Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1545 – The Matters that Needed Attention

Chapter 1545 – The Matters that Needed Attention

The Matters that Needed Attention

Seeing no one choosing to stand out at this time, a smirk appeared on Yang Zanqing’s mouth. He nodded, appearing to be very satisfied with the situation. He least liked those who shrank back at hard times. And these people shouldn’t have made the decision to take part in this event in the first place if they back away now. If there were really those who chose to back down at this time, Yang Zanqing wouldn’t hesitate to chase them out of Genius Prefecture.

“Let’s begin,” Dongfang Yu said.

Then, he and Yang Zanqing took out a golden spirit talisman engraved with complex patterns that seemed incomparably divine and mystical. The two talisman radiated dense spatial Qi. These two talismans would be the support of the pa.s.sageway to the Golden Horizon.

Yang Zanqing and Dongfang Yu instilled large amount of Immortal Qi into the spiritual talisman. All of a sudden, both talismans bounced violently. Under the control of the two half-step Immortal Venerables, the two talismans exploded, turning into two doors and joined together. Behind the doors was a deep pa.s.sageway full of turbulent spatial Qi that led to nowhere.

These were the spatial talismans refined and crafted by the supreme experts of the Immortal Court, which was powerful enough to support the pa.s.sageway for a certain period of time.

“The pa.s.sageway is open. Don’t delay anymore. Yang Lang, Shan Chong you two will go first. The pa.s.sageway will automatically close within one minute. You all will only have one minute. Remember that the Golden Horizon will only stay open for a month. At the last day, there naturally will be a pa.s.sageway for you all to return,” Yang Zanqing said coldly.

Yang Lang and Shan Chong wasted no time. As soon as Yang Zanqing’s words faded, they shot into the void in two streams of light. They had been to the Golden Horizon before. This was their second time going to this expedition. As opposed to the other geniuses, they were undeniably familiar with the path.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

After the two took the lead, the others didn’t dare delay. Just like what Yang Zanqin said, the pa.s.sageway would only be open for a minute. It would close on itself after that. It would be impossible for those who failed to enter before that time to enter anymore.

It turned out that in less than ten seconds, all of the geniuses had already went inside the spatial pa.s.sageway. The bustling square had become incomparably quiet all of a sudden, except for the rumbling sounds coming from the doorway.

A minute later, the illusory doors vanished. It had closed. Yang Zanqing and Dongfang Yu heaved a sigh of relief, but they were beginning to worry.

“I wonder what these geniuses are going to become after a month and how many of them will be able to walk out of the Golden Horizon alive.” Dongfang Yu said.

“It’s already considered not bad if half of them can leave that place alive. We’re done here. What happens next will depend on their fate and luck.” Yang Zanqing said.

In the spatial pa.s.sageway, nearly 200 geniuses had stuck together in a relatively big s.p.a.ce. The scene was strangely silent. Everyone was looking at the multi-coloured and flickering s.p.a.ce of turbulence around them, which made them feel dreamlike.

No one spoke and no one moved except being moved by the spatial force continuously forward. The distance from Genius Prefecture to the Golden Horizon was immeasurable. Even with the blessing of the spatial pa.s.sageway, it would take them at least two hours to reach their destination.

The speed of the s.p.a.ce transmission was incredibly fast. Even an Immortal King would find his head spinning if he looked at those turbulent current for a fixed period of time. That was a kind of speed that had transcended everything.

Time pa.s.sed by little by little. Everyone was filled with unprecedented excitement, expectant of the scene in the Golden Horizon.

“What are you looking at, the one who surnamed Liu? I’m gonna dig your eyes out if you continue to look at me.” Suddenly, an angry voice broke the silence.

“So what if I’m looking at you? Let’s have a fight if you aren’t satisfied with it.”

The genius surnamed Liu naturally was provoked as well. He glowered at the other genius and spoke.

One of them was the genius of Crown Prince Palace whereas the other was the genius of King Ping Prefecture. Both of them were late Immortal Kings. Fights always broke out between them and they already had gotten used to it. Unexpectedly, they were standing next to each other today and because of one person’s provocative expression, a brawl was about to break out.

“Then let’s have a fight. You think I’m scared of you?”

That genius replied, instantly unleas.h.i.+ng his Qi. As his powerful Qi impacted the barrier of the spatial pa.s.sageway, the whole pa.s.sageway began to shake intensely.

“Are you courting death?”

Just at this moment, a cold voice was heard. The one who spoke wasn’t a stranger but Yang Lang. He didn’t waste time to further converse with them. He strode towards the two, lifted his hands and sent out a wave of frenzied slaps to each of them, which sounded like rain las.h.i.+ng at the ground. Both of their heads were spinning like crazy.

“Are you two trying to be a nuisance? How dare you start a fight here? If the spatial pa.s.sageway is damaged, neither of us will live. If either of you make another move, I will personally send you to h.e.l.l.” Yang Lang said coldly and overbearingly.

