Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 156 – Seize the Blood Banner, Kill Lord Blood Moon

Chapter 156 – Seize the Blood Banner, Kill Lord Blood Moon

Chapter 156 – Seize the Blood Banner, Kill Lord Blood Moon


The banging sound didn’t stop sounding out from within the Blood Banner. The energy ripples from Jiang Chen’s attacks became stronger and stronger, and some golden lights started leaking out from the flag itself.

“Look! The Blood Banner is trembling violently, young master Jiang Chen is in the middle of attacking it!”

One of the honorable guests of the Yu family said in awe.

“Young master Jiang Chen is indeed a man of miracles. He has the purest Yang aura all over his body, those foul spirits within the Blood Banner simply cannot harm him. But, with young master Jiang’s abilities, it will be tough for him to escape the flag.”

Yu Tian Long was shocked as well. But, since Jiang Chen could attack from within, that meant he was safe at the moment, and that was actually good news.

“Chief, what should we do now? If young master Jiang can’t break free from the Blood Banner, there is no way we can stop Lord Blood Moon from completing his blood sacrifice ceremony.”

Another honorable guest of the Yu family said in a worried tone. The battle had gone on for a long, and Big Yellow had killed most of the Blood Devil leaders. Although there were still a lot of Blood Devils, they were all at the Mortal Core realm, and didn’t pose too much threat to them.

But the real threat was still with Lord Blood Moon. As long as he was still alive, he would be able to raise countless Blood Devils. Therefore, even if all of these Blood Devils were killed, Lord Blood Moon just wouldn’t care.

The situation now had given Yu Tian Long and a few others a difficult choice. These Blood Devil were not a threat to them, but they couldn’t stop Lord Blood Moon from continuing his blood sacrifice ceremony. Once the ceremony was completed, everyone here would be killed, they would die horrifying deaths.

The only thing they could do now was to bring all those teenage girls away, but this was basically impossible. Lord Blood Moon wouldn’t allow this to happen. As long as they tried to do something, Lord Blood Moon would risk his own life to counter their actions, and at that point of time, Lord Blood Moon would become completely enraged, and what awaited them afterwards was complete annihilation from Lord Blood Moon.

“I have a way.”

Big Yellow suddenly said.

“What is it?”

Yu Tian Long looked at Big Yellow with a surprised expression. This dog was a miraculous being, and right now, perhaps only Big Yellow would be able to do something about it.

Big Yellow didn’t say anything, but his expression suddenly changed into a serious one. An invisible thread of his Divine Sense shout out. Big Yellow’s Divine Sense was so miraculous that it could penetrate the Blood Banner and reach Jiang Chen’s ear.

“Buddy, don’t waste your time, with your current abilities, there is no way you can break it. You only have one option now, and that is to cut away the connection between this banner and Lord Blood Moon, then you’ll need to seize control of the Blood Banner as fast as you can. Once Lord Blood Moon loses this flag, he will suffer tremendously from the backfire, then he will become a sheep waiting for you to slaughter him.”

Big Yellow said.

“You know how to cut the connection between the Blood Banner and Lord Blood Moon?”

Jiang Chen felt shocked. The Blood Banner is completely controlled by Lord Blood Moon, it was connected to his own source, it would be incredibly tough to cut the connection between them.

“Let’s give it a try.”

After saying that, Big Yellow opened his mouth widely and spat out a huge broken sword. The sword fell onto the ground and made a clang sound. It was the broken sword he had found in the desolate area of Whirling Sun City.

Big Yellow’s expression turned solemn. He spat out a clump of blood. The blood was the blood essence of a Dragon Horse. When the blood feel onto the broken sword, the sword that once looked like a sc.r.a.p of broken metal begun violently vibrating.

The vibration of the broken sword became stronger and stronger. After being stained with Big Yellow’s blood essence, the broken sword, like a drought soil suddenly showered with rain, suddenly seemed to become alive. Under Big Yellow’s control, the broken sword shot up high into the skies.


Big Yellow suddenly roared out, then he unleashed numerous bright lights from his body which merged with the broken sword. In an instant, the broken sword started flying and piercing itself towards the blood red altar.

“What is that? The pressure projected from it is so mighty!”

“A divine energy! It make me feel like I am facing some immortals! This is terrifying!”

Yu Tian Long and the few others watched the broken golden sword flying through the skies with shock. The divine energy made them want to wors.h.i.+p the broken sword. The feeling was like watching something that was way above them, as if it was something out of this world.


The broken sword slashed and drew out a golden curtain which crashed towards the altar. Lord Blood Moon who was in the middle of the blood sacrifice ceremony had a drastic change in his expression. He could sense and extreme danger from this golden curtain.

“What kind of treasure is that?!”

Lord Blood Moon became frightened by the attack. He immediately dashed aside and evaded the golden curtain.

“d.a.m.n it, I can’t really unleash its full power. If I could, Lord Blood Moon would die in an instant. But, it is more than enough for me to cut the connection between the Blood Banner and Lord Blood Moon.”

Big Yellow cursed. The golden curtain drawn out by the broken sword had become a barrier that blocked the connection between the Blood Banner and Lord Blood Moon.

Lord Blood Moon’s expression changed once again, because, at this moment, he couldn’t feel the connection between the Blood Banner and himself. The golden curtain had a mystical divine energy that acted like a barrier between different worlds, cutting all connections in between.

