Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1568 – Golden Arha

Chapter 1568 – Golden Arha

Golden Arhat


Seeing the changes in Jiang Chen, the monk’s expression couldn’t help but change. He sighed softly, clearly he didn’t think that Jiang Chen had such an abnormal transformation ability. The monk too had very sharp senses. He could naturally see that Jiang Chen had enhanced his combat strength by at least ten folds after the transformation.

“Humph! I would like to know what means does a puny little intermediate Immortal King have.”

The monk harrumphed coldly. A vast stream of golden Buddha light surged out of his body. Under the illumination of Buddha light, the void appeared more peaceful and the monk looked as dignified as a real Buddha.

If they didn’t witness the frivolous action of this monk, they wouldn’t be able to connect the monk to a thief.

Jiang Chen acted. He struck out his palm. A golden dragon a hundred meters length emerged, shaking its head and tail, and lunged at the monk, letting out roars, looking very divine like the descent of a true dragon.

*Hua La……*

The monk moved as well, waving his huge palm in a very natural way. Boundless golden light flashed out, instantly condensing into a Buddha Seal. It was a golden Buddha Seal that was as huge as a mountain, incomparably frightening, it rushed towards the golden dragon. In the monk’s opinion, this strike was enough to crush the golden dragon and severely injure Jiang Chen.

*Hong Long……*

A huge crater was instantly created in the sky. Destructive energy intertwined with each other. This one strike had thrown the entire battlefield into chaos. It showed how powerful the attack of the two was.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

The Buddha Seal was torn apart. The Golden Dragon collapsed. Jiang Chen and the monk’s body was as motionless as Mountain Tai. Neither victory nor defeat was decided in this round.

Jiang Chen’s eyes blazed like the scorching sun and radiated blazing combat intent. Sure enough, the means of this genius monk from White Dragon Temple was different. Jiang Chen was able to sense the monk’s true strength after one round of exchange. If he didn’t advance to the intermediate Immortal King realm, he wouldn’t be a match for this monk.

On the other side, the monk wasn’t as composed as Jiang Chen. The way he looked at Jiang Chen began to change entirely. As a peerless genius of White Dragon Temple, he knew his strength all too well and had incomparable confidence in it. He had fought numerous experts in his life and encountered experts even scarier than him, but the one who startled him the most, was without a doubt, Jiang Chen.

It was nothing for him if their first exchange was a draw. The key was how were they on par. If Jiang Chen was an early Immortal Emperor, the monk wouldn’t be too surprised about it, but this dragonman clearly was only an intermediate Immortal King, which was still far away from the early Immortal Emperor realm, and he was the genius of the geniuses instead of a normal early Immortal Emperor. If he wasn’t experiencing this himself, he would never believe it.

“Never thought that I, Grandmaster Hao Ran, will encounter such an unparalleled genius and today and is my first time having a deal with someone. If I lose this battle, it will surely make people laugh their teeth off. Brat, you certainly have the qualification to be my opponent. What is your name?”

Grandmaster Hao Ran asked. He addressed himself as a Grandmaster, although the impression he gave indicated otherwise. Of course, he indeed had the capability of a Grandmaster of Buddha Sect.

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen announced his name, then without saying another word, struck out two of his palms. A Golden Dragon Seal and a Fire Dragon Seal was struck out at the same time, thrusting at Grandmaster Hao Ren once more. His combat desire had been fully ignited. He must determine the victor with this expert of White Dragon Temple.


A dragon roar reverberated through the clouds. The fluctuation of the incredible energy crumbled the peaks of the mountains below. This was destined to be a world-shaking battle.


Monk Hao Ran’s fighting intent had also been aroused. Once someone as warlike as him met a powerful opponent, he would go all out. It was difficult for him to encounter such a battle. If he encountered one, he had to ensure that there would be a victor at the end of the battle. Once he won, his mental state would change. An indomitable will to fight would form inside of him, and after obtaining victory after victory, the psychology of a war G.o.d would develop in his heart, making him feel like a true war G.o.d.

Hao Ran shouted lightly, and sent out another Buddha Seal. This time, the Buddha Seal turned into the image of a Buddha with a compa.s.sionate look and with a supreme aura that could suppress everything in the Heavens and Earth, as it smashed against the two dragons.

*Hong Long…….*

It was another earth-shaking collision, causing cracks in the void. Infinite qi waves rolled. The mountains below were split into half at the centre. Debris of rock flew across the air. It was absolutely like a scene of the end of the world.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

*Hong...* *Hong...*

The two experts continued to fight. Jiang Chen had exerted the Five Elemental Dragon Seal to its peak, constantly striking out frenzied dragons. His combat strength was like an ocean, boundless and inexhaustible. Hao Ran was also the same. The Buddha Light had transformed him into the incarnation of the peerless Buddha. And the Buddha Seals he struck out were incredible. Despite the intensity of their battle, nothing was concluded.

