Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1538 – The Ties of Friendship of Dongfang Yu

Chapter 1538 – The Ties of Friendship of Dongfang Yu

The Ties of Friends.h.i.+p of Dongfang Yu

“This old man will not stop trying.”

Dongfang Yu felt flattered. Anyone of the five that appeared today was a great figure of Great Qian Empire that could shake people’s heart. They were the Emperor of Great Qian Empire, Yang Yu; the Highest Empire Master, Ye Dingtian; the GrandMaster, Yuan Ye; and, the other two highly dignified Royal Highnesses, who were the blood brothers of Yang Yu, the members of Yang Family.

Each of them had a distinguished ident.i.ty and was the pillar of strength in Great Qian Empire. Normally, they seldom appear or wouldn’t even show up unless there was a major event. Dongfang Yu definitely didn’t expect that his breakthrough would draw all five of them here. So how could he not feel flattered by it?

“Good. Today is your celebration day. I’m feeling very delighted. Haha……”

Yang Yu laughed loudly. He hadn’t been so happy for such a long time. Naturally, he had his own reasons to be delighted. The emergence of every half-step Immortal Venerable indicated tremendous increase in the empire’s overall strength. An expert like Dongfang Yu could only be encountered by chance. Those that were recruited wouldn’t be as good as those that were nurtured. Yang Yu was absolutely certain about the loyalty of Dongfang Yu to him.

“Your Majesty, this old man was able to advance to the half-step Immortal Venerable so quickly was because of the help of one person,” Dongfang Yu said.

“What? Dongfang Yu’s advancement is because of a person’s help. Who’s this man? Then who else in the entire Genius Prefecture will be able to help Master Dongfang Yu break through the Venerable realm?”

“I can’t really guess who that person is. But I can already imagine that the person must be unordinary.”


Dongfang Yu’s words immediately caused a commotion. Everyone thought that Dongfang Yu successfully made the breakthrough today was entirely out of his own efforts, but judging from Dongfang Yu’s tone, if it wasn’t for the help of someone, he definitely wouldn’t be able to advance successfully.

“Oh? Who is it?” Yang Yu asked curiously.

Clearly, such a situation had also exceeded his expectation, because even he, the Emperor, wouldn’t be able to help a peak Immortal Emperor break through to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm. If he could do so, the half-step Immortal Venerable experts in Great Qian Empire wouldn’t just be these few.

“It was Jiang Chen. He’s the disciple who was recommended by King Fan to join Genius Prefecture not long ago. Not only is his combat strength terrifying, he’s also a famous alchemist. Previously, the Seventh Prince of Great Cloud Empire has challenged us by concocting an eighth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill, but none of the geniuses in Dan Prefecture was able to do that. Ultimately, Jiang Chen defeated the Seventh Prince by successfully concocting a tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill, and saved the face of our empire,” Dongfang Yu spoke.

He was a man who remembered someone else’s kindness. This time, he owed Jiang Chen a great favour and had no idea how he could return that favour. Unexpectedly, the Emperor had shown up in person today. He would then use this opportunity to introduce Jiang Chen to the Emperor. If this could get the Emperor’s attention, it would undoubtedly be a great chance to Jiang Chen. He understood Yang Yu’s disposition very well. He knew that besides praising Jiang Chen, the Emperor would also give Jiang Chen some actual rewards.

Upon hearing this, everyone’s gaze fell upon Jiang Chen. Their eyes were blazing with admiration, reverence and envy!

It was only then that people realized that it was all because of Jiang Chen that Dongfang Yu could advance to half-step Immortal Venerable so quickly. If this incident were to happen earlier, it was afraid that no one would believe it. The fact remained that Jiang Chen was the one who defeated the Seventh Prince and he had concocted a tenth Holy Flame Emperor Pill. This matter had virtually shaken the entire Genius Prefecture and Emperor Palace, but being the Emperor, he normally wouldn’t care about most of the things. As such, he didn’t know that this had happened.

“Never thought that Jiang Chen is the one who helped Master Dongfang. They do have some ties of friends.h.i.+p.”

“That’s true. If it wasn’t for him, Dan Prefecture should have already been put to shame. And now, he has helped Master which is equivalent to helping Dan Prefecture as well. Not bad.”

“d.a.m.n! This dude is in the limelight again, and with the presence of the Emperor at that.”


Pandemonium broke out. Naturally, the people of Dan Prefecture were extremely grateful to Jiang Chen, but some of them didn’t feel that way. Just like the people of the Crown Prince and King Ping who had always regarded Jiang Chen as their enemy. Clearly, these people were unable to stand seeing Jiang Chen in the limelight again, especially when he was getting all the attention in front of the Emperor.

“Not bad, Little Chen. Master Dongfang is a man who appreciates kindness. He didn’t forget your deeds.”

Yang Bufan’s divine sense went into Jiang Chen’s ears, then he shouted: “Jiang Chen, come quickly and greet the Emperor!”

Yang Bufan stood n.o.bly. He was naturally incomparably happy that Jiang Chen had the chance to introduce himself before the Emperor. After all, he and Jiang Chen were on the same boat. Jiang Chen was a member of King Fan Prefecture, a genius that he had personally recommended to Genius Prefecture.

Jiang Chen hastily flew skywards to Yang Yu’s front, clasped his fists and greeted. “Disciple is Jiang Chen, greet Your Majesty.”

“Jiang Chen? A mere early Immortal King outer prefecture disciple is able to concoct a tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill? Is there a mistake here?” When Yang Yu saw Jiang Chen’s cultivation base, he showed a face full of doubt.

“Your Majesty, Jiang Chen certainly has the ability to concoct a tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill.” Dongfang Yu said.

“That’s true, Your Majesty. The event of Jiang Chen defeating the Seventh Prince of Great Cloud Empire by concocting a tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill has spread across the empire like a storm. I can testify to that,” Grand Master Yuan Ye spoke.

The incident on that day had indeed caused a huge sensation. As a Grand Master, he naturally had heard of Jiang Chen before, but this was also his first time seeing Jiang Chen. His eyes couldn’t help studying Jiang Chen.

“Father, have you seen Jiang Chen’s concoction technique before? It can only be described as astounding. Master Dongfang definitely can testify to it,” Yang Bufan said.

“That’s correct. Even I’m impressed by Jiang Chen’s alchemy.”

Dongfang Yu said with a smile. With his ident.i.ty, saying such words was enough to prove Jiang Chen’s true ability. This made Yang Yu examine Jiang Chen thoroughly, and immediately, he discovered something extraordinary in Jiang Chen.

“What a great talent! I had never thought that such a capable man will emerge in my empire.”

Yang Yu couldn’t help but praise. Putting aside the incredible skill of Jiang Chen in alchemy, Jiang Chen’s disposition alone was incomparable to ordinary geniuses. Despite standing in front of the Emperor, and so many Venerables, he was still able to remain so calm and indifferent.

One should know that if it was someone else, even a powerful Immortal Emperor would be obsequious and would behave unnaturally in front of the Emperor, but from Jiang Chen’s appearance, there wasn’t any sign of nervousness.

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