Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1544 – The Opening of Passageway

Chapter 1544 – The Opening of Passageway

The Opening of Pa.s.sageway

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“You’re right, but I’m afraid that it won’t be that easy. Hundreds of major powers would come together in the Golden Horizon. Each major power will be united. Father and Master Yang Zanqing have emphasized on this. If we attack Jiang Chen and King Fan in the Golden Horizon, a lot of people may witness it. I don’t think I can afford to take the blame when father finds out about this,” The Crown Prince said.

Although he didn’t have a subtle mind like King Ping, he absolutely wasn’t a fool. He knew about the degree of seriousness of King Ping’s plan. After all, the expedition in the Golden Horizon wasn’t just about the compet.i.tion among the geniuses of Great Qian Empire, but also amongst countless of major powers of the three great Immortal Domains. Therefore, the higher ups of every major power would require the disciples to stay united when they were inside, otherwise they would most probably be devoured by other major powers in an instant.

Such unity was also an honour. Those who didn’t value unity would be doomed to face serious consequences. If King Ping and Crown Prince killed Jiang Chen and King Fan, not only would they be punished by the Emperor, they would also be disdained by the disciples who joined the expedition. From then on, their reputation would surely stink. Neither King Ping nor Crown Prince would be able to bear such responsibility.

“I’ve figured it out. Naturally, we won’t do it by ourselves. Only fools will do that.”

King Ping smiled and continued, “Don’t you forget that Jiang Chen has killed the two brothers, Fu Wei and Fu Tian, and the people of Yellow Spring Sect. Fu Tian and Fu Wei were both disciples of Yin Corpse Sect and Divine Line Sect, respectively. You should know very well what the most important thing is for a great sect. It’s face. Jiang Chen has killed their people, which is equivalent to slapping their face. For sects like Yin Corpse Sect and Yellow Spring Sect, they have sinister style of conduct and are ruthless towards their enemies. If it wasn’t for the protection of King Fan and Jiang Chen entering Genius Prefecture, do you think those three great sects will let Jiang Chen go? Therefore, we can use them to help us get rid of Jiang Chen and King Fan.”

King Ping smiled evilly. In terms of cunningness, not even two Crown Princes would be able to match one King Ping. He had always worked out a good plan. Just like the plan he was proposing right now.

“That’s a good idea. Do you have any specific steps for that?” The Crown Prince asked.

“Let’s start from here…”

At the back of the garden, the two old enemies had chatted secretly for two hours. No one knew what they were talking about, or that King Ping had come, because no one would think that these two enemies would work together. This was truly an unprecedented thing.

Not much time was left before the opening of the Golden Horizon. There were only six days left. In these six days of time, every genius in Genius Prefecture was ready, especially those who received the ident.i.ty brocade bag. Each of them seemed pretty excited and thrilled. To them, this represented recognition.

“It isn’t easy to get the ident.i.ty brocade bag. I will certainly cherish this opportunity. If I’m able to obtain some benefits in the expedition, my cultivation base is going to improve once more. At that time, I will surely soar to the top!”

“Don’t get overly excited about it. The Golden Horizon is an ancient battlefield. Plenty of strange creatures have been born over the years. It’s a very scary place that was full of death. Besides, there are also geniuses from the three Immortal Domains. The number of people are just too many. There’s going to be killings and battles everywhere. It will be good enough if you can stay alive.”

“Are you scared? If you are scared, then don’t go. There are still many people who want to go. You can give up your ident.i.ty brocade bag and see if other people will fight for it. The three Immortal Domains contained countless major powers and various geniuses. This is a grand meeting of geniuses, but is also limited to a certain number. How exciting it is to be able to take part in this grand event and compete with the geniuses of the whole Immortal World. Even if I die, it will still be worth it. The Dao of cultivation has always been a path that defies the heavens, just like how one sails against the current. If you don’t go, others will go and may have the chance to surpa.s.s you. At that time, you are only going to be the stepping stone of another person. To be a truly superior expert, you will have to experience various situations of life-and-death. Understand? If you are scared, stay here and be a normal person.”

“Who wants to be a normal person? Who said that I’m scared? I didn’t mean that. Besides, this is a rare opportunity that I can’t afford to miss.”


Everyone in Genius Prefecture was discussing about the Golden Horizon. Although they knew that it was a dangerous expedition and might cost them their lives, no one backed down. A hundred quota of people was far from being enough for these arrogant young men.

Geniuses had their own pride and was unwilling to stay ordinary. They had great hopes and dreams for their future. So they had regarded this dangerous event as a huge chance to improve themselves.

Over the next few days, some of the disciples who didn’t get the ident.i.ty brocade bags began finding those who had and begged them to bring them along. Without the ident.i.ty brocade bag, they would face numerous difficulties. For example, if the person obtains a treasure, he would have no other things to carry it except using his hands. In that case, it would make him a clear target and would be hunted by the others.

