Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1555 – An Unusual Harves

Chapter 1555 – An Unusual Harves

An Unusual Harvest

Seeing the other blood demon king being edified, Yang Bufan felt a relief at last. He could almost predict what would happen next.

“*Lao Er, what are you doing?”

The elder blood demon king yelled, stunned to see his companion being subdued, and bowing to the enemy, and calling the enemy ‘Master’. He couldn’t think of why the Lao Er he knew would do such a thing. Both of them were mighty evil spirits that had absorbed tremendous amount of blood Qi from the Blood Dragon Fruit. In their mind, they were dignified and supreme. They were born to fight and kill, clueless about compromise and surrender. They would rather die in battle than to surrender to the human race. But today, one of his kind had done the impossible.

“You are called Lao Er?” Jiang Chen looked over at the blood demon king and asked plainly.

“Yes, he’s *Lao Da. This has always been how we address each other,” The blood demon king named Lao Er spoke, didn’t dare to show the slightest neglect in his words.

After being edified, the blood demon king was no longer a blood demon king, but a puppet and a slave of Jiang Chen. His mind was now fully occupied by Jiang Chen. He would obey every order that Jiang Chen gave for the rest of his life. He would kill whoever Jiang Chen ordered him to. He wouldn’t have any hesitation even if Jiang Chen asked him to kill himself.

Lao Da and Lao Er, these two names were relatively similar to Ah Da and Ah Er, which was good because it was easy to remember.

Jiang Chen turned to look at the enraged Lao Da and shouted: “Your brother has already been subdued by me and became my slave. I advise you not to make any pointless resistance. Join your brother and become my slave too!”


Upon hearing this, the blood demon king Lao Da roared deafeningly and went berserk.

“You inferior human! What have you done to Lao Er? I will kill you! Don’t even think about stealing our Blood Dragon Fruits.”

Lao Da raged, left Yang Bufan and charged at Jiang Chen. He wasn’t a fool. He could naturally see that Jiang Chen was the one that caused Lao Er to turn into such a state.

“Humph! Choose punishment over a toast? Lao Er, go and kill him.”

Jiang Chen snorted coldly and commanded Lao Er.

“Yes, Master,” responded Lao Er.

Immediately, he unleashed his powerful Qi without hesitation and rushed at the oncoming blood demon king.

*Hong Long……*

An intense fight broke out between the two blood demon kings in an instant but clearly, Lao Dao was stronger than Lao Er, and had gained the upper hand in the first exchange. However, Lao Dao was seriously depressed. This was originally his ally, a brother whom he had been with for a long time, and a companion who had fought side by side with him to protect the Blood Dragon Fruits. He had never thought that his brother would turn into his enemy in a blink of an eye. How could he possibly accept this?

“Lao Er, what the h.e.l.l are you doing?” Lao Dao was exasperated and almost spurted out blood.

“Killing you.”

Lao Er’s face was expressionless. He continued to strike. His mind was only filled with the command of Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s order was to kill Lao Da. Thus, he could only execute the order.

“King Fan, let’s take this b.a.s.t.a.r.d down together.”

Jiang Chen spoke to Yang Bufan. Lao Da was a lot stronger than Lao Er. Not even Yang Bufan was a match for him. As such, they had to join forces to deal with such a blood demon king.


Multicolored light appeared above the head of Yang Bufan. He then lunged at the blood demon king with amazing momentum. He now had more fighting spirit compared to before when he was fighting Lao Da alone. Now that the other blood demon king had turned into his ally, Lao Da’s performance would surely be affected. As long as he and Lao Er joined forces in dealing with Lao Da while Jiang Chen looked for an opportunity to strike, it wouldn’t be a difficult task to edify this blood demon king.

*Hong Long……*

The three experts fought frenziedly, turning the sky and earth dark once more. Boundless divine light drifted in the air along with destructive aura. This side of the sky was instantly torn apart. Lao Da roared frenziedly

“You puny humans! What have you all done to him?”

Lao Da was at the edge of becoming crazy. This was an incomprehensible scene. He knew his brother very well. They would never surrender to humans no matter what kind of threat or danger they encountered, but what was actually going on right now? Why was his brother following the orders of a human unconditionally? Even if his brother was ordered to kill him? That was akin to having no sentiments of the past at all. How could he ever bear that?


