Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 152 – Valley of Yin Spirits

Chapter 152 – Valley of Yin Spirits

Chapter 152 – Valley of Yin Spirits

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, this was not a good feeling. He had lived two lives, and in his past life he was the greatest Saint in the world. His mind was strong as a rock, and it couldn’t be compared with anything. Even when he was facing life-threatening danger, he would be able to handle it with a calm mind. It was almost impossible for him to be disturbed.

But just now, Jiang Chen’s calm mind felt a sudden moment of unease. This kind of emotion had long ago disappeared from Jiang Chen’s mind.

“I hate this feeling.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up coldly. He had prepared to find Lord Blood Moon during tonight’s trip, but his mood became extremely bad right now. The restless uneasiness had made him wonder if something bad had happened, or if it was happening.

“Buddy, what happened to you?”

Big Yellow sensed Jiang Chen’s change in emotion. After following Jiang Chen for so long, he had never seen Jiang Chen behave like he did now. In his mind, Jiang Chen was like an old fox that remained calm no matter what. No matter how huge the danger was, he would still handle it calmly. But out of a sudden, his emotions became so fierce, and this really puzzled him.

“Nothing, I just suddenly felt some unease in my mind.”

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Are you worried about that Lord Blood Moon? I am sure that Lord Blood Moon won’t be easy to deal with, also, the Valley of Yin Spirits was left behind by Blood Moon Shaman. If my guess is correct, Lord Blood Moon must have inherited he skills from Blood Moon Shaman. Therefore, the Valley of Yin Spirits to him is like water to a fish. It’s going to be a tough fight.”

Big Yellow said.

“No matter what, we’ll meet this Lord Blood Moon tonight, or else, we might not have the chance anymore.”

Jiang Chen said with a stern voice. For the last few days, Lord Blood Moon hadn’t shown himself anywhere. He had obviously been preparing for tonight’s blood sacrifice. If he was allowed to succeed, he might break through to the Divine Core realm, and if that was the case, Jiang Chen would not be able to defeat him, and Yellowstone would become Lord Blood Moon’s slaughterhouse. Tonight was Jiang Chen’s only chance.

However, Jiang Chen’s mind was still in a mess right now, making it difficult for him to calm down. This was definitely not because of Lord Blood Moon, Jiang Chen had never been scared because his enemy was stronger.

The restless feeling in his mind just wouldn’t go away.

“I have been able to move unhindered in all land underneath the heavens, there is nothing I fear, and there’s no exception this time either.”

Jiang Chen had a fierce look in his eyes. By using the Great Soul Derivation skill, he was able to force the uneasiness in his mind away, and focus all his attention on the matters regarding dealing with Lord Blood Moon tonight.

Jiang Chen could never have expected that something really bad had happened back in the Black Sect. The uneasiness in his mind was because of Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan who were in critical conditions.

Late afternoon, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow followed Yu Zi Han and flew towards the direction of Yellowstone City. With their speed, it only took them 15 minutes to travel from Redsun Town to Yellowstone City.

In the Yu family of Yellowstone City, Yu Tian Long was walking around restlessly in the main hall with a gloomy face. He was waiting anxiously for something. Next to him were two old Heavenly Core warriors who also seemed restless.

“Chief, young master is back, and he brought a man with him.”

At this point of time, a guard came in and said.

“That must be young master Jiang! Hurry, invite them in!”

Yu Tian Long’s eyes lit up, and he didn’t dare show any neglect. During this period of time, Jiang Chen’s name had spread across all of Yellowstone, and the Yu family would need help from Jiang Chen if they wanted to save Yu Zi Yan.

A moment later, Yu Zi Han brought Jiang Chen and Big Yellow in. Yu Tian Long and the other two old men hurriedly stood up and greeted them.

“Dad, this is Jiang Chen, and this is Big Yellow.”

Yu Zi Han introduced them to his father.

“I’ve long ago heard the names of you two. Yu Tian Long greets young master Jiang.”

Yu Tian Long cupped his fist and bowed towards Jiang Chen. With his status, it was rare for him to be so polite towards a young man, but Yu Tian Long knew what Jiang Chen was capable. In the world of cultivation, age or status didn’t matter at all compared to real strength. Yu Zi Han had told Yu Tian Long everything about Jiang Chen and what he had done so far regarding the Blood Devils, including how he had wreaked havoc in the Black Sect.

Besides, after Jiang Chen had taken first place in the Qi Province compet.i.tion, and agreed on a one-year fight date with Nan Bei Chao, his name had spread across the Qi Province. Yu Tian Long had long since heard about him.

As for the dog next to Jiang Chen, it was a being that couldn’t be underestimated either. Within the information delivered to him by Yu Zi Han regarding the battles with the Blood Devils in Redsun Town, he had specifically mentioned this dog. Therefore, Yu Tian Long dared not neglect him at all.

“Greetings, Chief Yu. Regarding the whereabouts of Lord Blood Moon, can the Yu family confirm it is real?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes, Lord Blood Moon is going to have a blood sacrifice ceremony in the Valley of Yin Spirits tonight. My daughter, Yu Zi Yan is amongst those teenage girls that he is going to use for the ceremony. I hope young master Jiang can help us rescue her! If she can be saved from this dangerous situation, all of us from the Yu family will be incredibly grateful to young master Jiang, and we’ll do whatever young master Jiang requests of us in the future!”

