Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1572 – Dominating Excellent Talen

Chapter 1572 – Dominating Excellent Talen

Dominating Excellent Talent

“I have heard of the name of Young Master Chao of Nanbei Family a long time ago. I didn’t expect him to be so high-profile despite arriving just recently. People said that you are the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign, but I don’t believe it. I’m sure Nanbei Family will have a heartache after I kill you.”

Zhuge Kuang spoke, and in a madly arrogant tone, too. This type of arrogance was derived from his strong confidence in his cultivation base. Battle frenzy could erupt from his body at any time. He was a battle fanatic, though it wasn’t uncommon among the young geniuses in the Immortal World. Each of them was incomparably terrifying. Anyone who stood out could be the pinnacle figure of their generation.

Zhuge Kuang didn’t put Nanbei Chao in his eyes. After all, the reputation of Young Master Chao was only spread by the Nanbei Family. This Young Master Chao seldom appeared in front of people. This time could be considered as Nanbei Chao’s first meaningful appearance in public. Zhuge Kuang remarked that Nanbei Chao was just being high-profile, which was true.

As for the ident.i.ty of being the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign, numerous people suspected it, including Zhuge Kuang. After all, this was just another thing boasted by Nanbei Family. How could there be so many reincarnations of Great Sovereign in the Heavens and Earth?

Furthermore, the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign and a true Great Sovereign were two entirely different concepts. There were many examples in the past that the reincarnations of a Great Sovereign died prematurely in the cradle after birth. In Zhuge Kuang’s point of view, this Nanbei Chao was just too arrogant, thinking himself as invincible in the Heavens and Earth. This was a foolish act. He should know that no matter strong he is, there is always someone stronger. Nanbei Chao wasn’t the only one who was considered as a monstrous genius in the Heavens and Earth.

Zhuge Kuang revealed his killing intent. This Young Master Chao had always been the representative and boasting tool for Nanbei Family. Now he had become the pinnacle figure in the young generation of Nanbei Family. If Zhuge Kuang could kill Young Master Chao, it would deal a ma.s.sive blow to the morale of Nanbei Family. This was what Zhuge Family wished to see.

“Kill me? You aren’t qualified enough. You only have the share of death in my hands.”

Nanbei Chao sneered. Despite Zhuge Kuang being an intermediate Immortal Emperor, he didn’t put him in the eyes. It was afraid that there was no second person with the degree of pride similar to Nanbei Chao.

“Sure enough, you are madly arrogant. Then, show me what gave you the right to be so arrogant, and the skill of a legendary reincarnation of a Great Sovereign.”

Zhuge Kuang’s body fluctuated. Tidal qi waves rushed out from his body all of a sudden. Immediately, the sky above the Broken Edge Cliff trembled. There were layers of stormy waves as sharp and brilliant as a blade, very frightening.

“An intermediate Immortal Emperor supreme expert surely is extraordinary. He is able to unleash such immense power.” Someone praised.

Everyone began to develop a strong interest in this battle. After all, it was Zhuge Kuang who was fighting the battle. They were more or less eager to know the result of this battle.

Zhuge Kuang let out a shout, lifting his palm up. All the energy waves converged into a golden cloud as huge as a mountain. Under his control, it hurtled towards Nanbei Chao violently.

“Such insignificant skill.”

Nanbei Chao looked upwards, completely not putting the attack of Zhuge Kuang in his heart. He bombarded out a simple fist, smas.h.i.+ng right at the golden cloud.

*Hong Long……*

The golden cloud that was as heavy as a mountain was crumbled by the punch of Nanbei Chao and dissipated in the air. The powerful strike from an intermediate Immortal Emperor didn’t have the slightest impact on him.

“Very powerful!”

Someone exclaimed. No one had ever seen such a powerful genius. The scene was so frightening that it trembled one’s soul.

“Humph! You do have some skill.”

Zhuge Kuang harrumphed coldly. His brawny body hovered in the void. He clawed forward and vortexes appeared in his palm. Then, a huge mountain below was uprooted from the ground. This was what people called removing the mountain with pure force. This was what’s happening right now. A ma.s.sive mountain was being pulled from the ground. It was terrifying and made Zhuge Kuang seem like an ancient war G.o.d.


Zhuge Kuang shouted once more, and the huge mountain was sent smas.h.i.+ng against Nanbei Chao. This time, the attack was countless times greater compared to the golden cloud and weighed billions of kilograms. Merging the frenzied energy of Zhuge Kuang, the scene was too ferocious for people to watch directly.

“Zhuge Kuang, do you think such techniques make you worthy to be my opponent? I’m done playing games with you.”

Nanbei Chao’s blond hair fluttered in the wind. He jumped from the top of the cliff, turning into a true war G.o.d, then raised his fist and smashed at the mountain.

“Wisdom King Fist.”

Seeing Nanbei Chao’s attack, Jiang Chen’s facial expression changed slightly. He was now even more certain that the one in the Saint Origin World was merely Nanbei Chao’s clone. The clone’s Wisdom King Fist and the current Wisdom King Fist were at two totally different levels. The latter’s power had a day and night difference from the former. This was the real peerless Monarch Technique. A single strike was sufficient to destroy the Heavens and Earth.

