Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1546 – The Fiendish Fores

Chapter 1546 – The Fiendish Fores

The Fiendish Forest

Some of them had even cast out a s.h.i.+eld made of Immortal Qi on the surface of their body. Yang Lang had previously reminded them that the spatial force of the Golden Horizon was very strong. They wouldn’t be able to reach this far without mental preparation.

*Hong Long……*

All of a sudden, powerful Qi waves blew in from the end of the pa.s.sageway. The originally indestructible spatial pa.s.sageway let out a cracking sound. Countless cracks appeared. This was a very terrifying and frightening scene for the disciples inside. It was a good thing that they were going to leave this pa.s.sageway soon, otherwise they would all be doomed.

*Bang…* *Bang… * *Bang…*

Strong spatial current began to collide with each other. The geniuses of Genius Prefecture were sent out one after another. In the face of the spatial energy teleportation, they didn’t dare resist. They could only endure it and use their body’s defences to minimize the damage caused by the spatial energy.

Jiang Chen grabbed Big Yellow with one hand and Wu Ningzhu with the other, whereas Yang Bufan grabbed Jiang Chen. They knew very well what was going to happen next. This type of spatial teleportation was volatile. If they didn’t get the support from each other, they wouldn’t know where they would end up in. The Golden Horizon was just too large. The spatial pa.s.sageway could just send them anywhere.

The people of King Fan Prefecture were consciously supporting each other, hoping that they could get into the Golden Horizon together. After all, they had no knowledge at all about the Golden Horizon. All the knowledge they got was from the description of Yang Lang and Shan Chong. In such a dangerous place, it was safer to stick together.

Before this, Yang Lang had said that those with poor luck in the past had fallen into the mouth of demonic devils and were eaten the moment they got out of the spatial pa.s.sageway. None of their remains and bones were left.

Dazzling light flashed. Everyone subconsciously closed their eyes. Countless rays of spatial energy cut through their bodies like blades, causing them sharp pain. Under the pull of such force, everyone felt like they were entering a black hole and slowly falling into an abyss.

*Bang…* *Bang…* *Bang…*

Loud explosion was heard in the void. Floundering silhouettes were bounced out from the void one after another. Jiang Chen and the others forcefully stabilized themselves and slowly descended from the sky, but those who had lower strength didn’t have the ability to do so. They fell directly below, smas.h.i.+ng a crater in ground before climbing out of it, looking fl.u.s.tered.

“See if everyone’s okay.” Without having the time to check the surroundings, Yang Bufan’s eyes sweep across to find his allies.

Including Big Yellow, there were only eight of them. Yang Bufan, Jiang Chen, Wu Ningzhu, Big Yellow, Dong Fei and other three half-step Immortal Emperors. All of them were geniuses of King Fan Prefecture. The rest had basically been sent to other places by the spatial teleportation.

The force of the spatial teleportation was just too great. If it wasn’t because they had supported each other, it would be virtually impossible for them to arrive at this spot together. Genius Prefecture had an encampment of around 200 people, but only the eight of them emerged at this place.

“King Fan, we’re fine.”

Dong Fei patted away the dust off his clothes and spoke. The eight of them began to gather around.

“This place is the Golden Horizon? I wonder where we have been teleported to.”

Yang Bufan looked around and saw that they were on a rough and uneven mountain range. The environment here didn’t seem to have too much difference compared to the outside world. It was just that this place was gloomier, but if one observed closely, one would be able to feel something was unusual here.

This was an ancient battlefield, a place where many had fallen. Apart from the gloominess, there was also a light stench of blood here. Even if the stench of blood had been here for countless of years already, it still wasn’t completely gone. From time to time, one would be able to hear wails as though the battles of the past was still lingering in this battlefield. Although this was just an illusion, numerous people could clearly sense it.

“Did you all hear the wails? It is sad and tragic,” said one person. His name was Liang Qiao, who had recently joined King Fan Prefecture. He was a very powerful genius in outer prefecture, a half-step Immortal Emperor.

“Don’t listen to those voices. The environment here is very strong. A formidable force has already been created in this place that can invisibly affect one’s mind. Once the person is deeply affected by it, he will be plunged into the ancient war, driving the person crazy,” Jiang Chen said in an extremely serious tone.

This was a kind reminder. Jiang Chen, too, began to take the situation seriously. This place seemed very ordinary, but it absolutely was as unusual as the legends. It was full of mystical and weird stuff. Apart from the fact that this was an ancient battlefield, it was also a place where many creatures were born over the years. The creatures here were a hundred times more ferocious than demonic devils and possessed many special abilities, which made it impossible for people to guard against them. Therefore, even if there weren’t any fights amongst geniuses here, this place was still full of dangers. One needed to be careful all the time in order to survive in this place, otherwise, this place would be the burial site of that person.

