Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1543 – King Ping’s Plo

Chapter 1543 – King Ping’s Plo

King Ping’s Plot

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“En, I just have some matters to attend to.” Jiang Chen smiled at the guards then strode into King Fan Prefecture.

“Look, Young Master Jiang still smiled at us instead of looking at us arrogantly. Out there, I’m afraid that a peerless genius like him won’t even dart a glance at us.”

“En, Young Master Jiang is very kind indeed, but that’s because we are his allies. I heard that Young Master Jiang is very cruel to his enemies. Ever since his arrival, he had been making great contributions to King Fan Prefecture. Although King Fan Prefecture has only been recently established, it already has a very high status in the Imperial City. And the reputation of our Prefecture is strong enough to compete with Crown Prince Palace and King Ping Prefecture.”

The two guards spoke with smiles. Their words contained unconcealed praise and respect towards Jiang Chen.

After Jiang Chen returned to King Fan Prefecture, he headed directly for Wu Ningzhu who was currently cultivating in her room. Seeing Jiang Chen pus.h.i.+ng open the door, Wu Ningzhu’s face overflowed with surprise.

“Little Chen, you’re back.”

Wu Ningzhu rose from the cus.h.i.+on. She was now at the peak of early Immortal King realm. She had improved tremendously compared to when she had just arrived at King Fan Prefecture. This was not only because of the good cultivation environment and abundant resources provided by King Fan Prefecture, but most importantly because of her natural talent. Just like what Jiang Chen had said, Wu Ningzhu was a person with huge fortune. Someone like her shouldn’t live a plain life. This time, the expedition to the Golden Horizon was a great opportunity for her to rise.

“En, Sister Ning, you’ve made some progress again.” Jiang Chen gave a chuckle of delight.

“Humph! Humph! I’ve something to ask you. What’s Yan Qingcheng all about? Was it because you couldn’t control yourself when Xiao Yu and I were not around? You have found another girl not long after you arrived in the Immortal World.” Wu Ningzhu rushed forward and pulled Jiang Chen’s ears tightly.

“It hurts! It hurts! Let go of me quick Sister Ning!”

Jiang Chen felt the pain but grinned. Finally, he had witnessed how fierce Wu Ningzhu could be, today. It seemed that his future life wouldn’t be that easy any more. Being a dignified ruler, he couldn’t possibly be pulled by someone on the ear every day. But regarding the matter of Yan Qingcheng, he was truly wronged by the accusation.

“It’s good that it hurts. If I don’t show you the consequences today, you’re going to bring more women back to our home!” Wu Ningzhu, the tiger had gone mad.

Despite Jiang Chen’s incredible prestige and reputation as the G.o.d of Slaughter, he was as tame and meek as a sheep in front of Wu Ningzhu. This was why some said that everything had its vanquisher. Jiang Chen too, would have times when he had to bow to someone.

“I won’t dare. And I have been treated unjustly.” Jiang Chen waved his hand hastily. Should anyone saw this scene, his or her jaw would surely drop to the floor.

“Sister Ning, I don’t have any feelings for Yan Qingcheng. I have only saved her life before. I swear to G.o.d.”

Jiang Chen said solemnly, otherwise he would continually be wronged. Furthermore, this hadn’t included the reaction of Yan Chenyu. He would probably be eaten by the two women if they were present at the same time.

“Alright. I already knew what’s between the two of you. I have talked to Sister Qingcheng and she had told me everything. Clearly, she’s crazy about you. If possible, don’t let her down. But I’m warning you today to never do this again.”

Wu Ningzhu placed her jade-like finger on Jiang Chen’s forehead. She was an open-minded person. After conversing with Yan Qingcheng, she could sense that Yan Qingcheng really had feelings for Jiang Chen. At the same time, she also understood that someone as excellent as Jiang Chen naturally was going to attract the hearts of countless beauties. She was a perfect example of this. This also meant that she had a great eyesight in selecting a husband.

Love was selfish. Wu Ningzhu wanted Jiang Chen to have only one woman, but she knew that it would be impossible.

“Don’t worry, Sister Ning, there will definitely be no next time. Besides, I didn’t say that I would accept Qingcheng. In my eyes, Sister Ning is the prettiest.”

Jiang Chen said then held Wu Ningzhu by the waist and pushed down his forehead as he quickly kissed her red lips.

“Hooligan!” Wu Ningzhu swore when she was forced to kiss, but her blus.h.i.+ng face didn’t show any signs of anger.

“Sister Ning, I have come back because there are things that I want to discuss with you.” Jiang Chen suddenly brush aside his joking mood and said seriously.

Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s tone, Wu Ningzhu noticed that something great had happened, or else Jiang Chen wouldn’t act so sternly.

