Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1537 – The Emergence of the Emperor

Chapter 1537 – The Emergence of the Emperor

The Emergence of the Emperor

Yang Bufan couldn’t help but reveal a lofty pride on his gleaming expression. Jiang Chen was right. Their goal was way even higher than the half-step Immortal Venerable realm. They were going to reach this state sooner or later, and that wouldn’t be too long.

The people of Dan Prefecture came out. Seeing Dongfang Yu successfully breaking through to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm, everyone felt incomparably happy for him. As the Master of Dan Prefecture, the prestige of Dongfang Yu was naturally very high. No one in the entire Dan Prefecture didn’t respect him. To put it in another way, the position of Dongfang Yu in Dan Prefecture’s disciples’ and elders’ heart was even higher compared to Yang Zanqing.

“The day has finally come. Master has done so many for this day to come.”

“That’s true. I really feel happy for him. I hope that after becoming a half-step Immortal Venerable expert, he will be able to accomplish his next goal sooner, to become a true Immortal Venerable expert. In that way, the overall strength of Great Qian Empire will become even greater.”

“It won’t be that easy. Although getting from half-step Venerable realm to true Venerable realm may seem like only a step away, in truth, it’s thousands of miles apart. That is a very hard step to accomplish, but I believe that Master can still do it.”


Nemerous experts of Dan Prefecture were incomparably excited, especially the elders. They knew Dongfang Yu very well. They knew what efforts Dongfang Yu had made to achieve today’s result. Moreover, Dongfang Yu’s achievement today was an excellent thing to Dan Prefecture.

Not long after Yan Zanqing appeared, the sky over Genius Prefecture trembled abruptly. Five figures emerged at the same time. The one in the lead wore a dragon robe, and a dragon crown on his head. He had an angular face and stern expression. His casual gestures radiated superior Qi that aroused people’s respect. He was a middle-aged man of over forty years old. He stood there so composedly, like the Heavens was going to circle around him.

What shocked people more was the cultivation base of this middle-aged man. The pressure he exuded exceeded Yan Zanqing’s and Dongfang Yu’s. That was a truly powerful Immortal Venerable. By his side was an elder dressed in plain clothes, looked thin and frail, but his eyes were so bright that one gaze of his could penetrate the void. The Qi that was radiating from him was on par with the middle-aged man’s. He too, was a powerful Immortal Venerable expert.

The other three men had very powerful cultivation base too. Each of them were the elites of the elite. Their body was radiating a trace of Venerable Qi. Just like Yang Zanqing, they were also half-step Immortal Venerable experts.

The sudden appearance of these five immediately caught the attention of all people. Yang Zanqing was the first to fly over and deeply saluted the middle-aged man in dragon robe. “Your Majesty.”

“My father has come.”

Yang Bufan didn’t dare show any neglect. He leaped into the air and flew skyward along with the Crown Prince, King Ping, and the other princes and some higher ups of Genius Prefecture. They had seen the Emperor before. They wouldn’t dare show the slightest disrespect to the Emperor.

“It’s the Emperor. It turns out that he’s the Emperor of Great Qian Empire. Sure enough, he looks especially majestic. Of course he is. He’s a true Immortal Venerable. A single expression of his can s.h.i.+ver people’s soul. What a terrifying existence!”

“This is my first time seeing the Emperor. I had no idea that the supreme figure of Great Qian Empire could be so mighty.”

“Look, that elder is also an Immortal Venerable! The other three are all half-step Immortal Venerables. I had never expect the strength of Great Qian Empire to be this powerful. This explained why the empire is one of the eleven major powers of Eastern Profound Domain.”


No one wasn’t surprised. Everyone was full of admiration and excitement as they looked at the Emperor. The Emperor was like a deity to an empire. No one wouldn’t be nervous while facing their deity.

The emergence of the Emperor had robbed the spotlight on Dongfang Yu, however the fact that the Emperor showed up personally had made everyone in Dan Prefecture feel gratified, because they were able to see the importance that the Emperor attached to Dongfang Yu.

“Don’t disturb Dongfang Yu’s advancement.”

The Emperor waved his hand, gesturing for everyone to stay silent. It was important that his presence didn’t affect Dongfang Yu’s advancement.

Jiang Chen’s gaze fell upon these five experts, especially on the Emperor. From these experts alone, anyone could tell how strong the forces of Great Qian Empire was. In Eastern Profound Domain, Great Qian Empire was indeed very strong, however even after knowing the strength of Great Qian Empire, he was still worried.

“You worrying about the incident with the Heaven Devouring Demon Ape?”

Big Yellow saw Jiang Chen knitting his brows tightly, and couldn’t help but ask. He knew Jiang Chen very well. He could tell what Jiang Chen was thinking just by his expression.

“That’s right. The overall strength of Great Qian Empire is certainly not weak, but comparing it to that Heaven Devouring Demon Ape makes the difference too big. If the Heaven Devouring Demon Ape breaks free from the imprisonment of Senior Yang Junlong one day, it’s going to be an unimaginable disaster for Great Qian Empire,” Jiang Chen said.

He had witnessed the power of the Heaven Devouring Demon Ape, an existence that was infinitely close to the half-step Sovereign realm, and the opponent of Xiao w.a.n.gqing. Once this demon was released, it would be a great disaster to Great Qian Empire because to the demon, annihilating the empire only needed an effort of lifting its finger.

A dozen minutes later, the Qi unleashed by Dongfang Yu faded gradually. The sky above Dan Prefecture recovered its peace, which indicated the success of Dongfang Yu’s advancement, and truly becoming a half-step Immortal Venerable, just like Yang Zanqing.

The void above the palace trembled and a silhouette materialized. He was an old man in dan robe. Who would it be if he wasn’t Dongfang Yu? Dongfang Yu didn’t seem to have any changes on the surface, but if one looked closely, his spirit seemed to have been reborn.

After his appearance, he immediately discovered the crowd around him. When he saw the Emperor, his expression changed dramatically. Hastily, he came to the Emperor’s side and bowed. “Your Majesty, I never thought that the commotion I created would draw the attention of Your Majesty. It’s my fault.”

The Emperor approached Dongfang Yu, patted his shoulder and said in a delighted tone: “Haha! Good, very good, Dongfang Yu. It’s really a joyous thing that you have advanced to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm. Another powerful expert has emerged in our Great Qian Empire.”

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