Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1535 – The Reincarnation of Great Sovereign

Chapter 1535 – The Reincarnation of Great Sovereign

The Reincarnation of Great Sovereign

Back in Nanbei Family, the enclosed spatial zone where Young Master Chao was at.

Nanbei Yitu stood there shakily. He had told everything that had happened in Fu City, and was now waiting for the punishment of Young Master Chao. Young Master Chao closed his eyes. His blond hair fluttered gracefully on its own as he sat cross-legged on a rush cus.h.i.+on and spoke no word.

Nanbei Yitu stood there silently, not daring to make a single move, like a child who had done something wrong waiting to be punished. After his return, he didn’t go to find the high-ranking elders of the family. Instead, he came directly to Young Master Chao. This would make others suspect that only the words of Young Master Chao was the law.

Young Master Chao stayed silent while Nanbei Yitu’s forehead was beading with sweat. Nevertheless, all he could do was wait. He didn’t dare to interrupt the meditation of Young Master Chao.

After half a day, Young Master Chao finally opened his eyes. His gaze fell upon Nanbei Yitu like a pair of blades. This mere expression made Nanbei Yitu s.h.i.+ver and his soul about to stop.


Young Master Chao spoke coldly. A ma.s.sive pressure surged out of his body. Nanbei Yitu felt as though he was seeing the most terrifying thing in this world. He fell to his knees with a puff.

“It was because I wasn’t thoughtful enough. I didn’t expect that Jiang Chen could be so abnormal. So I’m asking Young Master to punish me now.”

Nanbei Yitu hastily replied without the slightest justification. He knew that Young Master Chao didn’t like reasons and was only concerned about the results, not the process.

Such a scene was too stupefying. One should know that this Young Master Chao was also an early Immortal Emperor like Nanbei Yitu, and a rare genius of Nanbei Family. According to the rules, they should have the same position and status. Moreover, a genius like Nanbei Yitu had pride that had seeped deep into his bones. He regarded dignity more important than anything else. It was difficult to make such a person lower his head normally, let alone kneel down. But now, Nanbei Yitu was kneeling before Young Master Chao, he didn’t even dare to wipe off the cold sweat down his forehead.

“You said that Jiang Chen was merely an early Immortal King expert and has killed Nanbei Mu and the other genius?” Young Master Chao asked, seeming to be intrigued by Jiang Chen.

“Yes. It’s true that Jiang Chen is only an early Immortal King, however he knew a kind of incredible transformation technique that can raise his combat strength by tenfold and his means is incredibly strong.” Nanbei Yitu said truthfully.

“Jiang Chen?”

Young Master Chao narrowed his eyes. There were less than a few geniuses in the entire Immortal World that could arouse his interest. It would even be less likely for him to pay attention to a puny Immortal King, but Jiang Chen had no doubt emerged in his line of sight. If what Nanbei Yitu said was true, then this Jiang Chen was truly a very terrifying person and a heaven defying genius, because even he, wouldn’t be able to kill opponents a realm above his.

“Young Master, I have done some investigation about it. That Jiang Chen is quite close with that King Fan of Great Qian Empire. This time, it was also because of King Fan’s presence that prevented me from taking down Jiang Chen, and caused us such huge losses. Moreover, that Jiang Chen was highly regarded in Genius Prefecture of Great Qian Empire. Should we go to Great Qian Empire and demand for that person by exerting pressure on them?” Nanbei Yitu said.

“No need. The Golden Horizon will soon be opened. A genius like him will definitely enter that place. At that time, killing him would be incomparably easy. There’s no need to go against Great Qian Empire because of one small insect,” Young Master Chao said.

“Don’t worry, Young Master. If he dares to go to the Golden Horizon, I will surely kill him.” Nanbei Yitu gritted his teeth and said.

As a first-cla.s.s genius of Nanbei Family, he had done lots of things that he was proud of. Today’s incident could be considered to be a disgrace in his life. Therefore, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to wash away this disgrace. He had to kill Jiang Chen with his own hands.

“Alright, you can leave now.” Young Master Chao waved at Nanbei Yitu.

“Yes, Young Master.”

Nanbei Yitu felt a huge relief and hastily left the spatial zone. Thinking about Young Master Chao’s scariness frightened him. It was incomparably lucky for him that he could still leave the place intact.

At the same time, in King Fan Prefecture of Great Qian Empire.

Jiang Chen, Yang Bufan and Big Yellow had gathered together.

“King Fan, do you know that there’s a Young Master Chao in Nanbei Family?” Jiang Chen asked.

He was extremely interested about Nanbei Chao who was his mortal enemy that he would meet sooner or later. From the words of Nanbei Yitu, it wasn’t hard for him to tell that this Young Master Chao was a very important figure with unordinary status in Nanbei Family. As such, Jiang Chen would like to know more about him.

“There’s certainly such a person. His name is Nanbei Chao. He was very mysterious and seldom shows up; rumour has it that he was the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign. That was why he had a very important status in Nanbei Family. Although I haven’t seen him before, I’m sure that he is a very terrifying figure,” said Yang Bufan, telling what he had heard about this Young Master Chao.

“The reincarnation of a Great Sovereign.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. Clearly, he wasn’t ready for that. If Nanbei Chao was truly the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign, that would make Nanbei Chao extremely horrifying. The pressure of having such a powerful opponent was too great. As he continued to advance, he understood more and more about the scariness of a Great Immortal Sovereign that should only exist in legends. He had once witnessed the means of the Heaven Devouring Demon Ape and the old liar. Those individuals were considered to be legendary existences. One could already imagine what the Great Sovereigns were, the pinnacle of the Immortal World would be, that was above those existences.

“It’s just rumours. No one knows whether it’s true or not. Or perhaps, Nanbei Family has deliberately created this story to raise their profile and deterrent force in Eastern Profound Domain.” added Yang Bufan. After all, he hadn’t seen this Young Master Chao before.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow exchanged a glance and saw the seriousness in each other’s eyes. Yang Bufan had expressed his doubts about the authenticity of Nanbei Chao being the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign, but as for the two of them, they didn’t doubt it at all because they had dealt with Nanbei Chao’s incarnations in the past.

It was common for unbelievable things to occur on someone like Nanbei Chao. Jiang Chen had always paid lots of attention to such opponent. Along his path, many of his opponents and enemies had died. He couldn’t even remember most of them, but if he was asked about the one whom he remembered most clearly, he would say that it was Nanbei Chao.

“King Fan, this man isn’t an insignificant individual. You have to be careful if you encounter him in the future. Nanbei Chao is full of wild ambitions and plots. With his presence, Eastern Profound Domain will be in chaos sooner or later.”

Jiang Chen reminded. No one understood Nanbei Chao better than him. Although he had only dealt with Nanbei Chao’s clone, he knew that Nanbei Chao was a domineering person whose intention was to dominate the whole world. Eastern Profound Domain wouldn’t get its peace with Nanbei Chao around.

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