Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1539 – One Million Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones

Chapter 1539 – One Million Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones

One Million Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones

With Yang Yu’s unique eyesight, naturally, he was incomparably accurate in determining the extraordinary features of a person. He had seen countless of kings, princes, n.o.ble families and geniuses, but he had to admit that none of those princes could be compared to Jiang Chen, because even the Crown Prince wouldn’t be able to remain so calm before him. This was a transcendent disposition. A person with such mind would surely achieve great things in the future!

“Your Majesty, this Jiang Chen truly isn’t simple. Not only is his skill in alchemy incredible, but his combat strength is also incomparably horrifying. He has once defeated the half-step Immortal Emperor Yang Ling when he was still at the half-step Immortal King realm. Now that he has become a true Immortal King, his combat strength definitely has become a lot stronger. Moreover, he had once entered the forbidden valley and stayed there for half a month, before walking out of it alive,” Yang Zanqing too, commented.

It was undoubtedly the first time that these two great masters, Yang Zanqing and Dongfang Yu, praised someone in front of the Emperor. One should know that given Yang Zanqing and Dongfang Yu’s pride, ordinary geniuses wouldn’t be able to catch their attention easily. The only explanation that they were praising Jiang Chen in such a way was that Jiang Chen was too abnormal and heaven defying.

The Emperor was incomparably clear about this fact. Dongfang Yu had stood out to speak for Jiang Chen because Jiang Chen had helped him advance to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm, but Yang Yu didn’t think that Yang Zanqing would also stand out and praise Jiang Chen. He knew Yang Zanqing all too well. Apart from their relations.h.i.+p of being a superior and subordinate, they were also friends. He rarely saw Yang Zanqing praise a person in such a way. Even when Yang Bufan had returned, Yang Zanqing had only expressed slight optimism about Yang Bufan.


Despite Yang Yu’s composure, he couldn’t help but exclaim. Defeating an ordinary half-step Immortal Emperor while being only a half-step Immortal King? This was impossible to Yang Yu. If these words didn’t come from Yang Zanqing, he absolutely wouldn’t believe it.

What shocked Yang Yu even more was that Jiang Chen was able to walk out of the forbidden valley alive. He was well aware of that place. He, too, had once entered that valley to search for something, but found nothing in the end. All these years, plenty of geniuses from Genius Prefecture had died after entering it. Ultimately, the valley was labelled as forbidden. So it was without a doubt a miracle that Jiang Chen was able to walk out of it alive.

Yang Yu stared unblinkingly at Jiang Chen, as though he was trying to thoroughly examine this young man, but what disappointed him in the end was that Jiang Chen’s disposition had reached such an indifferent state. Facing his sharp eyes, Jiang Chen didn’t have the slightest nervousness. That wasn’t just indifference, but confidence that originated from his bones.

“Unfortunately, Jiang Chen hadn’t found out the secret within it. It’s already considered not bad that he was able to get out of there alive.”

Yang Zanqing said with a sigh. The secret in the valley had been worrying him. Unfortunately, no one was able to uncover it yet.

“Dammit! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s fame is going to skyrocket. Even the Emperor is noticing him now.”

“Even Master Yang Zanqing and Master Dongfang Yu are paying so much attention to him. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s status will soon reach a very high level. Now, even the Emperor is staring at him intently.”


Everyone’s eyes were full of envy and hate as they looked at Jiang Chen. Yu Hao and Yang Zhi were gnas.h.i.+ng their teeth, wanting to rush ahead and tear Jiang Chen apart. They were half-step Immortal Emperors, the supreme geniuses of outer prefecture with bright futures. Now, all of the limelight was stolen by Jiang Chen. All the glory and honours had fallen on Jiang Chen. It had been their dream to be able to speak in front of the Emperor.

“This brat has to be eliminated as soon as possible, otherwise he’s going to be a huge threat.”

The Crown Prince’s eyes glinted with hostility. He could already sense a trace of crisis. A figure like Jiang Chen shouldn’t be allowed to stay alive for long, otherwise, Crown Prince Palace would be destroyed by his hands.

Although King Ping who was on the other side didn’t speak, his facial expression also revealed that his present thought was the same as the Crown Prince. Jiang Chen’s power, ability to progress in such a short period of time and position in Genius Prefecture were signs of threat to them.

“Good. Jiang Chen, you have to work hard. I will look forward to it. I hope that you will become the number one genius in the young generation of Great Qian Empire. This time, you have made a great contribution by helping Dongfang Yu. What kind of reward do you want?”

Yang Yu praised Jiang Chen. Given his heroic personality, he must give Jiang Chen some rewards.

“Your Majesty, it’s this disciple’s honour that I was able to help Master Dongfang. Disciple won’t dare to ask for anything.”

Jiang Chen spoke clearly. He wasn’t being pretentious. Back when he helped Dongfang Yu, he didn’t have any other motives. If he wanted any benefits, he would have asked Dongfang Yu.

“King Fan, help Jiang Chen ask for more Immortal Meta Stones. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s Immortal Meta Stones are running low.”

