Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1542 – Jiang Chen’s Decision

Chapter 1542 – Jiang Chen’s Decision

Jiang Chen’s Decision

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There were still seven days left which Jiang Chen could use for preparation. He knew very well the scope of geniuses who would enter the Golden Horizon. He was afraid that he would be the only one who has the lowest cultivation base. Despite his powerful combat strength, he might not be as outstanding among the 20 000 geniuses. There were too many geniuses that were even more powerful than him. Putting everything else aside, Jiang Chen was absolutely not a match for those early Immortal Emperors.

“Big Yellow, do you think Nanbei Chao will be on this trip as well?” Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow.

“This is the grand gathering of the young generation. How can he miss this? In his eyes, those who will enter the Golden Horizon are all his prey. Perhaps, we will have a chance to meet him. It’s just that I’m not sure if he can recognize you,” Big Yellow said.

Based on their understanding of Nanbei Chao, he would surely appear in this expedition. It wouldn’t be his style if he didn’t appear in such a grand event. He was a man with wild ambition, and regarded everyone as his stepping stone.

Neither Jiang Chen nor Big Yellow knew what it would be like to encounter Nanbei Chao again. It was unknown whether Nanbei Chao could recognize Jiang Chen. After all, back when Nanbei Chao was killed in Saint Origin World, he was merely an ordinary clone of himself. There was almost no comparison between a clone and the true self.

“At least he will be able to sense something. Anyway, we’re going to be enemies sooner or later. By the way Big Yellow, I want to bring Sister Ning along in this expedition. I have calculated for Sister Ning using the Great Divination Art, and found that Sister Ning is also a person with great luck. It’s just that her luck has always been concealed. Although the expedition in the Golden Horizon will be dangerous, it will also be an enormous opportunity to her,” Jiang Chen said.

He made this decision after a moment of contemplation. He had asked Dongfang Yu just now that everyone with the ident.i.ty brocade bag could bring at least three people with him. It was just that those without the ident.i.ty brocade bag would find it harder to enter the battlefield than those who had the ident.i.ty brocade bag.

Currently, Wu Ningzhu was merely at the early Immortal King realm. Given her strength, she had ninety percent chance of dying and ten percent chance of living. Any genius there could instantly kill her. To her, it was safest to stay in King Fan Prefecture, but this wouldn’t be a long-term plan. He had divined the future of Wu Ningzhu. He believed that he would be able to ensure Wu Ningzhu’s safety. It would be best if he could help Wu Ningzhu discover her lucky encounter.

“En, I think that it is fine. Sister Ning’s body certainly is blessed by a vague trace of luck. It’s just that it hasn’t revealed itself yet. Now should be the time for it to unveil itself. The Golden Horizon is the legacy left behind by the Golden Clan from a very long time ago. The Immortal Execution King and Zang Xian Great Sovereign are both people of that era. Furthermore, the Gold Feather Fan isn’t found yet. This indicates that there are still inheritances of Golden Clan in the Golden Horizon. This is a chance for everybody. The blood of ancient Divine Bird, Golden Crow, flows in the body of the people of Golden Clan. This type of bloodline is incredibly strong. If Sister Ning’s luck is able to reveal itself in the Golden Horizon, perhaps she will be able to obtain some unexpected harvest,” Big Yellow said.

“Big Yellow, you seem to know the Golden Clan very well.” Jiang Chen smiled faintly at the dog. This dog knew too much about the Immortal World.

“You don’t need to ask. I’m going to tell you the secret sooner or later. But I definitely will go to the Golden Horizon this time,” Big Yellow said.

Given Big Yellow’s intelligence, he knew that Jiang Chen had long felt that he had a great secret. By this time, he would no longer hide it because that was like treating Jiang Chen like a fool. It wasn’t good to treat a brother as such, but regarding his secret, he felt that it still wasn’t the time to tell Jiang Chen.

“Alright. I will wait, very expectantly.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. He had been looking forward to Big Yellow’s secret, but since Big Yellow already said it, he could only wait until Big Yellow spit it out. This was the secret of his brother. It was no use if he forced Big Yellow to speak it.

The next day, Yang Bufan came which was within the expectation of Jiang Chen. Needless to say, he must have come for the matter of the Golden Horizon.

“Little Chen, you should have already gotten the ident.i.ty brocade bag right?”

Yang Bufan asked, seeming to be exuberant as though he was very excited about entering the Golden Horizon.

“En, Master Dongfang has given me the ident.i.ty brocade bag last night. I didn’t think that the opening of the Golden Horizon will involve so many forces and geniuses. Thinking about it makes my blood boil,” Jiang Chen said. He could feel that Yang Bufan had the same mood as him.

Both of them were people who couldn’t stand boredom. The fact that Yang Bufan had left Great Qian Empire and went to Evil Abyss indicated his discontentment in the Empire, and since he had been to Evil Abyss, he didn’t find the expedition in the Golden Horizon terrifying. Instead, he was filled with antic.i.p.ation.