*Hong Long……*

The Wisdom King fist connected with the huge mountain. Without accident, the mountain was crushed to powder. The violent energy didn’t deal any damage on Nanbei Chao. Instead, Zhuge Kuang was shaken back a few steps.


Zhuge Kuang couldn’t help but exclaim. He had already lost his previous composure, and the way he looked at Nanbei Chao changed entirely. Nanbei Chao’s power was far beyond his imagination. Now, it seemed that even with his cultivation base, he was still no match for Nanbei Chao.

“Go to h.e.l.l, Zhuge Kuang.”

Just as Zhuge Kuang was in a daze, Nanbei Chao lunged forth, striking out two punches of Wisdom King Fist, which was also known as the Wisdom Three Punches. Each punch was more horrifying than the previous. It could easily lock on the target’s position and seal the void, giving the target no chance of escaping, except to face the attack head-on.

*Hong Long……*

The second punch appeared in front of Zhuge Kuang. Nanbei Chao’s movement was just too quick. The power of the punch created a huge crater in the void, almost crumbling the Broken Edge Cliff.

Zhuge Kuang panicked. Urgently, he launched out the Void Seal of Zhuge Family to block Nanbei Chao’s attack.


The power in Nanbei Chao’s fist was immense. The Void Seal was instantly crushed. Despite being an intermediate Immortal Emperor, there seemed to be a huge gap between Zhuge Kuang and Nanbei Chao.



After destroying the Void Seal, the punched hit Zhuge Kuang, breaking one of his arms, causing him to spurt out blood like crazy and let out shrieks. He was utterly defeated as quickly as how a decayed wood crumbled without resistance.

It’s over! Zhuge Kuang is finished!

This was the common thought of everyone. Nanbei Chao was just too terrifying. Even though Zhuge Kuang’s cultivation base was a grade higher, he was no match for Nanbei Chao. Both of their strength were at two entirely different levels. The two punches of Nanbei Chao had made Zhuge Kuang suffer severe injuries.

The most appalled one, was of course, Zhuge Kuang himself. He wouldn’t have thought that Nanbei Chao would be this scary. It chilled people’s heart and was unacceptable.


By this time, face was no longer important. Staying alive was the most important thing for him now. Zhuge Kuang didn’t want to die here. he tore open the void at lighting speed and flashed into it, ready to run a thousand miles away from the scene. In his point of view, being an intermediate Immortal Emperor, even if he couldn’t win the battle, he wouldn’t have a problem escaping.

Unfortunately, he had overestimated himself. Nanbei Chao would never give him the chance to escape. Nanbei Chao absolutely wouldn’t be lenient in his attacks. He would surely take someone’s life. This had been his style of action – aggressive and ruthless.

*Hong Long……*

Nanbei Chao sent out the third punch. The third punch of Wisdom King Fist possessed the power to destroy the world.

His punch hit where Zhuge Kuang had vanished. An ear-splitting cry was heard followed by a ma.s.sive mist of blood.


Everyone couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. The intermediate Immortal Emperor Zhuge Kuang had actually been crushed to pieces. It was too brutal, exaggerated and overbearing.

This war G.o.d could never be defeated.

“Terrifying! The peerless genius of Zhuge Family is killed by just three punches. Is he still human?”

“He must really be the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign. There’s no doubt about it now. Such combat strength is just too heaven defying. I have never seen such terrifying figure. He’s not human at all.”

“Look. His body is overflowing with some sort of superior qi. That’s the qi of a Monarch. He surely is the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign. Otherwise, he won’t be so powerful. Zhuge Family has suffered a great loss this time, they have just lost a young pinnacle figure.”

“Not only that, it’s afraid that Zhuge Family will face a tremendous crisis. Young Master Chao’s power is going to make Zhuge Family restless. He is so powerful despite being only an early Immortal Emperor. The moment he matures, he will be capable enough to annihilate the whole Zhuge Family with his sole strength. That will surely be the most terrifying scene.”


No one wasn’t shocked. The power of Young Master Chao had exceeded everyone’s expectation. Killing an intermediate Immortal Emperor wasn’t a big deal and many geniuses could do that, but the intermediate Immortal Emperors they fought were only ordinary.

None of those who entered Golden Horizon was an ordinary expert, particularly a figure like Zhuge Kuang who had partic.i.p.ated in the expedition of Golden Horizon five years ago and had walked out of it alive. How could such a peerless genius be an ordinary expert? Nevertheless, he was still killed by Nanbei Chao’s three punches. The scene was appalling.

“Little Chen, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is destined to be your life-and-death enemy.” Big Yellow’s tone turned solemn.

“I have already guessed the outcome from the very beginning. Zhuge Kuang coming here was him seeking death. Or else, he wouldn’t be called Nanbei Chao.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled and glinted with blazing light. Pa.s.sion begun to burn inside of him. In the face of the great Nanbei Chao, he wasn’t afraid. He never knew what fear was. Whether it was in Saint Origin World or in the Immortal World, having such a powerful mortal enemy would only make his journey much more interesting.

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