Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 153 – Helpless Decision

Chapter 153 – Helpless Decision

Chapter 153 – Helpless Decision

Falling down before even meeting any enemies, this was a sad thing.

The Valley of Yin Spirits’ reputation was well deserved. By coming this far, even Yu Tian Long and Yu Zi Han were having some difficulty with resisting the Yin Spirits. If they continued to the center of the valley, even they would fall down.

“I’ve always heard rumors about how terrifying these Yin Spirits are, and I finally get a chance to see it for myself. Rumors even said that Late Heavenly Core warriors are unable to resist the Yin Spirits in the center of the valley. I’m afraid we won’t be able to make it to the altar.”

Yu Tian Long had a bitter smile on his face. When they looked at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who were calm and relaxed, they became even more depressed. This was ridiculous, the gap between them was just too huge.

“Brother Jiang, what should we do now? It looks like we have become your burdens.”

Yu Zi Han looked at Jiang Chen and asked. In their minds, Jiang Chen had become the center of this group.

Jiang Chen was calm and didn’t show any signs of panicking. He flipped his palm and retrieved a jade pot from his storage ring.

“The Energy Spring Water within this can help you guys resist the Yin Spirits. Take it, just take a sip when you feel like you can’t go on any longer.”

Jiang Chen pa.s.sed the jade pot to Yu Zi Han.

“Energy Spring Water?!”

Yu Zi Han and Yu Tian Long shouted in disbelief at the same time as they stared at the jade pot. There was so much Energy Spring Water contained within, this really was an eye-opener. Energy Spring Water was of pure Yang, it could really help them resist these Yin Spirits, as well as provide them with great benefits.

“I’ve added a drop of my blood in this Energy Spring Water. My blood is of the purest Yang existence in this world, it is the rival of all Yin Spirits. After you drink it, you won’t need to fear these Yin Spirits for a period of time.”

Jiang Chen said.

The shocked expression on Yu Tian Long and the others’ faces became even thicker. In their minds, Jiang Chen had become a peerless monster.

“Young master Jiang, this Energy Sprint Water is too expensive, but we won’t reject it. If I, Yu Tian Long am able to walk out from this valley today, alive, I’ll have every single person in the Yu family take young master Jiang as our master, and will do whatever you ask us to do!”

Yu Tian Long said in a serious manner. Such an expensive gift, if it was given at any normal time, he might have just rejected it. But since the time was so crucial right now, he accepted it.

Yu Zi Han opened up the jade pot and drank a sip of the Energy Spring Water, after that, Yu Tian Long and the others did the same.

Once the Energy Spring Water entered their bodies, the four of them immediately felt a hot airflow spreading within. With the help of this hot airflow, the Yin Spirits were repelled from their bodies, and they felt extremely comfortable. The bad feelings caused by the Yin Spirits disappeared immediately.

The four of them were astonished by this, because just the Energy Spring Water alone wouldn’t provide this kind of effectiveness. This was incredible.

The Energy Spring Water was of pure Yang, and after adding in Jiang Chen’s blood, its quality simply increased a lot, making it possible to resist the Yin Spirits.

The group continued journeying forth. The path Big Yellow had chosen had no guarding Blood Devils, as they had all been killed by him previously. Therefore, the group had a quiet and smooth journey as they came to the center of the Valley of Yin Spirits.

“You guys see that? There is a small hill in front, and behind the hill is a valley. The altar is within that valley.”

Big Yellow said.

“So quiet, I think the blood sacrifice ceremony has yet to start.”

Yu Zi Han said.

“The Yin Spirits will become their strongest when time reaches midnight. If my guess is correct, this Lord Blood Moon will being the blood sacrifice cerement at midnight.”

Jiang Chen said.

The men retracted their energy and kept it from leaking, then they walked step by step towards the hill. When they reached the top of the small hill, they extended their heads and looked into the valley in front of them.

What they saw was a huge crowd of Blood Devils, all kneeling on the ground according to their cultivation levels. No one dared raise their heads. In front of them there was a black altar made entirely from human skulls, it looked both deadly and frightening.

On the altar, a young man in red clothes was sitting cross legged with eye closed. His face looked evil. With black lips and a black aura hovering around his body, together with a mysterious symbol on his forehead, he looked just like someone who came from h.e.l.l.

Next to the altar there was 99 teenage girls lined up. All of them looked as if their minds were absent, as if they had gone through a great shock. A faded black mist was hovering around them, blocking the Yin Spirits from corroding their bodies. That’s why none of them were affected by it.

“Zi Yan!”


Yu Tian Long and Yu Zi Han saw the first girl in the line, it was a girl wearing a long blue skirt. With her slim body and beautiful face, she immediately stood out amongst all other girls. Her big beautiful eyes had become mindless, making people feel sorry when they stared into her eyes.

Her condition made Yu Zi Han and Yu Tian Long’s emotions become volatile. But luckily, they weren’t some ordinary people, they could still hold themselves, and didn’t behave recklessly.

“Young master Jiang, when are we going to strike?”

Yu Tian Long kept staring at Yu Zi Han, he felt like there was a knife stabbing his heart right now as he watched his daughter suffering such torture.

