Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1540 – The Golden Horizon

Chapter 1540 – The Golden Horizon

The Golden Horizon


The Crown Prince snorted coldly, then turned and left. King Ping just darted a glance at Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan without speaking and left, but his killing intent was keenly sensed by Jiang Chen.

“King Ping is a lot more terrifying compared to the Crown Prince.”

Looking at the sight of King Ping’s back, Jiang Chen said plainly. A subtle man is always the hardest to deal with. Without a doubt, King Ping was really terrifying. As for the Crown Prince, Jiang Chen had never regarded him as a true expert.

“I know.”

Yang Bufan nodded. He, the Crown Prince and King Ping were brothers. No one understood the two better than him. Although the Crown Prince was ferocious, he was a straightforward person. Everything he did was obvious and direct. Comparing that to King Ping’s cunningness and subtlety, the Crown Prince was so much easier to deal with.

In the interior on top of the tower of Genius Prefecture, Yang Yu was sitting on the throne while the others were standing on his left and right. Yang Zanqing and Dongfang Yu was looking at Yang Yu sternly. Just now, Yang Yu had said that he had things to discuss with them. With certainty, the things to discuss wouldn’t be anything trivial, otherwise Yang Yu wouldn’t have personally come here.

“The Golden Horizon is about to open again,” Yang Yu said.

Speaking about the Golden Horizon, everyone’s facial expression slightly changed. That was a real killing zone that had existed since the ancient times. Each opening was a major event. It wasn’t just a major event in Eastern Profound Domain, but also the entire Ethereal Immortal Domain. The opening was controlled by the Immortal Court, each time.

“The Golden Horizon opens once every five years. Time pa.s.ses really quickly. I wonder what will be different this time,” Yang Zanqing commented.

“Just like before, the quota of people is set by the Immortal Court. Our empire is ent.i.tled a hundred people. These are the ident.i.ty brocade bags. Select a hundred people from Genius Prefecture. The Golden Horizon will be opened seven days later. And don’t forget to make it clear to them about the risks and information of that place.”

Yang Yu took out a spatial ring. The green ring drifted to Yang Zanqing’s hand. It was a storage ring that contained the one hundred ident.i.ty brocade bags. They were the number of quotas permitted by the Immortal Court to enter the Golden Horizon.

“Rest a.s.sured Your Majesty, I’ll choose carefully,” Yang Zanqing said solemnly.

He knew better than anyone about the importance of entering the Golden Horizon. He knew even better about what kind of place the Golden Horizon was. In the past, he had also been there and experienced life-and-death situations. To put it in another way, anyone who could walk out of the Golden Horizon wouldn’t be inferior.

“En, you and Dongfang Yu have gone to the Golden Horizon before and knew about the situation inside very well. So I don’t have to explain it further. Proceed with your task. Determine the hundred people who will go to the Golden Horizon. Remember, this has to depend on one’s willingness and it can’t be forced. You must explain clearly about the things inside the Golden Horizon,” Yang Yu ordered with emphasis.

The Golden Horizon would only open once every five years. Each time, its opening was a huge event in the Immortal World. Not only the Great Qian Empire, but also to the numerous major powers, they had attached an incomparable importance to this event.

“I understand,” replied Yang Zanqing.

Then, Yang Yu and the other four experts vanished without a trace, as if they had never appeared.

“The Golden Horizon is going to be opened once more. This time, no one knew how many people are going to fall in this expedition. Ai!”

After the five of them left, Yang Zanqing sighed at Dongfang Yu. He still couldn’t forget the scene of them entering the Golden Horizon together.

“The Immortal World has always operated this way. It has always been the law of the jungle. In order to survive and become a true expert, one will have to tread on mountains of bones. Some will fall and some will rise. My thinking is different than yours. To those geniuses, life and death is just a matter of luck and nature. It can’t be forced. I do hope that a few of the geniuses of our Genius Prefecture can rise to fame or even draw the attention of the Immortal Court after the expedition in the Golden Horizon.”

Dongfang Yu’s Qi fluctuated. This was the law of survival. He had long understood that it wasn’t an easy task to survive in the Immortal World. Every one of those in power had experienced countless of killings, numerous crises and innumerable life-and-death situations. Each time, they were able to pull through. None of them had achieved their goal in one attempt. There was luck, capability and talent. Neither of these should be lacking. The Golden Horizon was where these things would be tested.

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“You’re right. How many disciples can you select in this event?” Yang Zanqing asked.

“Ten, you can give me ten ident.i.ty brocade bags. Take the rest of them to the inner and outer sect,” replied Dongfang Yu after contemplating for a while .


Yang Zanqing took out ten ident.i.ty brocade bags and put them in Dongfang Yu’s hands. Dongfang Yu took them and flew towards Dan Prefecture.

