Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1533 – Totally Offended

Chapter 1533 – Totally Offended

Totally Offended

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“I can let you take Nanbei Mu with you, but I don’t know if Jiang Chen will agree to it,” said Yang Bufan with a smile.

He wasn’t concerned about Nanbei Mu’s fate. He appeared this time only to ensure that Jiang Chen wasn’t killed by Nanbei Yitu. Jiang Chen always had his own way of doing things and would never listen to others. Yang Bufan knew very well in his heart that Nanbei Mu would die for sure today. With Jiang Chen’s style of action, he absolutely wouldn’t give his enemy any chance to live.


Nanbei Yitu’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to Jiang Chen and he said coldly: “Jiang Chen, if you dare to kill Nanbei Mu, you will be finished. No one else in this world will be able to save you.”

In the face of Nanbei Yitu’s threat, Jiang Chen’s face was still as indifferent. He had heard too many of such threats. Pity was it that it was no use to him.

“Nanbei Yitu, saying such words to me is useless. Even if I let Nanbei Mu go, you still won’t let me go. So the result will be the same whether I kill him or not. In that case, why should I let Nanbei Mu live? I, Jiang Chen, never gives my enemy any chance,” Jiang Chen said.

The dragon sword materialized in his hand as he slashed at Nanbei Mu. Indestructible sword Qi instantly enshrouded Nanbei Mu. With Nanbei Mu’s current condition, he wasn’t able to withstand any attack of Jiang Chen. If he was. .h.i.t by this slash directly, he would die instantly.

“Son of a b*tch! Stop!”

Upon seeing this, Nanbei Yitu raged. In his point of view, this Jiang Chen was mad. Across the entire Eastern Profound Domain, no one had ever dared to kill the people of Nanbei Family, let alone the important genius figures of the family. In the whole Eastern Profound Domain, whoever saw the people of Nanbei Family would hastily hide. Jiang Chen was definitely the first who dared to go against Nanbei Family.

Nanbei Yitu’s killing intent soared up to the sky. He summoned his combat sword. He wanted to kill Jiang Chen to defuse the crisis of Nanbei Mu, but due to the presence of Yang Bufan, his plan couldn’t succeed.


Nanbei Mu let out a wail. Just like the previous one, he became a dead man under Jiang Chen’s sword.

These two geniuses had probably never dreamt that they would die this day. They had never known that there was no return for today. Their death was a loss to Nanbei Family. As long as geniuses like them didn’t die, it was only a matter of time before they became one of the pillars of the family. There was no doubt about it. For a major power to nurture a half-step Immortal Emperor required huge amount of resources. The death of the two geniuses was equivalent to putting all the resources to waste.

Flames spurted out of Nanbei Yitu’s eyes like an ancient barbaric beast. It could be seen how angry he was right now. Today, he had received Young Master Chao’s order to bring two people with him to capture any suspect. In the end, not only he didn’t capture the suspect, but also hadn’t found out what had happened to the Fire Qilin and where the beast was. Also, the two geniuses he brought were killed. He truly had no idea how to explain this to Young Master Chao in his return.

He wasn’t afraid of the strict rules and punishment of the family, but the thought of facing Young Master Chao made even his soul s.h.i.+ver!

“Nanbei Yitu, you’d better not provoke me, otherwise, you will end up the same way.”

Jiang Chen kept his sword and returned to his usual look, and spoke in an extremely cold tone.

Nanbei Yitu was about to cough up blood. He had seen plenty of arrogant and proud people and he was also one of them, but it was surely his first time seeing someone as arrogant as Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, it seems that you don’t know what you are doing. Don’t think that one King Fan can protect you. You are too naïve. I, Nanbei Yitu, am going to remember today’s scores! No one has ever dared to kill the people of Nanbei Family and offend Young Master Chao. You will only have one outcome in the end, death.”

Nanbei Yitu left a cruel remark, darted a glare at Yang Bufan and vanished in a flash.

Despite his anger, he was a smart man. He didn’t like to perform futile tasks. He knew today’s situation very well. He could never kill Jiang Chen with Yang Bufan being there. In which case, he could only wait for the next time.

With regards to the departure of Nanbei Yitu, Jiang Chen didn’t make a move. Naturally, he would want to get rid of a genius like Nanbei Yitu because a genius like him was a huge potential threat to Jiang Chen, but he understood that given their current strength, it wasn’t possible for them to stop Nanbei Yitu from leaving, even with the help of Yang Bufan.

“King Fan, it’s all thanks to you.”

Jiang Chen came to Yang Bufan’s side and spoke. Yang Bufan’s timely arrival had provided a great help to him. Otherwise, even if he could escape, he wouldn’t be able to kill those two geniuses of Nanbei Family.

“Little Chen, what you did today is somewhat reckless. Why don’t you tell me about Fu Kui wanting to kill you? Fortunately, nothing bad happened. But now you have completely offended Nanbei Family. The inheritance of this family have been pa.s.sed down from many generations. Plus, it has very powerful forces. They aren’t an enemy that is easy to deal with. Even our empire is unwilling to provoke such a scary family.”

Yang Bufan said in a worrying tone instead of a blaming tone. Fu Kui wasn’t scary. Nanbei Family was the scary one. Although Nanbei Yitu was powerful, he was merely one genius of the family.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s only a matter of time before Nanbei Family and I have a hostile relations.h.i.+p. Now it has only happened ahead of time. By the way, King Fan, there’s one more thing I’d like to ask from you,” Jiang Chen said.

He had no regrets about offending Nanbei Family, because this matter itself had nothing to regret about.

“You can say it, don’t need to be polite with me,” Yang Bufan replied.

Jiang Chen flicked his arm and tore open the doors of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. The two figures that came out of it were the daughter and father.

Yang Bufan looked at Yan Qingcheng. This wasn’t his first time seeing Yan Qingcheng. He had seen her in the Evil Abyss. After that, it was he who personally open the pa.s.sageway of the Evil Abyss for her.

Seeing the two people, he finally understood why Jiang Chen had come to Fu City, ignoring the danger ahead. Jiang Chen was a man who valued friends.h.i.+p and sentiments. He would rather put himself to danger than to let his friends suffer. This was also one of the reasons Yang Bufan admired him. A righteous man like him would never be wrong.

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