Jiang Chen snorted coldly, he didn’t want to waste time speaking nonsense with Lao Da. He launched a destructive slash that carried a terrifying fiery light. As soon as the slash was struck out, it instantly turned into a fiery dragon. This indestructible fiery dragon fell upon Lao Da’s head in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, Yang Bufan and Lao Er’s attack had also reached Lao Da. Under such powerful siege attack, even with Lao Da’s incredible strength, he was beginning to find it hard to cope with. As a matter of fact, Lao Da should have been stronger than this. He could still gain the upper hand even if it was one versus three. However, the sharp change in Lao Er had severely affected his mind, causing his anger to soar. He felt that he was tied down and couldn’t display his full strength, especially when he was fighting his own brother.

*Hong Long……*

Yang Bufan was unusually aggressive, like an unparalleled G.o.d of war. An illusory huge mountain materialized on top of his palm. This was completely condensed out of energy, full of destructive force. It was then hurled violently at the blood demon king.

Meanwhile, Lao Er thrust his sharp claws at Lao Da’s skull, tearing the void along the way.


Upon seeing this, Lao Da was driven crazy. Ferocious light began to flicker in his eyes. His killing intent had solidified. His kind had an extremely evil nature, but he now realised that Lao Er was under the complete control of the human using some kind of unknown method. His brother was never going to return to what he used to be.

If that was the case, there was nothing he should be concerned about anymore. He had to make the decisive call, even if that meant killing Lao Er. In fact, Lao Er had already died and no longer had anything to do with him. If the enemy didn’t cast the mysterious spell on Lao Er, Lao Er wouldn’t have attacked him.

“The opportunity has come.”

Just when Lao Da was on the verge of losing his rationality, Jiang Chen waved his hand and shot out the edifying light. It went straight into the glabella of the blood demon king in a flash. Lao Da felt a tremor in his body, before he realising that it was already too late.


Lao Da burst into a scream. The edifying light had intruded into his mind, constantly eroding his evil essence. Right now, Lao Da reacted the same as Lao Er, both of his hands were grabbing his head frantically.

*Hong Long……*

Just as Lao Da was still struggling, Yang Bufan and Lao Er’s attack hit Lao Da.

Lao Da’s extremely st.u.r.dy body was immediately sent rolling in the air. Under such a strong impact, Lao Da finally couldn’t resist the edifying light anymore and was edified completely.

“Haha! Go to h.e.l.l!”

Jiang Chen laughed aloud. Immediately, he struck out a sea of fire that formed an enormous net enveloping Lao Da and Lao Er. When the flames faded, both of them were nowhere to be seen.

“Little Chen, what are you-? Yang Bufan asked doubtfully.

Will keep them as my trump cards. They will be of great use in the future.

Jiang Chen whispered to Yang Bufan. The two blood demon kings had already been edified by him and were now hidden in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. That net of flames just now was used to distract the others that he killed both of the blood demon kings.

Jiang Chen never easily trust people in the Golden Horizon. The lesser the people knew about his trump cards, the better. If he had displayed all his trump cards to everyone, then it would no longer be considered as trump cards.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The two blood demon kings were now eliminated, leaving a few dozen blood demons howling agonizingly. Their emotions were completely affected. At the same time, their expression was filled with true fear. They knew that their kings were dead. They were doomed to die.

“Haha! All the blood demon kings are eliminated. These blood demons will also be finished.”

Big Yellow laughed pleasantly, and went to kill the remaining blood demons frenziedly.

w.a.n.g Ye and the rest didn’t stay idle. They brandished the immortal weapons in their hands unceasingly. After each attack, a few blood demons would die a tragic death. Blood splashed in all directions. At this point, the blood demons had basically given up any resistance. So, very quickly, all the remaining blood demons were killed.

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da would never miss out the huge nourishment of these blood demons. A gale swept out from the paG.o.da. The corpses of the blood demons were refined and absorbed, turned into dried corpses, then to powder eventually.

The chaotic battlefield quieted down all of a sudden, except for the violent winds and the rippling sound of blood light in the sky radiating from the Blood Dragon Fruits. There were no more wails of blood demons and killings.

Dong Fei and the others appeared incomparably excited. The thought of the previous battle still made them exhilarated. Although they were geniuses of Genius Prefecture, this was still their first time experiencing such a battle. At this moment, everyone’s gaze fell upon Jiang Chen. w.a.n.g Ye and the rest of them experienced working with Jiang Chen for the first time and were entirely subdued. Jiang Chen’s performance was so impressive that they were willing to throw themselves down at his feet in admiration.

*Lao Er – Second Brother in Mandarin.

*Lao Da – the Eldest Brother in Mandarin.

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