Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1552 2 – The Fierce Battle against the Blood Demon King

Chapter 1552 2 – The Fierce Battle against the Blood Demon King

The Fierce Battle against the Blood Demon King

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*Dong…* *Dong…*

Later on, the earth shook. Every blood demon halted their movements, and turned towards the depths of the valley before letting out roars. They were welcoming their kings.

As the roars intensified, two blood demon kings appeared. They were 30 meters in height, and had a st.u.r.dy body that made them look like small hills. Their tails dragged across the ground, creating huge sparks and leaving a deep slit in the earth.

“Dammit! These two blood demon kings are too powerful. The two of them radiate a very powerful pressure.”

Liang Qiao swore. The others’ countenance had also changed. Dong Fei, the one with the lowest cultivation base, had the most unpleasant look, because these two blood demon kings were really overly powerful. The Qi emitting from them gave him palpitations.

“Be careful everyone. One of the blood demon kings has just advanced to early Immortal Emperor, which is still easy to deal with. The other one is the terrifying one. Half of its leg has already stepped into the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. This kind of demon is born from the essence of the Heavens and Earth, far more powerful than the average demonic beasts. Before him, all the advantages you all have as geniuses are gone.” Big Yellow spoke.

Looking at these two blood demon kings, even Yang Bufan’s expression turned incredibly serious. The blood demon king which had just stepped into the early Immortal Emperor realm seemed a lot better, he could still deal with it with his current strength, but the other one was totally out of his league.

“What should we do now? King Fan is the only early Immortal Emperor on our side. How are we going to fight these two blood demon kings?” w.a.n.g Ye said worriedly.

They were now in a crisis, the biggest one since their arrival in the Great Horizon. To an ordinary person, he was surely going to die in this crisis. However this was all because of the Blood Dragon Fruits that led them here, which made them doubt their luck after encountering such a dangerous situation after just arriving in the Golden Horizon.

“King Fan, you deal with the powerful blood demon king. Leave the other to me.” Jiang Chen said.

“Are you sure of this?”

Yang Bufan still looked over at Jiang Chen with concern, even though Jiang Chen had powerful combat strength and had the ability to kill Fu Kui. Although Fu Kui was also an early Immortal Emperor, Fu Kui’s level wasn’t the same as this blood demon king. To put it bluntly, if Fu Kui were to fight this blood demon king, he would certainly die.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure of this.”

Jiang Chen nodded. As a matter of fact, if the blood demon king was a beast with the purest Yang Qi, Jiang Chen was surely no match for it. Anyone should know that the combat strength of such blood demon king was equivalent to an intermediate Immortal Emperor. The other blood demon king was even scarier.

The reason Jiang Chen was so confident was because of the distinct nature of the blood demon king and beasts. Blood demon king was an evil spirit and a devil. Jiang Chen had ways to suppress their combat strength. The three types of supreme flames might not have as much impact on such an evil creature compared to the edifying light.

This was Jiang Chen’s true trump card against the current enemy. By relying on the power of the edifying light, he would be able to edify this blood demon king completely. Edifying this devil would be equivalent to adding another powerful helper to their side. By then, it would no longer be a problem for them to fight their enemies.

Their current plan now would be for Yang Bufan to fight and entangle the most powerful blood demon king while Jiang Chen figured out ways to deal with the other blood demon king. The rest of them would deal with the remaining blood demons. The success of the plan would still depend on Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen must succeed first, only then could they have their victory today.

“Bring it on then.”

Yang Bufan’s body fluctuated, fully releasing the Qi of an Immortal Emperor. This kind of frenzied and boundless Qi waves could only be described with the word powerful.


The stronger blood demon king immediately roared and leaped towards Yang Bufan as it felt Yang Bufan’s combat intent and provocation. Yang Bufan, too, flew skywards. A new battlefield was created in the sky above, and a fierce battle broke out immediately.

*Hong Long……*

Horrifying attacks collided together. Yang Bufan was sent flying a few dozen meters away before regaining his balance. His facial expression seemed somewhat unpleasant. He had lost the upper hand in the first exchange against the blood demon king.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The blood demon king roared incessantly, pounded its chest with both fists, like a barbaric beasts. Once again, it charged towards Yang Bufan.

“It’s over. The blood demon king is too powerful. It seems like not even King Fan is a match for it. And there’s another blood demon king that we can’t fight even if all of us join forces.”

Liang Qiao’s face turned pale. Such a situation had certainly drew out the fear in him. After all, the greatest reliance of their forces was Yang Bufan. Now, that not even Yang Bufan was match for his opponent. The consequences were unthinkable.

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