Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1567 – Robbery by an Eminent Monk

Chapter 1567 – Robbery by an Eminent Monk

Robbery by an Eminent Monk

“Sister Ning, you have made a huge progress. Let’s come out of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and go to the central region of the Golden Horizon together,” Jiang Chen said.

Although Wu Ningzhu wasn’t strong enough, it wasn’t good for her to stay in the paG.o.da all the time. That would negate the purpose of her coming to the Golden Horizon. She was brought here so that Jiang Chen could help her look for her fortune. If she just hid all the time, it would be impossible for her to have any lucky encounters. Luck was something that required trials and efforts. If one took no action to pursue it, it wouldn’t arrive at one’s doorstep for no reason.

Some said that opportunities were given to those who were ready. Precisely, right now, Wu Ningzhu was preparing for it to come.


She nodded. She had always obeyed Jiang Chen’s words. Especially in this place, she would listen to all of Jiang Chen’s arrangements. Furthermore, she wasn’t willing to keep on staying in an enclosed spatial zone. Given her current strength, she could more or less cope with some of the circ.u.mstances and crisis.

*Swoos.h.!.+* *Swoos.h.!.+* *Swoos.h.!.+*

With a flash of light, three silhouettes materialized suddenly out of the void. They were Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu. As for the two blood demon kings, they definitely would have to stay hidden in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. They were Jiang Chen’s greatest trump cards that could only be used in a deadly situation and at the most critical moments.

“Little Chen, where are we going now?” Wu Ningzhu asked.

“Six days have already pa.s.sed since the opening of the Golden Horizon. I reckon that the Golden Horizon should be lively now. We can’t delay anymore. Let’s go straight to the centre of the Golden Horizon. What do you think, Big Yellow?” Jiang Chen said.

The Golden Horizon would only stay open for a month. Now, they had just wasted six days. Many people should have already obtained their treasures and numerous people should have already died in the battles and struggles. This could be seen from the thick blood stench in the void.

“Let’s go. There’s the central region of the Golden Horizon.”

Big Yellow shot towards a certain direction in a ray of golden light. He could always find the most accurate direction in the Golden Horizon. He felt familiar with this place, as though he had already been here before. Even Yang Lang and Shan Chong couldn’t possibly be as familiar as Big Yellow.

This, however, didn’t surprise Jiang Chen. After all, Big Yellow had too many divine abilities. He could sense treasures and was also proficient in the Holy Book of Formation. So it wasn’t surprising that he could find any location.

The three of them moved at a very quick speed. After leaving the mountain range, they pa.s.sed thousands of miles of wilderness, encountered quite many evil creatures along the way, but as these evil creatures were relatively weak, Jiang Chen wasn’t interested to even attack them.

A dozen thousand miles later, Wu Ningzhu couldn’t help sighing.

“This Golden Horizon is just too big. We have already flown for a dozen thousand miles, but we have met less than a few experts.” Wu Ningzhu sounded disappointed.

“The diameter of Golden Horizon is a few million miles. It was hard to find someone even if there are thousands of people here.

“This was once a kingdom controlled by the Golden Clan but a great war occurred and the clan was subjected to a violent attack, which caused them to go extinct. However, I always felt that the bloodline of the Golden Clan didn’t go extinct, and still have some descendants.” Big Yellow said.

“The Golden Clan has the bloodline of the Divine Bird Golden Crow which is a very formidable race in the Heaven and Earth. It wouldn’t be exterminated just like that. If we can find the hideout of the Golden Clan, we may be able to obtain incredible fortune and benefits. Rumour has it that the unparalleled Sovereign Weapon, Golden Feather Fan, was left in here.”

Jiang Chen said, feeling somewhat sentimental at the thought of the extinction of such a ma.s.sive clan, but he had the same thinking as Big Yellow, reckoning that the bloodline of the Golden Clan wouldn’t end just like that. Some things must have been left behind.

“It isn’t as easy as you thought. The Golden Horizon has existed for a very long time. Even though the Golden Horizon is opened only once every five years, only the Heaven knows how many times it has been opened, but still, there was no news about the Golden Feather Fan. No one has even seen the feathers, let alone seeing the fan. It was afraid that no one was able to enter the hideout of the Golden Clan. Otherwise, after so many years, the secret of Golden Clan would have been uncovered.”

Big Yellow shook his head. As he had said, this clan was too strong. Even if it was only covered by dust, not everyone could enter it.

*Hong Long……*

At this moment, a huge golden palm suddenly fell from the void at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. This huge palm had the shape of a fan and the size of 30 meters.

“Humph! A sneak attack!?”

Jiang Chen snorted coldly and immediately struck out the True Dragon Palm at the huge golden palm.

*Hong Long……*

The two ferocious palms collided with one another, instantly producing huge sparks and caused layers of ripples in the void.


