Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1556 – The Allocation

Chapter 1556 – The Allocation

The Allocation

If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen today, they would have died in the midst of the battle. No one dared to doubt it. Apart from that, Jiang Chen also showed them an eye-opening battle, which made them understand what a true genius of this Heaven and Earth was.

They were all geniuses with halo’s as they were all qualified to cultivate in Genius Prefecture, but standing in front of Jiang Chen, this halo was instantly crushed. They felt that they were tarnis.h.i.+ng the word ‘genius’ if they compared themselves to Jiang Chen.

“Senior Brother Jiang, you are excellent! You really have opened our eyes. By the way, what happened to the two blood demon kings?” Dong Fei came to Jiang Chen’s side with a delightful look and asked.

“They have already been killed by me,” replied Jiang Chen flatly.

“It can’t possibly be. Those two were mighty Immortal Emperors. How could they be killed so easily?” Liang Qiao said, seeming to be somewhat doubtful.

“I said they are killed means they are killed. Do I have to lie to you all about this? And you think it would be useful for me to leave behind those two mighty scourge?” Jiang Chen darted a glare at Liang Qiao, and spoke impatiently.

“That’s right. The blood demon kings were too powerful. They have to be eliminated. Keeping them alive will only leave behind a great disaster. We have encountered such a dangerous place after just arriving in Golden Horizon. Fortunately, Jiang Chen was powerful enough to eliminate the blood demon kings, consequently, helping us escape a great crisis and obtain the rare Blood Dragon Fruits. This is truly our great luck.”

w.a.n.g Ye smiled. He was utterly impressed by Jiang Chen. Being a genius of Genius Prefecture and a genius who came from an intermediate sect of the empire, he was full of pride in his bones. There weren’t many people that he admired. Jiang Chen was among the very few.

“It should be the great luck of Senior Brother Jiang, because all these benefits were brought by Senior Brother Jiang to us.”

Dong Fei didn’t forget to flatter Jiang Chen. Though the flattery sounded quite exaggerating, everyone knew that this was the truth. Even King Fan knew very well that without Jiang Chen, they absolutely wouldn’t be able to find the Blood Dragon Fruits.

Although the Blood Dragon Fruits were discovered by Big Yellow, in their eyes, Big Yellow represented Jiang Chen. Both of them were one and the same.

“The Blood Dragon Fruits will ripen in another 15 minutes. Everyone should remain vigilant. Once the Blood Dragon Fruits ripen, it has to be plucked instantly, because it will start to wither after that. This kind of fruit has been absorbing the essence continuously from the fruit tree, but after it ripens, it will begin to lose its essence, so that the essence can flow back to the tree. Therefore, we all have to pluck the fruit as soon as it matured. Only then can we ensure its maximum effect,” Big Yellow said.

He had a very thorough understanding about the Blood Dragon Fruit. The way the others looked at him right now was full of mystery, thinking as though this dog was some sort of expert who knew everything.

“Big Yellow, I have really underestimated you. It seems that there’s nothing in this world that you don’t know.” Yang Bufan said with a smile.

“That’s of course. Master Dog still has loads of abilities, especially in this Golden Horizon. It’s your luck that the few of you can follow Master Dog.”

Big Yellow spoke proudly. He was a guy who never knew what humility was. However, Jiang Chen would surely find it strange if Big Yellow suddenly became humble.

In the remaining time, the rest of them didn’t speak. The valley had returned to its silence. They were all waiting silently for the Blood Dragon Fruits to ripen. This was the fruit of their struggle after the intense battle. If everyone here was able to obtain one Blood Dragon Fruit, their trip to the Golden Horizon would never be in vain. According to Big Yellow, the value of a Blood Dragon Fruit was almost equivalent to a Venerable Grade spiritual herb. How incredible! A Venerable Grade spiritual herb was enough to drive countless people crazy.

Furthermore, this Blood Dragon Fruit was the creation of the Heavens and Earth, which contained the essence of the Heavens and Earth. Any cultivator would be able to refine and absorb it directly. It would give boundless benefits and effects that were even greater than the Snow Grade King Ginseng.

A Snow Jade King Ginseng was a treasure even to Yang Zanqing. To put it bluntly, this Blood Dragon Fruit Tree was the biggest guarantee they would get in the Golden Horizon. They had already antic.i.p.ated that it would be hard to encounter something as good as this in a month’s time in Golden Horizon.

One had to say that this was certainly a great luck that the spatial pa.s.sageway had sent them to this place, and that Big Yellow could sense the whereabouts of treasures nearby. This was what they called opportunity. It was something that couldn’t be seen or touched, but might appear silently somewhere near you. To anyone who was present on the scene, this was their opportunity.

But at this point, everyone became tensed. The closer the time to the ripening of the Blood Dragon Fruit, the more nervous they felt. Each of them was watching the surroundings carefully, because these nine Blood Dragon Fruits could trigger a disaster at any moment.

