Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1553 – The Old Method

Chapter 1553 – The Old Method

The Old Method

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Above the valley, the blood demon king and Yang Bufan were engaged in a fierce battle. Although Yang Bufan hadn’t gained the upper hand, his fighting spirit was unparalleled. The attacks he launched were incredible. He couldn’t defeat the blood demon king, but it wasn’t a simple task for the blood demon king to kill him either. At least, it was still impossible for the time being.

“Little Chen, it all depend on you now. This blood demon king is even more terrifying than what I had imagined, and is way too more powerful than any ordinary beast. I’m no match for it. The best I can do is to keep it busy,” Yang Bufan said to Jiang Chen.

Although Jiang Chen’s cultivation base was weak, Yang Bufan was very confident in Jiang Chen. If there was one man that Yang Bufan could rely on in times of crisis, that man would be Jiang Chen.

At this moment, the other blood demon king fixed its gaze on Jiang Chen. After all, Jiang Chen’s dragon form was quite horrifying, the most eye-catching amongst them. So, it was only normal that Jiang Chen would be targeted by the demon king.

Qi waves surged out of Jiang Chen’s body ceaselessly. His blood Qi seemed even scarier than the blood demon king. He was ready to put away the Heavenly Saint Sword and struck out the Qilin Divine Arm. It was impossible for him to not display his true abilities while fighting the blood demon king.

“Little Chen, don’t use the Qilin Divine Arm. Nanbei Chao will surely sense it.” Big Yellow urged.

Jiang Chen’s body quivered. Being overwhelmed by his combat intent, he had forgotten about this important matter. The Young Master Chao of Nanbei Family was undoubtedly Nanbei Chao. Although Nanbei Chao was mysterious, he most likely would be in this expedition. Once he used the Qilin Divine Arm, Nanbei Chao would certainly be able to sense his location. Given the current situation, if Nanbei Chao were to come here looking for him, it would be very disadvantageous to them. Putting the risk of losing their lives aside, he was afraid that they wouldn’t get even one of these Blood Dragon Fruits.

Even though Jiang Chen had a powerful combat strength, instinct told him that he wasn’t an opponent for Nanbei Chao. Therefore, it was inappropriate for him to confront Nanbei Chao at this moment.

“Dammit! I can’t even use the Qilin Divine Arm and the Eternal Immortal Wind!”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but swear; he had the urge to spurt out blood. The Eternal Immortal Wind and Qilin Divine Arm were two major trump cards of Jiang Chen. Their damage and destructive force were incomparably strong. It was rather depressing for him that he couldn’t use them.

The feeling Jiang Chen was having right now was equivalent to being unable to enjoy the night with a fairy lying naked on your bed. That, without a doubt, was disheartening.

“Come on.”

Jiang Chen flew over. His Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a blood-red dragon, and was slashed at the blood demon king. Even without the Qilin Divine Arm and Eternal Immortal Wind, he wasn’t afraid of this blood demon king.

His sword was coated with a layer of flames that was made out of three types of supreme flames combined. Not only could that raise the attack power of the Heavenly Saint Sword, but also an important technique to suppress the blood demon king.


The blood demon king roared furiously. Its incomparably sharp tail swung outwards at Jiang Chen. The tail was like an indestructible weapon. The void where it pa.s.sed was ripped apart.


Jiang Chen yelled and slashed out the sword, colliding with the tail of the blood demon king.


Two weapons smashed, creating an enormous spark. One had to confess that the strike of the blood demon king was truly scary. Jiang Chen was directly sent away, and could only put himself to a halt after around a hundred meters. This kind of situation was within Jiang Chen’s expectation. After all, the blood demon king’s strength was equivalent to a mighty intermediate Immortal Emperor. Given his current combat strength, he was no match in the battle of frontal attack.

*Chi…* *Chi…*

Jiang Chen, however, also had his own means. The instant he was sent flying away, the tail of the blood demon king let out sizzling sound as it was covered with a layer of fire.


Before the blood demon king had the chance to show off its arrogance, it felt an agonizing pain and went berserk. The pain the demon king was feeling was no ordinary pain. The flame had spread all over its body as if the blood demon king was the flame’s fuel. The flame was also burning the soul in its body, including its devil essence.

*Roar……* *Roar……*

The blood demon king roared angrily. Its st.u.r.dy body swung back and forth in the air in an attempt to put out the fire. At last, after a huge effort, the demon king succeeded, but its originally blood-red tail had already been burnt. The scales were slightly shattered and blood flowed out of its tail.

It glared at Jiang Chen with furious eyes. Apart from anger, it also dreaded the flames that was on surface of Jiang Chen’s body and sword.

