Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1565 – intermediate Immortal King

Chapter 1565 – intermediate Immortal King

intermediate Immortal King

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Yang Bufan had also flown off from the scene. Jiang Chen didn’t have the slightest worries about him. Given Yang Bufan’s incredible combat strength and the fact that he had one Blood Dragon Fruit, it wouldn’t be long for him to advance to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. At that time, he would virtually not encounter any danger in the Golden Horizon. With the intermediate Immortal Emperor cultivation base, he was absolutely among the top 1% amongst the geniuses. Even if he countered geniuses stronger than him, he wouldn’t have trouble escaping from the scene.

However, seeing this from another angle, anything could happen on this ancient battlefield. Even those late Immortal Emperor geniuses of Immortal Court wouldn’t dare to guarantee that they were 100% safe. Tremendous dangers always exist where the inheritances were. And there were also many other strange places. Once one was trapped into such a place, one wouldn’t be able to walk out of it even if one’s strength was on par with Dongfang Yu and Yang Zanqing.

As such, dangers were everywhere in the Golden Horizon. It came from the threats of different geniuses, and the dangers of Golden Horizon, many of these places were certain death if anyone entered it.

“Little Chen, where do we go to now?”

Big Yellow asked. Currently, only the two of them were left. As for the two blood demon kings, they were the servants of Jiang Chen. They only needed to listen to Jiang Chen’s orders, their opinions does not count.

“Go into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da first. I would want to spend some time fortifying my cultivation base, and break through to the intermediate Immortal King realm. The Golden Horizon has just been opened. It will definitely be thrown into chaos soon. I must get stronger.”

Jiang Chen said, and then opened the doors of the paG.o.da, leading Big Yellow and the two blood demon kings into the spatial zone of the thirty-third level. Jiang Chen could already sense that the Golden Horizon was full of dangers. Despite just being in their first day, they had experienced two crisis - the blood demon kings, then the siege attack of geniuses of three major powers.

Moreover, this was merely the edge of the Golden Horizon. If they went to the central region, the dangers would definitely be greater. The evil creatures that would appear there would definitely be even more terrifying. More importantly, there were plenty of intermediate Immortal Emperors among the geniuses of the various major powers. There were even late Immortal Emperors among them. Given Jiang Chen’s current strength, he was absolutely no match for any of them. Although the blood demon kings could be his trump cards, it was still very important to improve himself as only his own strength was the most reliable.

Putting aside every one of these, if he went into a forbidden area left behind by some expert, he would surely encounter all kinds of terrifying things. Opportunities and crises always co-existed with each other. In order to obtain true benefits, one would need to have sufficient strength. This was also the reason why Jiang Chen had to rapidly improve his cultivation base.

In thirty-third level, Wu Ningzhu was still in a state of seclusion. She had already reached the peak of intermediate Immortal King and would step into the late Immortal King realm soon. To Wu Ningzhu, she undoubtedly made a huge progress. To avoid disturbing her, Jiang Chen randomly picked a spot and sat crossed legged. The s.p.a.ce in this level was incredibly huge. It was approximately a few hundred miles in size. It was like a boundless field with mist air flowing in the void.

After the two blood demon kings entered, they immediately felt the change of time, astounded.

“Don’t stare around. Quickly refine the Blood Dragon Fruit to improve your strength.”

Jiang Chen clamoured coldly at blood demon king Lao Da. As for Lao Er, Jiang Chen didn’t pay any attention to him at all. An early Immortal Emperor blood demon king was no longer useful to him, but this demon could still be a powerful combat force in a crucial moment, or can be refined and absorbed as his nourishment.

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t that ruthless. If he didn’t edify this blood demon king, he would probably refine it without hesitation. Since the blood demon king had already been edified, he had become Jiang Chen’s servant for the rest of his life. Killing him because he was no longer useful was somewhat inhumane. This wasn’t Jiang Chen’s style of action. Additionally, the edifying light was the supreme scripture of Buddha Sect. It was created for edifying sentient beings. Also, the edified blood demon king was no longer the same as before.

“Yes, master.”

The blood demon king replied, found a spot and began refining the Blood Dragon Fruit. Lao Er stood there silently. Without Jiang Chen’s order, he wouldn’t dare speak a word. Jiang Chen gave the Blood Dragon Fruit to Lao Da instead of him, but he didn’t have the slightest bit of envy and complaints. This was the effect of the edifying light. It could cleanse the soul of a being.

“Little Chen, how long will your seclusion last?” Big Yellow asked.

“Probably up to six months, I want to strengthen my cultivation base and settle down. Six months later, I will conduct a ma.s.sacre wherever I go in the Golden Horizon, making countless geniuses fear me.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. He wanted to settle down. His body still contained a lot of medicinal energy from the Snow-Jade King Ginseng and Holy Flame Emperor Pill. In order to fully absorb these energy and the Blood Dragon Fruit, six months’ time was enough for Jiang Chen’s cultivation base to reach and stabilize at the peak of intermediate Immortal King realm.

