Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 154 – Midnight Killing

Chapter 154 – Midnight Killing

Chapter 154 – Midnight Killing


By just opening his eyes, Lord Blood Moon caused a strong evil wind to appear above the valley. The evil winds formed into a dark cloud and was hovering right above Lord Blood Moon. It made him look ghostly and deadly.

“Blood Moon, Blood Moon, Blood Moon…”

All Blood Devils who laid on the ground started cheering. The cheers were so loud that the entire valley started shaking. Those Yin Spirits found everywhere were deadly for outsiders, but for these Blood Devils, they were beneficial.


Lord Blood Moon suddenly let out a loud laugh. His voice was shrill like a woman. With a wave of both his arms, a dark airwave emerged from his body and merged together with the dark clouds above his head, transforming into a frightening huge dark face.


The winds blew even stronger, and as if something had frightened the teenage girls, they suddenly woke up from their previous mind absented state. When they raised their heads up and saw the huge dark face, they instantly screamed out in horror.

These teenage girls were in a mind-absented state; therefore, they could only remain silent. However, once they awakened and saw what was happening in front of them, they immediately hugged each other and trembled in fear.

Witnessing this, Yu Tian Long and Yu Zi Han who were worriedly hiding behind the small hill immediately rejoiced. When the girls started hugging and pus.h.i.+ng each other around, their original positions in the line had changed. Yu Zi Yan who was standing at the front of the line and was the one closest to the altar had been pushed to the middle.

The center of the line was the best position to be in, because no matter which side Lord Blood Moon decided to start with, Yu Zi Han’s safety would be temporarily guaranteed. Unless Lord Blood Moon wanted to pick Yu Zi Han as the first one to be sacrificed, that is. If that was the case, her luck was just incredibly bad.

“Let the blood sacrifice ceremony begin!”

Lord Blood Moon said with a mystifying voice. Those cheering Blood Devils immediately quieted down, and their expressions became solemn as if they were going to welcome some holy existence.


After that, the over a thousand Blood Devils shouted out at the same time. Each of them spat out a lump of red blood, and it all shot towards the huge dark face hovering above Lord Blood Moon.

Pop pop…

All the blood from the Blood Devils merged together, and the once huge dark face immediately became blood red. Under the control of Lord Blood Moon, drops of blood rained down from above and dropped onto his body. It was immediately absorbed into his body, and some of the blood dripped onto the altar, making it look even more ferocious and frightful.

“The blood sacrifice ceremony is going to begin.”

Jiang Chen focused his attention towards Lord Blood Moon who was on the altar. With his experiences, he could tell that this was a very brutal and cruel blood sacrifice ceremony. These devils were hundreds of times crueler than real devils.

“This blood sacrifice ceremony is really cruel; there won’t be any peace in the Qi Province if these Blood Devils aren’t exterminated.”

Yu Zi Han’s face darkened. By using living humans as sacrifices, Lord Blood Moon was a mad man.

The evil winds were constantly sweeping across the entire valley. The scene would make anyone frightened just by thinking about it. When the blood stained the entire alter, Lord Blood Moon began moving.

He extended his hand towards one of the girls who stood closest to the altar. With a frightened scream, the girl flew onto the altar without the ability to control herself.

The frightened girl kept screaming. When the rain of blood dropped onto her body, she immediately howled like there was no tomorrow. Under the frightened visions of the other 98 teenage girls, the girl on the altar was entirely covered by blood, and her body had started rotting bit by bit. In just three breaths of time, the girl’s howls had completely stopped. She had turned into meat paste, and she was melting and dripping all over the altar.

Lord Blood Moon stuck his hand into the meat paste and started absorbing all the essence contained within. His face carried a pleased expression.


When the rest of the girls saw what happened, all of them begun screaming and yelling in fear. The scene was incredibly frightening. This was something they wouldn’t even have dreamed about one day experiencing.

Behind the small hill, Yu Tian Long and Yu Zi Han wiped sweat from their foreheads quietly. If it wasn’t for that evil breeze just now, the one to be sacrificed would be Yu Zi Yan.

The few of them laid their vision on Jiang Chen, then they found he still showed no emotion on his face. Not even a slight hint of nervousness. The calm att.i.tude really made these people subdue to him unconsciously.

In Jiang Chen’s eyes, aside from the indifferent look there was only calmness. The howling and screaming of these girls could never disturb his calm mind, the terrifying sacrifice scene was nothing to him.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and stared at Lord Blood Moon’s face. The blood sacrifice ceremony had just begun, the best time to strike was not yet.

The pleased expression on Lord Blood Moon’s face was getting more intense. Soon, he had immersed himself in the enjoyment completely, and had closed his eyes.

Right at this moment, the altar produced a buzzing sound. The huge blood red face was still dripping blood, and the sacrifice of the girl was almost finished. The entire scene resonated in an odd manner, and over thousands of Blood Devils were kneeling on the ground, chanting some unknown scriptures.

“Now is the time, all of you will save those girls, I’ll go to Lord Blood Moon directly.”

