Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1566 – Out from Seclusion

Chapter 1566 – Out from Seclusion

Out from Seclusion

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Along with the yell, an incomparably strong qi surged out of his body, shaking the whole s.p.a.ce of the thirty-third level violently. Wu Ningzhu, who was still in seclusion, and the sound asleep Big Yellow were alerted. They opened their eyes. Their gaze fell upon Jiang Chen.

“Good. This brat is about to advance to the intermediate Immortal King realm,” Big Yellow said delightfully.

Making the advancement at this time was undoubtedly a good thing. Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu understood Jiang Chen’s abilities very well. Every advancement of Jiang Chen would grant him a terrifying improvement in combat strength. By advancing to intermediate Immortal King realm, he could kill geniuses like Ling Du, albeit using his full power. With such powerful strength, he could almost run wild in all places of Golden Horizon.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Violent buzzing sound was heard from his body, as though the ocean of energy was wreaking havoc in his body. At this moment, Jiang Chen’s body was like a complete world. A world that could contain everything. Even the energy in the Fire Dragon Fruit couldn’t hurt the flesh of Jiang Chen. This was the great advantage of having the true dragon body.

Each advancement of Jiang Chen required a huge consumption of Immortal Meta Stones. The Immortal Meta Stones were the essential energy of the Heavens and Earth, the necessary support for every cultivator during advancement. Jiang Chen’s consumption of Immortal Meta Stones was surely horrifying, it was over a few hundred folds compared to his peers.

But now, he wasn’t afraid of exhaustion. Yang Yu had rewarded him with 1 000 000 Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones. Such a ma.s.sive fortune was sufficient for Jiang Chen until he breaks through to the Immortal Emperor realm. At least, he wouldn’t have to worry about shortage of Immortal Meta Stones for the time being.

Very quickly, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base stabilized at the intermediate Immortal King realm. The powerful Qi had been withdrawn into his body. But to him, this was only the beginning and was far from the end. The immense energy of the Blood Dragon Fruit hadn’t even been refined yet.

“Sister Ning. You should continue your seclusion. What you need the most right now is to settle down. Don’t need to worry about Jiang Chen. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is a heaven defying individual. Only two months have pa.s.sed and he would never come out of his seclusion before the deadline. He was going to focus on refining the Blood Dragon Fruit now, solidifying his cultivation completely. I estimate that four months later, his cultivation base will at least reach the peak of the intermediate Immortal King realm, and won’t be too far away from the late Immortal King realm.”

Big Yellow said to Wu Ningzhu, hoping that Jiang Chen’s advancement didn’t interrupt Wu Ningzhu’s seclusion. Wu Ningzhu’s cultivation base was still too weak. Even though she had already advanced to the late Immortal King realm, she could hardly survive on her own in the Golden Horizon.

The purpose of following Jiang Chen this time was to wait for her fortune. Before that happened, she didn’t need to act and still needed protection.

As a matter of fact, Wu Ningzhu had a pretty good luck, or else she wouldn’t achieve two consecutive advancements after just arriving in the Golden Horizon.

Another two months pa.s.sed in just a matter of a few blinks. The energy of the Blood Dragon Fruit had already been completely refined. Just like Jiang Chen had expected at first, the Blood Dragon Fruit really helped him condense another 30 000 dragon marks, reaching a total of 1 180 000, only 20 000 dragon marks more to hit the late Immortal King realm.

As a matter of fact, this wasn’t the only power of the Blood Dragon Fruit. In order to balance the energy of the fruit, a portion of the fruit was absorbed by the Ancestral Dragon paG.o.da. Currently, the thirty-seventh level was almost complete, lacking only a bit.

The ninety-ninth level was the pinnacle of Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. This would be an incredibly long process. As the paG.o.da was a supreme treasure of a true dragon, Jiang Chen had to do whatever it took to condense all the levels of the paG.o.da. Once it was fully condensed, it would have abilities that would bring him inconceivable benefits.

His cultivation base had already stabilized. He would use the remaining two months’ time for seclusion as well. His Qi Sea was like an ocean. His physique was like a mountain. This time, he wanted to fortify everything he had. Once he got out from the paG.o.da, he was going to venture into various adventures in the Golden Horizon fearlessly.

Four months had pa.s.sed in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, but only four days had pa.s.sed in the Golden Horizon. In these four days of time, the Golden Horizon clearly had gotten more lively than it was at the beginning. There was a stench of blood lingering in the void. In this ancient battlefield, blood stench was a symbol by itself. The blood stench here would never dissipate, but after the arrival of the geniuses, the blood stench had begun to thicken. There were ma.s.sacres every day in Golden Horizon. Fights between humans and evil creatures, and humans between humans, robberies and murders were happening at anywhere at any time.