The mighty blood demon king was an evil and a lawless creature in the Heavens and Earth. Such existence symbolized power and never knew what fear was, but now, the blood demon king started to fear Jiang Chen’s flame. That was the fear one would have for one’s natural enemy.

“Good. Just like what Big Yellow said, these blood demons may seem to possess purest Yang from the surface and with blood Qi more exuberant than normal beasts, but their origin is still evil. They belong to the devil kind. In this case, they are going to be totally suppressed by my flames. With my full strength, the combat strength of the blood demon king is going to be reduced by half.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a trace of a cold smile. He had experienced a lot of battles as such. Most of all, he knew what to do. In terms of combat strength, he definitely wasn’t a match for the blood demon king given the fact that he was unable to use the Qilin Divine Arm and Eternal Immortal Wind, but as long as his flames was enough to suppress the blood demon king, it would be enough to make up for the gap between the two of them.

Under this kind of suppression, it wouldn’t take long for the blood demon king to lose its mind and composure. When that time came, there would be a higher chance in edifying this devil. As long as this blood demon king was edified, there would be only one left.


Jiang Chen raised his sword and lunged at the demon king with pressure as strong as Mount Tai. Every place he pa.s.sed was full of flames. This was the combination of three types of supreme flames, the unbeatable rival of all the evil Qi of Heaven and Earth. Under the impact of such flames, the combat strength of the blood demon king would be severely affected.


The demon king was enraged. Although it feared those flames, it still had to confront Jiang Chen. In the face of the enemy who had killed so many of its kind and was planning to steal the Blood Dragon Fruits, it absolutely wouldn’t be lenient. Plus, it could already see that the opponent merely had the flames that could suppress its power. Its opponent’s combat strength wasn’t strong at all.

*Hong Long……*

In an instant, the two of them engaged in a great fight. The sky turned dark. Sea of flames spread in the void. Destructive Qi waves rolled continuously. The battlefield seemed much more intense than the battlefield of Yang Bufan. In the first two exchange of blows, the blood demon king had gained the upper hand, but after that, the battle situation changed entirely. Jiang Chen had gotten the hang of the blood demon king’s means. And with the use of Great Divination Art and flames, he had completely oppressed the blood demon king. Soon, Jiang Chen had become a matched rival of his enemy.

“Jiang Chen is truly powerful. Even being just an early Immortal King, he can tie with the blood demon king. How terrifying!”

“That’s still because of amazing power of Jiang Chen’s flames. His flames have very high suppressive force against the origin of the blood demon king. Under such suppression, the blood demon king won’t be able to exert its full strength, which led to the current situation.”

“But the situation is still very critical. Even if Jiang Chen can defend against the blood demon king, it will be impossible for him to kill his enemy. King Fan, on the other hand, is struggling to fight the other blood demon king. King Fan is no match for it at all.”

“Don’t talk so much. The rest of the blood demons are rus.h.i.+ng over. Don’t expect King Fan and Jiang Chen to help us. We can only rely on ourselves. Fortunately, not many half-step Immortal Emperor blood demons are left after the previous ma.s.sacre. We will be able to cope with it.”


The battle situation was incomparably fierce. Both Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan were dealing with the two blood demon kings while Big Yellow, w.a.n.g Ye and the others were confronting the remaining blood demons. As for Dong Fei, due to his weak cultivation base—late Immortal King—he would be in the most dangerous situation in the war. His life might be taken away at any time.

If it wasn’t for the help of w.a.n.g Ye and the others, Dong Fei wouldn’t have already died being trapped in such encirclement, but having experienced such life-and-death battle was very beneficial to him. This would be his greatest experience and of great help to his cultivation base.


Big Yellow was even more ferocious. Given his current peak late Immortal King realm, he had no problem at all in dealing with the blood demons. No one was a match for him, not even the half-step Immortal Emperor blood demon.

“Little Chen, Master Dog has come to provide you energy.”

Big Yellow continued to slaughter the blood demons and hurled the corpses to Jiang Chen. He knew very well that these bodies were the greatest nourishment for Jiang Chen. So the more Jiang Chen could get, the better. The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da would be able to devour all of them regardless of the amount. While these blood demons continued to be absorbed, Jiang Chen’s combat strength would also become stronger and stronger. In which case, one would rise and the other would fall in the battle. Without a doubt, the one that would fall would be the blood demon king.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Huge bodies of blood demons were thrown towards Jiang Chen. Before it even neared Jiang Chen, it was swept away by an invisible wind. In a blink, it turned into a dried corpse, and then powder, until nothing was left.


The blood demon king roared frantically. Such terrifying means were seen by its own eyes. Given its degree of spiritual intelligence, it was imaginable how terrified the blood demon king was right now. Jiang Chen’s technique was totally unprecedented.

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