Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1527 – Slaughtering All of Them

Chapter 1527 – Slaughtering All of Them

Slaughtering All of Them

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After speaking, Jiang Chen lunged without hesitation. The Qilin Divine Arm crushed the void before it fell at the Immortal Emperor from above. He didn’t pay attention to Fu Kui because he knew that Fu Kui would never choose to flee. Of course, even if Fu Kui wanted to, he would have no chance. By casting out almost all of his trump cards, Jiang Chen was already in control of the situation.

“Jiang Chen, it’s either you die or I die!”

Fu Kui rushed at Jiang Chen once more with his eyes blazing with so much fury that his Wolf-Tooth Club was about to catch fire, leaving a long shadow in the void. He had completely lost his mind and control over his emotions. Jiang Chen had dealt him a severe blow. His final hope was extinguished. He had meticulously concocted this plan to have his revenge, but in the end, it turned out to be nothing.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to kill you later,” Jiang Chen said coldly.

As a matter of fact, if Fu Kui and his last comrade united, they could still be a formidable force. Unfortunately, they had already lost their will to fight. One was a madman while the other had already lost his will to fight. Both of them were no longer a threat to Jiang Chen. This indicated that sometimes, a battle didn’t necessarily depend entirely on combat power, especially when the combatants had similar capabilities. Mentality was often very important in battle. Anyone who could control his mental state would be able to control the situation of the battlefield.

*Hong Long……*

Jiang Chen’s movement was still faster than Fu Kui. Before Fu Kui’s attack reached him, his Qilin Arm hit the other Immortal Emperor.

The combat sword of that expert was sent flying away. The energy defense s.h.i.+eld on the surface of his body was broken and the force of the Qilin Divine Arm directly hit him. Just like the previous expert, half of his body was crushed by the attack.


Jiang Chen was ruthless on his attack. Once again, he struck out the frenzied energy column, crus.h.i.+ng the Immortal Emperor entirely. After killing this Immortal Emperor, he turned to face Fu Kui.

The power of the Qilin Arm was unparalleled. The shockwave collided with Fu Kui’s Wolf-Tooth Club and forced Fu Kui backwards.

On the other side, when the Immortal Emperor who was still fighting Big Yellow saw the four Immortal Emperors being killed one by one, leaving only Fu Kui alive, he was terrified and became dispirited. He then intended to leave the battlefield and flee. He wasn’t going to fight anymore because it was a sure-death battle. Big Yellow was hard enough to deal with. He had never thought that Jiang Chen was even scarier. Initially, they all thought that the greatest reliance of Jiang Chen was this dog. Now, it seemed like it was terrible mistake. Jiang Chen was so much more powerful than this dog. He was a complete freak.

“Trying to flee? If I let you run away, Master Dog won’t be able to mingle around anymore. Immortal Execution Sword!”

Big Yellow was overbearing. How could he give his enemy the chance to escape? Jiang Chen had already killed four of them. If he couldn’t even kill one, it would be too humiliating.


The terrifying Immortal Execution Sword was cast out. The current grade of the Immortal Execution Sword was equivalent to a peak Emperor Grade Immortal Weapon, its true power was even greater than ordinary Venerable Grade Weapons, however. After all, this sword was the Natal Weapon of Immortal Execution King, and a true Great Sovereign Weapon.

Given Big Yellow’s cultivation base, he could already exert the power of the Immortal Execution Sword without falling too vulnerable after using the sword.

As the Immortal Execution Sword was carrying the aura of a Great Sovereign, the Qi it exuded could s.h.i.+ver people’s soul. It was like a glow of divine spirit. The sword spread out a sword net that instantly enshrouded the expert before slas.h.i.+ng at the enemy.


Such a powerful trump card was even more terrifying than Jiang Chen’s Qilin Arm. The early Immortal Emperor had been deeply panicked and dispirited before this. Now, facing this Immortal Execution Sword, he was helpless. He was cut into two on the spot.

After killing his enemy, Big Yellow withdrew the Immortal Execution Sword. The Qi on his body began to weaken a little. The consumption of forcefully wielding a Sovereign Weapon was just too great. Despite Big Yellow’s abnormal ability, he couldn’t wield it continuously. Given his current cultivation base, it was already considered very terrifying that he could use it once.

By now, five early Immortal Emperors had died, leaving only Fu Kui alive. Those remaining Immortal Kings were scared to death and were completely petrified by the scene. It was a pity that this group of people didn’t flee away during the battle. It seemed like they still had very high hopes on those Immortal Emperors.

“Big Yellow, kill all those Immortal Kings. None of them shall be left alive.”

Jiang Chen spoke. Today, n.o.body would be left alive. This was Jiang Chen’s style of action. He would never show tolerance to his enemies.


Jiang Chen’s words had startled the Immortal Kings back to reality. Each of them began to exclaim. Only now did they realize the crisis, knowing that this battle involved not only the Immortal Emperors, Jiang Chen and the dog, but also them as well.

“No, don’t kill us, argh…”

Someone screamed, but it was already too late. Given their capability, how could they resist the terrifying attacks of Big Yellow? Big Yellow slaughtered his way ferociously. It was a complete ma.s.sacre. They were so easily destroyed as though they were made of decayed wood.

In just a few breaths, all of the Immortal Kings were slaughtered by Big Yellow. None of them remained alive. At this point, the entire battlefield was left with only Fu Kui – a general without an army.

The father and daughter in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and the elder from afar were dumbfounded. They had never seen such a battle before. This was the pinnacle of battle that would never happen in the small Yan City.

“Fu Kui, now it’s your turn. Do you still want to avenge your two sons death now?” Jiang Chen smiled coldly at Fu Kui.


Fu Kui burst into laughter all of a sudden. It was just that such a laughter was full of despair. That was right. It was despair. He looked at the corpses and flesh that were scattered all over the place, and couldn’t speak any words. He felt like he was dreaming.

“Jiang Chen, I will still go all out to fight you!”

Fu Kui moved once more, channeling all of his energy into the Wolf-Tooth Club and thrusted it at Jiang Chen. He knew that this might be his last attack, and that he was no match for Jiang Chen. On a one-on-one scenario, his death was already certain. Despite that, he still attacked because he was clear that Jiang Chen would never let him go.

“Come on, I will look up to you more if you fight to your death.” Jiang Chen flicked his arm and cast out the Qilin Arm once more.

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