sacrifice. After that, he descended down and landed next to Big Yellow. Jiang Chen could feel how tired Big Yellow was right now, because he had completely entered a coma.

Big Yellow had followed Jiang Chen for quite some time, he was the real descendant of the Dragon Horse, he possessed a complete bloodline of an ancient beast, he was the king of all abnormal monsters. But now, he had gone into a coma, and this really shocked Jiang Chen.

“What happened?”

Jiang Chen asked. When Big Yellow struck just now, he was captured within the Blood Banner, therefore he didn’t know what happened outside.

“Brother Jiang, it was because of this broken sword.”

Yu Zi Han pointed at the broken sword next to Big Yellow and explained what had happened just now to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up as he looked at the broken sword. He knew where this sword came from. When they were at Whirling Sun City, Big Yellow didn’t want anything other than this broken sword.

“It really can cut the connection between the Blood Banner and Lord Blood Moon. With Big Yellow’s abilities, it is strange that forcefully using it would cause him to enter a coma… What treasure is this really?”

Jiang Chen was really amazed. With his experience from being a Saint, he could easily recognize a peerless ultimate combat weapon with just a glance. But this broken sword, all he could tell was that it looked just like a sc.r.a.p of metal.

Jiang Chen grabbed the broken sword, then he circulated his Yuan energy and injected it into the broken sword. But too bad, nothing happened at all. Jiang Chen’s Yuan energy couldn’t get any reaction out of the broken sword.

“If this broken sword isn’t some sc.r.a.p metal, then it must be something that surpa.s.ses saint-rank combat weapons. It might be something from the immortal realm.”

Jiang Chen sighed in his mind; Big Yellow had proven this broken sword was definitely not just some sc.r.a.p metal, and Jiang Chen couldn’t tell what it was. The only explanation to this was that the broken sword was above saint-rank combat weapons.

As for why Big Yellow could unleash the power of this broken sword, Jiang Chen couldn’t really explain it. It was most possibly because of his bloodline.

“Young master Jiang, is Big Yellow going to be fine?”

Yu Tian Long asked worriedly. They were all very grateful towards Big Yellow. If Big Yellow wasn’t here today, all of the might have been killed by now. They couldn’t even withstand the attacks from the Blood Devils.

“He will be fine, it’s just that his energy is depleted. He’s too tired.”

Jiang Chen said. He knew about Big Yellow really well, he was probably just sleeping right now, and it might take some time before he awakens. But, once he does awaken from his sleep, his cultivation level might go up once again. This was the part Jiang Chen envied the most and which made him speechless.

The bloodline of a Divine Beast might not look special in the beginning, but following the rise in cultivation realms, the power of the bloodline would slowly start revealing itself. Just like Big Yellow, his strength would soon become really terrifying.

“But we need to supply him with energy. If we don’t, he might enter deep slumber, and that is not something good.”

Jiang Chen retrieved a jade pot from his storage ring. It was a storage pot actually, and it contained all the Energy Spring Water he had.

Jiang Chen squatted down and opened Big Yellow’s mouth, then he poured all the Energy Spring Water into his big mouth.

After drinking so much Energy Spring Water, although Big Yellow was still sleeping, his condition was much better than before. His body started glowing in faded golden lights, and it quickly covered his body.

“Let’s go, we need to leave this place.”

Jiang Chen carried Big Yellow up. With the help of a few Heavenly Core warriors, all teenage girls were brought up into the skies. Soon after, the group had left the Valley of Yin Spirits and were now rus.h.i.+ng towards Yellowstone City.

Along the way, everyone were looking happy, especially those form the Yu family. The safe return of Yu Zi Yan had given them the biggest reason to be happy. Besides, they never expected that the disturbance of the Blood Devils would be resolved so easily.

Everyone were looking at Jiang Chen, they were all feeling grateful towards this handsome young man. Jiang Chen’s image in their hearts had become incredibly huge.

Not only them, all the people in Yellowstone would feel grateful towards Jiang Chen. Because, not only was he the savior of the Yu family, he was also the savior of everyone in Yellowstone area. He had saved the lives of everyone here.

The way those teenage girls looked at Jiang Chen, aside from their gratefulness, there was a hint of bashfulness and adoration in their eyes. A handsome man like Jiang Chen who portrayed a distinct masculine and domineering image would capture the heart of any teenage girl. He was the man who would appear in their dreams.

Yellowstone City, Yu family!

Jiang Chen was sitting in the master seat within the Yu family’s main hall. Aside from Yu Tian Long, Jiang Chen was the first outsider to sit on this seat. But, none of the people here were against it.

Yu Tian Long and Yu Zi Han looked at each other and nodded at the same time. After that, both of them stood up from their seats and bowed deeply towards Jiang Chen.

“What are you two doing?”

Jiang Chen asked with a smile on his face.

“The great deeds young master Jiang has done for the Yu family, and also what you have done for all of Yellowstone, there are no words we can use to express our grat.i.tude. Now, the Yu family represents all of Yellowstone, we pledge to only listen to your orders! In the future, young master Jiang just needs to give us your orders, and the Yu family will do whatever we can to fulfill them!”

