Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1571 – Zhuge Kuang

Chapter 1571 – Zhuge Kuang

Zhuge Kuang

Young Master Chao is Nanbei Chao. There was no doubt about it. Jiang Chen didn’t think he would meet Nanbei Chao so soon.

“I have already known about that Young Master Chao long ago. It’s rumoured that he’s the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign, but he seldom showed himself. No one knows what his true strength is, but that man is extremely arrogant. He had declared to kill all the geniuses of the three great Immortal Domains who stand in his way to pave his path of Monarch. I think that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d doesn’t know his own limitation at all. Of all the rare geniuses of the three great Immortal Domains, he isn’t the only one who is the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign. There are some monstrous geniuses who possess ancient inheritances and there are the geniuses of Immortal Court, which he can’t possibly defeat,” Xuan Zhong said, clearly expressing his disdain towards the arrogance of this Young Master Chao.

Although arrogance was common amongst the geniuses in the Immortal World, Nanbei Chao’s arrogance was unprecedented. One should know that there were too many geniuses who came to Golden Horizon, including those who were heaven defying. Even those monstrous geniuses from Immortal Court wouldn’t dare declare killing all the geniuses of the other domains. Such conduct would only make him the common target of all, giving him no foothold in the Golden Horizon.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow however didn’t seem to disapprove it. They felt that this was how Nanbei Chao should be. He isn’t just arrogant, but exceedingly arrogant. His Path of Monarch was to seek dominance, constantly trampling all obstacles ahead. He wanted to kill all geniuses so that he could establish a firm heart of Monarch.

This was the wild ambition of Nanbei Chao that had never changed. Jiang Chen had known about this since he fought the clone of Nanbei Chao in Saint Origin World. Now, this true Nanbei Chao would only be much more terrifying and powerful than his clones.

It seemed like Nanbei Chao’s ambition was far greater than Jiang Chen’s imagination. The reason Nanbei Chao had created his clones at all costs was to conquer countless worlds and stabilize his heart of Monarch.

“Junior Brother Jiang Chen, do you want to go and have a look as well? To witness the power of various geniuses.” Xuan Zhong said.

Jiang Chen lowered his head in contemplation, then nodded and said: “Alright, let’s go and have a look.”

Jiang Chen didn’t hope to meet Nanbei Chao at this time, but the place where Nanbei Chao was at was just too attractive to him. He couldn’t control his desire. This would be his first time seeing the true Nanbei Chao. He was determined to see the true Nanbei Chao no matter what.

Along with the crowd, Jiang Chen, Big Yellow, Wu Ningzhu and Xuan Zhong flew towards the Broken Edge Cliff.

The Broken Edge Cliff had its own reputation in Golden Horizon. It was rumoured that an intense ancient war had taken place at this region. The blood of countless great immortals had stained the place. It was once a huge, towering mountain, but was broken by a slash of a sword. Therefore, it was named the Broken Edge Cliff.

When they arrived at the cliff, the place was surrounded by people. There were at least a thousand of them, making the scene very chaotic. Many people were lowering their heads and whispering. Each of their eyes were fixed on the Broken Edge Cliff where a youth who seemed to be in his twenties stood.

A man in golden robe, with a blonde hair dancing in the breeze, an angular face, and with eyes just as fiery as the sun. His eyes glinted out a divine light as sharp as a sword. He stood there with an extremely overbearing aura that seemed to solidify and form a soaring and dazzling sharp blade. No colour would be able to conceal it.

He was a dragon amongst men, a true rare genius. People could almost see his surging luck, like the roaring waves.

“Nanbei Chao.”

“Sure enough, it’s him.”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow stood in the crowd. As they saw the man on the cliff, their expression turned grim. They would never be mistaken that it was Nanbei Chao that they are seeing. The unique and arrogant qi exuding from his body was just too familiar.

Jiang Chen studied Nanbei Chao thoroughly. Compared to his clone, the true self must have a certain difference. This Nanbei Chao was near-perfection. His true Monarch Qi was countless times n.o.bler than his clone in Saint Origin World.


Just as Jiang Chen was scanning Nanbei Chao, as if on cue, Nanbei Chao looked over to Jiang Chen’s direction with a swoosh. Those piercing and dazzling eyes forced people to look away.

Jiang Chen hurriedly lowered his head. He didn’t want Nanbei Chao to discover him. Despite Nanbei Chao only being an early Immortal Emperor, Jiang Chen was certain that he was no match for Nanbei Chao. This man was his arch-enemy, a mortal enemy. Besides, the one standing on top was Nanbei Chao himself. Jiang Chen could never underestimate this enemy.

“F***ing s.h.i.+t! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too terrifying. Despite everyone looking at him, he is able to catch your gaze accurately.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but swear. He and Jiang Chen had loads of enemies all the time, but the one that could capture their attention was undeniably Nanbei Chao.

Seeing Jiang Chen lowering his head, Nanbei Chao withdrew his gaze. A smirk was revealed at the corner of his mouth. No one could tell what he was smiling at.