Thousands of geniuses had entered this Golden Horizon, but all of them were scattered in different places. They wouldn’t know when the other geniuses would appear. Besides, there weren’t only geniuses of various major powers in the Golden Horizon. There were also different kinds of evil creatures, and every kind of evil creature was a potential crisis.

Fifteen minutes pa.s.sed by very quickly, although it felt ages to them. During this period, no evil creature nor human appeared. It could be seen that the forest of Miasma Cathaya had played a key role in blocking the path here. Also, the existence of the blood demons in this valley should have already created a deterrence to other evil creatures, therefore, neither of them would dare to venture into this place.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Suddenly, the Blood Dragon Fruit Tree began to tremble violently and intensely. After a while, the nine Blood Dragon Fruits too, shook intensely. All the blood light in the air that the Blood Dragon Fruits radiated returned to the fruit itself. The violently trembling Blood Dragon Fruits now seemed as if they were going to fall off the branches at any time.

“They are ripe. Quickly pluck them down from the tree.” Big Yellow said.

“King Fan, you do it.”

Jiang Chen smiled. After all, everyone on the scene were people of King Fan Prefecture and Yang Bufan was the one in charge here. Jiang Chen didn’t want to act beyond his authority. Furthermore, these ripe Blood Dragon Fruits had to be distributed equally. It was undoubtedly the best option to let Yang Bufan handle this task.


Given Yang Bufan’s intelligence, he could naturally understand Jiang Chen’s intention. Immediately, without hesitation, he strode forward and then waved his hands, plucking all nine Blood Dragon Fruits at once. When he returned to the group, the others could feel the extraordinary aura of the Blood Dragon Fruits. The fruit was blood-red and seemed to have some mystical fluid moving inside.

“What a magical fruit! The blood Qi and energy contained inside is equivalent to a Venerable Grade spiritual herb.”

w.a.n.g Ye couldn’t help but comment. As a half-step Immortal Emperor genius, he had a very sharp eyesight and was able to tell the preciousness of the fruits at first glance.

At this time, Wu Ningzhu walked out from the paG.o.da. Her eyes were fixed on the Blood Dragon Fruits.

“Well, there are nine Blood Dragon Fruits. It seems none of us have worked in vain. The Blood Dragon Fruit is comparable to the Snow Jade King Ginseng. Any one of us is able to take one of these. After taking this, our cultivation base will surely improve by leaps and bounds. There won’t be a problem at all in advancing one grade. I will now distribute them to you all. We have 8 people in total. Each of us will get one. The last one will be left to Big Yellow. What do you all think?” Said Yang Bufan.

Such allocation was undoubtedly reasonable. After all, everyone had expended lots of efforts in the previous battle with the blood demons. It would only be fair to give them proper rewards.

“King Fan’s allocation is very reasonable. Big Yellow should get two. If it wasn’t for him today, we wouldn’t have made it here.”

“That’s true. As a matter of fact, we weren’t the ones who played the key role in the search. It’s already shameful to receive one fruit from King Fan. So it isn’t excessive at all for Big Yellow to get two Blood Dragon Fruits as he was the one who contributed the most.”

“That’s of course. Without Big Yellow, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to find this place. Even if we could, we were no match for those blood demons. And there was the Miasma Cathaya that might cost us our lives if it wasn’t for Big Yellow’s lead.”

w.a.n.g Ye and the others added hastily. None of them dared to be dissatisfied with King Fan’s allocation. They knew the situation today very well, and it was Big Yellow and Jiang Chen who handled most of the things. They felt happy enough to receive one Blood Dragon Fruit.

Although Wu Ningzhu didn’t join the battle, she was backed by Jiang Chen. So, she naturally would get one as well. No one had any disagreement towards such a decision. Although this was the Golden Horizon, they didn’t forget their own ident.i.ty. They were all people of King Fan Prefecture. They had to accept all the arrangements of King Fan. Having received such tremendous benefits from King Fan at this time made them feel that it was the right decision to join the King Fan Prefecture.

If this power was given to the Crown Prince, given his disposition, they were afraid that he would allocate the fruits solely for himself and gave his underlings nothing. Now that each of them got one, it was a great blessing to them.

“Little Chen, what do you think?” Yang Bufan looked over at Jiang Chen.

“I have no problem with it.”

Jiang Chen nodded. Naturally, he had nothing against it as the three of them would obtain 4 Blood Dragon Fruits.

“*Jie* *Jie*, Bufan, you really know how to handle affairs.”

Big Yellow’s tongue was moving frenziedly while licking his mouth. Both of his eyes were fixed intently at the Blood Dragon Fruits, as though he was ready to pounce forward and gobble those fruits if Yang Bufan delayed any longer.


Yang Bufan laughed pleasantly. With a toss, two Blood Dragon Fruits went to Big Yellow. Big Yellow opened his mouth and gulped the two fruits directly. The scene petrified everyone, including Yang Bufan.


He has eaten it directly?

This motherf*c*er is too frightening. This fruit is comparable to a Venerable Grade spiritual herb. Everyone knew how enormous the energy contained in the fruit was. Is he seeking death by consuming it straightaway?

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