Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1529 – The Battle between Geniuses

Chapter 1529 – The Battle between Geniuses

The Battle between Geniuses

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Jiang Chen made no effort to deny his relation with the Fire Qilin anymore, because all of this was no longer important to him. By casting the Qilin Arm, it had caught the attention of Nanbei Chao. As such, his sophistry wouldn’t work anymore.

Since he was targeted by Nanbei Family, he was basically left with no room for ease. Nanbei Yitu wanted to kill him, though he would only do that after he saw the Fire Qilin. Despite that, Jiang Chen was already a dead man in the eyes of Nanbei Family.

“Jiang Chen, it seems that you are asking for trouble. Since you want to die, I will fulfil your wish.”

Nanbei Yitu was angered. He had already given the opponent a chance, but the opponent didn’t know how to cherish it. Since the opponent was stubbornly ignorant, there was nothing else that could be said. He had received the orders of Young Master Chao to seek for the Fire Qilin at all costs. And clearly, Jiang Chen had a connection with the Saint Beast.

Therefore, he decided to strike. He would cripple Jiang Chen first, then bring him back to Nanbei Family.


Powerful Qi waves was suddenly unleashed from his body. Although he was also an early Immortal Emperor, his Qi alone was entirely different from Fu Kui and the other same level experts. To put it bluntly, Fu Kui and his comrades would be instantly killed by Nanbei Yitu. This was the difference between an ordinary person and a genius. Geniuses exceeded ordinary people not just in terms of talent and cultivation speed, but also in combat strength.


At this moment, a yell was heard. The void above, trembled. Then, a black-clothed young man walked out from it. The Qi radiated from his body wasn’t any weaker than Nanbei Yitu. He also emanated the strong aura of king. Every gesture of his, even his eyes carried fierceness. His whole body was filled with dominance.

This man wasn’t a stranger. He was precisely Yang Bufan. Not long after Jiang Chen had left, he went to Dan Prefecture to find Jiang Chen. On his way, he met Xuan Zhong. After asking the mountain guard disciples about the direction Jiang Chen had gone to, he could already guess what was going on. After all, he was pretty clear about the score between Jiang Chen and Fu Kui.

As he couldn’t settle down, he had decided to come to the scene. Coincidentally, the moment he arrived was also the moment when Nanbei Yitu was about to strike Jiang Chen. Naturally, Yang Bufan couldn’t let that happen.

Yang Bufan’s Qi collided against Nanbei Yitu, creating a huge crater in the void. This was just a mere clash of their Qi. So the result naturally could still not be determined. Although Yang Bufan had just advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm recently, he was still able to contend with Crown Prince in battle, which also meant that Nanbei Yitu and him would be equally matched.

He came to Jiang Chen’s side, relieved that Jiang Chen was still intact. He scanned the scattered corpses across the battlefield and basically got an idea of what just happened.

“Why didn’t you tell me about such a matter?” Yang Bufan reproached.

“Didn’t I solve it myself?”

Jiang Chen shrugged. He knew that Yang Bufan was worried about him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come here.

“The King Fan of Great Qian Empire. Could it be that you want to meddle in the affairs of Nanbei Family?” Nanbei Yitu spoke.

The sudden emergence of Yang Bufan turned his face ugly. He was able to determine the ident.i.ty of Yang Bufan with just a glance. After all, he and Yang Bufan were both dragons amongst their peers. Although Yang Bufan had gone missing for ten years, they had dealt with one another ten years ago. Moreover, after Yang Bufan returned, he had been crowned as King Fan, which spread his name all over the entire Eastern Profound Domain.

But what Nanbei Yitu didn’t expect was that Yang Bufan’s cultivation base had also become so strong. The clash just now was enough for him to understand that Yang Bufan’s current cultivation base and combat strength wasn’t the slightest bit weaker compared to his.

Besides that, he could also tell that Yang Bufan had come here for Jiang Chen. If Great Qian Empire had come here to protect Jiang Chen, then things would become somewhat difficult. It wouldn’t be easy for him to take Jiang Chen with him today.

Yang Bufan turned to face Nanbei Yitu and said plainly: “Nanbei Yitu, I won’t interfere with the affairs of your family, but Jiang Chen is my brother. If you want to touch a brother of mine, I naturally won’t agree to it.”

Yang Bufan expressed his att.i.tude and intention very clearly. He and Jiang Chen were friends who had been through life and death. Even if the Lord of Heavens wanted to kill Jiang Chen, Yang Bufan wouldn’t hesitate to stand out for his brother.

“Jiang Chen has captured the Saint Beast Fire Qilin of our Nanbei Family. Our family will never let this matter rest. I’m afraid that it won’t be possible for you, King Fan to protect him,” Nanbe Yitu said coldly.

After hearing this, Yang Bufan couldn’t help but frown. This was the thing he was most concerned about. The scariest thing was to expose the truth, because Jiang Chen was the one who captured the Fire Qilin. He could already guess that when he saw Nanbei Yitu.

Nanbei Family wasn’t easy to deal with. It was an ancient family with forces that even transcended Great Qian Empire.

“The disappearance of Nanbei Family’s Fire Qilin may not be related to Jiang Chen. Great Qian Empire and Nanbei Family had never intrude with one another. I hope you don’t use this as an excuse to cause trouble,” Said Yang Bufan.

He knew all too well about the importance of the Fire Qilin to Nanbei Family. The Saint Beast represented the fate of Nanbei Family. If they found out that it was Jiang Chen who really captured the Fire Qilin, Nanbei Family would surely kill Jiang Chen at all costs.

“Since King Fan says so, then let me bring Jiang Chen back to my family. If Jiang Chen really didn’t capture the Fire Qilin, our family won’t do anything to him,” Nanbei Yitu said.

It seemed that he didn’t want the relations.h.i.+p between him and Yang Bufan to go stiff at this place. Based on his decision earlier, he would cripple Jiang Chen first before bringing him back to the family. To his surprise, Jiang Chen actually had such a good connection with Yang Bufan.

“No, I don’t agree.” Yang Bufan’s tone was resolute. It must be a joke to let them take Jiang Chen to Nanbei Family. How could Jiang Chen possibly come back alive after that?

“King Fan, I have already given you respect. Don’t think that I won’t dare to fight you because this is the territory of Great Qian Empire. Today, I must bring Jiang Chen back. If you still insist in stopping me, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Nanbei Yitu was infuriated. He felt that he had made a great concession. In the entire young generation of Eastern Profound Domain, he had never been afraid of anyone. The same went to Nanbei Family. Today, Young Master Chao had entrusted him with this task which he had to complete either by hook or crook.

Additionally, he had basically confirmed that the disappearance of Fire Qilin was surely related to Jiang Chen.

“So what if I insist? Do you think that I’m scared of you?” Yang Bufan’s Qi fluctuated. With his ten years of tempering in Evil Abyss, he feared nothing.

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