Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 155 – Blood Banner

Chapter 155 – Blood Banner

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Chapter 155 – Blood Banner


Frightful screams were sounding out all over within the Valley of Yin Spirits. There was blood spilled everywhere. Although the few men from the Yu family were surrounded by a lot of Blood Devils, with the help of the abnormal monster, Big Yellow, none of them suffered any injuries.

On the other side, the Blood Devils suffered some really serious losses. Thee Late Heavenly Core leaders had been killed by Jiang Chen, and Big Yellow was also killing the rest of the Blood Devils. Both these combined had given the Blood Devils a deadly blow.

According to normal circ.u.mstances, Jiang Chen’s decision of attacking the Valley of Yin Spirits was a suicide mission. But the actual situation was completely different. Lord Blood Moon had started his blood sacrifice ceremony, he was restricted by the ceremony and couldn’t really strike back. This had given Jiang Chen and the rest the opportunity to kill the Blood Devils.

Lord Blood Moon was the only person Jiang Chen worried about. As long as he was tied up by something, no matter how many Blood Devils were here, their ending would be the same as those who attacked Redsun Town.

The captured girls were hugging in a big group. All of them carried pale faces. Such a scene, such an experience, it had left a deep mark in their hearts that would never go away. The b.l.o.o.d.y and cruel scene had let them witness the dark side of the world.

Fear had filled their hearts, but luckily, the shadow of death had slowly faded away. The men who had appeared out of nowhere had brought the lights of hope with them.

Yu Zi Yan was born in a big family, so her mind was stronger than the rest of the girls. After she saw her brother and father coming here to save her, her emotions had clearly settled down. She was in the middle of comforting the terrified girls.

Yu Zi Han stood in front of these girls and protected them. He kept killing the Blood Devils who came to attack him.

“Lord Blood Moon, face your death!”

After Jiang Chen killed all three Late Heavenly Core leaders, his momentum had grown stronger. He simply swung his battle axe towards Lord Blood Moon who was sitting cross legged on the altar.

“Hmph! An insignificant mortal, you’re overestimating yourself. Die now!”

Lord Blood Moon snorted. He waved his hand and unleashed another huge blood red palm which pierced towards the battle axe’s attack.


The intense impact had shaken the entire valley. With Lord Blood Moon’s powerful counter-attack, he forced Jiang Chen back once again.

However, by continuously striking twice, Lord Blood Moon’s blood sacrifice ceremony had been affected. His face begun paling, and his breath became more rapid.

Besides, the sacrifice of the first teenage girl was almost done, he needed to get a second girl to continue his ceremony.

“Haha, Lord Blood Moon, you’re doomed!”

Jiang Chen let out a loud laugh, then he begun unleas.h.i.+ng his incredible energy. Blood red shadowy dragons were hovering and flying around his body, and with a step forwards, nine identical Jiang Chens appeared in mid-air.

Nine Jiang Chens surrounded the blood altar and sprinted towards Lord Blood Moon at the same time.

When Jiang Chen had taken a closer look at the blood sacrifice ceremony, he had concluded that there was no way for Lord Blood Moon to stop the ceremony half way. Also, the attack he could use to retaliate were limited. If not, not only would the blood sacrifice ceremony become a failure, Lord Blood Moon himself would suffer serious injuries as well.

Therefore, by unleas.h.i.+ng the Nine Phantom Wolves, not only would it confuse Lord Blood Moon, it could also distract his mind.

“What a bizarre movement skill.”

Lord Blood Moon’s expression changed. With his experience, he couldn’t tell which was the real one.

However, although Jiang Chen was fast, Lord Blood Moon was even faster. He waved his hand and shouted out with a stern voice, “All of you are fools, how dare you disturb my blood sacrifice ceremony, you’re courting death! Let me kill you first, then I’ll kill the rest of your friends! Blood Banner!”

With a thunderous noise, a huge blood colored Banner shot out from Lord Blood Moon’s body. It was nearly 30 meters tall. It covered all nine Jiang Chens at the same time and absorbed all of them into the Banner itself.


The evil wind whistle within the valley, and terrifying screams sounded out from the Blood Banner, it was emitting a blood red light and filled the skies above the Valley of Yin Spirits with the same color.

The evil wind kept whistling, and the ghostly screams didn’t seem to stop at all. The Blood Banner was really frightening. Ghostly facial figures kept appearing on the Banner itself, it was a terrifying scene.

Just looking at this blood Banner was enough to send s.h.i.+vers down the spines of the person watching and put extreme fear in their minds, as if they had fallen deep down into h.e.l.l.

“Heavens! That’s the Blood Banner, Lord Blood Moon really found the Banner! He has inherited everything from Blood Moon Shaman!”

When Yu Tian Long who was fighting the Blood Devils saw the Blood Banner, he let out a great cry.

“Decades ago, Blood Moon Shaman killed over 100,000 mortals and used their souls to create the Blood Banner. By using this Banner, Blood Moon Shaman wreaked great havoc in the Qi Province and killed countless great warriors, he turned the entire Qi Province into h.e.l.l. Even the strongest man of all four big sect was individually. In the end, Blood Moon Shaman was killed by the combined attack of these four men. I heard it was not quite an honorable win for all four sect chiefs.”

“I never expected Lord Blood Moon had inherited everything from Blood Moon Shaman… Even this long lost Blood Banner is with him now. Over 100,000 ferocious souls reside within the Banner, it’s filled with foul spirits. Even a Divine Core would have a hard time dealing with it… It’s really dangerous for young master Jiang now that he has been absorbed by the Banner!”

