Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1570 – The Arena of Young Master Chao

Chapter 1570 – The Arena of Young Master Chao

The Arena of Young Master Chao

In Jiang Chen’s point of view, Hao Ran was an improper monk like Tyrant. He believed that if Tyrant met this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, they would definitely be good friends.

a.s.suming Tyrant had already joined the White Dragon Temple, the two of them probably were already good friends. Of course, this was only a blind guess of Jiang Chen. If this was true, it would be too coincidental.

“As grandmaster is an eminent monk of White Dragon Temple, Jiang Chen has something to ask grandmaster.” Jiang Chen spoke.

“Hehe! If it was someone else who asked me questions, it would be impossible for me to answer them. But it's entirely different if it’s you, Jiang Chen. Say it, what do you want to ask me?” Hao Ran chuckled.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen felt honoured that he could get this monk to answer his questions without paying anything. According to this monk’s conduct, Jiang Chen absolutely believed that if it wasn’t because of the great battle that made them become friends, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to get answers in his questions for free.

“Brother Hao Ran, I would like you to help me look for a person. His name is Tyrant, also an eminent monk of Buddha Sect. He has gone to White Dragon Temple before. I wonder if Brother Hao Ran know about this.” Jiang Chen asked straightforwardly. As he was eager to know the news of Tyrant, he needed to not beat around the bush anymore.

Upon hearing the name Tyrant, Hao Ran’s eyes widened and couldn’t help but ask: “You know my junior brother?”

Junior Brother?

Both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s eyes rolled frenziedly, it turned out that these two monks were actually apprentices of the same master. This was certainly too coincidental, but believable as they were like-minded in every aspect.

“Tyrant is actually your junior brother? That means he has successfully entered White Dragon Temple?”

Jiang Chen asked, feeling quite pleased and delighted that Tyrant had succeeded in joining White Dragon Temple. After all, the White Dragon Temple was the supreme Buddha Sect’s scared land in the Immortal World. Given Tyrant’s Buddha-nature, it was undeniably a great thing that he could cultivate in White Dragon Temple.

“Of course, my Junior Brother is endowed with extraordinary gifts and almost comparable to me. Not long after he entered White Dragon Temple, he was accepted by Wild Revered Buddha and became a junior brother of mine. Wild Revered Buddha is an ill.u.s.trious existence and a supreme eminent monk that only has two disciples – me and my junior brother.”

Hao Ran spoke with an air of dignity. Clearly, he felt proud and honoured being the disciple of Wild Revered Buddha.


Who the h.e.l.l was Wild Revered Buddha? Wasn’t this name a little too overbearing? The name itself indicated that this individual was definitely not a person to be trifled with. If this man was provoked, only the Heavens know to what extent of madness he would reach.

“Dang! Wild Revered Buddha truly has a sharp eyesight to take these two unique people as disciples. If I remembered correctly, Tyrant was the lord of the eight great pirates when we first met him.”

Big Yellow was definitely startled, and couldn’t help admitting the unique taste of this Wild Revered Buddha. Despite the randomness, he has only picked two disciples in his life. One that has a background of a pirate while the other was this Grandmaster who had just tried to rob them.

“Fate. This is fate.”

Hao Ran said in a solemn way, similar to Tyrant, giving Jiang Chen and Big Yellow a hard time to accept it.

That’s right. What could it be if it wasn’t fate? But, what kind of fate allowed Wild Revered Buddha to receive these two good disciples? Jiang Chen and Big Yellow couldn’t even imagine what kind of figure this Wild Revered Buddha was.

“By the way, how did you and my junior brother know each other?”

Hao Ran asked curiously. In his point of view, it was also fate that he and Jiang Chen got to know each other and that Jiang Chen knew Tyrant as well.

“We are life-and-death brothers. When we came out from Evil Abyss, we have parted company. He went to White Dragon Temple whereas I went to Eastern Profound Domain. I haven’t received any news from him, never thought that I would encounter his senior brother here, however. I’m eager to know if Tyrant has also come in Golden Horizon.” Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes, he has. Given my junior brother’s talent, he will definitely come. During the time he entered, his cultivation base was at the half-step Immortal Emperor realm. After that, we have been separated, but not to worry about him. Given the means and disposition of my junior brother, he will absolutely not be in any danger. It’s impossible for any ordinary person to plot against him.”

Hao Ran spoke, sounding full of confidence in Tyrant.

“En, I’ve no doubt about that.”

Jiang Chen nodded agreeably as he knew Tyrant better than Hao Ran. It had always been Tyrant who plotted against other people. So anyone who tried to harm Tyrant was doomed to end up bad.