“The Golden Horizon is going to open soon. I want to bring you along……”

Jiang Chen told her everything about the Golden Horizon, and also his own idea. He thought that this expedition in Golden Horizon was a great opportunity to Wu Ningzhu and that she had to firmly grab it.

“Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Immediately, she agreed without even thinking about it. She knew better than anyone about what Jiang Chen said. How could she miss such a great opportunity? Since the day she decided to follow Jiang Chen, her desire had been s.h.i.+fted to cultivation. She had been trying persistently to catch up in her cultivation so that the gap between her and Jiang Chen wouldn’t be too big. She was destined to be the woman of Jiang Chen in this life. Even if she couldn’t be of great help to Jiang Chen, she absolutely shouldn’t become a burden to him.

The Golden Horizon naturally was incomparably dangerous, but she didn’t care. Going all-out in this expedition was better than living a stable life in King Fan Prefecture. Although the cultivation environment and resources in the prefecture was great, after reaching Immortal King realm, it was no longer as effective as before. She had to continue searching for opportunity which would have to rely on her luck. This time, the expedition in Golden Horizon was precisely a great opportunity.

More importantly, as long as she and Jiang Chen could be together, she wouldn’t give a second thought even if she had to climb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of flames.

“En, then get ready. The Golden Horizon will be opened six days later.”

Jiang Chen hugged Wu Ningzhu in his arms. He enjoyed this moment very much. It was always easy for him to relax in front of his lover, though such a feeling was only an extravagant hope to him.

“Sister Ning, how’s Qingcheng? Did she already feel acquainted to this place?” Jiang Chen asked.

He hadn’t met Yan Qingcheng since she arrived in King Fan Prefecture. He was well aware of Yan Qingcheng’s affection for him, but he really had no idea what he should do about it.

“She worked very hard. She trained every day. Also, Old Man Bai Weng has taken her as his disciple,” Wu Ningzhu said.

A diligent person was never annoying. In one way, Wu Ningzhu and Yan Qingcheng were the same kind of people.

Imperial City, Crown Prince Palace!

Crown Prince Palace was situated at the central region of the city, not far away from the Imperial Palace. It was bustling with activity. To the empire, the Crown Prince was the heir to the throne, which made his status incredibly high. The building of Crown Prince Palace was even more extensive and magnificent compared to King Fan and King Ping Prefecture.

After getting the ident.i.ty brocade bag, the Crown Prince returned to the palace and was enjoying his tea in the private garden. To him, it was rare to have such a satisfying moment.

All of a sudden, a figure emerged in the middle of the garden unnoticeably. The Crown Prince raised his head. When he saw who the person was, a trace of disgust was shown in his eyes.

“What are you doing here?”

The Crown Prince spoke grudgingly, because the newcomer was King Ping. Before the return of Yang Bufan, he and King Ping had always been fighting against each other, just like how water was incompatible with fire. But now, King Ping had come to pay him a visit, which was extremely rare.

“I naturally have things to discuss with you.”

King Ping didn’t sound polite either, and flopped onto a chair.

He knew that the Crown Prince disliked him because the feeling was mutual. After all, both of them had already been fighting for such a long time. Therefore, King Ping didn’t delay any longer. He went straight to the point. “Crown Prince, I have come here to discuss about the plan to get rid of Jiang Chen and King Fan.”

Hearing the name of Jiang Chen and King Fan triggered two rays of cold light from the Crown Prince’s eyes. Since the humiliating event in King-Conferring Ceremony, he had never been in a good mood. After that, all those incidents that happened in Genius Prefecture had aroused his intent to kill Jiang Chen. If there was a chance to get rid of this enemy, he would never have any second thoughts.

Although King Ping hadn’t made any moves yet, he must know how much danger Jiang Chen posed and would have the same intention as him.

“Jiang Chen must die sooner or later. I’m going to get rid of him.” The Crown Prince said violently.

“Crown Prince, although you and I were enemies, I hope that we can work together in dealing with Jiang Chen. That person is a huge threat. You should know better than me about this. That person just grows too fast and is also a powerful alchemist. Now, both Yang Zanqing and Dongfang Yu are attaching great importance to him. Even our Imperial Father is beginning to pay him attention. Given his current influence, if he doesn’t leave the Imperial Capital, we won’t have any chance to do anything to him. With such monstrous talent, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes an unconquerable threat. The expedition in Golden Horizon is the best opportunity. Together, we will be able to kill Jiang Chen and King Fan in the Golden Horizon,” King Ping said.

To them, the Golden Horizon was the only chance they had to eliminate Jiang Chen and King Fan, because they had a feeling that if they couldn’t kill them this time, they would lose the chance forever and might be killed by Jiang Chen in the future.

You always didn’t know what would happen to someone like Jiang Chen. A genius with such great fortune would probably be able to rise to a horrifying level by taking advantage of the expedition in the Golden Horizon. When that time came, they would be powerless even if Jiang Chen was standing right in front of them alone.

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