Yu Tian Long said with a serious expression, he had made up his mind. The Yu family and all of Yellowstone would surrender under Jiang Chen. Besides, Yu Tian Long was not an idiot, he could tell the huge potential of Jiang Chen. Following a peerless genius like him was definitely a wise decision, because, not everyone had the ability to kill Lord Blood Moon.

“Brother Jiang, my dad is preparing to build a statue for you in the center of Yellowstone City, so all the upcoming generations will know the huge deed brother Jiang has done for Yellowstone!”

Yu Zi Han told Jiang Chen their decision. In Saint Origin, building a statue for someone happened rarely. Only those who had high virtues and glorious reputations could enjoy this kind of treatment. Because Jiang Chen was the great savior of Yellowstone, and to be exact, without Jiang Chen, there wouldn’t be any peace in Yellowstone, therefore, Jiang Chen well deserved this prestige.

This was a glorious honor that destined his name to be sung in praise for generations to come.

“It was just a small matter, I don’t think we need to have that.”

Jiang Chen shrugged, he really didn’t think it was a big deal.

“Please don’t reject it anymore, young master Jiang, I have already decided, and you truly deserve it!”

Yu Tian Long said.

Right at this moment, a teenage girl wearing a purple skirt came into the hall. She had bright eyes and graceful eyebrows. She had a slim and delicate body figure, and her tiny lips looked freshly red even without makeup. She looked to be at the end of her teenage year, she was a truly elegant and modest beauty.

The girl was none other than Yu Zi Yan. Her nervousness and panic was long gone, and now she just looked like a girl from a respectable family.

Yu Zi Yan carried a gla.s.s of tea and walked up to Jiang Chen. She raised her head and looked at Jiang Chen. With a blushed face, she said, “Thank you, young master Jiang for saving my life last night! Zi Yan has made tea for young master.”

“Don’t mention it, Zi Yan.”

Jiang Chen grabbed the tea, took a sip, then he put the gla.s.s down onto the table.

Witnessing this, Yu Tian Long and the few other couldn’t help but quietly let out a sigh. Obviously, Jiang Chen’s brave moments had left an everlasting impression in Yu Zi Yan’s heard. All girls dreamt romance, and a man like Jiang Chen was hard not to love.

But too bad, although Yu Zi Yan admired Jiang Chen, he had a strong mind and didn’t have any thought towards her.

“Zi Yan, go back and rest, help me take good care of those girls we saved yesterday.”

Yu Tian Long said.

“Yes, dad.”

Yu Zi Yan left the hall with a hint of disappointment in her eyes.

“Chief Yu, since we have completely resolved the problems regarding the Blood Devils, I’ll return to the Black Sect tomorrow. I’ll take my leave now.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen stood up from his seat.

“Just in time, I’ll need to return to the Black Sect tomorrow as well. Why don’t brother Jiang just stay with the Yu family tonight, then we can return to the Black Sect together tomorrow morning.”

Yu Zi Han said.

“I’ll need to return to Redsun Town first. I will rest in my own mansion there. Zi Han, you can come to Redsun Town and look for me tomorrow, then we’ll return to the Black Sect together.”

Jiang Chen rejected the offer.

“That will do.”

Yu Tian Long nodded his head. He didn’t say anything more to get Jiang Chen to stay, he knew Jiang Chen was a man with his own mind. He wouldn’t change his mind easily.

Jiang Chen brought Big Yellow who was still sleeping with him. The reason why he wanted to return to Redsun Town was because of Big Yellow. Big Yellow had used up too much of his energy by using the broken sword, even a large amount of Energy Spring Water was unable to wake him up.

Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to leave Big Yellow in Redsun Town so he could absorb energy from the energy vein. It would help him regain his energy and wake up. Besides, Jiang Chen also needed some time to digest everything he had gotten this time.

“Zi Han, you will need to maintain a good relations.h.i.+p with young master Jiang. A man like him is a peerless genius, he will definitely become someone great.”

Yu Tian Long advised his son.

“Of course, I will. Brother Jiang has become my idol! Oh right, dad, you better advice Zi Yan to give up her thoughts on brother Jiang. He already has a nice fiancée, and she is also a peerless genius!”

Yu Zi Han reminded his dad. Everyone in the Black Sect knew about the relations.h.i.+p between Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu. In Yu Zi Han’s mind, the biggest reason why Jiang Chen didn’t give Yu Zi Yan a second look was because of Yan Chen Yu.

“It is very difficult for me to give her advice about love… Just let nature take its course.”

Yu Tian Long shook his head.

Last night, Yu Tian Long had spread the news about all Blood Devils being killed throughout Yellowstone. Therefore, when Jiang Chen returned to Redsun Town, what awaited him was a huge celebration.

When these townspeople saw Jiang Chen’s return, all of them cheered with their loudest possible voices. Jiang Chen's reputation had been deeply engraved in the minds of every single townspeople. He had become rather divine here.