At this time, Big Yellow’s voice rang in Yang Bufan’s ears. The current moment was absolutely a great chance that Jiang Chen couldn’t miss. Jiang Chen felt awkward to ask for it, but Big Yellow knew what Jiang Chen urgently needed now. What Jiang Chen was short of right now was Immortal Meta Stones, high-grade Immortal Meta Stones. Jiang Chen cultivated the dragon transformation skill. With each advancement, he would need large amount of Immortal Meta Stones. It was just like a bottomless hole that couldn’t be filled. Right now, there weren’t much Immortal Meta Stones left in Jiang Chen. The number wouldn’t be enough to support his advancement to the intermediate Immortal King realm. Since the Emperor was asking Jiang Chen about what kind of reward to give, why should he be so polite about it?

Just as Jiang Chen’s tone fell, Yang Bufan clasped his fists and said: “Father, although Jiang Chen wanted no reward for helping Master Dongfang, his deed was indeed a meritorious contribution, helping our Great Qian Empire give birth to a mighty half-step Venerable expert. If we don’t provide some reward, it will be slightly unjustifiable. I have heard that Jiang Chen cultivates some kind of special cultivation. With each advancement, he would need to consume large amount of Immortal Meta Stones. Why not just reward Jiang Chen with some Immortal Meta Stones? So that it doesn’t show that our Yang Family is stingy.”

Given Yang Bufan’s wit, he knew what to do after Big Yellow’s urgent reminder. What he said was reasonable. It would make Yang Yu happy and help Jiang Chen get the Immortal Meta Stones.

Upon hearing this, Yang Yu chuckled, then spoke aloud. “En, Jiang Chen has truly made a huge contribution. He must be rewarded. Since Jiang Chen wants Immortal Meta Stones, then he will be rewarded with 1 000 000 Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones.”

When the amount got out of Yang Yu’s mouth, it instantly caused a wave of uproar. Even Jiang Chen himself was widening his eyes, clearly stunned. Clearly, he hadn’t thought that Yang Yu would be so generous.

“My G.o.d! The Emperor sure is generous. It’s one million and it’s the Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones. That’s a ma.s.sive and unimaginable fortune!”

“That’s is a handsome amount. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d is truly lucky this time.”

“One million Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones wasn’t considered anything. More importantly, the Emperor is beginning to take Jiang Chen seriously. This is Jiang Chen’s biggest luck.”


Innumerable exclamation exploded. One million Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones was a ma.s.sive fortune even to a powerful Immortal Emperor. It was something that they could only dream of. Jiang Chen, who was merely an early Immortal King, had gotten one million of fortune so easily. This was going to cause loads of envy and hatred.

“Jiang Chen, you should thank the Emperor for this.” Yang Bufan nudged Jiang Chen with his hand.

“Thank you for Emperor’s kindness and generosity.”

Jiang Chen hastily clasped his fists and expressed his grat.i.tude. The one million worth of fortune was too important to him and it was timely. During his advancement to the Immortal King realm, he had already expended almost all of his Immortal Meta Stones. Initially, getting Immortal Meta Stones would be his next goal, but with this one million, the problem was instantly solved. One million Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones was enough for him to cultivate until the Immortal Emperor realm.

“Alright. Bufan, Jiang Chen, you all can leave now. Zanqing, Dongfang Yu, follow me as I have things to discuss with you two,” Yang Yu said.

With a sway, he flew towards the tallest tower of Genius Prefecture. Highest Empire Master, Ye Dingtian, and Grand Master Yuan Ye and the two Royal Highnesses followed. Yang Zanqing and Dongfang Yu exchanged a glance before following them with haste.

“Little Chen, you are in the limelight again today. Father has highly regarded you.”

Yang Bufan said with a smile. Today’s situation was totally beyond his imagination. He had never thought that Dongfang Yu’s advancement was related to Jiang Chen. Although luck was involved in this matter, most of it was due to Jiang Chen’s efforts.

“I still want to thank King Fan for helping me get those one million Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones.”

Jiang Chen chuckled. What he said was true. After all, he wouldn’t want to use Dongfang Yu as an excuse to obtain Immortal Meta Stones. It was most appropriate that Yang Bufan asked for it on his behalf. As such, Yang Bufan had provided him a huge help.

“I too didn’t know that you needed Immortal Meta Stones. It was Big Yellow who reminded me at the crucial moment.” Yang Bufan said.

Jiang Chen nodded. Big Yellow knew him best. He and Big Yellow were like real brothers. The tacit understanding between them had already reached the point of perfection. Big Yellow knew what he needed the most almost all the time.

“Humph! It’s not a good thing to have too much spotlight. Although one million Emperor Grade Immortal Meta Stones are a lot, you must have the life to spend them.”

A cold snort sounded from somewhere. The one who spoke wasn’t a stranger. He was precisely the Crown Prince. He didn’t even try to conceal his hostility towards Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen. If there was chance, he wouldn’t hesitate to eliminate Jiang Chen.

“This is not something the Crown Prince should worry about.”

Jiang Chen replied coldly. He had no good feelings about the Crown Prince. He had known that the Crown Prince had been nursing the intention to kill him. So, there was no politeness between their conversations. The Crown Prince wanted to kill him, but that wouldn’t be an easy task.

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