Jiang Chen was looking at Lord Blood Moon. With his judgment and the help of the Great Soul Derivation skill, he could immediately tell Lord Blood Moon’s cultivation level. He had a strong energy, and his cultivation level had reached the peak of the Heavenly Core realm. Besides, it was obvious that Lord Blood Moon had inherited Blood Moon Shaman’s skill, he had mastered the skill of the Blood Devils. Lord Blood Moon may not be up to par with Nan Bei Chao, but he was definitely the same level as Guan Yi Yun and Liang Xiao. Even Fan Kun was weaker than this Lord Blood Moon. A person like this was not someone Jiang Chen could deal with.

“Lord Blood Moon isn’t easy to handle. Besides, I don’t know what kind of skill he has inherited from Blood Moon Shaman. If we strike now without knowing much about him, even I won’t be his match. Therefore, we will have to wait.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. He had a total of 120 Dragon Marks now. With his current combat strength, he could easily kill ordinary Late Heavenly Core warriors, he would even be able to handle a genius like Fan Kun. But, if he were to face someone like Guan Yi Yun, he would still need more strength.

Besides, this place was the Valley of Yin Spirits, it was the heart of Lord Blood Moon. Jiang Chen didn’t believe that aside from Lord Blood Moon’s own skill, there weren’t any hidden traps around.

“Wait until when?”

Yu Zi Han asked.

“I know all of you are worried about Yu Zi Yan, but if we strike now, not only will we be unable to save her, all of you will be killed. Even if I could deal with Lord Blood Moon, how are you all going to fight more than a thousand Blood Devils?”

Jiang Chen looked at Yu Tian Long and Yu Zi Han, then he continued, “Let’s wait until midnight. When Lord Blood Moon starts the blood sacrifice ceremony, a ceremony like that would take quite some time to complete. Once the ceremony is interrupted, even Lord Blood Moon will suffer. I’ll wait until Lord Blood Moon has all his attention on the ceremony, then we’ll deliver a deadly strike.”

Jiang Chen sneered. A real warrior didn’t just need great strength, he would also need extraordinary intelligence. With the combination of both, one would be a true warrior.

Jiang Chen’s overall combat strength was incredibly high, and he was never out of plots either. He knew exactly how to deal with an enemy in any given time. With this alone, he has the confidence that he can win any battle. Even if he would need to risk his life, he had to make sure it was something he could handle with confidence, Jiang Chen would never do anything without confidence.

“Chief, what young master Jiang said is correct, there’s no point for us to rush now. If we strike right now, with Lord Blood Moon in his full form, there is no way we could defeat him.”

One of the honorable guests of the Yu family said.

Yu Tian Long took a deep breath and nodded his head, he knew Jiang Chen was right. Because, only by striking according to his plan would they have a chance at defeating the Blood Devils. But, he suddenly thought of something and asked straightaway, “Young master Jiang, just now you said, we’ll wait until Lord Blood Moon has all his attention on the blood sacrifice ceremony… doesn’t that also mean that we’ll wait until the blood sacrifice ceremony begins before we strike?”

“I did say that. A blood sacrifice ceremony like this will take some time to complete, and these 99 teenage girls will be sacrifice one by one, they aren’t all sacrificed at once. You just have to pray that Yu Zi Yan isn’t the first one to be sacrificed.”

Jiang Chen didn’t show any emotion on his face.

“Young master Jiang that also means some of these girls will be sacrificed?”

Yu Zi Han asked.

“Anyways, we would need someone to sacrifice some of them. Sacrificing a few of them is better than sacrificing all of them. It’s not that I don’t want to save them all, but I need to save as many as I possibly can.”

Jiang Chen still didn’t show any emotion on his face. It was hard to believe that a sixteen year old young man could treat life so lightly.

But what Jiang Chen said was correct. Sometimes, someone would have to sacrifice themselves in order to save the lives of many. Even with that, Jiang Chen still wanted to wait until the blood sacrifice ceremony had begun before he would strike, it was only chance of dealing with Lord Blood Moon. If they succeeded, only one life would be sacrificed, while the rest would be saved. This was the only way to do it, if not, every single one of them would have to die.

“We’ll follow young master Jiang’s words.”

Yu Tian Long’s breathing became faster, he was worried, because Yu Zi Yan was the one closest to the altar, and she was the first one in the line. That also meant, if Lord Blood Moon wanted to begin the blood sacrifice ceremony, it was highly possible she would be the first one to be sacrificed.

“Sister, all I can do now is pray for your luck.”

Yu Zi Han clenched his fist tightly, and Yu Tian Long’s eyes turned red. For them, each second pa.s.sing meant more suffering. The feeling of watching their close family member struggling in h.e.l.lish fires while all they could do was watching, the feeling simply couldn’t be understood by anyone.

Jiang Chen sighed in his mind. This kind of family relations.h.i.+p made him feel warm, but at the same time helpless.

This was life, which was full of helpless moments. You were forced to make all kinds of decision, and sometimes the decisions would be life threatening. But even if you were forced to, you still had to make that decision.

Time was ticking, and soon it became midnight. At this point of time, the Yin Spirits within the valley had become really thick. Lord Blood Moon, whose eyes had been closed all this time, suddenly opened his eyes.