Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1573 – Mo Wuqing

Chapter 1573 – Mo Wuqing

Mo Wuqing

Zhuge Kuang was dead. The Broken Edge Cliff had set off a great uproar. Nanbei Chao’s first public appearance would surely spread across the Immortal World. The battle in the Broken Edge Cliff would establish the unparalleled reputation of Nanbei Chao. There was no doubt about it.

Putting others aside, the incident of him killing Zhuge Kuang with just three punches was enough for a lengthy discussion. Once they left the Golden Horizon, this incident would instantly be spread to everywhere. It would be hard for Nanbei Chao not to be famous at that time. The legends about being the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign would be confirmed.

After all, Nanbei Chao’s strength had subverted their imagination. They were afraid that only the true reincarnation of a Great Sovereign could reach the extent of Nanbei Chao.

Talks and discussions was everywhere. The people surrounding the Broken Edge Cliff was getting more and more. Countless people wouldn’t stop talking about the previous incident while Nanbei Chao just stood on top of the Broken Edge Cliff with his arms crossed, waiting for the next challenger to come. It seemed that killing Zhuge Kuang didn’t satisfy him at all.

However, everyone knew that the death of Zhuge Kuang wouldn’t ring an alarm in the geniuses’ heads. There were too many proud geniuses. Despite knowing Nanbei Chao had the power to kill Zhuge Kuang, they still couldn’t resist their urge to fight. Such people definitely were high in number.

On the Broken Edge Cliff, when Nanbei Chao lowered his head, his eyes swept below and stopped at Jiang Chen. The corner of his mouth revealed another trace of smile.

“He found me.”

Jiang Chen said with a frown. Instinct told him that Nanbei Chao had discovered him. A hint of oddness and hesitation was seen in his eyes.

“It can’t be. You are only standing here and didn’t release any of your qi. Besides, you only killed his clones. It should be hard for him to sense you, wouldn’t it?”

Big Yellow spoke, feeling that Nanbei Chao couldn’t be this powerful.

“Even if he can’t recognized me, he is beginning to have doubts. Anyhow, he has already noticed me, which is not a good thing.”

Jiang Chen spoke. He didn’t want to clash with Nanbei Chao now, especially when they were in the Golden Horizon. He was no match for Nanbei Chao. Plus, Nanbei Chao didn’t even display his full strength while killing Zhuge Kuang earlier. If he was really the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign, he must have very powerful techniques that Jiang Chen certainly couldn’t cope with right now.

The incident in the Broken Edge Cliff was just the beginning. Zhuge Kuang’s death was just a prologue. This would be a battlefield between pinnacle geniuses. It was a battle of fame and would definitely attract more geniuses to come forward.

An hour later, another powerful expert had arrived. A big piece of black devil cloud emerged and rolled in the sky as though a peerless devil king was descending from the Heavens. Before the incomer arrived, boundless pressure was unleashed from it, giving people a hard time breathing.

Judging from the momentum alone, it indicated that the newcomer’s power was above Zhuge Kuang’s. So naturally Nanbei Chao’s attention was caught by it, but the composed look on his face didn’t seem to change. It seemed as if he would never put his opponent in his eyes no matter how powerful his opponent was. No more than a few geniuses in the young generation could reach that kind of high and mighty pride and haughtiness.

“What a powerful devil qi. It’s the genius of devil cult.”

“The devil cult has existed since ancient times. As they cultivate devil cultivation, they are stronger than ordinary cultivators. There isn’t any powerful devil cult in Eastern Profound Domain, but there are ancient devil cults in Ethereal Immortal Domain, like the Profound Yin Cult of Northern Profound Domain. It has countless disciples and numerous geniuses. It’s the same for Mi Luo and Radian Immortal Domain. They should also have the existence of great devil cults. So I wonder who this newcomer was.”

“The cultivators of devil cult are the haughtiest. They have brutal behaviour and incomparably domineering manner. The geniuses of devil cult are even more arrogant. They have always regarded the geniuses of Righteous Dao as their enemies, and the object of experiment. So it isn’t strange that Nanbei Chao has attracted a powerful genius of devil cult.”


A wave of commotion had been set off before the emergence of the incomer. The fact that the newcomer dared to come indicated that he must have incredible means and confidence. It was imaginable how intense the next battle would be.

*Hua La……*

Over the sky, the large devil cloud vanished out of sight like a subsiding tide. A man in black robe appeared. He seemed under thirty years old, with a resolute face. His devil qi was soaring up to the sky, making him look like a wild and intractable devil dragon. The qi his body emitted was frightening. His eyes were pure black and a devil mark had been branded on his glabella. It was an ancient mark that seemed to be pa.s.s down from generations.

“It’s Mo Wuqing. I never thought that he will appear too. He has recently advanced to the late Immortal Emperor realm and is an outstanding genius of Northern Profound Domain.”

“He’s Mo Wuqing? Many people know about the Mo Wuqing of Northern Profound Domain. This man is a monstrous genius that has a great reputation in his domain. I heard that he has come into the Golden Horizon before and entered the grave of an unparalleled Immortal Venerable and obtained an incredible inheritance. Given his talent, if it wasn’t because he had the origins of devil cult, it was afraid that he would have been taken away by the Immortal Court.”

“Mo Wuqing of Profound Yin Cult. He’s a well-known figure. He’s a bloodthirsty man and a battle fanatic. Every place he goes will never be peaceful. More importantly, his combat strength is terrifying. He has already reached the late Immortal Emperor realm at such a young age. Although he has just advanced to the late Immortal Emperor realm and his foundation isn’t very stable yet, his power is much more powerful compared to Zhuge Kuang. Besides, he had obtained the inheritance of a peerless Immortal Venerable. He must have some powerful techniques. I’m afraid that Nanbei Chao is no match for him.”


Mo Wuqing’s appearance had caused another commotion. He had been famous for a long time. No one in Northern Profound Domain didn’t know him. His name had also spread even in the other great Immortal Domains. He was a very powerful genius that should’ve ended up in Immortal Court if it wasn’t because of his origins.

However, Mo Wuqing had once declared that he wasn’t interested in the Immortal Court. Sooner or later, he would surely surpa.s.s all the geniuses in the Immortal Court.

Who else would dare to make such a declaration? To an Immortal Domain, the Immortal Court was the supreme existence that conquered everything. No one dared to desecrate it even if it was just verbal. But this didn’t seem to apply to Mo Wuqing. He did not even put the Immortal Court in his eyes.

“Junior Brother Jiang Chen, do you think Mo Wuqing can defeat Nanbei Chao?” Xuan Zhong asked curiously.

“Very unlikely.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, admitting that Mo Wuqing was indeed a powerful figure, but comparing this peerless genius of devil cult to Nanbei Chao, the devil genius still seemed slightly inferior. Although Mo Wuqing was a late Immortal Emperor, he has just stepped into this realm and his cultivation base had yet to stabilize.

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