Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1558 – Siege Killing

Chapter 1558 – Siege Killing

Siege Killing

This was an endless battlefield. Jiang Chen didn’t know what had actually happened here in the past, although he had heard some say that the Golden Clan had once lived here. In other words, this place had buried a mighty clan with the bloodline of the Golden Crow Divine Bird.

Regarding the secret of the Golden Clan, he had no interest in exploring it. After all, it had been too long. Innumerable major powers from the Immortal World couldn’t even find a clue about it, let alone him, but Dongfang Yu had told him that the supreme Sovereign Weapon, Golden Feather Fan, was left by the Golden Clan in the battlefield. No one has ever found it, even until now.

It could be said that all the geniuses who entered the Golden Horizon had a big dream – that was to find the Golden Feather Fan. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it sounded, and one would need tremendous luck to find it.

Apart from the Golden Feather Fan, many experts had also died here in the past. These experts had probably also left behind some of their inheritance. If one was lucky enough to obtain them, one’s cultivation base would surely skyrocket.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The lot of them grasped the opportunity to refine the Blood Dragon Fruit, but only Dong Fei had signs of advancement. An hour had pa.s.sed very quickly. Incredible Qi waves burst out from his body all of a sudden, like rolling tides. By relying on the help of the Blood Dragon Fruit, he finally reached the half-step Immortal Emperor realm. This was an enormous improvement as he had broken away from Immortal King realm. This was a huge step.

Dong Fei’s eyes were glistening with tears. He had waited for this day for far too long. He was glad that he had entered the Golden Horizon this time. If he stayed in Genius Prefecture and continued his cultivation, even if he was given a year, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to reach this stage. Now that he had achieved his goal on the first day in Golden Horizon, it would be a lie if he wasn’t feeling blissfully happy right now.

Just as Dong Fei advanced to the half-step Immortal Emperor realm, movement came from the inside of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Of course, only Jiang Chen could sense it. It wasn’t a movement from just one person, but two.

In the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da, Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu had made their advancement. Big Yellow’s cultivation base has already reached half-step Immortal Emperor realm, and his Qi was still climbing towards the early Immortal Emperor realm. As a divine beast, he required ma.s.sive amount of energy just like Jiang Chen every time he advanced. The two Blood Dragon Fruits was already sufficient to push Big Yellow to the early Immortal Emperor realm, but he couldn’t make the advancement blindly because that could have an impact on his foundation, which would certainly outweigh the gain.

Therefore, it was best for Big Yellow’s cultivation base to stop at the peak of half-step Immortal Emperor realm. The current situation was similar to the time when he obtained the ma.s.sive amount of essence from the Immortal Execution Sword. If it wasn’t for the reminder of Jiang Chen at that time, he would have broken through several realms. This time, he knew what to do without Jiang Chen’s reminder.

On the other side, Wu Ningzhu’s cultivation base had already advanced to the intermediate Immortal King realm, and was now at the peak of the realm. Just as Jiang Chen antic.i.p.ated, Wu Ningzhu didn’t have any problems breaking through to the late Immortal King realm.

The reason that Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu could advance so quickly was because of the extraordinary temporal rule of the paG.o.da. An hour outside was equivalent to thirty hours in the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da.

Another hour pa.s.sed. All of them opened their eyes, and kept the Blood Dragon Fruit that they were holding. It was the order of King Fan for them to have only a two-hour cultivation. After all, this place wasn’t safe. It was good enough that they were able to refine some of the essence of the fruit. As for the remaining essence, they would refine it any time they wanted.

Although it was only two hours, most of them had gained quite a lot of improvement. w.a.n.g Ye, Liang Qiao and the other genius’ cultivation base had reached the peak of half-step Immortal Emperor realm, seeming not far away from the early Immortal Emperor realm. As long as they continued refining the Blood Dragon Fruit, it would take them less than a few days to make the breakthrough.

No doubt, Dong Fei was the one with the highest improvement. His cultivation base had stabilized at the half-step Immortal Emperor realm, a lot stronger compared to late Immortal Kings.

At this time, Big Yellow got out of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Big Yellow’s improvement slightly surprised them but they understood the reason behind it. After all, Big Yellow had taken two Blood Dragon Fruits.

His present cultivation base was already at the peak of half-step Immortal Emperor realm, only a step away from the early stage of the next realm. Given his current strength, he could kill any ordinary early Immortal Emperor with ease. He wouldn’t even fear an early Immortal Emperor like Yang Bufan if he encountered one. The sky would surely turn dark if he engaged in a serious fight.

“Good job, Big Yellow.” Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow’s head.