“Haha! This is fun! Jiang Chen, even if I return empty-handed, it will be worth it. I never thought that there will be such a heaven defying genius like you in the Immortal World. Unfortunately, your cultivation base is still a little weak. Today, I must defeat you and let you return feeling dejected, and won’t take a dime from you.”

Hao Ran laughed delightfully. It had been a long time since he had such a good fight. To him, defeating Jiang Chen was far more important than robbing. Now that his combat intent had been fully ignited, the only thing he had to do now was to defeat Jiang Chen.

“Humph! It’s still not decided who will win and lose yet. You want to defeat me, I want to defeat you as well. The expert of White Dragon Temple is indeed extraordinary, but you aren’t my opponent.”

Jiang Chen’s qi soared to the sky as he spoke arrogantly. He made a step forward, the void below crumbled instantly and an enormous crater was created. True Dragon Palm was then launched at the monk.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The frenzied dragon roared furiously. After striking the True Dragon Palm, the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seals were also struck out by Jiang Chen. The battlefield above had numerous dragons racing wildly in all directions.

“Hao Ran Buddha Qi.”

Hao Ran’s eyes sparkled like stars. An ancient qi of Buddha Light rushed out from his innermost soul. As the wave of energy flooded his body, his body enlarged by twofold, turning into a Buddha. This technique seemed relatively similar to the Dao Light Buddha Body of Tyrant, but it wasn’t as fine and ingenious as the Dao Light Buddha Body. The Dao Light Buddha Body originated from the ancient divine monument. It was a deep inheritance and was the highest Buddha Body of Buddha Sect. Once its cultivation was completed, one would be able to become the Buddha Ancestor.

However, the Buddha Qi of Hao Ran was still extremely powerful. At least eighteen palms emerged around him and each palm was able to strike out a powerful Buddha Seal. The Buddha Seal he struck out was filled with golden light and the entire battlefield seemed to have turned into the kingdom of the Buddha Sect.

The sky darkened. The dark cloud that was newly condensed in the sky instantly disintegrated. A stretch in the sky was completely torn apart. This was the pinnacle of the battle. Any ordinary person who was trapped into it would be ripped apart by the residual waves of the destructive energy.


Jiang Chen and Hao Ran retreated simultaneously during the fierce clash and spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Both of their expression turned incomparably serious. Their eyes seemed to blaze even more. Under the circulation of wood spiritual qi, Jiang Chen’s injuries recovered very quickly. Hao Ran in the opposite also had a mysterious force emerged in his body, and under the blessing of this force, his wounds recovered at a rate visible to the naked eye.

En? This isn’t the power of Buddha Sect. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually has such terrifying healing means.

Jiang Chen was slightly shocked. He was shocked by the speed of recovery the monk had. What shocked him even more was the method the monk used to heal. It wasn’t the method of Buddha Sect. Jiang Chen had known Tyrant for a long time and was a friend of Ancestor Greenlotus. He had the most knowledge about the Buddha Sect. There were powerful ancient Buddha Sutras such as Nirvana Sutra, Ancient Lotus Sutra in Buddha Sect, which helped heal one’s injuries, but the technique used by Hao Ran obviously wasn’t from Buddha Sect. Even though he had concealed it with the Buddha Light, he couldn’t hide it from Jiang Chen’s eyes.

But those horrifying combat techniques of his were clearly the pure techniques of Buddha Sect. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d had to be a genius of White Dragon Temple. Jiang Chen had no doubt about it. Also, Jiang Chen was certain that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d wouldn’t be as simple as Tyrant, a monk that cultivated only the cultivation of Buddha Sect.

“Jiang Chen, you have really infuriated me. Golden Arhat.”

Hao Ran was angered. He hadn’t been angry for a long time, but this wasn’t real anger. It was the fury aroused by the fight. It was a pinnacle expression of the battling heart.

Along with a loud shout, an enormous Golden Arhat was condensed above his head. It was a Golden Arhat 30 meters in size and full of muscles and energy. Dazzling light shone from his eyes. It seemed as if the Arhat’s body was built out of divine golden blocks.


Hao Ran clamoured. The Golden Arhat turned into a ray of golden light and rushed at Jiang Chen. Like the edifying light, this was an ancient technique of Buddha Sect. It was a type of supreme representation of Buddha Sect that could suppress all evils in the Heavens and earth.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen wasn’t a devil. He was the anti-evil as he cultivated the dragon transformation skill and was well versed in the edifying light. Given the pure blood qi in his body, the Golden Arhat wouldn’t have any suppressive effect on him, had only had a powerful attack from a monk, instead.

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