Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1576 – Fate

Chapter 1576 – Fate


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“That’s right. Your two clones were killed by me. So you are only a loser to me. In front of me, you have nothing to be proud of. You have cultivated the Monarch Heaven Art to fulfil your true Monarch Path. Unfortunately, both of your clones died, and your Monarch Path is bound to be imperfect. I, Jiang Chen, am the one who will stop you in your fate. With my presence, all the efforts you spent would eventually become insubstantial, and you, Nanbei Chao, will ultimately become the stepping stone of my growth. This will be the greatest meaning of your existence.”

Jiang Chen said coldly. Every word seemed to stab on Nanbei Chao’s heart like a thorn.

“Shut up!”

Nanbei Chao shouted aloud. Both of his eyes turned blood-red, Jiang Chen has just mentioned the thing that hurt him the most. What Jiang Chen said was right. He had created numerous clones in different worlds below to conquer them, and many of the clones had already returned after accomplis.h.i.+ng their mission. As long as all the clones completed all their tasks, his Monarch Heaven Art would evolve to the point of perfection. Given the means of his clones, they could become the true king, conqueror of every world they went.

However, accidents had occurred in Saint Origin World and Boundless World. His two clones had encountered the greatest bane of their fate. Both of them died a tragic death, which caused his Monarch Heaven Art to stay imperfect. Such a loss was unimaginable. Only Nanbei Chao himself knew that kind of pain and hatred the most.

“Humph! What I said seem to have hurt your feelings, Nanbei Chao. Even if you don’t admit it, my existence will always be the biggest trauma in your heart.”

Jiang Chen snorted coldly. Since he had already been identified by the opponent, there was nothing else he could hide. He, Jiang Chen, had never feared anything. And with his current cultivation base, he was strong enough to protect himself.

“Haha! Jiang Chen, you have too much confidence in yourself. I, Nanbei Chao, am honoured even by the Heavens and Earth. I’m the true Monarch. What qualifications do you have to fight me? You are merely an insect. So what if you’ve killed two of my clones? You will be killed by me anyway. After killing you, my Monarch Heaven Art will achieve its perfection.” Nanbei Chao laughed aloud. His killing intent towards Jiang Chen had become substantial.

“Don’t try to show your high and mighty appearance in front of me. I, Jiang Chen, am not someone you can kill so easily. Back when I ascended to this world, you had failed to kill me as well, let alone this time.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. The previous injuries he had had already healed. The wood spiritual qi and dragon transformation skill had reached an astonis.h.i.+ng extent, making his injuries heal twice as fast.

“That’s right. It was lucky that you have escaped and survived, but you won’t have this luck today.”

Nanbei Chao’s murderous intent got stronger and stronger. During that time, he had been watching the changes in the law of Saint Origin World in secret, and had chosen to act when Jiang Chen ascended. Initially, he thought that Jiang Chen had already been killed by him. Unexpectedly Jiang Chen survived and was still alive until now, and had even grown to such a terrifying stage.

“Is that so? Come and kill me if you can.”

Jiang Chen said, flapped the dragon wings on his back and cast the Nine Phantom Wolves. Illusions of him emerged. He then cut through the void with ease and fled away. He still couldn’t fight Nanbei Chao for the time being. Given his current strength, even if he used all his techniques, he was no match for Nanbei Chao. With the current situation, fleeing was most important thing to do. He didn’t want Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu to follow him because he had planned to escape, and Nanbei Chao would only focus all of his attention on him.

“Want to run?”

Nanbei Chao’s eyes revealed a golden light and found Jiang Chen’s true self in an instant. He clawed forth his palm to rip apart the void and went after Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen pushed his speed to the extreme, attempting to outrun Nanbei Chao. Under his dragon form, not only was his combat strength increased by tenfold, his speed was also ten times faster. However, due to Nanbei Chao being so determined to chase after him, it wouldn’t be an easy task to outrun NanBei Chao.

“How can this b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s speed be so fast? And his combat strength as well. He could actually block my finger attack. He’s merely at the intermediate Immortal King realm. Could it be that his talent is even greater than mine? Impossible. This is absolutely impossible.”

Nanbei Chao continued to chase after Jiang Chen. His heart was filled with horror. The thought of Jiang Chen’s talent exceeding his own sent a heavy blow to his heart. All along, Nanbei Chao had regarded himself as the number one genius in the world, but now he had met someone who had a talent greater than his. That kind of feeling was only understandable by him.

Nanbei Chao knew the power of his finger attack pretty well. Although it was only a casual finger strike, even an early Immortal Emperor genius wouldn’t be able to block it. Even if the genius didn’t die, he would lose half of his life, but Jiang Chen was still very well intact.

Nanbei Chao didn’t want to believe that Jiang Chen was superior to him, but there was one fact that he had to admit – his two clones had died under Jiang Chen’s hands. This implied that he, Nanbei Chao, was inferior to Jiang Chen. Just like what Jiang Chen had said, Jiang Chen’s existence was destined to be the greatest trauma in his heart. The only way to eliminate this trauma and complete his Monarch Heaven Art was to kill Jiang Chen with his own hands. As such, he would have to kill Jiang Chen at all costs.

This was a chase between two extremely fast individuals happening in the interior of the s.p.a.ce.

As Nanbei Chao still couldn’t catch up with Jiang Chen, he immediately launched a secret technique that boosted his speed more than twice. He grasped forward with his hand, casting out the Palm of Great Sovereign. It crushed the layers of s.p.a.ce, attempting to trap Jiang Chen within. Its power was boundless.

“F*** it! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is very troublesome. It seems like I can’t escape from him today.”

Jiang Chen swore. This was why he didn’t like to meet Nanbei Chao prematurely. Unless his strength had improved once more, otherwise he wouldn’t have the strength to fight Nanbei Chao.


Jiang Chen swung his sword backwards. The slash ripped apart countless layers of s.p.a.ce, colliding heavily with the Palm of Great Sovereign. The s.p.a.ce around instantly perished. Qi of destruction burst out.


Jiang Chen couldn’t withstand such a ma.s.sive attack, he was shaken a dozen hundred meters away and spurted out blood.

“Jiang Chen, you will die today. By killing you, I, Nanbei Chao, will become the number one in the world. My Monarch Path will reach perfection.”

Nanbei Chao’s qi rippled. He wanted to slash Jiang Chen to death and complete his Path of Monarch. In his eyes, the weight of one Jiang Chen was greater than the sum of countless geniuses in Golden Horizon. This was a kind of acknowledgement, and the fated hostility in his life.

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