Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1569 – Why don’t we be Good Friends?

Chapter 1569 – Why don’t we be Good Friends?

Why don’t we be Good Friends?

The Golden Arhat was standing there as if he was the only worthy being in the Heavens and Earth. This was a type of powerful representation of intent realm. It could suppress everything and change the colour of the Heavens and Earth with a simple gesture.

“What a powerful Golden Arhat! But I, Jiang Chen, am not afraid. Watch how I trample your Golden Arhat to pieces!”

Jiang Chen’s qi fluctuated strongly, and his dark hair danced frenziedly in the air. The power of Hao Ran had completely inspired his pa.s.sion to fight. His steps trembled, body tilting to one side as he stepped towards the Golden Arhat.

“Azure Dragon Five Steps!”

Jiang Chen’s voice was thunderous. He hadn’t used the Azure Dragon Five Steps in an actual fight, but this didn’t mean that this combat technique wasn’t powerful. On the contrary, the Azure Dragon was undeniably the scariest close quarter combat technique, especially the power of the fifth step which exceeded even the power of all five elemental combat dragon seals combined.


When the first step was trampled out, the void immediately crumbled, a huge crater was created before the step landed heavily on the Golden Arhat.


As the step that was enough to crush a mountain hit the body of the Golden Arhat, a loud clang was produced. Sparks were seen. One had to say that the Golden Arhat was very powerful. The first step of the Azure Dragon couldn’t even shake it or even leave a line of crack on it. Instead, Jiang Chen had received a tremendous rebounding force, and was sent a few dozen meters away.


Jiang Chen then took the second step. The step of the Azure Dragon Five Steps was consecutive. Each step was stronger than the previous step and currently, his speed was at its peak. Moving like a lighting. He trampled on the Golden Arhat once more.

*Ka Cha!*

This time, lines of cracks appeared in the indestructible Golden Arhat. Hao Ran’s expression began to pale. Clearly, he didn’t feel well either when the Golden Arhat suffered damage.

Similarly, Jiang Chen wasn’t feeling any better. Although the Azure Dragon Five Steps was powerful, the power of the Golden Arhat was like a vast ocean. The collision had caused damages to both sides.


The cracked Golden Arhat spoke all of a sudden in a very dignified way. That was the true representation and condensed essence of Buddha Sect.


Jiang Chen’s fighting intent soared up to the sky. The third and fourth step were launched at the same time. Each step weighed billions of kilograms. The force of these two steps was unimaginably greater than the previous two. The cracks on the Golden Arhat’s body began to expand like spider webs, seemingly about to break at any moment.

“How can this brat be so powerful? When did an intermediate Immortal King become so powerful? His foot technique can destroy everything. Even my Golden Arhat is damaged.”

Hao Ran was shocked to the extreme. Before this, he totally did not put Jiang Chen in his heart, but now, it was the complete opposite. If Jiang Chen was his enemy, Jiang Chen was going to be a formidable enemy of his.


Hao Ran naturally wouldn’t admit defeat. He made a sound, spitting out a character of Buddha Sect that fell into the body of the Golden Arhat. The veins of cracks on the Golden Arhat’s body began to repair itself and its power had become even stronger.

“The fifth step.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen trampled out the fifth step, reaching the Golden Arhat with an unparalleled speed. This time, it had trampled directly on the head of the Golden Arhat.

*Hong Long!*

The last step of the Azure Dragon Five Steps was very incredible. Its power was the power of all four previous steps combined. Any ordinary person wouldn’t be able to withstand it. A giant mountain would be crushed to dust instantly. Even the Golden Arhat couldn’t stand it and collapsed on the spot, exploding with the most magnificent energy waves, filling the sky with golden brilliance. Though Jiang Chen had crushed the Golden Arhat, the powerful energy had rebounded him away. He flew for a dozen meters before he could regain his balance.

*Barf…* *Barf…*

Both sides spurted out blood simultaneously. This was a fierce and direct collision. There was nothing fancy to it. Both were wounded, but still neither victory nor defeat could be determined at this stage. The chest of Jiang Chen and the monk were red with blood. Despite how strong Jiang Chen’s physique was, the outer flesh of his body still cracked. This showed how powerful the Golden Arhat was.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Boundless energy turned into waves of wind, rus.h.i.+ng out from the bodies of the two. With them as the centre, the energy waves turned into a giant vortex. Both of them exchanged a glance, blazing light glinted from their eyes. Very quickly, the light turned into reddish gold flames.

At this moment, nothing was more important than to defeat their opponent. That was the desire to battle. Neither Jiang Chen nor Hao Ran wasn’t so fired up.

