Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1531 – No Match

Chapter 1531 – No Match

No Match

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It was natural for the two geniuses to react in such a way. Anyone who fought Jiang Chen the first time would be dumbfounded, because no one in the entire cultivation world had such an abnormal combat strength to such an extent. No one could fight an Immortal Emperor expert while being only an early Immortal King. As such, Jiang Chen could be described as a freak.

They also failed to understand that Jiang Chen was only forced back because he wanted to test their strength. If Jiang Chen exerted his full combat strength, it would be possible for them to move him by an inch

The two geniuses’ murderous intent soared up to the sky. They no longer dared to underestimate Jiang Chen. Their eyes were fixed at Jiang Chen while their Qi had already firmly sealed the void. Brus.h.i.+ng aside their astonishment, their intent to kill Jiang Chen intensified.

Jiang Chen raised his head to look at the battle between Yang Bufan and Nanbei Yitu, then turned to his opponents. He knew that he had become entangled with Nanbei Family. It was only a matter of time before the life-or-death battle arrived. So there was no need to be polite to them anymore.

“Big Yellow, how about each of us take one?” Jiang Chen smiled at Big Yellow.

“*Jie**Jie*, that’s more like it. But Master Dog can’t use the Immortal Execution Sword again, which makes it a little harder for me to kill either of them. Let me just keep one busy, while you go and get rid of the other.”

Big Yellow smiled maliciously. He liked doing this kind of thing the most. However, it was difficult for him to kill any one of the enemies with his current strength, unless he cast out the Immortal Execution Sword, however he had already used it once. With his current energy, it would be hard for him to use the Immortal Execution Sword again. After all, the origin of the sword was a powerful Sovereign Weapon. It was afraid that any person other than Big Yellow wouldn’t be able to wield such a sword.

“Very good. That will be it.” Jiang Chen smiled back.

What Big Yellow said was the best way for Jiang Chen to tackle his opponents. As for the great Nanbei Yitu, he was currently entangled by Yang Bufan. It was impossible for Yitu to get through Yang Bufan and kill Jiang Chen. The others might not know Yang Bufan’s capability, but Jiang Chen knew it very well. The ultimate force of this Evil Lord was beyond ordinary imagination. In the aspect of intrinsic quality, the Crown Prince and King Ping couldn’t be compared with Yang Bufan, because there was a ma.s.sive difference among them, though it wasn’t obvious yet. However, this would become more and more obvious as Yang Bufan advanced further. It was only a matter of time before Yang Bufan left them to dust.

Back then, Yang Zanqing already saw the intrinsic advantage and potential of Yang Bufan. That was the reason he attached so much importance to Yang Bufan and didn’t hesitate to provide Yang Bufan two Snow-Jade King Ginsengs to help him improve his cultivation base.


Big Yellow sent out a deafening roar to one of their enemies. It was a clear provocation.

“F***, even a dog dares to provoke me? Courting death! Let me kill this dog first.”

The genius was infuriated. Given his ident.i.ty as a dignified half-step Immortal Emperor supreme genius, he would be respected wherever he went to. Who would dare to disrespect him? How dare this dog challenge him with that pair of disdainful eyes? Motherf******! If he didn’t slap this dog to death, where should he put his face at?


That genius’ fury soared up the sky. He sent a slap at Big Yellow violently. The force of this slap was enough to crush a huge mountain and even the void to pieces. In the face of such attack, Big Yellow took the attack with his skull.

“A surely brainless dog.”

The genius sneered, but was shocked just like those people that fought Big Yellow earlier.


Terrifying energy collided with each other. The powerful dog head penetrated the condensed palm of the genius. Its power was unparalleled.


Big Yellow let out his signature laugh. His st.u.r.dy body enlarged by twofold. A pair of wings sprouted on his back. His whole body radiated dazzling light as he rushed towards the genius.

“Dammit! This dog is so strong.”

The genius cursed and felt the urge to cough up blood, but that didn’t make him fear Big Yellow. In his eyes, this was merely a dog. If he wanted to kill this dog, it would be as easy as moving his hand.

On the other side, Jiang Chen had cast out the Qilin Arm, striking at the other genius like a raging storm.

“Sure enough, this is the combat technique of the Fire Qilin. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d must have captured the Fire Qilin and harmed him!”

When the genius saw Jiang Chen’s Qilin Arm, he immediately confirmed the relation between Jiang Chen and the Fire Qilin, but now wasn’t the time to contemplate all of these. Jiang Chen’s attack was too ferocious. It made him feel a trace of dangerous Qi which he couldn’t ignore.


The genius didn’t dare to show any neglect. Knowing that he had encountered a peerless genius, he immediately drew out his combat weapon and slashed at the Qilin Arm.

The mere Qilin Arm wouldn’t have so much power, but when it was combined with Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm, it was equivalent to the combination of the innate ability of the Fire Qilin and the True Dragon Combat Technique, with the former superimposing the latter, becoming the most horrifying technique of Jiang Chen.

*Hong Long……*

The Qilin Divine Arm was like an ancient divine arm that could transcend the ages, penetrate everything and smash the stars. The moment the Qilin Divine Arm collided against the combat weapon of the genius, the void in the vicinity was smashed in an instant. Violent energy raged. If a late Immortal King expert was trapped in this place, he would be ripped to pieces by the energy fluctuations alone.


Under the impact, the genius let out a wail and was sent flying a few hundred meters back before he could regain his balance.

*Barf…* *Barf…*

He had suffered a great shock, spurting out big mouthfuls of blood. His face paled instantly. His Qi had also weakened.

One had to admit that such a genius was incomparably powerful. Previously, Jiang Chen had mutilated half of the body of those early Immortal Emperors using this technique, and sent their weapons flying out of their hands.

This genius in front was still able to stand. The Immortal Weapon was still firmly gripped in his hand. This alone could already make him proud.

Nevertheless, he didn’t feel the slightest pride. Instead, he was in a serious daze.

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