Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1554 – From being edified to becoming a mighty one

Chapter 1554 – From being edified to becoming a mighty one

From being edified to becoming a mighty one

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Big Yellow went completely mad. He slaughtered his way back and forth in the blood demons’ force. Blood flowed like river. Wails resounded through the air. The number of blood demons were reducing at rapid speed. This madness of Big Yellow had undoubtedly lightened the burden of Dong Fei, w.a.n.g Ye and the others, it became a lot less stressful for them to fight these blood demons.

“Good! Big Yellow.”

w.a.n.g Ye praised pleasantly. In his mind, he regretted for not putting Big Yellow in his eyes. He really didn’t think that this dog would be so heaven defying. He was almost sure that if it wasn’t for Big Yellow today, they would never be able to find this place and the rare Blood Dragon Fruit. Similarly, without Big Yellow, they were going to suffer tremendously while fighting the enemy that consisted of over fifty blood demons.

“Wakaka! Master Dog is manifesting his power that can shake even the Heavens and Earth.”

Big Yellow laughed aloud. Being praised by someone was the thing that a narcissistic dog was least able to handle. One word of praise was enough to make that person lose himself. w.a.n.g Ye and the rest soon discovered this fact and later tried not to praise Big Yellow as much, afraid that this dog might forget his own surname.

*Hong Long……*

In the sky, the blood demon king and Yang Bufan were inextricably entangled. Yang Bufan hadn’t been in control of the battle, seeming to be ripped apart by the blood demon king at any time. Though it was a sure-lose battle, he was still persisting. He hadn’t changed from the beginning of the battle until now. His expression was indifferent. He was neither conceited nor rash and had placed all his concentration in the battle.

Due to being unable to take down this young human for a long time, the blood demon king was irritated and infuriated.

One had to say that Yang Bufan was a very capable opponent. Judging from the situation, the blood demon king might not be able to kill Yang Bufan even if the battle continued for a day and night. Yang Bufan got even more fired up the more they fought, which had created a huge impact on him. It was rare to engage in such a life-and-death intense battle. In this battle, he was going to gain loads of benefits.

The battle situation had been very clear. Yang Bufan had firmly entangled with the blood demon king. He couldn’t defeat the blood demon king and the blood demon king couldn’t get rid of him. Thus, this had given Jiang Chen the opportunity. Yang Bufan was well aware of this fact from the very beginning. The breakthrough of today’s war had to rely on Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen and the other blood demon king, too, were equally matched. But the thirty-six level of Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da would soon be condensed out. Once the level was fully formed, another 10 000 dragon marks would be added in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea. Given the battle situation, an increase of 10 000 dragon marks was incomparably important to him.


After absorbing one half-step Immortal Emperor blood demon, the thirty-sixth level of the paG.o.da glowed brightly. Jiang Chen’s total of dragon marks increased from 1 130 000 to 1 140 000.

Jiang Chen was very contented with such improvement. This has pushed his cultivation base to the very peak of earl Immortal King realm. Now, he was only left with a tiny step away to reach the next realm. However, there was one thing that he was unhappy about – his Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, which was like a bottomless pit. The paG.o.da had absorbed more than half of the blood demons but that had only condensed one level. He initially thought that the thirty-seventh level would also be condensed out after the slaughter. Now, it seemed that in order for that to happen, he would have to get rid of this blood demon king and absorb it.

But he wasn’t ready to refine this blood demon king. His combat strength had improved anyhow and he wasn’t in a hurry for advancement. The Golden Horizon consisted of dangers everywhere. If he could turn the blood demon king to his side, he would have an extra guardian around him, a very powerful guardian.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The blood demon king was enraged for not being able to get rid of Jiang Chen after so long. Furthermore, it could clearly sense that the more Jiang Chen fought, the more spirited Jiang Chen became. This wouldn’t be any favourable if it went on like this. What frustrated the demon king more was that the flames and means of the opponent were able to suppress its power greatly. Under such oppression, it couldn’t even display half of its combat strength.

How could the blood demon king still able to keep its calm? At this rate, it saw no hope of killing its opponent.

“Its mind is beginning to go chaotic. This is the moment I have been waiting for.”

Jiang Chen’s revealed a plain smirk. As long as the opponent lost its patience, his opportunity had come. Such a battle required patience and experience the most.

“Edifying Light.”