Being slammed by such a huge force, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but grunt. The strength of the attacker was very strong. A simple strike had churned the blood and qi inside of him. It only showed that the person was very powerful, but Jiang Chen wasn’t scared of him. After all, he had received the strike in his human form. So his current combat strength clearly wasn’t his full strength.

“Who is it?” Jiang Chen shouted at the void.

“F*** it! An intermediate Immortal King brat actually withstood my strike? How annoying!”

A furious voice came from the void. Then a monk walked out of it. The monk seemed twenty-plus years old, handsome and with a pair of bright eyes. He wore a white-coloured monk robe, but his frivolous demeanour made people dare not to show him any respect.

“A monk from the White Dragon Temple?” Jiang Chen asked. This monk was at the early Immortal Emperor realm. Only the White Dragon Temple could produce such a genius.

“Eh, not bad, it seems that you know the White Dragon Temple. You are right, I’m an eminent monk from the White Dragon Temple. I’m robbing you all now. Hand over all your belongings and that beautiful girl. Only then would I not kill you all and won’t take your brocade pouches as well. Deal?” The monk spoke in a demanding way.


The monk’s words immediately made Jiang Chen roll his eyes. Big Yellow, who was next to him staggered and almost fell from mid-air.

What the h.e.l.l? An eminent monk of White Dragon Temple was committing a robbery? How could there be such an eminent monk? More importantly, this wasn’t their first time seeing such an eminent monk. Why was the style of conduct of this man very much alike of the person they knew? But Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were sure that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d absolutely wasn’t Tyrant and didn’t have anything to do with him.

“For G.o.d’s Sake! Master Dog have to redefine the ‘eminent monk’. Ask this b.a.s.t.a.r.d what is his relations.h.i.+p with the stupid monk. Was he the brother who has been separated from the stupid monk for many years?” Big Yellow felt speechless.

“What are you two whispering about? My time is very precious. It’s your honour that I rob you all.”

The monk spoke once more, without a bit of compa.s.sion and was like a total hooligan. No wonder he was committing crimes here. Jiang Chen began to think that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d couldn’t be a monk of White Dragon Temple. After all, such a behaviour was too humiliating.

“Idiot monk. If you can beat me, I’ll give you anything.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. Although this monk was robbing him, he didn’t hate this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, because this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was only robbing people’s belongings and girls, but not lives. He didn’t sense any killing intent from this monk. And that sneak-attack just now wasn’t a lethal strike.

More importantly, he wanted to have an intense battle with this monk. He had just advanced to the intermediate Immortal King realm and right now he was full of high spirits and desire to fight. Although this monk behaved frivolously and robbed people, his combat strength wasn’t weak. Jiang Chen could sense this from their previous exchange.

The reputation of the White Dragon Temple was too great in the Ethereal Immortal Domain. It was virtually the sacred land of Buddha Sect, far greater than the Great Lightning Tune Temple in Saint Origin World. It was also Jiang Chen’s desire to fight an eminent monk from White Dragon Temple.

“What?” The monk was dumbfounded, suspecting that he had heard wrongly. Did his opponent just said that he wanted to fight him?

“Blimey! Why do you want to make a robbery so complicated? Brat, it’s quite capable of you that you can withstand a strike of mine. Since you want to fight, I will fulfil your wish. But if I kill you by mistake, don’t hate me,” the monk spoke.

Powerful combat intent surged out his body in an instant. It could be seen that this monk was also a battle fanatic, however, he was only curious about Jiang Chen and didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes. He just wanted to know how powerful this young intermediate Immortal King who could withstand his one strike.

“Big Yellow, Sister Ning, stand aside and watch.” Jiang Chen said.

“Be careful.” Wu Ningzhu reminded and moved to the side with Big Yellow.

“Come on!”

Jiang Chen’s combat intent soared up to the sky. With a shake of his body, a great strength of antiquity rushed out of his body. Instantly, he turned into his dragon form. He was ready to beat up this monk with all his might, then ask this monk a few questions.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen had two goals in fighting this monk. One was to test his own combat strength. The other was to inquire about the news of Tyrant. During the time when he and Tyrant parted company, Tyrant said that he would go to the White Dragon Temple, but Jiang Chen still didn’t know if Tyrant had succeeded in joining the temple. From that time onwards, he knew nothing about Tyrant, not until today where he had met someone from the White Dragon Temple. How could he possibly let this monk go? Even if this monk didn’t come robbing his items, he was planning to head to White Dragon Temple to seek for his brother.

In order to get this b.a.s.t.a.r.d talking, he needed to be defeat him. Otherwise, based on the disposition of this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, it was afraid that Jiang Chen couldn’t even get a piece of information from him.

If Tyrant had succeeded in joining the White Dragon Temple, then he had also possibly arrived at the Golden Horizon as well. But Jiang Chen needed to confirm this from the monk in front of him. As such, a great battle was inevitable.

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