“There are countless geniuses who will enter the Golden Horizon this time. Plus, some people will bring in a few of their comrades. I’m afraid that the total number of people will hit 40 or 50 000. And this involves the geniuses of the three Immortal Domains. Our life will no longer be in vain if we could take part in such a grand gathering. This trip is going to be very dangerous, however. Apart from the crisis that exists in the region itself, the partic.i.p.ants is another kind of danger as well. Those 40 000 to 50 000 people are all our enemies. This is an opportunity and also a great compet.i.tion. As far as I’m concerned, many powerful talents in the Immortal World are going to show up this time.” Yang Bufan said.

“King Fan, of all the geniuses who will enter the Golden Horizon, what is the highest cultivation base among them? It won’t just be early Immortal Emperor, isn’t it?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

Some said that you must know yourself as well as your enemy, only then could he make the best response at the critical moment.

“Of course. Early Immortal Emperor naturally is powerful, but this won’t be the most powerful force of the other major powers. For example, our empire has intermediate Immortal Emperor experts who are the true geniuses and seldom appears. According to others, there are other domains and supreme sects that have geniuses who have reached the terrifying late Immortal Emperor realm. Each major power had its own hidden forces. In this expedition, all of them will emerge. So base on our strengths, it’s impossible for us to dominate in the Golden Horizon. As far as I know, the geniuses of the Immortal Court will also appear. No one knew what their cultivation bases are,” replied Yang Bufan.

These words had once again, astounded Jiang Chen. A late Immortal Emperor supreme genius…how terrifying would that be? In any case, Jiang Chen absolutely was no match if he encountered such an enemy. Most of the major powers had inheritances pa.s.sed down from generations. And there were those supreme religious sect and families with unimaginable forces. Additionally, there is the Immortal Court. All of these had aroused Jiang Chen’s interest greatly, and the Immortal Court was a very mysterious existence in Jiang Chen’s heart.

“Even the others could never be underestimated. There are also many other important figures with powerful trump cards. If the major power is worried about the safety of their genius, they will let that genius carry a supreme treasure with him, allowing him to launch unparalleled power at the most critical moment. So, there are many of them who can’t be trifled with, but we don’t have to fear that. There are many encounters in the Golden Horizon. It’s an ancient giant battlefield that was left with countless treasures. In the past, many experts had gotten enormous benefits causing their cultivation base to skyrocket. Yang Zanqing was one of them who rose from the Golden Horizon. We can also do the same. As long as we can advance continuously in that place, we won’t have to fear anyone,” Yang Bufan said with lofty aspiration.

The dangers in Golden Horizon were numerous and unpredictable, but this wouldn’t stop them from moving forward. Instead, this would be a motivation. If they were able to survive in such an environment, they were going to acquire some sort of unordinary improvement, which was undeniably rare.

The word ‘rising in adversity was also equivalent to peris.h.i.+ng in adversity’. All the geniuses who entered the Golden Horizon were mentally prepared to die.

“I’m already losing my patience waiting.” Jiang Chen sighed. The thought of countless geniuses clas.h.i.+ng made the excitement his insides run wild.

“By the way, Little Chen, are you bringing anyone with you this time?” Yang Bufan asked.

“Big Yellow is a must. I will also bring Sister Ning with me,” Jiang Chen said.

“Wu Ningzhu? Her cultivation base is only at the early Immortal King realm. Although you are also at the early Immortal King realm, there’s no comparison between the both of you. Bringing her with you is like bringing a burden. The Golden Horizon is full of dangers. Her life will always be in danger.”

Yang Bufan was slightly shocked, not understanding why Jiang Chen had made such a foolish decision. One should know that even a late Immortal King would die for sure in the Golden Horizon.

“I know what I’m doing. King Fan doesn’t have to worry about it.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He would never take away the chance for Wu Ningzhu’s luck to flourish.

After bidding goodbye to Yang Bufan, Jiang Chen left Genius Prefecture and headed for King Fan Prefecture. Wu Ningzhu didn’t know about this matter yet.

King Fan Prefecture was situated in the palace. It had always been peaceful and serene. Jiang Chen didn’t travel in the air to stay low-profile.

Outside the gates of King Fan Prefecture, when the two guards saw Jiang Chen, they immediately greeted him.

“Is there anything that I can help, Young Master Jiang?”

A guard bowed his head with a respectful posture. Jiang Chen’s prestige in King Fan Prefecture was very high. He became famous during the day of King-Conferring Ceremony. After that, the incidents about him in Genius Prefecture had spread like wildfire, especially the news of him walking out of the forbidden valley. Later, he had defeated the Seventh Prince and was also an incredible young alchemist. All of these had brought endless glory to King Fan Prefecture. So everyone in King Fan Prefecture would pay Jiang Chen their utmost respect.

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