Nevertheless, most of them didn’t care about that. They just wanted to enter the Golden Horizon. Even if there was only a slim chance, they still wouldn’t want to let it go.

Time pa.s.sed very quickly. In the early morning of the next day, the sound of the battle drum of Genius Prefecture reverberated. Above the ancient tower suspended in the sky was a huge square. Currently, there were at least two hundred people standing on the square. All of them were geniuses of Genius Prefecture. The lowest cultivation base among them was at the late Immortal King realm. Each of their face was filled with excitement. Today was the day of the opening of the Golden Horizon. They knew that they were going to step into the true journey once the pa.s.sageway to Golden Horizon had been opened from here.

The Immortal Court only gave a hundred quota of people. The rest of them were here because of connections. They knew the danger and risk in this trip, but still, no one retreated and they were still full of antic.i.p.ation and desire about the future.

Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu were also among them. They were standing together with King Fan. Presently, eight people were standing next to King Fan. They were all the people of King Fan Prefecture. Four of them were half-step Immortal Emperor supreme geniuses that had recently joined King Fan Prefecture, and had gotten the ident.i.ty brocade bags. The remaining four were late Immortal King geniuses. Dong Fei was among them. Originally Dong Fei was an intermediate Immortal King expert, but not long after he had broken through the late Immortal King realm. He too was unwilling to say ordinary. So he had decided to go along with King Fan in this expedition. He had already prepared himself for the worst.

These four didn’t have the right to obtain the ident.i.ty brocade bags, so all of those who had the bags were half-step Immortal Emperors and Immortal Emperors.

The overall strength of Genius Prefecture could be seen from the geniuses that appeared today. Those geniuses who didn’t show up during normal days had now appeared. For early Immortal Emperors alone, there were a dozen of them, which was already considered terrifying. However, the ones who were most noticeable were the two young men standing at the front most. The Qi radiating from them clearly surpa.s.sed the others. Their cultivation base had reached the terrifying intermediate Immortal Emperor realm.

“Yang Lang and Shan Chong. The two freaks of Genius Prefecture. According to the others, they have taken part in the Golden Horizon once and had come out of it alive. Yang Lang is the son of my fourth imperial uncle. Shan Chong is the true genius nurtured by Genius Prefecture. Their age are reaching fifty soon, so this is going to be their last chance.”

Yang Bufan explained. Yang Lang and Shan Chong seemed like twenty or thirty years old, but their actual age was already close to fifty. They were the scariest geniuses of Great Qian Empire that went to Golden Horizon this time.

“It seems there’s really some interesting things in the Golden Horizon.”

Jiang Chen smiled. The fact that Yang Lang and Shan Chong wanted to go for the second time indicated that the benefits in the Golden Horizon was boundless. Otherwise, these two wouldn’t enter a second time and disregard the risks.

Of course, when they reached such cultivation base and level, they already had the power to protect themselves. Even in the Golden Horizon, they could handle all kinds of dangers. After all, not only was their strength powerful, they also had a certain understanding of the Golden Horizon.

“Dammit! The group is too huge. I have been in Genius Prefecture for so long, but this is my first time witnessing the true strength of Genius Prefecture. Truly terrifying!”

“They can’t help it. The temptation of the Golden Horizon is just too great. This is a great opportunity. Now, we are only seeing the encampment of Genius Prefecture. At Golden Horizon, there will be geniuses from several hundred major powers. That kind of scene is totally unimaginable.”

“Look, master has arrived. It seems like the spatial pa.s.sageway to the Golden Horizon is going to be open soon. The exciting moment is coming.”


Many people couldn’t hold back their excitement. At this time, both Yang Zanqing and Dongfang Yu and many other higher ups of Genius Prefecture had emerged. Certainly, this was a great event to the Genius Prefecture.

Yang Zanqing and Dongfang Yu eyes swept across the encampment of geniuses below, they exchanged a glance before Yang Zanqing spoke. “You all should already know the things about the Golden Horizon pretty well, but the number of people entering the Golden Horizon has far exceeded the quota a.s.signed by the Immortal Court. I feel the necessity to advise you all again. Those without the ident.i.ty brocade bags will have difficulty in entering the Golden Horizon and it will be extremely dangerous for you. You may die as soon as you enter it. It’s still not too late to walk away now. When the pa.s.sageway is opened, there’s no turning back.”

As soon as Yang Zanqing’s voice faded, the geniuses below remained silent. No one made a move. Instead, everyone’s eyes were glowing with enthusiasm. Clearly, no one shrank back, because choosing to back away at this time would only make them a joke to other people.

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