Within the Blood Banner, Jiang Chen could clearly sense the changes within the banner. The feeling of it being controlled by someone else had disappeared. With Jiang Chen’s experience, he immediately realized that Big Yellow had succeeded, he had completely cut the connection between the banner and Lord Blood Moon.

“This dog sure does have some amazing abilities. Lord Blood Moon, your time is up! Blood Banner, I will take control of you right now!”

Jiang Chen had an amazing ability. Even if he was only given one second, he would be able to defeat his opponent with that one second. With the help of the Great Soul Derivation skill, he immediately found the source of the banner. His Divine Sense was like a sharp blade, it immediately shattered the last threads of Divine Sense Lord Blood Moon had left behind and took control of the banner by force.

It was really simple for Jiang Chen to control the Blood Banner. With help from the Great Soul Derivation skill, controlling a combat weapon was just a piece of cake. Besides, all the ferocious souls within the flag were scared of Jiang Chen. Once they were out of Lord Blood Moon’s control, they would immediately surrender to Jiang Chen.


Right at this moment, the golden curtain disappeared. The broken sword fell onto the ground and returned to its sc.r.a.p metal form. As for Big Yellow, his vision became dark, and he fainted at the same time.

“Big Yellow!”

Yu Zi Han shouted in shock. He rushed to Big Yellow’s side to protect him.

Right now, Jiang Chen had come out from the Blood Banner. The huge blood red banner was not completely under his control. He pulled it back and stored it in his storage ring.


Lord Blood Moon who was in the middle of the blood sacrifice ceremony let out a miserable roar. Losing the blood banner was not something he could accept. It was the foundation of everything he had done, and it was his strongest weapon. But to his dismay, it was lost to someone else today.


Lord Blood Moon vomited out a mouthful of blood. He held his head with both hands as he roared and screamed. His face showed a painful expression, and layers of awful red lines filled his face. He suffered two huge blows upon losing the Blood Banner and the blood sacrifice ceremony being interrupted. Lord Blood Moon had come to his end.

“Lord Blood Moon, face your death!”

Jiang Chen took a step forwards and arrived at the altar. With his hand, he grabbed Lord Blood Moon’s head. His palm that was glowing in a golden light forcefully twisted and tore off Lord Blood Moon’s head. At the same time, he dug out Lord Blood Moon’s devil core.

“Ah! Master!”

Witnessing Lord Blood Moon being killed, all Blood Devils roared in disbelief. For them, Lord Blood Moon was their spiritual pillar, the G.o.d they were wors.h.i.+pping. Now, their G.o.d was killed in front of them. How could they bear it?

“Pathetic Blood Devils, you are all crazy black sheep of this world, you never should have existed! I’ll have you all perish in h.e.l.l!”

Jiang Chen took out the Blood Banner. The huge banner spread wide like the ma.s.sive mouth of a demon king. Countless evil winds was unleashed from within, and they absorbed the remaining few hundred Blood Devils into it. With their Mortal Core cultivation level, what awaited them inside the flag was Jiang Chen’s slaughter.

Now, Lord Blood Moon was killed, all Blood Devils within Yellowstone had vanished, and there were no survivors.

For Lord Blood Moon, this was something rather sarcastic, since he inherited his skill and abilities from Blood Moon Shaman, he had planned to wreak havoc in Qi Province, his ambitious dream was to have Blood Devils in every corner of this world, but too bad, he had met with Jiang Chen, not only he got himself killed, the Flag of Blood Devils had changed a master too, he had worked this hard but at the end it all went to someone else.

As for Jiang Chen, the mission of killing all Blood Devils in Yellowstone was a great success. Not only had he broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, just the Blood Banner alone was worth all his hard work. Although this flag was an evil item, it was also something that could save his life, a powerful hidden trick.

The once restless Valley of Yin Spirits had quieted down. Yu Tian Long, Yu Zi Han and the others raised their heads and looked at Jiang Chen. With his clean white clothes, Jiang Chen glowed in a faded golden light all over his body. His eyes were bright, and his hair was fluttering in the cold breeze. He was like a true G.o.d of war who had just descended from the immortal world. He portrayed an image of someone above all else that was enough to make anyone want to submit to him.

Jiang Chen’s image had a magnificent charm. Even those frightened teenage girls were looking at him with adoration.

Out of the 99 teenage girls, eight of them had been sacrificed by Lord Blood Moon. But, there was no perfection in life. Sometimes, someone had to become the sacrifices, there was nothing Jiang Chen could do about it.

“He really killed Lord Blood Moon, he killed all the Blood Devils.”

One of the honorable guests of the Yu family murmured.

“He is a true peerless genius, he was born with a tremendous destiny, he is a true king!”

“His future achievements will be limitless! From now on, the Yu family will submit to young master Jiang, we will follow him and obey all his commands!”

Yu Tian Long had made up his mind. He was not an idiot, he could tell that Jiang Chen had limitless potential, no one could estimate his future achievements. He was a peerless genius that had never been seen throughout history.

“I, Yu Zi Han always thought I was a genius, but compared to him, I am just nothing. I believe that in one year, the battle between him and Nan Bei Chao will be a great one!”

Yu Zi Han thought to himself. After following Jiang Chen around for a few days, he had completely seen the might of Jiang Chen. He was a man of miracles, it was a miracle that he killed Lord Blood Moon today.