Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1528 – Nanbei Yitu

Chapter 1528 – Nanbei Yitu

Nanbei Yitu

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This move was going to put Fu Kui to death. Fu Kui’s attacks were scattered and couldn’t pose any threat to Jiang Chen. When the Qilin Divine Arm of Jiang Chen clashed against Fu Kui’s Wolf-Tooth Club, the club flew away from Fu Kui’s grip. The force of the divine arm didn’t reduce and heavily smashed Fu Kui’s head.

Even before Fu Kui could utter a wail, his head was already blown to pieces by Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had given him a quick death instead of torturing him.

For Fu Kui, if he couldn’t kill Jiang Chen today, he wouldn’t be able to have his revenge for the rest of his life. In that case, killing him had freed him from his sufferings. Otherwise, he was going to stay under Jiang Chen’s shadow for the rest of his life and would break down sooner or later.

“Wakaka! It’s so fun. Little Chen, your current combat strength is truly overpowering, especially the attack of Qilin Divine Arm and True Dragon Combat Technique combined. That’s freaking awesome!” Big Yellow came to Jiang Chen’s side. Today, he had enjoyed himself to his heart’s content.

“Fu Kui is dead, our score has been settled. When a man like him goes crazy, it will be very scary. If he isn’t gotten rid of quickly, he’s going to cause other troubles in the future,” Jiang Chen said.

Such an enemy must not be left alive. Although Fu Kui wasn’t able to pose a threat or harm him, he could put those people that Jiang Chen knew in trouble. Just like what happened to Yan Qingcheng and Yan Dongliu. This was what Jiang Chen feared the most. As such, he had to dig up the roots and leave no potential threat behind.

Just as this time, three overbearing silhouettes suddenly emerged in the sky above the valley. They were three young men with dignified and unordinary bearing. Their face was carrying the pride that originated from their bones, which made them seem proud even from the inside.

More importantly, the one in the lead had a cultivation base that had already reached the early Immortal Emperor realm. Every young Immortal Emperor expert in Eastern Profound Domain was a famous figure, because whenever a young Immortal Emperor was born, it would stir up numerous commotions and would spread across the entire Eastern Profound Domain as quickly as possible, letting everyone know about it.

The other two were at the half-step Immortal Emperor realm. Individuals like these two were also outstanding geniuses if they were placed in Genius Prefecture.

After the three emerged, their eyes fell upon Jiang Chen, or it should be said that it fell upon the Qilin Divine Arm of Jiang Chen. The current Jiang Chen was still in his dragon-form. He hadn’t got the time to keep the Qilin Divine Arm after killing Fu Kui.

“Not good.”

Jiang Chen knew that something wasn’t right. Someone like him had the most acute senses. He could clearly tell whether the person was an enemy or an ally with just one look. Furthermore, these three had been focusing on his Qillin Arm since they arrived. This was enough to give Jiang Chen a good hint.

He was almost certain that these three weren’t geniuses of Great Qian Empire. Plus, Fu City was within the territorial scope of Great Qian Empire. The geniuses of the other major powers wouldn’t emerge in this place. That was to say, these three were very likely attracted by the battle earlier. However, despite the intense shockwave of the battle, it was impossible for it to spread outside of Great Qian Empire. He was then left with only one explanation – the true reason why these three appeared here was because of the Qilin Arm.


Jiang Chen concealed his Qilin Arm and reverted back to his human form. He glanced at the three then turned to Big Yellow. “Big Yellow, let’s go.”

It wasn’t suitable for them to stay at this place for long. He had no intention of clas.h.i.+ng with these three. The previous fierce battle had consumed quite a lot of his energy. Besides, there was a true Immortal Emperor expert amongst the three, a figure that was as powerful as the Crown Prince and Yang Bufan. He knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance in a real fight.

After all, this man was a genius figure like Yang Bufan and the Crown Prince, totally incomparable to a cultivator like Fu Kui. Both of them were in two total different levels. These figures were strong enough to fight an intermediate Immortal Emperor expert. They were supreme geniuses with not only terrifying combat strength, but also incredible trump cards.

“Stand right there!” Just as Jiang Chen spun, the one in the lead spoke.

“Brother Yitu, the technique that kid used just now seems like the technique of the Fire Qilin,” someone whispered.

“I know,” Yitu replied, stepped into the void and came to Jiang Chen’s side.

“This brother, we don’t seem to know each other.” Jiang Chen asked.

“I’m Nanbei Yitu of Nanbei Family. I don’t care what you all have been through here, but I want to know where you have gotten the technique of Qilin?” The youth asked.

His tone was incomparably cold. Nanbei Family had virtually searched the entire Eastern Profound Domain for the Fire Qilin, but still, nothing was found, not even a trace. As such, he must lock on Jiang Chen today.

“This is my personal business. I don’t think I should tell you that. No matter how great your Nanbei Family is, you won’t be able to control all the people in the world. Moreover, this is the territory of Great Qian Empire.”

Jiang Chen spoke out sarcastic remarks. Facing the people of Nanbei Family, he didn’t need to show any politeness. Furthermore, the facial expression of his opponent wasn’t pleased either. He would never stick his hot face to the cold b.u.t.tocks of the person.