Both honorable guests of the Yu family looked worried. Yu Tian Long and Yu Zi Han also had awful expressions. Their initial plan was to strike during the blood sacrifice ceremony and kill him along with all the other Blood Devils, while rescuing all the innocent teenage girls. But, none of them could expect that Lord Blood Moon had such an evil weapon. Right now, Jiang Chen is under the control of the Blood Banner, it looked like he wasn’t going to make it this time.

“Haha, after being absorbed by the Blood Banner, even if you have three heads and six arms, you will die a horrible death within and become one of foul souls within! This is the result of offending me!”

Lord Blood Moon said with his shrill voice and with a sneer on his face. The Blood Banner kept fluttering above the skies, and roars of the fouls soul within that could frighten any living mortal sounded out.


Lord Blood Moon snorted. He made a grabbing motion towards the teenage girls and forcefully broke Yu Zi Han’s defense, and pulled three teenage girls over.

When these girls were pulled onto the altar, they were immediately showered in blood and became Lord Blood Moon’s sacrifices. At the same time, Lord Blood Moon’s vision landed on Yu Tian Long and the few others…

Lord Blood Moon had a sneer on his face. He didn’t attack these men, what he did was write their faces down in his memory. Actually, he didn’t really need to remember them, because once the blood sacrifice ceremony was completed, every living mortal in Yellowstone would eventually become his food.

As of now, the most important thing was to complete the blood sacrifice ceremony. Besides, Lord Blood Moon needed to use parts of his attention to control the Blood Banner and kill Jiang Chen, therefore he didn’t have the chance to do the same to Yu Tian Long and the others. This was the real reason why he didn’t strike the others.

In Lord Blood Moon’s mind, amongst all these people, Jiang Chen was the only one who could hurt him. The rest of them were n.o.bodies to him.

Right now, within the Blood Banner, countless ferocious souls pierced towards Jiang Chen endlessly, trying to tear him apart. The foul spirits of the hundreds of thousands of ferocious souls turned visible and formed into a storm of soul spirits. These souls were like countless razor sharp blades. It was like Jiang Chen stood right in the middle of a raging storm that was formed entirely by sharp blades, as if he was a lonely boat floating in a raging sea.

If it was some ordinary man who was absorbed into the Blood Banner, he would be devoured by these ferocious souls in an instant. Even without the attacks from these ferocious souls, just the influence of the foul spirits alone was enough to make their minds collapse and turn crazy.

But it was Jiang Chen who had been absorbed into the Banner, the once greatest Saint in the world.


Jiang Chen let out a low shout. He was using the Sonic Hawk Cry. In the next second, countless golden Yuan energies shot out from his mouth, they turned into sound waves and clashed forwards. He was surrounded by faded dragon shadows which s.h.i.+ned in golden lights, chasing away all all darkness hidden within the Blood Banner.

Aw… aw…

When all ferocious and brutal souls met with the golden lights that was being unleashed from Jiang Chen’s body, they all let out heart-wrenching screams. Their expressions became fearful, as if they were looking at their natural predator.

“Hmph! I’m a mighty Saint, the representative of a true dragon! None of you can harm me!”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He was portraying an aura of someone above all else, he stood firmly like a mighty G.o.d of war, he was like a pillar that supported the entire world, and nothing could shake him even a little. None of those ferocious souls and foul spirits could get close to his body.

Jiang Chen possessed the att.i.tude and mind of a Saint, and he had gone through reincarnation. Ordinary evil and demonic existences in the world would not be able to affect his mind. Besides, he was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and he possessed the bloodlines of a few rare demon beasts. Every single drop of blood and qi in his body had the property of the purest Yang, it was the natural rival of all evil and Yin Spirits.

It was not a lie when Jiang Chen said he was the representative of a true dragon, because after he began cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, he had started walking a path where he would transform into a real dragon. Sooner or later, he would transform into a real dragon and soar through the heavens.


Jiang Chen raised the battle axe in his hand and chopped at the Blood Banner with full force. The golden light had struck through the darkness. But too bad, the attack was like throwing a stone into a vast ocean, it couldn’t do harm to this Banner.

“This Banner is formed entirely by ferocious souls and foul spirits, it has become something really terrifying, a true weapon for evil and devils. Even a weapon like the Axe of Thunder is unable break the Banner open. Although I’m not scared of these ferocious souls and foul spirits, it’s still tough for me to escape from here… Unless I can control this Banner.”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, “But, this Banner is completely under Lord Blood Moon’s control, it’s connected to his bloodline, it’s impossible for me to control it anymore…”

Jiang Chen kept frowning as he tried to find a solution. He couldn’t keep staying within the Blood Banner, Lord Blood Moon was in a critical moment of the blood sacrifice ceremony, and now with all the disturbance, he would certainly speed up the entire process. Once he completes the blood sacrifice ceremony and breaks through to the Divine Core realm, he would surely kill Jiang Chen in an instant, and the entire Qi Province would become a place of chaos once again.

The talent and potential of Lord Blood Moon is not any less than that of Blood Moon Shaman. His style and tactics are exactly the same as Blood Moon Shaman’s. Now, with the Blood Banner, if he was allowed to break through to the Divine Core realm, he will become a huge threat to the Qi Province. With the help of the Blood Devil skills, Lord Blood Moon would become stronger and stronger incredibly quickly, and would potentially become the next generations Blood Moon Shaman.