Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1574 – The Might of the Monarch

Chapter 1574 – The Might of the Monarch

The Might of the Monarch

It wasn’t because Jiang Chen looked down on Mo Wuqing, who was naturally very strong, but Mo Wuqing’s strength definitely hadn’t reached the stage of defeating Nanbei Chao yet. Even though he had once obtained the inheritance of a peerless Immortal Venerable, the outcome would still be the same. Nanbei Chao had killed Zhuge Kuang with just three punches and was far from exerting his full combat strength. Despite the fact that Mo Wuqing was stronger than Zhuge Kuang, he had just stepped into the late Immortal Emperor realm. Speaking of cultivation base, Mo Wuqing wasn’t considered a true late Immortal Emperor yet.

Of course, his present strength was sufficient for him to feel conceited. At least, it was very difficult for him to find a worthy opponent in Golden Horizon.

“It can’t be right? Is this Nanbei Chao really this powerful?”

Xuan Zhong said with a sigh. He initially thought that even if Mo Wuqing couldn’t kill Nanbei Chao, he would have no problem defeating him, but Jiang Chen had opined otherwise. If these remarks came from another person, Xuan Zhong would perhaps just sniff and wouldn’t take it seriously, but when it came from Jiang Chen, he had no reason not to believe it. Jiang Chen’s remark had heightened his view of Nanbei Chao. Being a genius of Eastern Profound Domain, living in the same generation as Nanbei Chao wasn’t a blissful thing, because under the outs.h.i.+ning light of such genius, any ordinary genius would appear to be dull and lightless.

As a matter of fact, Xuan Zhong shouldn’t feel any kind of pressure. After all, there was no comparison between Nanbei Chao and him. Both of them were at completely two different levels.

On the Broken Edge Cliff, Mo Wuqing made a domineering entrance. Without saying another word, he cast out the devil seal at Nanbei Chao. This had been the style of action of everyone from devil cult. They never delay anything. The same went to battles – they would never give their enemies any chance.

An enormous black devil seal rippled out. The sky was greatly shaken. The devil seal was magically mighty. It had locked on the qi of Nanbei Chao and was carrying the billowy devil aura. If he was. .h.i.t directly, he would lose half of his life even if he didn’t die.

Nanbei Chao lifted his head. Dense qi of Monarch burst out of his body.

“Something interesting.”

The corner of Nanbei Chao’s mouth curled into a smile. His eyes began to release a blazing light – the combative light. Clearly, the emergence of Mo Wuqing had already ignited the combat intent of Nanbei Chao. At least, Mo Wuqing was even more qualified than Zhuge Kuang to be his opponent.

Nanbei Chao acted. A substantial blood-red dragon rushed out from the top of his head. His blood qi had reached an extremely horrifying extent. He clawed his huge palm at the devil seal ahead. A golden palm that looked like a giant palm of a Great Sovereign descended from the sky. That was the hand of Heaven – high and mighty and divine.

*Chi La……*

Mo Wuqing’s incredible devil seal failed to dominate the palm of the Great Sovereign in the end. It was torn apart to pieces.


Mo Wuqing’s body quivered as though he suffered some kind of a heavy blow. His facial expression turned slightly unnatural. Those black eyes of his couldn’t help but change in colour. Despite being an unparalleled genius of devil cult, and a pinnacle figure who had obtained the inheritance of a peerless devil venerable, he still lost the upper hand on the first round of battle against an early Immortal Emperor human genius. It was unimaginable and was a disgrace to him.

“Mo Wuqing, you are no match for me.”

Nanbei Chao’s arrogance is boundless. He didn’t put anyone in his eyes. His soaring Monarch Qi seemed to want to conquer the whole world and subdue all beings. He made a flas.h.i.+ng step, lunging at Mo Wuqing. He wanted to step on the head of Mo Wuqing and all of the other geniuses as well to pave his path of Monarch.

Both his hands formed a seal, striking out a cage in the void. Once Mo Wuqing was trapped in this cage, the consequences would be unimaginable. This was an incarceration technique. It was equivalent to the small world of Nanbei Chao. Anyone who entered it would be at his mercy.

“What a good Nanbei Chao! But I, Mo Wuqing, am not someone to be trifled with as well. By killing you and absorbing your luck today, I’m going to be the number one genius in the world.”

Mo Wuqing’s dark hair danced wildly. In the face of the great Nanbei Chao, his face revealed no nervousness and fear, only a strong sense of combat and killing intent. He could already see that this Nanbei Chao was certainly the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign. Such a monstrous genius was born with countless halo and inexhaustible luck. If he was able to kill Nanbei Chao, he would be able to absorb his luck. In that case, his own luck would reach a terrifying extent. At that time, any kind of opportunities would be attracted to him. He would be able to discover and acquire countless treasures, and then become the number one genius in the world. Soon, he would break through to Immortal Venerable realm and gradually advance to early, intermediate, late Immortal Venerable or even breaking through into the legendary Sovereign realm, becoming the legend of the generation.

Unfortunately, dreams were always too good to be true. Nanbei Chao could never be killed so easily.

