Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1541 – The Distinguished Gathering of Geniuses

Chapter 1541 – The Distinguished Gathering of Geniuses

The Distinguished Gathering of Geniuses

Jiang Chen was a man who couldn’t stand idleness. He liked all kinds of exciting challenges. Speaking of danger, he had already experienced plenty of them along the way. A true achiever was destined to go through countless life-and-death situations and dangers in order to become a peerless expert.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen still had lots of doubts about the Golden Horizon. He was going to ask Dongfang Yu all of that.

“Good. Jiang Chen. Sure enough, I wasn’t wrong in my judgement.”

Seeing Jiang Chen willing to take part in the expedition, Dongfang Yu praised Jiang Chen. In truth, this was already within his expectation. From the first time he saw Jiang Chen, he knew that Jiang Chen was a dragon amongst his peers. And in fact, the one hundred quota wasn’t even considered a lot to the mighty Great Qian Empire. There were just too many young geniuses in the empire and each of them wouldn’t be willing to stay ordinary. Many of them had experienced violent storms and waves. Although the Golden Horizon was dangerous, it was also an incomparably rare opportunity to these geniuses. It was a chance that could only appear once every five years. When it arrived, almost no one would turn the opportunity down, being selected in this expedition meant honour and glory.

“Master, what was the Immortal Court that you mentioned about?”

Jiang Chen asked curiously. Upon listening to the tone of Dongfang Yu, the Immortal Court sounded very powerful and greater compared to the Great Qian Empire, as though the Golden Horizon was under the control of the Immortal Court and every quota was determined by it.

“Jiang Chen. How can you not know about the Immortal Court? However it’s not entirely your fault. The Immortal Court is a high and mighty existence that won’t appear under normal circ.u.mstances. The Immortal World is too big and separated into nine great Immortal Domains. There’s a spatial barrier around every Immortal Domain. Also, each of the Immortal Domain resided the high and mighty Immortal Court, and is also the supreme ruler of that particular Domain. They are the ones who open the Golden Horizon. Jiang Chen, don’t underestimate the Golden Horizon. This is a major event of the Immortal World. It is a platform for the young geniuses of the numerous Immortal Domains. Do you know what the condition for entering the Golden Horizon is? Every time when the Golden Horizon opens, do you know how many geniuses will take part in it?”

Dongfang Yu looked at Jiang Chen with a smile. He believed that Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to guess that out. He also believed that Jiang Chen would definitely be astounded the moment Jiang Chen knew about it.

Jiang Chen’s face began to turn grim. He thought that the Eastern Profound Domain was the center of the Immortal World, but now it seemed like he was terribly wrong. The Ethereal Immortal Domain alone was just too big and boundless, and there was the almighty existence – the Immortal Court which was above Great Qian Empire. All of a sudden, Jiang Chen felt that his path was still incredibly far away. His current self was just too small and tiny, like a grain in the ocean.

“Please enlighten me,” Jiang Chen said.

He now felt that the opening of the Golden Horizon wasn’t as simple and was even more complex than what he had imagined.

“First, the condition for entering the Golden Horizon is that one has to be a young genius below fifty years old. This would limit the number of people that can enter the Golden Horizon. Next, I will tell you how many people are allowed to go inside. Our empire only has a quota of a hundred people. The Eastern Profound Domain has 11 major powers. I estimate that the other ten major powers will also be getting the same number of people. That is to say, for Eastern Profound Domain alone, there’s over one thousand young geniuses who will enter the Golden Horizon, including some of those intermediate powers that will be getting some quotas. Furthermore, the Ethereal Immortal Domain is divided into Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern Profound Domain. Each of the major powers in those domains will also be given a certain number of quota. To be put it simply, the Ethereal Immortal Domain alone has no less than six thousand geniuses entering the Golden Horizon.” Dongfang Yu said.


Upon hearing this, even with Jiang Chen’s determination, he couldn’t help but exclaim. Six thousand people…that was just too scary.

No, Dongfang Yu said that that was only if all the geniuses of Ethereal Immortal Domain alone were joining the expedition. He did mention that there were other Immortal Domains that was going to partic.i.p.ate in this expedition as well.

“Master, according to what you have said, could it be that there are geniuses from the other Immortal Domains partic.i.p.ating in this expedition as well?” Jiang Chen asked.

“That’s right. The Golden Horizon is located in the void zone of the Golden Triangle, fitted in among the Ethereal Immortal Domain, Mi Luo Immortal Domain and Radiance Immortal Domain. When the day of the opening comes, it would need the joint efforts of the Immortal Court of the three Immortal Domains to open it. Therefore, those who enter the Golden Horizon will not only be geniuses of Ethereal Immortal Domain, but also the geniuses of Mi Luo and Radiance Immortal Domain. Conservatively, the number of geniuses will be at least 20 000. To put it bluntly, this is a grand gathering of young geniuses of the three Immortal Domains. Every time the Golden Horizon is opened, it’s not only for treasure-seeking, and molding and training their disciples, but also competing against the other major powers of the three Immortal Domains. Each individual that enters the Golden Horizon will carry an ident.i.ty brocade bag of their own. And this brocade bag will have a great impact on them,” Dongfang Yu said.

