Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1530 – Another Figh

Chapter 1530 – Another Figh

Another Fight

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Nanbei Yitu and Yang Bufan unleashed their powerful momentum. These two great geniuses wouldn’t give way to each other. One of them wanted to capture Jiang Chen to gain more information about the Fire Qilin while the other wanted to protect Jiang Chen from being hurt. Since neither side didn’t want to compromise, this could only lead to violence. As a young king of Great Qian Empire, Yang Bufan wasn’t afraid of offending Nanbei Family. Similarly, Nanbei Yitu, who was a first-cla.s.s genius of Nanbei Family, also didn’t fear this young king.

“The King Fan of Great Qian Empire, who has disappeared for ten years and rose to fame upon his return. Today, he has also become an Immortal Emperor. In which case, I would like to see how powerful this young king of Great Qian Empire is.” Nanbei Yitu unleashed his strong combat intent.

“Let’s fight now. I would also like to see how powerful the first-cla.s.s genius of Nanbei Family is.”

Yang Bufan’s eyes glittered. He was least afraid of battle. A man like him was born to fight. A fight between him and Nanbei Yitu was destined to take place. No doubt, Jiang Chen was the major reason of this fight. Nevertheless, both of them were eager to fight one another. Being experts of the same level, they both strongly inspired each other’s will to fight. Once they defeated their opponent, their compet.i.tive heart would gain ma.s.sive satisfaction, which would bring tremendous benefits to their future cultivation.

“Little Chen, leave this place with Big Yellow. I’m going to have a fight with this genius of Nanbei Family.” Yang Bufan’s dark hair fluttered in the air, making him seem extremely powerful.

“It won’t be that easy for you to leave. The two of you, take Jiang Chen down.”

Nanbei Yitu ordered the two people behind him. In his point of view, Jiang Chen was merely an Immortal King expert no matter how powerful Jiang Chen was. As Nanbei Yitu didn’t witness the battle earlier, he definitely didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes. It was incomparably simple for two half-step Immortal Emperor geniuses to take Jiang Chen down.


The two geniuses of Nanbei Family flashed and appeared in front of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, blocking their pathway. Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow exchanged a glance and saw the smile in each other’s eyes. If they had to fight, they absolutely wouldn’t mind killing these two geniuses.

“Nanbei Yitu, I suggest you not to ask your men to touch Jiang Chen.” Yang Bufan warned.

“Humph! Yang Bufan, we will take down Jiang Chen today. Whoever dared to touch the Fire Qilin of our family will only have one end!” Nanbei Yitu’s behaviour was resolute. It seemed like he didn’t want to give Jiang Chen the slightest chance.

“Ai! Too bad.”

Yang Bufan shook his head, and looked at the two geniuses in pity. Nanbei Yitu might not know what kind of fight had just taken place here, but Yang Bufan knew it very well. He also knew how abnormal Jiang Chen’s combat strength was. Even the early Immortal Emperor Fu Kui died in his hands. Even though these geniuses of Nanbei Family were great half-step Immortal Emperor experts, their combat strength was at best, the same as Fu Kui. When Jiang Chen had the capability to kill Fu Kui, it naturally meant that Jiang Chen could eliminate these two geniuses as well.

Moreover, given Jiang Chen’s disposition and style of action, he would never be lenient. Therefore, Yang Bufan was almost certain that if these two people insisted on taking action against Jiang Chen, then there would only be one outcome – death!.

“Cut the c.r.a.p. Yang Bufan, take my strike!”

Nanbei Yitu took the lead in making the first move. He struck out a ma.s.sive golden divine light that was condensed of horrifying destructive energy that could wipe out everything at Yang Bufan. The divine light was like a peerless divine sword. Every place it pa.s.sed in the void was torn into two parts. Its speed was extremely fast, reaching Yang Bufan in the blink of an eye.

“Come at the right time!”

Yang Bufan’s combat intent was boundless. He could already feel that Nanbei Yitu’s combat strength wasn’t the slightest weaker than Crown Prince and that Yitu’s cultivation base had reached the peak of early Immortal Emperor realm. However, Yang Bufan wasn’t afraid as this was a battle that he desired the most.

A new battlefield was instantly created by them. Yang Bufan pointed his finger like a sword, shooting out a ray of divine light. This was a very terrifying finger technique. Its destructive force was even greater than Jiang Chen’s Nine Solar Profound Finger.

Jiang Chen’s Nine Solar Profound Finger was merely a combat technique in the mortal world. The nameless finger technique cast by Yang Bufan was a true and incomparable immortal technique.

*Hong Long……*

Both of them became inextricably absorbed in the intense fight. This was the first time two great geniuses clashed in a battle. Both of them represented two major powers of Eastern Profound Domain. Victory was no longer about one’s personal glory, but also the glory of one’s sect. It was this glory and their own pride that gave them the desire to win the battle.

In just a matter of a few blinks, the two of them had fought for a dozen of intense rounds. Naturally, neither victory nor defeat could be decided. It wasn’t easy to determine the victor in a fight between two great geniuses within a short period of time.

On the other side, the other two geniuses blocked Jiang Chen’s path. Their eyes were cold and fierce. They looked at Jiang Chen as though Jiang Chen was their prey. That was right. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was the prey, the target that they must hunt for.

“Jiang Chen, you do have the nerve to touch our family’s Fire Qilin. No one in the entire Eastern Profound Domain had ever dared to do so. I urge you to surrender now, so that we won’t waste our effort,” one of the two spoke disdainfully. The fact that he dared to speak so arrogantly in front of Jiang Chen indicated his lack of understanding of Jiang Chen.

“Then I would advise you that you’d better get out of my sight now, before I decide to kill you two,” Jiang Chen replied coldly.

Similarly, he didn’t put these two in his heart. Of course, the fact that he could say such words was because of his tremendous confidence.

“Humph! What an arrogant brat! A puny Immortal King dares to speak to us like this? Since you are courting death, I will just fulfil your wish.”

The other genius snorted unpleasantly. He seemed to have a bad temper. He had decided to get into a fight in an instant. He gripped in the air, crus.h.i.+ng the void ahead that later formed a terrifying palm that reached Jiang Chen in a blink. One had to say that the geniuses of Nanbei Family were definitely powerful. Although he was only a half-step Immortal Emperor, his true combat strength wasn’t any weaker than early Immortal Emperor experts like Fu Kui.


Jiang Chen roared, and instantly turned into his dragon form. Today, he had killed Fu Kui and his comrades. Now, he was going to fight the geniuses of Nanbei Family. What an exhilaration! He abruptly struck out the True Dragon Palm, colliding with the enormous palm of the genius.

*Hong Long……*

A terrifyingly deafening sound was heard and a huge crater was created in the void. Under the ma.s.sive energy, Jiang Chen was forced three steps backwards. In this exchange, Jiang Chen’s opponent had gained the upper hand, but this outcome had shocked the two geniuses.

“How can this b.a.s.t.a.r.d be so powerful?”

The man was greatly astonished. He was very confident in his strength. In his point of view, dealing with an Immortal King was like crus.h.i.+ng an ant. He had never thought that his powerful strike could only force his opponent back. Not even the slightest damage was done on Jiang Chen.

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