“Master Dog would also like to settle down. It’s still pretty good to sleep here for six months.”

Big Yellow’s words almost made Jiang Chen cough up blood. It was irritating comparing himself with this dog, especially now that he is cultivating in the same place as him. He had to put in so much effort in seclusion whereas this dog only had to sleep. This would really render people speechless.

After that, Big Yellow sprawled on the ground and began snoring. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d wasn’t wasteful at all. He had eaten quite a lot of spiritual herbs in Genius Prefecture. Apart from the spiritual herbs in Jiang Chen’s courtyard, he had also eaten some spiritual herbs in Dan Prefecture. Due to the amount not being significant, Dongfang Yu turned a blind eye to it.

“What a heartless fellow…” Jiang Chen shook his head, quickly adjusting himself to his best condition and began his seclusion.

This time, the seclusion wasn’t short. Six months’ time was only six days in the outer world. It was afraid that the Golden Horizon would start to get lively when Jiang Chen got out from the paG.o.da. Some major incident will surely happen at that time.

As for these six days, anything that happened in Golden Horizon had nothing to do with him. His focus was to fortify his cultivation base and then advance to the intermediate Immortal King realm with the help of the Blood Dragon Fruit.

The s.p.a.ce in the thirty-third level was filled with silence. The air inside clearly circulated quicker. As the temporal rule of this s.p.a.ce had been entirely altered to thirty times faster, it was a treasured cultivation environment.

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da turned into a dust particle drifting in the air, totally integrating with the void. Anyone who pa.s.sed by here would never find a trace of Jiang Chen.

On the third day in the thirty-three level, something happened to the blood demon king Lao Da. An enormous blood Qi soared up to his head, creating so much momentum that it shook the whole spatial zone. That was the Qi of an intermediate Immortal Emperor. The blood demon king, after all, had survived by relying on the Blood Dragon Fruit Tree. So he was able to rapidly absorb the blood Qi in the Blood Dragon Fruit which was tremendously beneficial to him.

The blood demon king only used three days to fully refine the Blood Dragon Fruit, and his cultivation base improved by leaps and bounds, hitting the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes. Seeing the change of Lao Da, the corner of his mouth revealed a smile. The stronger Lao Da became, the more useful he would be to Jiang Chen. The blood demon king was an incomparably terrifying evil creature. Jiang Chen had witnessed it during their fight in the valley. The intermediate Immortal Emperor blood demon king had combat strength almost on a par with Yang Lang.

With such a powerful expert following Jiang Chen’s side, it was imaginable how huge the benefits he would get in the future.

After advancing to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm, the blood demon king hastily withdrew his Qi, fearing that it would interrupt Jiang Chen’s seclusion. Later, the two blood demon kings flanked the left and right of Jiang Chen. Despite the fact that this place was incomparably safe, they wanted to make Jiang Chen tightly protected.

Big Yellow kept on snoring. Jiang Chen was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. His dark hair still fluttered despite the absence of wind. Wu Ningzhu’s appearance was like an angel, pure and beautiful.

On the tenth day, Wu Ningzhu successfully advanced to the late Immortal King realm, but she continued with her seclusion. She didn’t hope to reach a higher realm, but she needed to stabilize her foundation. After all, two levels of advancement wouldn’t be good for her if she didn’t take some time to comprehend her cultivation base.

Two months later, the remaining medicinal energy in Jiang Chen’s body had been fully cleared. The number of dragon marks in his body had increased by 9 000, which made a total of 1 140 000, leaving only 1 000 more to reach the intermediate Immortal King realm.

But this one thousand dragon marks wasn’t a problem to Jiang Chen. His present condition and foundation was as stable as a huge mountain. He could advance to intermediate Immortal King realm at any time.

He opened his eyes and took out the Blood Dragon Fruit. According to his estimation, this fruit could help him condense at least 30 000 dragon marks. At that time, his cultivation base would stabilize at the peak of intermediate Immortal King realm.

Jiang Chen yelled. A very strong suction force acted on the Blood Dragon Fruit. The fruit turned into a blood-red light and was then swallowed by Jiang Chen. It was afraid that only he and Big Yellow could use such a wild way of refining.

*Hong Long……*

Almost at the same moment that the Blood Dragon Fruit entered his body, the surging energy produced rumbled inside his body. Waves of energy were rus.h.i.+ng in all directions inside Jiang Chen’s body. One thousand dragon marks were fully condensed in the blink of an eye.

“Intermediate Immortal King realm, break it!” Jiang Chen shouted.

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