“So this is the Young Master Chao? He sure seems unusual, but he’s only an early Immortal Emperor, but has declared to kill all geniuses. Isn’t that ridiculous?”

Xuan Zhong spoke, suddenly losing his interest. He felt that everyone was making a fuss just to come here and watch an early Immortal Emperor genius.

“Ridiculous? Why not you go up and try to see if it is ridiculous?” Someone heard what Xuan Zhong said and replied with contempt.

“Don’t you ever underestimate this Young Master of Nanbei Family. Previously, there were a few peak early Immortal Emperor geniuses who challenged Young Master Chao. No one was able to stand even one strike of him. All of them died in just one strike. Certainly terrifying.”

Someone sighed. The thought of the previous scenes seemed to still give him palpitations as he had never seen such an abnormal figure.

“There was also a genius from Mi Luo Immortal Domain that rushed forwards, but in the end, his head was exploded by Young Master Chao’s single fist, and he died on the spot. His ident.i.ty brocade pouch and luck were then absorbed by Young Master Chao. How tragic!”

“This Young Master Chao is just too terrifying. It is rumoured that he’s the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign. It seems like the rumour is true. Despite being only an early Immortal Emperor, his combat strength is unimaginable.”

“I guess that some intermediate Immortal Emperor is going to come and challenge him. I just wonder if Young Master Chao can handle it.”


Everyone was in discussion. No one wasn’t impressed by this Young Master Chao, especially after witnessing how he killed geniuses after geniuses on the battlefield. Their words were filled with dread. They imagined that if they rushed towards towards the battlefield now, they were afraid that they would be killed by a single blow from his mouth.

These words fell in Jiang Chen’s ears. His face was indifferent, not showing the slightest bit of astonishment, because he knew Nanbei Chao all too well. Not just the geniuses that were the same level as Nanbei Chao, even the intermediate Immortal Emperor geniuses, like Yang Lang and Shan Chong were no match for him. Jiang Chen had no doubt about it.

“It turns out that he’s so strong. It seems like the news about him being the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign is true.”

Xuan Zhong sighed and decided to speak no more. At the beginning, when he had just arrived, he also had the impulse to rush to the battlefield, but now, all his desire to fight had been extinguished. After all, going onto the cliff was no different than sending himself to the G.o.d of death. No matter how proud he was, he wasn’t foolish.

Nanbei Chao narrowed his eyes. Both of his arms were crossed in front of his chest. His qi was as still as a mountain while waiting for the next challenger to come. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all. In his eyes, the geniuses in Golden Horizon were merely his prey, and he was the predator. Killing these geniuses and absorbing their luck to fortify his heart of Monarch was what interested him the most. With these, the opportunities in Golden Horizon was no longer important to him.


Just at this moment, a line of crack suddenly burst open in the void. An incomparably burly body walked out of it. The incomer was as tall as a bear, with a dark face. Judging from his look, he seemed like a bear that had developed intelligence. This man’s strength couldn’t be underestimated as his cultivation base had already reached the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm.

After his emergence, he stepped onto the Broken Edge Cliff. His incomparable qi pressed against Nanbei Chao.

Nanbei Chao lifted his head to look at the opponent. After determining his opponent’s cultivation base, his eyes revealed a trace of interest.

“This is Zhuge Kuang from Zhuge Family of Eastern Profound Domain - an outstanding genius of his family. I heard that he has already been here before, but I had never thought that he would appear again.”

“This Zhuge Kuang obviously has come for Young Master Chao. Zhuge Family and Nanbei Family had never gotten along well. There have been numerous conflicts and fights between these two families. Zhuge Kuang’s appearance is clearly to kill Young Master Chao. After all, having such a heaven defying genius in Nanbei Family is a tremendous threat to Zhuge Family. If such a threat can be eliminated as soon as possible, it will no doubt be a good thing to Zhuge Family as a ma.s.sive trouble would be eradicated.”

“That’s true. I’m just curious if Zhuge Kuang can kill Young Master Chao, but I think it’s hard to tell. After all, this Young Master Chao is really the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign. If he hasn’t got the capabilities, he wouldn’t dare to set up an arena on this Broken Edge Cliff.”


Zhuge Kuang’s emergence had set off a wave of commotion. Zhuge Family had a famous reputation even in the other two great Immortal Domains. Plus, the hostile relations.h.i.+p between Zhuge Family and Nanbei Family wasn’t a secret. Therefore, many people understood why Zhuge Kuang would come at this time.

More importantly, compared to those early Immortal Emperor geniuses previously, Zhuge Kuang clearly had more destructive power and greater capabilities, making people antic.i.p.ate this battle. Early Immortal Emperor geniuses were clearly no match for Nanbei Chao. Now they would have to see how Zhuge Kuang performed. Zhuge Kuang was also a well-known battle fanatic and was a grade higher than Nanbei Chao in cultivation base. According to logic, this should be a battle without suspense, but most of them thought otherwise.

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