Yu Tian Long carried a solemn expression. He was worried about his daughter, and couldn’t wait to leave for the Valley of Yin Spirits immediately. He had no idea if Jiang Chen could handle Lord Blood Moon, but judging from the current situation, Jiang Chen was their only hope.

“I estimate there won’t be many Blood Devils left, I killed quite a lot of them back in Redsun Town. The rest of them should be gathering in the Valley of Yin Spirits. Let’s go to the valley now, I want to meet that Lord Blood Moon and kill every single one of them today.”

Jiang Chen strengthened his spirit. At the same time, Yu Tian Long and the two old men beside him could feel a faint aura of a king unleashed from his body. This really shocked them, as they had no idea why a young man like him could have such an aura.

“Alright, we’ll listen to young master Jiang’s commands. Let’s go now.”

Yu Tian Long had been waiting for this moment. The skies had turned dark, and it would already be late at evening when they arrived at the Valley of Yin Spirits. No one knew when the blood sacrifice ceremony would begin, and Yu Zi Yan’s life was at risk as long as she was help captive by Lord Blood Moon.

Yu Tian Long was very familiar with Yellowstone. Under his lead, the group had begun traveling towards the valley.

Jiang Chen, Big Yellow, Yu Zi Han, Yu Tian Long, and two honourable guests of the Yu family. Six Heavenly Core warriors. Going to the Valley of Yin Spirits with just these people was basically the same as going to commit suicide. But, since Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were in the group, it would be a different story.

The Valley of Yin Spirits was located close to the border of Yellowstone, and it covered nearly a hundred miles in circ.u.mference. The terrain around the valley was rough, and the valley was covered by Yin spirits during all days. No animal could stay within, it had become a no mans land. No one could withstand the corrosion of the Yin Spirits within the valley.

When Jiang Chen and the few others arrived at the valley, the darkness had dominated the night. The Yin Spirits in the valley became thicker as time pa.s.sed. One could easily feel an eerie feeling within the valley, even from afar.

This was a land of dead, no gra.s.s or trees could grow, no animals or birds could stay. The s.h.i.+vering Yin Spirits were the only symbol of this place.

“Young master Jiang, this place is filled with Yin Spirits. The deeper we go, the thicker it becomes. I heard that at the end of this valley, the Yin Spirits are so intense that even a Late Heavenly Core warrior can’t withstand it at all.”

Yu Tian Long explained with words filled with fear towards the Valley of Yin Spirits.

Jiang Chen looked into the distance and found out this was indeed a dangerous place. Killing intent could be seen with naked eyes, and if any ordinary warrior ventured deeply into the valley, the Yin Spirits would instantly corrode him, and all his internal organs would vanish.

But Jiang Chen was not fear about these Yin Spirits, he was cultivating with Dragon Transformation Skill, his Qi and blood were as strong as a dragon, every muscle and breathes of him were the representative of pure Yang, in another word, Jiang Chen is the natural rival for these Yin Spirits.

“Big Yellow, go inside and check on the situation.”

Jiang Chen asked Big Yellow for help. Today was Lord Blood Moon’s big day, therefore, the Valley of Yin Spirits must be packed with Blood Devils. This place was the heard of the Blood Devils, and with Big Yellow’s abilities, he was the best candidate to scout for what was happening without getting discovered.


Right after Jiang Chen’s words left his mouth, Big Yellow turned into a light beam and disappeared into the valley. The second after that, Yu Tian Long and the other widened their eyes. They saw that when Big Yellow entered the Valley of Yin Spirits, he didn’t unleash his Yuan energy to protect himself. It was as if those frightening Yin Spirits meant nothing to him.

“He really is mysterious.”

Yu Tian Long couldn’t help but let out a sigh. There were some existences in this world that simply couldn’t be judged by ordinary standards. Big Yellow possessed the bloodline of a Divine Beast, therefore he was just like Jiang Chen, an existence of pure Yang, the natural rival of Yin Spirits.

After half an hour, Big Yellow came back from the valley.

“How is it? What’s the situation inside like?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“There is a black altar right in the middle of the valley. Lord Blood Moon is on that altar by himself, and there are at least a thousand Blood Devils surrounding and praying towards the altar. There are 99 teenage girls tied up on one side of the altar, the blood sacrifice ceremony has yet to begin.”

Although Big Yellow had only spent half an hour in the valley, he had explored and found out every single detail within. What’s more impressive was that no Blood Devils had ever discovered his intrusion. With this ability alone, he had won the hearts of everyone present.

“Are there any Blood Devils guarding the perimeter?”

Jiang Chen asked again.

“There was, but I bit them to death! You guys just follow me, I can bring you all to the altar directly.”

Big Yellow said.

“Perfect, nice work, let’s go!”

A sneer appeared on Jiang Chen’s face. Under Big Yellow’s lead, everybody started running towards the Valley of Yin Spirits.

“Chief, the Yin Spirits are getting more and more powerful, we can’t hold on any longer.”

“That’s right, if it gets worse, I’m afraid we will be down on our knees before reaching the center of the valley. Besides, if we meet any Blood Devils in such conditions, that’s sure death for us.”

After traveling for nearly thirty miles, the honourable guests of the Yu family found it extremely difficult to resist the Yin Spirits. If they forced themselves to travel further, they might just fall down before even reaching the altar.