“Little Chen is right. This environment carries a kind of evil force that can influence people’s mind. From now on, in the Golden Horizon, Jiang Chen’s words are the words of mine. You all will have to follow it unconditionally. If you are unwilling to do so, you can leave now. If any of you have your own idea, you have the right to look for your own fortune. There’s no need to follow us,” Yang Bufan looked at the crowd and spoke.

Everyone who came in the Golden Horizon has the right to pursue their own luck. He would never take away this right from them, but as long as they were next to him, they would have to unconditionally listen to him and Jiang Chen. This was because he was King Fan and they were his subordinates. Just like in Evil Abyss, the Evil Lord represented everything—the true king.

“We are willing to follow Jiang Chen’s words,” Dong Fei replied immediately.

The others nodded. They knew very well about Jiang Chen’s position in King Fan’s heart and even better about Jiang Chen’s strength. Apart from his terrifying strength, Jiang Chen was also a powerful alchemist. Being able to stay together with an alchemist in this dangerous place was something they could only dream of before this, because an alchemist would be able to save their lives if they were suffering lethal injuries.

As for finding their own lucky encounter, it wasn’t the time yet. They had just entered the Golden Horizon and was unclear about this place. Even if someone travelled along with them, they would at least familiarise themselves with the environment first. After all, King Fan was an early Immortal Emperor. His strength was universally recognized, and not even Crown Prince was able to defeat him. Following Yang Bufan would probably guarantee their safety.

“Little Chen, see where we are going next.” Yang Bufan looked over at Jiang Chen.

The others observed the terrain of this place. It was full of mountains with varying heights. Some places were terrifyingly desolate, but the far ahead seemed like a ma.s.sive forest. That was the only thing they could see from this piece of land.

Jiang Chen didn’t make any decision. Instead, he s.h.i.+fted his gaze at Big Yellow. He still remembered that Big Yellow had the ability to seek treasures. Big Yellow would lead him to where the good treasures were. No good treasure would be able to escape Big Yellow’s nose.

Big Yellow’s eyes fixed intently at the ma.s.sive forest ahead and spoke: “We’ll go to that forest. I have smelled the Qi of a treasure. That forest must have some good stuffs. However it’s also dangerous.”

Upon hearing the word treasures, Jiang Chen’s eyes perked up. The others didn’t understand Big Yellow, but he understood Big Yellow all too well. Anything that could be sensed by Big Yellow was no ordinary item.

“King Fan, it seems like our luck isn’t bad. We have found something good as soon as we arrived here.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Big Yellow, how did you know that there’s a treasure in that forest? I could clearly see that the forest is incomparably gloomy, and there’s a foul Qi lingering in it. It’s a land of great evil,” Yang Bufan stared at the forest and spoke.

Given his eyesight, he could clearly see the danger of the forest. Based on his observation, it’s very inappropriate to enter such a place because they might die in there. Additionally, he couldn’t even sense the existence of a treasure in the forest.

“That’s right. There must be danger inside that forest. Do we still go or not?”

“From my point of view, we’d better explore this area first and gain insights about the environment of Golden Horizon. We are going to stay here for a month anyway. There’s no need to hurry.”

Someone spoke, agreeing to what Yang Bufan had said. After all, the Golden Horizon was full of crisis. It would be somewhat foolish to enter that forest despite knowing the danger lying ahead.

“Humph! You all can choose not to go. We’ll go by ourselves, then.” Big Yellow snorted coldly, he was angry that someone was doubting his ability.

“King Fan, listen to Big Yellow. It won’t be wrong.”

Jiang Chen looked over at Yang Bufan. If Yang Bufan didn’t go, he and Big Yellow would bring Wu Ningzhu and go. He wasn’t afraid of danger. Besides, there were dangers everywhere in the Golden Horizon. It was totally an unrealistic thinking to acquire tremendous benefits without experiencing dangers along the way.

Everyone had to think for themselves. Naturally, Jiang Chen would also do the same. Moreover, Jiang Chen was good at acting alone. Bringing so many people with him was an inconvenience to him. More importantly, Big Yellow wouldn’t make a mistake in determining where the treasures were. If Yang Bufan and the others didn’t want to go, Jiang Chen would proceed with his chosen comrades. As for the dangers inside, he would never fear it.

“Alright. Then let’s go together. You all can go to other places if you don’t want to go with us,” Yang Bufan didn’t hesitate anymore and spoke.

Perhaps, he didn’t understand Big Yellow’s ability, but he had absolute trust in Jiang Chen. Besides, given Yang Bufan’s pride and personality, he would never be scared off by any danger. Coming to the Golden Horizon already proved that he was ready to accept numerous challenges.

“I’m going with Senior Brother Jiang.”

Dong Fei stood next to Jiang Chen. He was absolutely impressed by Jiang Chen. In his heart, Jiang Chen was like a miracle, he could even walk out of the forbidden valley of Genius Prefecture alive. There wouldn’t be a mistake in following Jiang Chen.

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