Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1557 – The First Day

Chapter 1557 – The First Day

The First Day

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is not afraid that his body would explode?”

Yang Bufan sighed. He had just witnessed what abnormality really was. Not even he would dare to consume a Venerable Grade spiritual herb directly, let alone two. The energy contained in one Blood Dragon Fruit was unimaginable. Even a genius figure like w.a.n.g Ye wouldn’t dare to swallow it directly, and could only refine it bit by bit. If the fruit was eaten in one gulp, it was afraid that the terrifying energy in it would immediately explode like a volcano.

Boundless energy would then rush frenziedly to every part of the limbs, every inch of the skin and every part of the body. If one didn’t control it well, the person might catch fire and be possessed by demons, or even die.

“Is that really okay?”

Dong Fei spoke, petrified. It was his first time seeing such a barbaric way of refining.

“Don’t worry. This stupid dog’s endurance is incomparable to ours. He has always been this barbaric.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He had witnessed the divinity of this dog before. The energy contained in the two Blood Dragon Fruits was indeed ma.s.sive. If it had been any other expert, he naturally wouldn’t dare to devour it directly. In contrast, Big Yellow wouldn’t have any problem with that. He was an incredible and abnormal Dragon-Horse Divine Beast. Even Jiang Chen had no idea how great Big Yellow’s endurance was, but there’s one thing he was certain of – Big Yellow definitely wasn’t a fool, and wouldn’t do anything that was unfavourable to himself. Since he dared to consume the two Blood Dragon Fruits in one gulp, it indicated that this was within his control. Jiang Chen had no doubt about this.

“Little Chen, quickly let Master Dog in.”

Big Yellow spoke hastily. His body was now full of surging energy. He needed to refine and absorb it immediately.


Hurriedly, Jiang Chen privately opened the doors of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Apart from Big Yellow, no one else knew the secrets in Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. The spatial zone in the thirty-third level was 30 times faster compared to outside. It was most suitable for cultivation. Now that Big Yellow had taken two Blood Dragon Fruits, he would need some time to digest it. Thirty days in thirty-third level was only a day outside. For Big Yellow to refine these two Blood Dragon Fruits, he absolutely didn’t need that much of a time. The most he would need was two days, and two days in the paG.o.da was only an hour and a half outside. Such heaven defying cultivation environment was simply unmatched. If this matter was spread out, no one could tell what kind of waves would be created. Jiang Chen would surely attract the attention of all people. Countless experts would certainly cause him trouble, trying to rob the treasure away from him.

The sudden disappearance of Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu before made everyone speculate that Jiang Chen must have some kind of treasure that could control s.p.a.ce. This had somewhat surprised them, but no one asked because this was after all, the secret of Jiang Chen.

Big Yellow absolutely can withstand the two Blood Dragon Fruits. After absorbing them, his strength may reach the peak of a half-step Immortal Emperor. I wonder if he can advance to the early Immortal Emperor realm. If he can, he will be even stronger.

Jiang Chen was incomparably delighted. The more powerful Big Yellow becomes, the more beneficial it was to Jiang Chen. There was no doubt about it. In a place that was full of danger like the Golden Horizon, Big Yellow could play a big role at any time. If Big Yellow could really advance to Immortal Emperor realm, he would basically become unrivalled in the Golden Horizon; even if he couldn’t, he could at least help ensure the safety of others.

After Big Yellow obtained the two Blood Dragon Fruits, Yang Bufan distributed the remaining the fruits to the others. Each of them got one.

Everyone appeared very excited after getting their Blood Dragon Fruit. Of course, those who were most excited were Dong Fei and Wu Ningzhu. Their cultivation base was relatively weaker, so the effect of the Blood Dragon Fruit on them would be greater than the others. In the Golden Horizon, it wasn’t a long-term solution to continue relying on someone else. They had to rely on themselves. Only with their own strength could they ensure their own safety.

“If I refine this Blood Dragon Fruit, I won’t have problem rus.h.i.+ng to early Immortal Emperor realm.” w.a.n.g Ye spoke excitedly. He could sense the extraordinary energy of the fruit by just holding it in his hand.

“The Blood Dragon Fruit is unusually valuable and boundlessly beneficial to us. We don’t know what we’re going to face in the next few days. Furthermore, we might have to disperse to seek for our own fortune. Therefore, I suggest everyone to refine the Blood Dragon Fruit here to improve your cultivation base a little before we depart from here,” Jiang Chen said.

Of course, his motive was to buy time for Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu. Besides, he was ready to part with these people who were similar to nuisance to him. Their presence prevented him from moving freely in the Golden Horizon.