As for Wu Ningzhu, under the request of Jiang Chen, she was still in seclusion in the paG.o.da. She had to grab the chance and advance to the late Immortal King realm. This realm was nothing to Jiang Chen and the rest, but it was different for Wu Ningzhu. Due to her weak foundation, the two consecutive advancement, from early Immortal King realm to the late Immortal King realm wasn’t a joke. She must handle it with care.

“I can see that everyone has improved. This time, our trip won’t be in vain. To us, getting such a huge benefit on the first day is already a good start. Also, it’s time for us to leave,” said Yang Bufan.

They had already spent plenty of time in this forest. It was time for them to depart. Although a month’s time was long, it still wasn’t enough for one to go around this millions of miles of spatial zone. Besides, the Golden Horizon did not only have one forest and treasure as such.

“King Fan, Jiang Chen, do you think we should go forward or go backward?” w.a.n.g Ye asked.

“Naturally, we should go forward. If we go backwards, we’ll return to where we came from. There isn’t anything there. We should move ahead,” Jiang Chen said.

“Let’s go. Everyone, be careful. I heard that there are plenty of hidden small spatial zones in Golden Horizon. Don’t get caught in it and be blown into the turbulent spatial current.” Yang Bufan warned.

Everyone nodded. Yang Bufan’s words definitely weren’t words of an alarmist. In this mysterious ancient battlefield, anything could happen. They should be ready for any crisis, especially the turbulent spatial current. Even to an Immortal Emperor, being trapped in the turbulent spatial current was no joke. Even if the expert didn’t die, he might not be able to walk out of it again.

With incredible speed, they arrived on a wilderness. Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen who were flying in front stopped abruptly. Both of them frowned, seeming as though they had sensed something.

“King Fan, why are we stopping?” w.a.n.g Ye asked.

“I’m afraid there’s no way we can go forward. The surroundings of this s.p.a.ce has already been sealed,” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Who are you? Show yourself.” Yang Bufan shouted at the void.

As soon as Yang Bufan’s voice faded, the void around began to tremble. After a while, silhouettes emerged from the void one after another. These people were scattered in three different positions. Each position had four people. There were twelve of them in total.

The cultivation base of these twelve were very powerful. The leaders of the groups all had early Immortal Emperor cultivation base, same as Yang Bufan. The rest of them were also half-step Immortal Emperors. Together, there were 3 early Immortal Emperors and 9 half-step Immortal Emperors. It was rare to see such a powerful group.

“They are the experts of Yellow Spring Sect, Corpse Yin Sect and Divine Line Sect.”

w.a.n.g Ye’s countenance change slightly. Clearly, these people had been waiting for them, otherwise they wouldn’t seal the void here. Even a fool could figure this out.

“Ling Du of Yellow Spring Sect, Hei Kui of Corpse Yin Sect, w.a.n.g Duo of Divine Line Sect. The geniuses of the three major powers have all gathered together. It seems like there’s something they want from us.”

Yang Bufan’s eyes fell upon the leader of each group. After identifying the ident.i.ties of the three, he was already pretty clear of why they were here. They must have come to kill Jiang Chen and him. Jiang Chen had once killed their people. These major powers wanted face the most. Killing their people was equivalent to slapping their faces. It seemed like they had to get back their face today.

“Haha! King Fan, we haven’t seen each other for ten years. You certainly have improved a lot. Which one of you is Jiang Chen?” Hei Kui of Corpse Yin Sect spoke aloud.

“I am.”

Jiang Chen made a stride toward. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d wanted to confront him, but it wouldn’t be that easy. If it was at the beginning, Jiang Chen might feel some pressure from this group, but now, he could only chuckle at them.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, you have the audacity to kill the people of Corpse Yin Sect. Today, I will ensure that will you die without burial.” Hei Kui snorted coldly, revealing his murderous intent.

“Dammit! How the h.e.l.l did they find out about our whereabouts? There were a few hundred major powers, and thousands of people that entered the Golden Horizon, plus this area is millions of miles in size. It will be impossible to accurately find one person here. Furthermore, the twelve of them surely knew our exact location. It seems like they have been waiting for us here.”

w.a.n.g Ye couldn’t help but curse. Even an idiot could see that something wasn’t right with the scene. Someone must have deliberately exposed their location.

“It was you.”

Big Yellow darted a glare at Liang Qiao, sending a s.h.i.+ver down Liang Qiao’s spine. Liang Qiao’s expression became unnatural.

“Liang Qiao, you're not the one who betrayed us, aren’t you?”

Dong Fei stared furiously at Liang Qiao. The only explanation for this was that someone had exposed their location. Everyone’s eyes fell upon Liang Qiao almost at the same time. No one would have a good opinion on a traitor.

“No. Why are you all suspecting me? They might have found us by mistake.”

Liang Qiao hastily justified. It would be death to admit it now, but his fl.u.s.tered look clearly betrayed him.

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