Moreover, the words that Hao Ran said gratified Jiang Chen – Tyrant’s cultivation base had already reached the half-step Immortal Emperor realm – which was a super great news to them.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen didn’t feel too surprised about the fact that Tyrant could make such a huge progress in such a short period of time. Others might not know that Tyrant was endowed with extraordinary talents, but Jiang Chen was crystal clear about it. Tyrant had acquired the Dao Light Buddha Body from the sacred monument. This kind of ancient Buddha Body was extremely terrifying. In addition, Tyrant had a very deep affinity with Buddha and was proficient in numerous kinds of ancient sutras of Buddha Sect. As such, it was normal that he could progress so quickly. It would only be uncommon if his progress was slower than Jiang Chen’s expectation.

“Good. Now that we have known each other, we will now be heading towards the central region of the Golden Horizon. I wonder if Brother Hao Ran is interested in following,” Jiang Chen said.

He didn’t want to waste any time after having spent six days in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Now, he was racing against time. He was left with only roughly twenty days. He still wanted to go around the Golden Horizon and explore the secrets here, particularly the secrets of the Golden Clan.

“Let’s leave it at that. Grandmaster has been used to coming and going freely. Plus, grandmaster’s first deal of the day isn’t complete yet, which is unacceptable. You all can go now. Grandmaster, too, will go to other places and hunt.”

After he finished speaking, with a flick of his robe, he vanished. It seemed like this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had been addicted to robbery, entirely ignoring his proper occupation.

“Worthy of being the eminent monk of White Dragon Temple, the things he pursues are different from others.”

Looking at where Hao Ran disappeared, Big Yellow sighed, but to Hao Ran, robbing the geniuses from the three Immortal Domains was a kind of pleasure.

“Let’s go.” Jiang Chen said.

With a flick of his body, he flew towards the direction he had been heading to previously. Hao Ran the monk was merely a tiny interlude, but it was a fruitful encounter to Jiang Chen. After the great battle with Hao Ran, he felt indescribable pleasure. More importantly, he had learned news about Tyrant and knew that Tyrant had also come to Golden Horizon. So when he and Tyrant reunited, they were going to fight side by side in battle again.

“Tyrant is still a half-step Immortal Emperor when he entered. He probably has already advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm by now.” Big Yellow said.

“Possibly. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d has the divine monument in his hands. His progress can’t be measured using common sense. Plus, there are opportunities everywhere in Golden Horizon. Also, some ancient Revered Buddhas had also partic.i.p.ated in the war on this battlefield. So something must have been left behind by those ancient experts.”

Jiang Chen spoke, but instantly, he thought of Han Yan, and couldn’t help but add: “I don’t know how Ah Yan is now. I haven’t met him since we separated from One-Line-Sky.”

“Ah Yan’s Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline is very powerful. In ancient times, the Ancient Devil was the mighty overlord of the devil clan that could shake the whole world. If Ah Yan is also here, he definitely will obtain tremendous benefits. Many great Venerables of devil path had fallen here and left behind their inheritances,” Big Yellow said.

He, too, felt somewhat worried when he thought about Han Yan. After all, they hadn’t met for a long time, and the Immortal World was far more horrifying and complicated compared to Saint Origin World. It wouldn’t be an easy task to prosper in this place.

“Everything will have to depend on fate. I hope that Ah Yan is also in Golden Horizon as well. It would be better if we can reunite.”

Jiang Chen added. Opportunity was something that couldn’t be forced. Each person had different opportunity. Even though Jiang Chen, Han Yan and Tyrant were life-and-death brothers, it wouldn’t be possible for Jiang Chen to force opportunities into them.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had flown for another hour. Their speed was extremely fast. They had already reached the depths of the Golden Horizon. The human cultivators and evil creatures that they encountered increased along the way. Although the human cultivators had always been on alert, the most they did was just to glance at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow as the duo flew past them.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow continued to fly, then realised that more and more experts were also flying towards the same direction. Each of their face was filled with excitement, like something big was going on ahead.

“Senior Brother Xuan Zhong.”

Suddenly, Jiang Chen saw a friend, he was precisely the Xuan Zhong of Dan Prefecture. In this boundless Golden Horizon, it was definitely hard to encounter someone he knew in Genius Prefecture. Hastily, Jiang Chen greeted him.

“Jiang Chen.”

Xuan Zhong also saw Jiang Chen, his face was full of surprise. He approached Jiang Chen. After studying Jiang Chen for a moment, his eyes revealed shock. “Jiang Chen, your cultivation base has improved once more.”

“Senior Brother Xuan Zhong, what’s going on ahead? It seems like numerous people are going towards that direction.” Jiang Chen asked eagerly.

“Ahead is the Broken Edge Cliff, a famous battle place in the Golden Horizon. I heard that Young Master Chao of Nanbei Family has set up an arena on the Broken Edge Cliff and declared to battle all geniuses of the three great Immortal Domains. This arena has already been set up for two days and the news has been spread all over the place. I heard that Young Master Chao was incomparably ruthless. Several experts have already died in his hands.” Xuan Zhong spoke.


Listening to this, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s expression changed. Anything related to this Young Master Chao would have no problem attracting their attention.

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