Jiang Chen strengthened his spirits. In the next second, he turned into a ray of light and flew forwards. In an instant, he arrived in front of the altar. With the battle axe in his hands, he unleashed a bright light and pierced towards Lord Blood Moon.

“Lord Blood Moon, face your death!”

Some buzzing sounded out from Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea. His powerful Yuan energy was rolling within, and the Clap of Thunder had been unleashed with his maximum strength. He predicted that Lord Blood Moon had been immersed within the blood sacrifice ceremony and couldn’t react in time to counter attack. A blood sacrifice ceremony like this wouldn’t be able to stop once it was started. If it was interrupted half way, Lord Blood Moon himself would suffer a serious injury.

Therefore, this was Jiang Chen’s only chance to defeat Lord Blood Moon.


Sensing the sudden powerful attack, Lord Blood Moon opened his eyes. Two blood red lights shot out from his eyes like sharp blades. His blood sacrifice ceremony had been interrupted by someone, an extreme anger appeared in his eyes.

“How dare you interrupt my blood sacrifice ceremony?! You are courting death!”

Lord Blood Moon forcefully struck out with his palm. A huge blood red palm immediately flew forwards like a huge mountain, piercing towards Jiang Chen.


The battle axe and huge blood red palm collided into each other and produced a loud explosion sound. The battle axe had destroyed the huge palm, but at the same time, Jiang Chen also suffered from a huge impact which forced him to fly hundreds of meters backwards.

“This Lord Blood Moon is really strong. With my current combat strength, I’m still not his match… But, since the blood sacrifice ceremony has restricted his movements, I’ll take this opportunity to kill him.”

Jiang Chen carried an imposing aura. He turned into a ray of light once again while carrying his battle axe, then he pierced and slashed towards Lord Blood Moon’s direction again.

“Stop him!”

Lord Blood Moon shouted out loudly. Immediately, three strong Blood Devil leaders rushed forwards and blocked Jiang Chen’s way. The three of them were all Late Heavenly Core warriors, and they were also the only three Late Heavenly Core leaders amongst all thousand Blood Devils here.

“Get out of my way or die!”

Jiang Chen kept swinging his battle axe while all 120 Dragon Marks vibrated within his body. With his current combat strength, ordinary Late Heavenly Core Blood Devils were not his match at all.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Chen chopped one of the Late Heavenly Core Blood Devils into half.


Yu Tian Long let out a loud cry. Using his combat weapon, he slash out in a curve. He took the lead and charged past the Blood Devils. On the other side, Big Yellow was the most brutal being on the spot. With his muscular body, he rammed into the Blood Devils group while ramming into all he could see. Blood and flesh splashed all over.

All this happened so quickly and suddenly. Not only the Blood Devils, even Lord Blood Moon himself didn’t expected someone would come and disturb them here. This place was the Valley of Yin Spirits’ heart, the Yin Spirits here were so intense that coming here was the same as courting death.

Yu Zi Han and the rest joined the slaughter as well. These Blood Devils were sincerely praying towards the altar before they were suddenly attacked, therefore a heavy loss was certain.

“Kill, kill them all!”

“How dare they disturb our master’s blood sacrifice ceremony?! They are courting death!”

“Drink all their blood!”


The Blood Devils were yelling and howling. The stronger leaders had taken out their devil weapons and surrounded the attackers. In here, there were more than tens of Blood Devil leaders. Yu Zi Han and the rest were simply outnumbered.

However, three of the strongest Late Heavenly Core Blood Devils were on their way to attack Jiang Chen. Under the lead of Big Yellow, the rest of the Blood Devil leaders couldn’t do any serious harm to Yu Zi Han and the others.

Big Yellow was really ferocious, he was like an ancient beast whom no Blood Devil leaders could compare to. Anyone who came to him would die instantly, let alone those ordinary Mortal Core Blood Devils.

“Zi Han, go save your sister, quickly!”

Yu Tian Long shouted out loudly. At the same time, Yu Zi Han started flying towards his sister.

“Big brother!”

When Yu Zi Yan saw her brother, she immediately shouted out and cried tears with rejoice. Her once hopeless heart had again been filled with the will to live.

“Sister, help me calm the rest of the girls, tell them to not be scared, we are here to save you all!”

Yu Zi Han told his sister. He asked Yu Zi Yan to calm these girls so he could return to the fight with the Blood Devils.


On the other side, followed by a frightful scream, the last Late Heavenly Core Blood Devil had been killed by Jiang Chen. In just a very short amount of time, all three Late Heavenly Core Blood Devils had been killed by Jiang Chen’s battle axe.

Jiang Chen’s strong and brutal approaches had completely stunned Yu Tian Long and two of his honorable guests. They had witnessed every single one of Jiang Chen’s actions, and that had sent a huge storm down into their minds. They had never seen anyone who could be so powerful.

Not only Jiang Chen, even Big Yellow who was fighting alongside them was the same. This had completely stunned Yu Tian Long. This man and dog were an eye-opener for all of them.