“I’m sorry Senior Brother Yang, it was my fault.”

I’m sorry Senior Brother Yang.”

Both of them tried to blink stars out of their eyes as they hastily bowed their head and apologized. They could already sense the killing intent of Yang Lang and knew even better that Yang Lang would only need a blow to kill them and their deaths would be in vain.

“Son of a b*tch! Who allowed you to unleash your Qi here?”

King Ping berated his genius. Even Crown Prince and King Ping wouldn’t dare act rashly in the presence of Yang Lang. These two geniuses must have been fed up with their lives.


Yang Lang snorted coldly and went back to where he came, closed his eyes and went back into his meditative state. He didn’t even dart a glance at King Ping. Given Yang Lang’s strength, he wouldn’t put all of these people in his eyes. Perhaps Crown Prince and King Ping had very high prestige in front of the others, but that wasn’t the case to Yang Lang. As the number one genius of Great Qian Empire, he had the right to be arrogant.

Regarding the arrogance of Yang Lang, King Ping didn’t show any discontentment because even he wouldn’t dare to infuriate Yang Lang.

After this incident, the others looked at the two geniuses, feeling disgusted. These two were total idiots to joke around with the life of everyone.

As cultivators who had mastered the spatial law, they knew the spatial pa.s.sageway the best. A spatial pa.s.sageway was very vulnerable especially when it was a long distance pa.s.sageway like this. No accidents could be allowed in this situation. If someone were to start a fight here, it would probably destroy the spatial pa.s.sageway. At that time, everybody would be swept away into the turbulent current, and stuck in the storm forever.

So what these two people did was totally asking for trouble.

After such an uproar, everyone became surprisingly quiet. No one dared to stir up anything anymore. The presence of Yang Lang and Shan Chong was sufficient to suppress every one of them. They were the ones who had walked out of the Golden Horizon alive, and had experienced countless of battles. Killing people was never a difficult thing to them.

Jiang Chen looked at Yang Lang, he couldn’t help but nod secretly. This man was overbearing and decisive in his actions. He didn’t even give King Ping and the Crown Prince face. He attacked the people of King Ping and Crown Prince without a second thought. This had given Jiang Chen a good impression.

Two hours pa.s.sed very quickly. Suddenly, light appeared ahead of the spatial pa.s.sageway and it got brighter as they moved forward. The impact that came from the turbulent current also became stronger and stronger. Everyone’s expression turned serious as they knew that they were about to arrive at the Golden Horizon.

“Listen up everyone. There’s going to be a severe s.p.a.ce storm later. All of us have to keep our body stable and try not to be blown away too far by the storm.” Yang Lang spoke, reminding everyone about what was about to happen.

At this time, Shan Chong who had been closing his eyes opened his eyes abruptly and said: “Let me tell you all this. The Golden Horizon is an ancient battlefield, and the converging point of the Golden Clan. It is millions of miles in size. There are countless domains and various sinister places within it. Additionally, due to this ancient battlefield having existed for a long time, some terrifying creatures have been born inside. Since you all are here for the first time, you all have to be extra careful.”

“You all also have to remember that the true danger isn’t just about those terrifying creatures, but also some of the sinister places. Plus, you all have to pay attention to the other cultivators who came in with us. Due to the existence of the ident.i.ty brocade bag, we are preys in their eyes. Of course, we can also regard them as preys. You all have to be prepared. In the Golden Horizon, the only person you must trust is yourself. You can trust no one else besides yourself. Even your own people may stab a knife behind your back. Of course, there are also many lucky encounters that existed in the Golden Horizon, so there are plenty of inheritance and forbidden places left behind by those peerless experts who had fallen in the ancient times. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to obtain those inheritances,” Yang Lang added.

Shan Chong’s and his actions were immediately praised by the others. After all, they are only entering the Golden Horizon for the first time. They had no knowledge at all about the situation inside. If Yang Lang and Shan Chong didn’t mention all of these, they would have to discover it themselves.

“A s.p.a.ce that’s millions of miles large. Dammit! Isn’t this Golden Horizon too big? So what if there are thousands of people?”

Someone sighed. Millions of miles in size was just too big and there were countless mountains and forbidden lands. It was like a small world. Initially, they thought that everyone would be able to acquire treasures of their own in Golden Horizon. Now, it seemed that if all of them were scattered at different places, it would be very difficult for them to discover a treasure.

“Thank you Senior Brother Yang and Senior Brother Shan for reminding us.” One of the geniuses expressed his grat.i.tude towards the two seniors.

*Hong Long……*

A rumble was heard at the end of the pa.s.sageway. Everyone began to hold their breath. They knew that they had arrived at the Golden Horizon, and that the pa.s.sageway had come to an end.

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