Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1534 – Big Trouble Had Just Begun

Chapter 1534 – Big Trouble Had Just Begun

Big Trouble Had Just Begun

“King Fan, these two are my friends who have been through a lot because of me. I hope that you can allow them to stay in King Fan Prefecture for cultivation. Given Qingcheng’s potential, her cultivation base will soon be able to advance if she is able to cultivate in King Fan Prefecture,” Jiang Chen spoke.

According to his previous plan, he was going to send the father and daughter back to Yan City. After all, it was not bad for them to be the ruler of Yan City again, however if they returned now, Yan Qingcheng’s superior talent would be wasted. Yan City was after all too small for her and had limited cultivation resources. She didn’t have much prospects staying at that place for the rest of her life. Since Yang Bufan would be able to help, Jiang Chen might as well ask for it.

“No problem. It’s just a small matter.” Yang Bufan smiled.

“Greetings, Evil Lord.”

Yan Qingcheng hurriedly saluted Yang Bufan. She had seen Yang Bufan before. He was the horrifying Evil Lord, the most powerful figure she had ever seen in her life. She had never thought that she would be able to meet him a second time. Also, this young Evil Lord seemed to have left Evil Abyss.

“Dad, this is the Evil Lord that I talked about. The one who ruled the entire Evil Abyss,” introduced Yan Qingcheng to Yan Dongliu.

Last time when she returned to Yan City, she had told her father about her encounters in Evil Abyss. Naturally, the things about this Evil Lord wasn’t excluded in her story.

“Greetings, Evil Lord.”

Yan Dongliu wouldn’t dare to show any neglect. Such a powerful figure was like a heavenly G.o.d that he hadn’t even dreamt of seeing. So, naturally, he was trembling with fear now.

“Qing Cheng, Uncle Yan, don’t call him Evil Lord anymore. He’s know the King Fan of Great Qian Empire. You two don’t have to return for now. I will arrange to get the two of you to King Fan Prefecture. Cultivating there will be a huge benefit to your cultivation. It’s too wasteful to stay in a small place like Yan City,” Jiang Chen said.

“I’ll follow Big Brother Jiang.”

Yan Qingcheng nodded. Jiang Chen had an unshakable position in her heart. Cultivating in King Fan Prefecture also meant that she could get a little closer to Jiang Chen, and this was what she had been dreaming of.

Yan Dongliu took a deep breath. He was crystal clear with today’s situation. Today’s scene was the most breathtaking thing in his life. At the same time, it had also made him truly understand how big the world is. He was merely a frog in the well by staying in Yan City. Eastern Profound Domain was where the true experts were. This domain made One-Line-Sky appear so weak. Jiang Chen was no longer that Jiang Chen from before. It was only a matter of time before Jiang Chen skyrocketed to the top.

“King Fan, Young Master Jiang, thank you for saving my life. It’s a kindness that I could never repay. It’s incredibly fortunate and blessing of Yan Family that my little girl is able to cultivate in your place. However, I’m a man of old age and has ordinary talent. It’s better for me to return to Yan City. So I’m not following you all back to King Fan Prefecture.” Yan Dongliu bowed to Jiang Chen and King Fan and said.

No one wouldn’t want to get greater resources. No one wouldn’t want a better place to cultivate, but Yan Dongliu was well aware of his own situation. To him, it was more practical to stay in Yan City. He didn’t have a humongous ambition. He also knew that even if he was given abundant resources, he wouldn’t be able to achieve much. More importantly, there were too many experts in this place and an Immortal King expert was only considered as an expert of the lowest rank. The pressure given by this place was just too great.

Jiang Chen, Yang Bufan and Yan Qingcheng expressed great understanding about Yan Dongliu’s refusal, after all, it wasn’t easy to survive in this place. He would need to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure and couldn’t always rely on Jiang Chen and King Fan. Jiang Chen and King Fan had their own personal matters to attend to. They couldn’t waste their efforts on him every time.

“In that case, Uncle Yan can return now. The matter here has already been resolved. I believe that no one will come after you again. This is an Immortal King Weapon. Take it back with you.”

Jiang Chen took out a combat sword – a powerful King Weapon – and gave it to Yan Dongliu.

“Immortal King Weapon.”

Yan Dongliu’s facial expression changed slightly. A King Weapon wasn’t regarded as something great in Eastern Profound Domain, but in Yan City, it was a heaven defying treasure. It would be hard enough to see such a weapon during normal days, let alone obtaining it.

Given his current cultivation base, he was far from being able to wield a Immortal King Weapon, but even if he could only exert a trace of its strength, it would be enough for him to use that to dominate all experts in Yan City.

Yan Dongliu took the Immortal King Weapon straightaway. He would never forget the great kindness of Jiang Chen for the rest of his life.

“Qingcheng, cultivate diligently while you are here.”

Yan Dongliu looked over at Yan Qingcheng. He was naturally reluctant to leave Yan Qingcheng here, but with the presence of Jiang Chen, much of his worries were relieved. He also hoped to see his daughter prosper one day. Jiang Chen was someone Yan Qingcheng admired. He didn’t hope for his daughter to catch up with Jiang Chen because that would be impossible. He only hoped that his daughter could continue improving herself, because how could one be mediocre if one wanted to be Jiang Chen’s woman?

“Don’t worry dad. Daughter will do her best.”

Yan Qingcheng nodded vigorously. She had always been working very hard on her cultivation. The gap between her and Jiang Chen had been her biggest motivation.

“Alright. In that case, Young Master Jiang, I will then bid farewell.” Yan Dongliu held his fists at Jiang Chen, turned and was about to leave.

“Wait,” spoke Yang Bufan.

“Yan City is millions of miles away from here. You’ll also have to get past countless of regions. If you fly back with your current cultivation, you won’t be able to get back even in half a year’s time. Plus, it’s highly likely that you will encounter fatal danger along the way. You two will follow me back to King Fan Prefecture. After that, I will ask Old Man Bai Weng to send you back.”

Yang Bufan had a very thorough consideration. After all, Yan Dongliu and his daughter was brought here by Fu Kui. It was basically unrealistic for him to go back on his own.

“Thank you, King Fan.”

Yan Qingcheng expressed her grat.i.tude. She, too, wouldn’t be relieved if her father were to return on his own.

Subsequently, a group of people departed from the valley and headed for King Fan Prefecture. After arriving at King Fan Prefecture, Yang Bufan let Old Man Bai Weng bring Yan Dongliu and the elder of Yan City back to Yan City.

The matter of the father and daughter was considered done. Jiang Chen had also gotten rid of the troublesome Fu Kui, but the true trouble had just begun. Comparing Nanbei Family to Fu Kui, the former was even more terrifying. Today’s incident made Jiang Chen the life-and-death enemy of Nanbei Family. He had basically revealed about the matter of the Fire Qilin, and killed two geniuses of Nanbei Family. Given Nanbei Family’s style of action, they absolutely wouldn’t let this matter rest.

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