Similarly, it was another lunar night. It was already late at night, but Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were still frolicking around. Dongfang Yu emerged and came to Jiang Chen’s courtyard. His hand was holding ten ident.i.ty brocade bags. The first person he thought of was Jiang Chen. Supposedly, he could gather the ten disciples he selected and tell them about the matter of Golden Horizon at a single time so that they could ask questions at that certain moment, however he had come to find Jiang Chen himself. This showed how much importance he had attached to Jiang Chen.


Upon seeing Dongfang Yu, Jiang Chen greeted hastily, although he felt somewhat dubious regarding the visit of Dongfang Yu. Although the Holy Flame Emperor Pill had truly helped Dongfang Yu a lot, Jiang Chen had also gotten a handsome reward from the Emperor.

Based on Dongfang Yu’s usual routine, he should have gone to seclusion at this hour and comprehend the half-step Immortal Venerable realm, instead of wasting time on Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, your credit for helping me advance to half-step Immortal Venerable realm can never be overlooked. If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid that I would have to wait for five more years to break through to this realm,” Dongfang Yu said with a smile.

He began to like Jiang Chen more and more. Putting aside the fact that Jiang Chen had helped him, Jiang Chen was also a disciple worthy of appreciation. He was an unparalleled individual, a monstrous genius with unordinary bearing. As the Master of Dan Prefecture, Dongfang Yu had no reason to dislike a young man like him.

“Master is being overly polite. It is Jiang Chen’s honour that I could provide help to Master. Don’t put that in your heart, Master. Besides, I have already gotten a handsome prize – a million Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones. It was something I hadn’t even dared to imagine,” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

What he said wasn’t false. Getting this one million Immortal Meta Stones was indeed an accident.

“You deserve to get them. The fact that the Emperor rewarded you indicated that he has taken you seriously. You should know that there are many geniuses in Genius Prefecture dreaming of having the chance to speak just one word in front of the Emperor. There’s no way any of them can get a reward like this. However, I have come tonight because of something important.” Dongfang Yu said.

Concocting pills again?

This was Jiang Chen’s first thought after hearing this, because he really couldn’t think of anything else that Dongfang Yu wanted from him besides concocting pills. But judging from Dongfang Yu’s expression, it didn’t seem like he had come to find him just to make pills.

“Jiang Chen, have you heard about the Golden Horizon?” Dongfang Yu asked.

“Golden Horizon? Never heard of it before.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. It was definitely his first time hearing the Golden Horizon. No doubt, he still had very little understanding about the Immortal World. After all, he was an ascendant and hadn’t been here for too long, especially in a big place like Eastern Profound Domain. Furthermore, he had spent most of his time staying in Genius Prefecture. So it was only normal that he didn’t know a lot of things.

“Then let me tell you about the Golden Horizon. Golden Horizon is a battle zone outside the domain. It’s a true ancient battlefield that has existed for a very long time. According to history, many experts had died on that battlefield. Those experts include countless Immortal Emperors, Immortal Venerables and even the legendary Great Sovereigns of the past era. It’s just that no one knows if this is true or not.”

Dongfang Yu paused for a while, then continued: “A long time ago, there’s a certain Golden Clan living in the Golden Horizon. It was rumoured that this clan was the descendants of the Divine Bird Golden Crow. Their bodies were flowing with the blood of the Golden Crow. But for unknown reason, the Golden Horizon was turned into a battle zone, and because of this, it was called Golden Horizon where innumerable experts had fallen. It was also rumoured that the treasures of the Golden Clan—Gold Feather Fan—was left behind in it. But for many years, countless heroes had entered, but still failed to find the whereabouts of the treasure.”

Jiang Chen was absorbed in the story. Almost instantly, interest blossomed within him. Given his intelligence and knowing that Dongfang Yu had come here to tell him about the matter of Golden Horizon, he could already guess that the next thing would be something related to the Golden Horizon.

He was immersed in the description of Dongfang Yu while Dongfang Yu was also immersed in his own explanation. Both of them didn’t realise how much had changed on Big Yellow’s facial expression when they were talking about the Golden Horizon.

“Master, it has something to do with the Golden Horizon?” Jiang Chen asked.

“That’s right. The Golden Horizon is only opened once every five years. It’s going to be opened soon this time, seven days later as matter of fact. The Immortal Court has permitted a hundred people for our empire. The reason I came here is to ask if you are interested in coming to the Golden Horizon. One should know that the place contained numerous ancient inheritance. Each time the Golden Horizon is opened, someone will obtain tremendous benefits and skyrocket to fame, but being an ancient battlefield, the inside of the place is also incomparably ferocious. Every time, the number of those who died far exceeded the number of people who truly obtains the benefits and came out alive,” Dongfang Yu said.

He had to tell Jiang Chen about the situation in the Golden Horizon. As to whether Jiang Chen would be willing to partic.i.p.ate in this expedition, it would be entirely up to him. Dongfang Yu would never convince Jiang Chen to decide.

“Of course, not even the forbidden valley has scared me. So what’s the big deal about this Golden Horizon?” Jiang Chen’s Qi shook. He had agreed to patic.i.p.ate in the expedition without further consideration.

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