This was a contest among the young generation and a battle of kings. It was magnificent and huge. This incident would surely spread to many places.

The age of 50. This was a very harsh condition. For the cultivators of the Immortal World, a hundred years of age is still considered a young man. One couldn’t judge a person’s age by just looking at their appearance. Some old men who had lived for a few thousand years still looks the same as the young people, which wasn’t unusual at all.

My G.o.d!

Jiang Chen’s mouth went wide. He seldom felt so astonished, but at this moment, he couldn’t help it. He knew that he had completely underestimated the Golden Horizon in the beginning, because not only was this about treasure-hunting and training, but it was also a grand meeting. He couldn’t believe that anyone would ever decline such an offer. Earth-shattering things would definitely happen among these 20 000 geniuses. If one was able to rise from all these geniuses, how honorable would that be.

Everyone had the desire to win. The most basic element in geniuses was pride. Every proud person would surely want to take part in such an event. A hundred quota of people isn’t considered many. It was believed that not even a 500-quota would be enough for Great Qian Empire, and some people might even fight for it.

The Eastern Profound Domain alone had eleven major powers. Each Immortal Domain was divided into four great domains, which made twelve great domains in total. Adding all the major powers, intermediate powers and sects in all three Immortal Domains, there would be several hundred of them. Jiang Chen didn’t dare to imagine what kind of a scene would that be. Thinking about it now made Jiang Chen’s blood boil.

“Jiang Chen, this is the ident.i.ty brocade bag. It will become yours as long as you instill a trace of your soul into it. This will be the pa.s.sport for you to go in.” Dongfang Yu took out a golden brocade bag and gave it to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen took the brocade bag. The bag was only the size of a palm. Its surface was carved with some marks. It was soft, light, and thin in texture. With a sweep of his divine sense, he realized that inside the brocade bag was an enormous spatial zone that was ten miles big. What made Jiang Chen doubtful was that why was there such a huge storage s.p.a.ce in the bag. Anyone should know that once a person reached the Immortal King realm, one’s Qi Sea would be the greatest container. So no storage of any kind of magical treasure would be needed. Furthermore, it was afraid that those who were permitted to enter the Golden Horizon were at least of the half-step Immortal Emperor realm, or of late Immortal King realm. Such a storage s.p.a.ce wouldn’t do much of a help. However Jiang Chen felt that the Immortal Court would never waste so much effort just to craft such a brocade bag for no reason.

“Master, why does this ident.i.ty brocade bag had an internal storage s.p.a.ce?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“Of course it’s for you to store your items. The law in the Golden Horizon has been altered by the experts of the three Immortal Domains. All the items that you obtain can never be placed into your Qi Sea, but into this brocade bag. There’s only one purpose of doing so – that is for battling. This expedition will no doubt, have countless of battles amongst geniuses. You can kill and hunt anyone in that place. After killing the expert, his ident.i.ty brocade bag won’t be destroyed and the treasure inside will then be yours. Additionally, the luck of that expert will also be stored inside the brocade bag. After killing the expert, not only can you obtain his ident.i.ty brocade bag, but also his luck. You should know that luck is illusory. However, after the brocade bag integrated with your soul and consciousness, even if you die, it will keep your luck and pa.s.s it to someone else. Plus, don’t throw away the extra brocade bag. If you perform well, you will probably catch the attention of the Immortal Court. If you are able to enter the Immortal Court one day, you are surely going to rise to fame.” Dongfang Yu explained. Fearing that he would miss out something, he provided a very detailed explanation to Jiang Chen.

Upon hearing Dongfang Yu’s words, Jiang Chen was at a loss for words until he spit out the word. “F***!”

“Haha! How is it Jiang Chen? Exciting isn’t it?” Dongfang Yu laughed pleasantly.

Exciting? The Golden Horizon was too freaking exciting and it was simply like a seizure. Such a battle was certainly cruel. Jiang Chen had been totally fired up. He liked this kind of event. As long as he could walk out of this alive, he would surely become a peerless expert.

“Alright. Take some time to digest them. I will go back to make some preparations and gather all the selected people and give them the ident.i.ty brocade bags. Remember, integrate your soul consciousness into the ident.i.ty brocade bag as quickly as possible.” Dongfang Yu reminded Jiang Chen, then turned and left.

“Motherf*****! Little Chen, this Golden Horizon is too amazing! You can totally conduct a huge ma.s.sacre.”

Big Yellow was incomparably excited. For a restless lord like him, he would lose the ability to sit still after hearing about this.

“That’s right. The Immortal Court has set an excellent rule. I like such place very much.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a trace of a cold smile. It was destined that many would fall in such grand meeting, but Jiang Chen absolutely wouldn’t be one of them. Jiang Chen was going to take advantage of this opportunity to improve his own strength.

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