Both of them had underestimated each other from the beginning. It was natural for Hao Ran, as he was an early Immortal Emperor, a supreme genius of White Dragon Temple. As for Jiang Chen who had already stabilized at the intermediate Immortal King realm felt that defeating an early Immortal Emperor genius was just as easy, but had never thought that the monk was so powerful.


All of a sudden, Jiang Chen roared. His body transformed once more, changing from half-dragon-half-human to a blood-red dragon 300 meters in length, with pieces of dragon scales that radiated ferocious brilliance. His eyes were blazing with monstrous combat intent.

“A true dragon. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is supposed to be human, but his body possesses the complete bloodline of a true dragon. He sure is an abnormal one in the Heavens and Earth. Good, in that case, I will take down this dragon!”

Hao Ran was incomparably shocked. The true dragon was a divine beast, the supreme being of the Heavens and Earth. It was the n.o.blest race in the Heaven and Earth that had existed a very long time ago, but had disappeared since then. A true dragon was a divine spirit but this world no longer had any divine spirit.

Jiang Chen’s combat intent had also stirred up Hao Ran’s. He hadn’t fought such a satisfying battle for a long time. Today, he would not ask for anything except to have a pleasant battle.

Hao Ran raised his palms suddenly. A mystical ancient pattern appeared on his palm. Each pattern was like an ancient character. He was casting out a terrifying ancient seal.

“How could this happen?” From afar, Wu Ningzhu began to worry.

“Not good. This monk is very unusual. He cultivates not only the techniques of Buddha Sect. According to the patterns in his palms, they are the marks from ancient time. He’s going to use an ancient secret technique. These two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have already been enchanted by the pleasure of the battle. In the end, they will only suffer even greater injuries.”

Big Yellow’s expression changed. He could discern the secret art in Hao Ran’s palms. Though it wasn’t a secret art of Buddha Sect, it certainly originated from an ancient inheritance and was powerful. If the two of them continued to fight, both of them would be defeated.

“What do we do now?” Wu Ningzhu spoke nervously. She didn’t hope to see Jiang Chen in any danger.

“We have to stop them. They aren’t life-and-death enemies. They are only having a friendly match at best. There’s no need for them to fight till their deaths. More importantly, this is the Golden Horizon where dangers exist everywhere. They must always ensure that they are at the top of their game. It will do no good to either of them if they were both severely injured, especially Little Chen, as he has too many enemies.”

Big Yellow said, suddenly shaking his tail, then turned into a golden light and halted in between Jiang Chen and Hao Ran.


Big Yellow yelled, instilled with a secret art that it had directly entered the innermost soul of the two, putting a halt to their frenzied battle.

Both of their bodies trembled, their eyes softened as they focused on Big Yellow.

“What are you two doing? You should use both of your energies to deal with the true enemies. It’s no joke to suffer severe injuries in Golden Horizon.” Big Yellow snapped.

Big Yellow’s words shook them back to reality. Both of them withdrew their qi. With a shake of Jiang Chen’s body, he returned to his original appearance – a good-looking young man that no one could link it to a frenzied dragon.

On the other side, the monk had also halted all his movements.

“Haha! This dog has a point. There’s no need for us to fight to our deaths. Jiang Chen, how about the two of us become friends?”

Hao Ran laughed aloud and said rudely, instantly returning to his frivolous look, the total opposite when he was on the battlefield.

“Agree. I would also like to befriend someone like you.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Some said that a fight would let people to get know each other. This was what happened to the two. The true temperament of a person was perfectly expressed during a battle. Each of them had won the respect of the other in today’s intense battle.

Hao Ran was undoubtedly a very proud man. There weren’t many people that he would want to befriend. The same went to Jiang Chen.

In a nutsh.e.l.l, they were individuals with forthright disposition and were equally matched great geniuses. As long as they weren’t life-and-death enemies, they could always become friends. In the boundless Immortal World, or in the Golden Horizon, it was always better to have a friend than an enemy.

“Jiang Chen, you are truly powerful. I almost used my forbidden spell. I have to say that you are the most monstrous genius I have ever met. You are as strong as me despite being only an intermediate Immortal King. If we both have the same cultivation base, doesn’t that mean that you can blow me to death with just your mouth? How unacceptable!”

Hao Ran spoke. Although his words were light, the praise he gave came from the bottom of his heart.

“Brother Hao Ran is also very powerful. I’m afraid that it’s very difficult for you to find a worthy opponent that’s the same level as you.”

Jiang Chen said sincerely. This too, wasn’t a flattery. One should know that given his current strength, he had confidence to defeat a genius like Ling Du, but when he fought against Hao Ran just now, neither victory nor defeat could be decided, or it should be said that if they really wanted to determine the winner, both of them would have to pay a hefty price.

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