“Senior Brother Jiang’s right. We can first improve our strength here. So that we can protect ourselves during our time in the Golden Horizon.”

Dong Fei nodded, feeling that Jiang Chen’s words were reasonable. The others agreed to it as well. No one on the scene was a fool, they knew the importance of strength in the Golden Horizon very well. To put it bluntly, without sufficient strength, it would be difficult for one to move even a step. Just like Dong Fei, if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan, he had no chance of survival at all.

“Very well. Then we will spend several hours here. After that, we will leave,” Yang Bufan said.

In the following time, everyone found a relatively serene place and began refining the Blood Dragon Fruit. Of course, their refinements weren’t comparable to Big Yellow. They didn’t have the ability to swallow it directly because that was no different than seeking death.

A Blood Dragon Fruit was enough to help each of them advance one grade, including Yang Bufan. Of course, this advancement couldn’t be achieved overnight or within a few hours, because they couldn’t completely refine and absorb the essence in the fruit in one day. It would take them at least two days to achieve the advancement. However, of all the experts present, Dong Fei might be able to advance to the peak of late Immortal King realm within this short period of time. After all, his cultivation base was already at the peak of late Immortal King realm, which was only a step away from the half-step Immortal Emperor realm. The lower the cultivation base, the higher the chance to advance, because it didn’t require as much energy as others needed.

“Sister Ning, go find Big Yellow in the thirty-third level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. This Blood Dragon Fruit can at least push your cultivation base to the peak of late Immortal King realm.” Jiang Chen pa.s.sed the Blood Dragon Fruit to Wu Ningzhu and spoke.


Wu Ningzhu nodded, received the Blood Dragon Fruit and entered the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. She always listened to Jiang Chen’s words. The fact that they could obtain such a treasure indirectly indicated her good luck. Just like Jiang Chen had said, she might obtain some great fortune in Golden Horizon, and this Blood Dragon Fruit was just the beginning of the great fortune.

The temporal rule of 30 times was too heaven defying. Unfortunately, the others wouldn’t be able to enjoy this secret. Otherwise, everyone would surely find cultivation too easy.

Instead of refining the Blood Dragon Fruit, Jiang Chen kept it.

“Little Chen, why don’t you refine it? This Blood Dragon Fruit is enough for you to advance to the intermediate Immortal King realm. Given your horrifying combat strength, if you advance to the intermediate Immortal King realm, you will be able to travel in the Golden Horizon unhindered, it would also be very difficult for you to find an opponent.”

Yang Bufan approached Jiang Chen. Seeing that Jiang Chen didn’t refine the Blood Dragon Fruit, he couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“I’m not in a hurry. There is still a tremendous amount of medicinal energy from the Holy Flame Emperor Pill stored in my body. My improvement is just too quick, and I want to slow it down to avoid harming my future cultivation. When the time has come for me to use the Blood Dragon Fruit, I naturally won’t be polite about it.”

Jiang Chen smiled. What he said was true. If he refined the Blood Dragon Fruit now, he wouldn’t have a problem reaching the intermediate Immortal King realm, or even the peak of intermediate Immortal King realm, but this wasn’t what he needed right now. His growth was just too fast within this short period of time. So he needed to slow down a little and place his priority on the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. The moment the thirty-seventh level of the paG.o.da was fully condensed, the benefits he would obtain from the paG.o.da would surely push him to the peak of early Immortal King realm or even intermediate Immortal King realm.

The benefits obtained from the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da were purified energy, the essence of energy. So Jiang Chen could absorbed it without hesitation without worrying that it would affect his foundation.

“You’re right. Foundation is the most important thing in the path of cultivation. Sometimes, it’s necessary to slow down or even stop. Perhaps that will bring some new enlightenment.”

Yang Bufan nodded, understanding the reason behind it.

“King Fan, you can refine the Blood Dragon Fruit now. I can see that your foundation is still very solid. The Blood Dragon Fruit nourishes the body and blood Qi, which will bring tremendous benefits to you. Besides, there are dangers everywhere in the Golden Horizon. It’s always better to have greater strength,” Jiang Chen said.

After listening to Jiang Chen’s advice, Yang Bufan found a spot and began his refinement.

As for Jiang Chen, his confidence had improved sharply, especially when there were the two incredible blood demon kings as his trump cards. These two wouldn’t have a problem keeping him safe. He now gazed at a far distance, full of antic.i.p.ation about this ancient battlefield. Now was merely the first day.

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