“I’m possessed by my own demon!”

Mo Wuqing shouted the mysterious devil incantations aloud. That was the ancient secret art that seemed to be opening the hidden secrets inside of him. Along with the shout, his body suddenly enlarged by a fold, his devil aura intensified.

At this moment, Mo Wuqing had transformed into a true, peerless devil king. By activating the devil in his body, his combat strength was enhanced. He struck out the horrifying devil seal once more to meet the oncoming cage of Nanbei Chao.

*Hong Long……*

The Heaven and Earth were shaken. The sky was ripped apart. This was the true pinnacle of battle. Their power was so great that it s.h.i.+vered people’s soul and created a huge black hole in the void above.

*Ka Cha!*

Nanbei Chao’s cage let out a clatter before splintering into pieces, but Mo Wuqing wasn’t any different. His devil seal was instantly destroyed. Blood trickled down from the wounds on his incredible devil king body. It could be seen that he had suffered a severe injury from this strike of Nanbei Chao.

“Very powerful. This Nanbei Chao is a little too horrifying and truly heaven defying. Not even Mo Wuqing is a match for him.”

“Ruthless. That’s why he’s called the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign. Mo Wuqing can’t even gain an advantage in the battle. It seems like there are only very few geniuses who can control him in this Golden Horizon.”


No one wasn’t shocked. The first opponent was Zhuge Kuang while the second was Mo Wuqing. Although Mo Wuqing appeared to be a lot stronger compared to Zhuge Kuang, he was still defeated in the end. Under the powerful attack of Nanbei Chao, Mo Wuqing had suffered a certain degree of injuries. It was imaginable that if Mo Wuqing didn’t have any more powerful trump cards, he wouldn’t be any better than Zhuge Kuang. The result of being defeated by Nanbei Chao was only death.

“Like I’ve said, you aren’t my match.”

Nanbei Chao’s blond hair fluttered. Shadows of golden dragon encircled his body. That was the appearance of a peerless Monarch. Every tiny gesture of Nanbei Chao manifested his majesty and the high and mighty power that transcended all beings.

“Humph! Nanbei Chao, you are surely powerful. Consider this your lucky day. Once I have stabilized my cultivation base, I will kill you.” Mo Wuqing snorted coldly, wheeled around and fled out of sight.

This was how the people of devil path acted. Since he couldn’t win the battle, he might as well abandon the fight. Mo Wuqing wasn’t a fool. Despite his reluctance to admit defeat, he knew that his current strength was no match for Nanbei Chao. If the battle continued, he wouldn’t be able to gain any advantage at all. Although he still had powerful trump cards, Nanbei Chao definitely also have trump cards. How could the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign have no trump cards? Perhaps his trump cards were even more powerful than Mo Wuqing.

“Want to flee? You don’t have the chance.”

Nanbei Chao’s eyes twitched. He had killed everyone he fought. He had never let an enemy escape from his hands. It was impossible for Mo Wuqing to flee after deciding to come here.

“Eternal Immortal Wind!”

Nanbei Chao waved out a boundless gale, using him as the centre, enshrouding the void above in an instant. The Eternal Immortal Wind turned into a huge cage that sealed everything, ready to imprison Mo Wuqing within.

“It’s over.” Upon seeing this, Big Yellow couldn’t help shaking his head with a look of pity.

“If Mo Wuqing didn’t have any other powerful skill, I’m afraid that he will lose his life today.”

Jiang Chen spoke flatly. No one knew how terrifying the Eternal Immortal Wind better than him. This was a wide-ranged attack. This technique was countless times more powerful when it was cast by Nanbei Chao’s true self. And the cage formed by the Eternal Immortal Wind was even more solid compared to a domain. It would be difficult for Mo Wuqing to break it open.

“Not good!”

Mo Wuqing exclaimed, but immediately, a hint of ruthlessness flashed form his eyes. He turned his palm, a black spiritual talisman emerged on his palm. That was the devil talisman. It emitted an ancient qi. Mo Wuqing spurt out a mouthful of blood on the devil talisman. The devil talisman turned into a sharp blade. Without delay, he thrust the blade forth, slas.h.i.+ng an opening on the cage-like wind.

He then seized the opportunity, and vanished out of sight in a ray of black light. He had escaped from the boundary of the Eternal Immortal Wind.

*Hua La……*

Nanbei Chao waved his palm, keeping the Eternal Immortal Wind. Seeing the place where Mo Wuqing had vanished, his eyes displayed unprecedented anger. No one had ever escaped from his grip. How could he accept Mo Wuqing successfully escaping his grip?

“Mo Wuqing, I will kill you sooner or later.” Nanbei Chao’s voice rippled and reverberated through the sky.

Everyone sighed, admitting that this peerless monarch was just very terrifying. Although Mo Wuqing had escaped, he had certainly paid a hefty price for that. Everyone saw that he had expended his essence of origin to ignite the devil talisman without hesitation and slash open the imprisonment of the Eternal Immortal Wind, in exchange for his life.

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