Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1575 – It’s you!

Chapter 1575 – It’s you!

It’s you!

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Mo Wuqing had escaped with his tail between his legs after making an unparalleled entrance. He had been severely wounded by Nanbei Chao and had consumed his essence of origin. It was virtually impossible for such an injury to recover within a short period of time. It was imaginable that Mo Wuqing wouldn’t have any pleasant life in his remaining days in Golden Horizon, unless he encountered some kind of great treasure that could restore his condition.


Instead of returning to the Broken Edge Cliff, Nanbei Chao s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Jiang Chen in a split second. It came so suddenly that it almost caught Jiang Chen off guard. He initially thought that given Nanbei Chao’s pride, Nanbei Chao would definitely return to the Broken Edge Cliff and wait for another expert to come and challenge him.

“Big Yellow, Sister Ning, don’t follow me.”

Jiang Chen spoke to Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu, then shot into the sky in a ray of light. He could sense a trace of killing intent from Nanbei Chao’s eyes. Perhaps Nanbei Chao hadn’t confirmed his ident.i.ty yet, but someone like Nanbei Chao wouldn’t hesitate to kill even if he only has the slightest bit of doubt.

Furthermore, at the stage of Nanbei Chao, it was very difficult for strangers to attract his attention. The fact that Jiang Chen had caught his eyes was because Jiang Chen gave him a sense of familiarity, a feeling of hostility that he had never felt before.


The instant Jiang Chen disappeared, Nanbei Chao vanished as well, chasing speedily towards Jiang Chen’s direction.

“Not good, Nanbei Chao has found out about Little Chen.” Big Yellow’s facial expression changed slightly.

“What should we do now? Nanbei Chao has become so scary now. Little Chen certainly isn’t a match for him now. Will Little Chen’s life be in danger?”

Wu Ningzhu panicked. She simply couldn’t keep her calm when it came to the safety of Jiang Chen.

“Not to worry. Given Little Chen’s means, even if he can’t defeat Nanbei Chao, it shouldn’t be hard for him to save his own life. We shouldn’t follow him now as that will distract him. Both of them are mortal enemies. It’s only a matter of time before they clash. This time, in Golden Horizon, is only the beginning,” Big Yellow explained. Despite saying so, anyone could hear the worries in his tone.

After all, Nanbei Chao was very powerful. Not even Mo Wuqing was a match for him and Mo Wuqing was almost killed. No matter how powerful Jiang Chen is, he is merely an intermediate Immortal King. There is still a huge gap between him and Mo Wuqing, let alone Nanbei Chao. Big Yellow said.

In the void, Jiang Chen moved like a dragon, constantly breaking past the barriers in the s.p.a.ce. He didn’t want to fight Nanbei Chao now.

“What are you running for?”

A voice rang from the void. A ray of golden light shot forward, Nanbei Chao materialized, blocking Jiang Chen’s path. Nanbei Chao was looking fixedly at Jiang Chen with his pair of sun-blazing eyes.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen halted his footsteps and couldn’t help but shake his head. It seemed like he couldn’t run away after all. Secretly, he circulated the Great Divination Art. Although nothing significant was calculated out, he still had a bad feeling.

“It’s none of your business. In addition, given the ability of Young Master Chao, how could Young Master Chao be putting me, a puny intermediate Immortal King in his eyes and come all the way here from the Broken Edge Cliff without hesitation?” Jiang Chen said flatly. His expression showed no sign of nervousness.

“You don’t fear me?”

Nanbei Chao squinted his eyes, seemingly slightly puzzled. One should know that any ordinary Immortal King who encountered him would have been scared to death and knelt down by now, but this young man in front of him was full of composure that originated from his bones. It wasn’t a facade. How could Nanbei Chao not be startled by this? At the same time, it slightly hurt his Monarch Qi because his opponent didn’t fear of him.

“Why should I be afraid of you? What are the things that I should be afraid of?”

Jiang Chen scoffed from the bottom of his heart. Nanbei Chao perhaps was a scary figure in people’s heart, but in Jiang Chen’s heart, Nanbei Chao was a loser that he had eliminated twice. Indeed, there was nothing to be afraid of a loser. More importantly, there was no one in the Heavens and Earth that had made Jiang Chen feel fear.

“I can sense a strong familiarity from you. I don’t know where I have seen you before. But that isn’t important. The feeling I sense from you is hostile. A bad feeling that makes me hate you so bad. You should know what it would be like to be hated by me.” Nanbei Chao said coldly.

His instinct told him that this little intermediate Immortal King was a very powerful individual. More importantly, the first sight of Jiang Chen gave him a familiarity as though he had met this person before in some place. As such, he had chased after Jiang Chen without hesitation upon seeing Jiang Chen leaving the scene.

“There are many people who hated me. You are just one of them.”

Jiang Chen mocked. In front of Nanbei Chao, no matter when it was, he would never show his weakness. His pride transcended even Nanbei Chao’s. It didn’t concern him even if his enemy was the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign.

“In that case, go and die now.”

Nanbei Chao’s qi fluctuated. He was ready to strike. As though this was his mortal enemy, his instinct also warned him that he had to kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He seemed more concerned about this stranger than the peerless genius Mo Wuqing.


Nanbei Chao pointed at the void. A light as fine as blade shot towards Jiang Chen. He struck out a lethal strike. He didn’t plan to give Jiang Chen any chance to live.


Jiang Chen didn’t dare to show any neglect. Immediately, he turned into a dragon. The Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in his hand, and was slashed at the fine light.


The fine light accurately crashed onto the Heavenly Saint Sword, immediately creating a loud clang. The sword trembled. Jiang Chen was sent a few hundred meters away by the huge force, and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Jiang Chen had spurted out blood and the Heavenly Saint Sword was shaking intensely in his hand. Nanbei Chao was just too strong. Given his current strength, he was no match for his enemy. He couldn’t even handle a finger strike from his opponent. The Heavenly Saint Sword was constantly letting out sword cries. It was obvious that the sword had also received severe damage.

The dragon transformation skill and wood spiritual qi were circulated rapidly, healing Jiang Chen’s injuries at visible speed. Jiang Chen stared fixedly at Nanbei Chao with his blood-red dragon eyes. This scene was just like the first time he encountered Nanbei Chao in Qi Province. Both of them also had the same gap back then.

“It’s you? The one who killed two of my clones? I had never thought that you would be still alive.”

Nanbei Chao’s expression changed all of a sudden. His tone was filled with amazement. The murder of his two clones in Saint Origin World and the Boundless World had infuriated him very much.

All this while, the image of a half-dragon-half-human holding a combat sword would appear in his head, standing in front of him and flaunting his own strength, but he couldn’t see the person’s face clearly.

He finally knew where the sense of familiarity came from now. That familiarity originated from the imaginary figure in his head. Today, this figure had appeared right in front of him for real.

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