Putting aside the possibility of whether there was any connection between Nanbei Chao and Nanbei Family, the fact that Jiang Chen had crippled the Fire Qilin already destined him to face Nanbei Family one day. It was just that he didn’t want to confront them today. After all, his cultivation base was still weak and he had also offended Yin Corpse Sect, Yellow Spring Sect and Divine Line Sect in an indirect way. Although he was backed by the Great Qian Empire, he still thought that being strong himself was the best reliance. In this world where only the strong was respected, one should never hope to rely on someone else besides oneself.

“Kid, how dare you speak to Big Brother Yitu with such a tone? Are you asking for death? Even the Crown Prince of Great Qian Empire will have to show Brother Yitu respect whenever they meet. Who do you think you are?”

The man next to Nanbei Yitu couldn’t take it anymore. He pointed to Jiang Chen’s nose and scolded.

“It seems like your Nanbei Family has been used to being arrogant, but I urge you not to point your finger at me. Someone did it earlier, and as a result, he died.” Jiang Chen darted an incomparably cold glance at that genius.

Nanbei Yitu gestured for his comrade to stay calm. He looked at Jiang Chen and asked: “What’s your name?”

“Jiang Chen,” Jiang Chen said coldly.

He had never hidden his name, because there was no reason for him to do so. If his enemy wanted him dead, he wouldn’t get away by concealing his name.

“Say it now. Where’s Fire Qilin? Release him while you still have the chance,” Nanbei Yitu said.

“Sorry. I don’t know what you are talking about.” Jiang Chen showed a look of indifference.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, you’d better not refuse a toast only to drink defeat. Across the whole Eastern Profound Domain, no one has ever dared to touch the Fire Qilin. I’ve no idea where you have gotten that guts of yours. Young Master Chao has sensed the Qi of the Qilin and had given us the coordinates of where it came from. Therefore, the Qilin technique in your body must’ve come from the Fire Qilin, because Young Master Chao will never sense it wrongly. Whether you admit it or not, the disappearance of the Fire Qilin is related to you.”

Nanbei Yitu snorted coldly. If it was just based on the fact that Jiang Chen possessed the Qilin technique, he wouldn’t hastily conclude that Jiang Chen was the suspect, because knowing the skill of the Qilin didn’t necessarily mean that the person was the culprit behind the disappearance of the Fire Qilin. However, Young Master Chao had clearly felt the Qi of the Fire Qilin here. No one in the entire Nanbei Family ever doubted the ability of Young Master Chao. Therefore, Nanbei Yitu was very sure that the Qilin technique of Jiang Chen must’ve came from the Fire Qilin. That was to say, the disappearance of the Fire Qilin must be related to Jiang Chen.

Young Master Chao?

Although this name was heard by Jiang Chen’s ears for the first time, it couldn’t help but jolt his heart. It had reminded him of Nanbei Chao. Nanbei Family…Young Master Chao… the world wouldn’t be so coincidental right? He was certain that Nanbei Chao had to be in Nanbei Family. Perhaps this Young Master Chao was Nanbei Chao!

It wasn’t hard to feel the respect Nanbei Yitu had for Young Master Chao from his tone. It was no doubt that the status of Young Master Chao in Nanbei Family was transcendent.

“Is the Young Master Chao that you mention named Nanbei Chao?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“Of course. The people of Nanbei Family naturally has the surname of Nanbei. Don’t you feel embarra.s.sed to mingle around in Eastern Profound Domain without knowing who Young Master Chao is?”

Another man next to Nanbei Yitu spoke with disdain, he couldn’t accept that there was actually someone who didn’t know the famous name of Young Master Chao.

Sure enough!

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow exchanged a glance. Finally, they had found the rightful owner. He definitely didn’t believe that there was a second Nanbei Chao in this world. The Nanbei Chao of Immortal World must be this Young Master Chao, the old enemy of Jiang Chen. Back when Jiang Chen just ascended to the Immortal World, he had received severe blows and almost lost his life. If it wasn’t for the protection of the Immortal Mark, he was afraid that he would have already died. Now, it seemed like there was no doubt that it was the doing of this Young Master Chao.

Moreover, judging from this person’s tone, it wasn’t hard to tell that Nanbei Chao had a great reputation in Eastern Profound Domain. Even a figure like Nanbei Yitu had to show him extra respect.

“Jiang Chen, I will give you one last chance. Hand over the Fire Qilin and perhaps you may still live.”

Nanbei Yitu ordered once more, a strong killing intent was revealed in the depths of his eyes, however. In his point of view, across the whole Eastern Profound Domain, anyone who dared to touch the saint beast of Nanbei Family would only result in one end, death.

However, their top priority right now was to find the Fire Qilin, so he offered Jiang Chen a chance to live as long as Jiang Chen handed the Fire Qilin over.

“It seems like you didn’t believe what I just said. But no matter how arrogant your Nanbei Family is, I, Jiang Chen, won’t care. You can’t threaten me all you want, but if I want to leave, I’m afraid that none of you can stop me.”

Jiang Chen smiled plainly. There was nothing much to talk about as he could already feel the killing intent from Nanbei Yitu.

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