Furthermore, within these four days, Jiang Chen’s fame had increased tremendously, although this was only limited to the people of Eastern Profound Domain. Ling Du’s escape made the death of w.a.n.g Duo, Hei Kui and the nine half-step Immortal Emperor geniuses no secret. Although Golden Horizon was a huge place, news could be spread quite rapidly, especially when most of them were mighty Immortal Emperors. Plus, Ling Du was the genius of Yellow Spring Sect, and probably had some special means to communicate with his comrades. Also, it was a major event to the Eastern Profound Domain that Jiang Chen had killed so many experts from different major powers.

One should know that it was common for the eleven major powers to compete and fight against one another, but no one had ever dared to offend three major powers at the same time. Situations like how Jiang Chen killed eleven geniuses from three major powers rarely happened. As such, this incident had directly enraged the three major powers.

“Jiang Chen must be eliminated.”

“We absolutely can’t let him walk out of the Golden Horizon.”

“Killing so many of our sect’s geniuses openly? He has caused Divine Line Sect so much losses on the first day in Golden Horizon. This is certainly slapping our sect’s face. Jiang Chen must be killed.”


The supreme experts of the three major powers were infuriated so much that they pledged to kill Jiang Chen. The three major powers were similar to Great Qian Empire. Each of them had strong forces and intermediate Immortal Emperors like Yang Lang joining the expedition in the Golden Horizon. Now, the geniuses that they sent had been murdered by someone openly. As representatives of their sect, they definitely wouldn’t let Jiang Chen go, or else they would be labelled as incapable and become the laughing stock of others.

Under the lead of Ling Du, numerous experts had come to the battlefield where Jiang Chen was at. Unfortunately, nothing was found and they had to return empty handed.

When the people of Nanbei Family heard the news, they acted. Nanbei Yitu brought three early Immortal Emperors to the scene, and discovered nothing too. Presently, the experts of Nanbei Family had already known that Jiang Chen was imprisoning the Fire Qilin. Therefore, killing Jiang Chen had been their most important task in the Golden Horizon. This was also the order given by Young Master Chao.

“Brother Yitu. There’s no use for us to be here anymore. That Jiang Chen isn’t a fool. How could he stay here until now?”

“That’s right, Brother Yitu. The Golden Horizon is just too big. It won’t be an easy task for us to find Jiang Chen. Young Master Chao has also joined the expedition this time. As long as that Jiang Chen use the Qilin Divine Arm, Young Master Chao will be able to sense his location. At that time, that Jiang Chen would certainly die for sure.”

“True. Young Master Chao’s means isn’t bearable to normal people.”

The three experts of Nanbei Family spoke one after another. Among the four of them, Nanbei Yitu seemed like the leader, though the other three were also early Immortal Emperors. Geniuses like them were considered outstanding wherever they went in the Eastern Profound Domain. All of them had great pride, but when Young Master Chao was mentioned, their tone and facial expression turned respectful, as though Young Master Chao was the scariest figure in the Heavens and Earth.

Nanbei Yitu and his comrades left. A few groups of people had come here and all of them had returned without success. In fact, they didn’t have too much hope. After all, Jiang Chen wasn’t a foolish man. He would not stay at the same place for the others to take revenge on him.

In truth, Jiang Chen was basically where he was. The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had just hidden itself too well, totally integrating with the void. Even a powerful Immortal Emperor wouldn’t be able to notice it by just standing there.

Jiang Chen didn’t know, and didn’t care about the incidents outside. Presently, he had entirely immersed himself in seclusion. His Qi was getting more and more stable, like he was returning to his original form. Of course, he wasn’t really returning to his original nature. This technique was a kind of realm, an intent realm. It was incredibly difficult to achieve this realm. Even a powerful Immortal Sovereign would find it extremely difficult to achieve this as this was the change in one’s heart realm.

The time in the thirty-third level pa.s.sed by very quickly. Two months went by. Today was the end of Jiang Chen’s six months of seclusion. He opened his eyes, two rays of brilliance shot out from his eyes, shaking and causing ripples in the void.

The present Jiang Chen was as stable as a huge mountain. His current state was completely different from the state before he entered seclusion. Some intrinsic changes had happened inside of him. His strength was totally fortified. Although it wasn’t at the highest peak of the intermediate Immortal King realm, his combat strength was much more stronger compared to when he just stepped into the intermediate Immortal King realm.

“Be ready to exit your seclusion.”

Jiang Chen rose to his feet. At this time, Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu had also woken up. Big Yellow’s cultivation base had already stabilized at the peak of half-step Immortal Emperor realm, only a step away from the true Immortal Emperor realm. Wu Ningzhu had also improved drastically. She was only a step away from the half-step Immortal Emperor realm. The cultivation base of blood demon king Lao Da had halted firmly at intermediate Immortal Emperor realm while the blood demon king Lao Er remained the same, at the early Immortal Emperor realm.

Seeing such an encampment, the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a trace of a smile. Given their current forces, they could virtually run wild in the Golden Horizon.

“Finally, it’s time to go out. Master Dog has grown pretty restless.”

Big Yellow was jumping excitedly. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d hated being confined the most. Especially when he was in a place like Golden Horizon, having seclusion here was a very agonizing thing for him.

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