Jiang Chen saw the chance. While the blood demon king was roaring, he struck out the edifying light that moved like a spiritual serpent, entering into the maw of the blood demon king with a swoosh, then into the head of it.


The blood demon king’s roar immediately changed to wail. The enraged blood demon king seemed to have received some major stimulation. It clutched its head with both hands and rammed its head violently in the air, creating craters in the void. After a while, its wail intensified. Both of its hands were now hammering its head. The blood demon king seemed to be in an incomparable agony.

“Got it.”

Jiang Chen had a sigh of relief in his heart. It was definitely not easy to fight a blood demon king. If the blood demon king remained calm, it would be impossible for him to send the edifying light into its body.

As long as the edifying light had entered the blood demon king’s body, it would be difficult for the demon king to force it out and Jiang Chen wouldn’t give it the chance.

The edifying light was a secret art of Buddha Sect, used to ward off all evils of the Heaven and Earth. The blood demon king was evil by nature. Therefore, the edifying light would have a major impact on its body.

“Blood demon king, you’re finished!”

Jiang Chen said, making another slash with his sword. As the edifying light had brought tremendous agony to the blood demon king, the blood demon king no longer had the strength to counter Jiang Chen’s attack. As such, the long sword of Jiang Chen touched the arms of the enemy, leaving a deep wound on its skin. Blood gushed out.

This was because Jiang Chen didn’t want to kill the blood demon king. Otherwise, the blood demon king would already be dead. Once the edifying light worked, it would be the end of the world for the blood demon king. Its life and death was now within the fingertips of Jiang Chen.

“Look. Jiang Chen is about to succeed. I have no idea what kind of stimulation has the blood demon king has received that resulted it in this state.”

“Blimey! Jiang Chen must be using some kind of powerful means. How many trump cards do this b.a.s.t.a.r.d have? He’s just too abnormal. Even the blood demon king is going to die in his hands.”

All of this was happening before w.a.n.g Ye and the others’ very eyes. They had been paying attention to the battle between Jiang Chen and the blood demon king. After all, Jiang Chen played a key role in this war and would even affect their life and death. Seeing the blood demon king being wounded by Jiang Chen and turned crazy all of a sudden, they had no idea what means Jiang Chen had used. But all this was no longer important. What was important was that Jiang Chen was going to win.

The scene that happened next made w.a.n.g Ye and the others wide-eyed and dumbfounded.

The wailing blood demon king in the sky suddenly stopped all its action. The fierceness in its eyes gradually faded. Its Qi was withdrawn. Currently, it seemed somewhat tamer.

The blood demon king saw Jiang Chen, strode over to him, deeply bowed and said: “Master.”

That was right. The blood demon king that didn’t speak suddenly opened its mouth and spoke human language, though this wasn’t unusual at all as a blood demon king already possessed the intelligence on par with a human. However, such a scene was too uncommon and shocking.

“My G.o.d! What’s happened? What’s Jiang Chen done to the blood demon king? The blood demon king has actually bowed to Jiang Chen and called him Master. What is this all about?”

w.a.n.g Ye staggered, almost fell. He was so astounded his spirit almost left his body.

“It must have been Senior Brother Jiang who did something to subdue the blood demon king, but this is just bullsh*t! How can that be possible?”

Dong Fei couldn’t believe everything that was happening. The situation was like a joke. If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he would never believe it.


Liang Qiao couldn’t help but swear. He turned his gaze to Jiang Chen. The depths of his eyes revealed a trace of strange emotion. He didn’t seem as happy as others that a blood demon king was subdued.

The rest of them were incomparably delighted. They didn’t have a clue what had happened but they were certain that something major had happened to that blood demon king. That had to be related to Jiang Chen. It must be some powerful means used by Jiang Chen. Otherwise, the blood demon king wouldn’t be like this.

But this was no longer important. The important thing now was that they saw hope. They knew that subduing a blood demon king was much more valuable than killing it. This would have been a battle that was impossible to win. The subduing of the blood demon king had let them see hope.

On the other side, Yang Bufan burst into laughter when he saw what happened on Jiang Chen’s side.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d still uses this technique. It’s truly an unbelievable means.”

Yang Bufan praised from the bottom of his heart. He had witnessed such heaven defying technique during the time in the Evil Abyss. It was precisely because of this means that made Yang Bufan decide to meet Jiang Chen. However, he didn’t think that Jiang Chen could use the same method to subdue a mighty blood demon king.

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