Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1526 – Sentenced to Death

Chapter 1526 – Sentenced to Death

Sentenced to Death

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“Young Master Chao.”

The young man saluted the man in golden robe. Both of them were the greatest geniuses of Nanbei Family. Judging from the surface, their cultivation base were almost the same. They were both early Immortal Emperors, the dragons of their peers, however the youth who came in treated the golden-robed man so respectfully. It was enough to tell the status of the blonde youth in Nanbei Family.

“Nanbei Yitu, I have felt the Qi of Qilin. It’s just southeast. Immediately, bring someone over and do a thorough check,” the blond youth commanded.

“Yes, Young Master Chao. I will go now.”

Nanbei Yitu didn’t have the slightest neglect in his words. After he responded, he instantly vanished from the spatial zone.

This was a picture that was extremely difficult to understand. One should know that Nanbei Family was also one of the eleven major powers in Eastern Profound Domain, just like the Great Qian Empire. There were countless and continuous fighting amongst the young disciples. The compet.i.tion among geniuses who had reached the Immortal Emperor realm in particular was even fiercer. Geniuses of the same rank were virtually equal in strength. Just like the Crown Prince, King Ping and King Fan of Great Qian Empire. Although the Crown Prince’s status was more honourable, King Fan and King Ping wouldn’t take that into account. So it was incomprehensible why Nanbei Yitu feared the golden-robed youth so much.

After Nanbei Yitu was gone, the golden-robed man closed his eyes and continued comprehending his divine art.

On the battlefield outside Fu City, Jiang Chen had killed another Immortal Emperor with absolute dominance. The spirit of the remaining three experts began drop. They had been bombarding Jiang Chen for so long, but hadn’t hurt him even by a bit. As soon as Jiang Chen counter-attacked, one of them was eliminated, however. Although it was partially due to their carelessness, it was still a fact that Jiang Chen just killed two Immortal Emperors. How was it possible for them to stay composed?

“Not good, this kid still has a great trump card. He’s overpowering. We’re absolutely no match for him.”

“How could there be such an abnormal person in the world? I’ve been through countless battles in my life, but I’ve never experienced such aggrieved battle.”

The facial expression of the two Immortal Emperors changed completely. Once again, they showed the intention of pulling back.

At this time, Fu Kui, was of course the most depressed of all. He was the one who had planned all of these. He had gone to Yan City that was thousands of miles away just to capture the father and daughter and lure Jiang Chen out and kill him in revenge for his two sons’ death. Unexpectedly, this fool proof plan and formation turned out to be like this.

“Haha! Like I said, none of you will be able to escape. All of you will have to die.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi soared up to the sky. A violent attack was launched at another early Immortal Emperor. As a matter of fact, he still had a powerful trump card – the Eternal Immortal Wind. This kind of Immortal Wind originated from Immortal World. As Jiang Chen’s cultivation base continued to rise, the power of the Immortal Wind gradually increased as well. Moreover, the environment of the Immortal World was very suitable for casting out the Eternal Immortal Wind. However, Jiang Chen didn’t dare to use this skill so casually. He was almost certain that if he really used this technique, he would instantly attract Nanbei Chao here. Instinct told him that even with his current combat strength, he would be killed instantly by Nanbei Chao. As such, he was unwilling to take the risk. It wasn’t time for him and Nanbei Chao to confront each other yet. It was better to just let fate run its course.

“Let’s stop him together!”

Upon seeing that Jiang Chen was about to attack again, Fu Kui shouted, raised the Wolf-Tooth Club and smashed at Jiang Chen’s direction. Anyone could tell what Jiang Chen’s intention was at this time. Clearly, Jiang Chen was trying to strike them down one by one. If they allowed Jiang Chen to kill one more of them, none of them would be able to leave this battlefield alive.

*Whoosh…* *Whoosh…* *Whoosh…*

Just as Fu Kui and the other expert was about to strike, Jiang Chen cast out the Nine Phantom Wolves. These images of Jiang Chen created a diversion.

“F***, it’s this skill again!”

Fu Kui and that expert cursed. As they were now feeling very frustrated, the effect of this technique was multiplied, making them unable to determine the real Jiang Chen. Such abnormal movement skill was too irritating. Out of helplessness, they could only choose to attack at all directions.

*Hong Long……*


It was finished in the blink of an eye. The attack of the combination of the Qilin Divine Arm and True Dragon Combat Technique ferociously smashed on the targeted Immortal Emperor’s body. The expert let out a wail. Half of his body was mutilated. The other half hastily tore open the void to escape.

“Stay here!”

How could Jiang Chen give his opponent the chance to escape? With a huge grab, he yanked the other half of the body out of the void.

“Don’t, Jiang Chen. Don’t kill me. I can give you whatever you want. I beg you. Please don’t kill me!”

The face of that Immortal Emperor was filled with terror. No one wanted to die, especially those who led a good life. It wasn’t easy for these Immortal Emperors to reach where they were. They had experienced lots of trials and hards.h.i.+ps. How could they be willing to die?

“It’s too late.”

Jiang Chen had always been cruel and ruthless towards his enemy. He would never be soft and lenient in killing them. By exerting his hand, the body of the Immortal Emperor exploded, and turned into a mist of blood.

Another one had fallen. Jiang Chen’s momentum rose, like a peerless devil. A divine image of the Divine Beast Qilin emerged above the Qilin Arm.

“How did this happen? How did this happen?”

Apart from Fu Kui, the last Immortal Emperor who was now scared to death. At this point, he couldn’t care about anything anymore. Fleeing had now become his top priority. It was no longer important if Jiang Chen would seek him for revenge in the future. What was more important was that he could leave this place alive.

*Chi La!*

How could the Immortal Emperor delay its actions any further? Immediately, he tore open the void and entered it in a flash.

“Five Elemental Spheres! Seal the void. Get the h.e.l.l out!”

Jiang Chen cast the Five Elemental Spheres. A powerful domain of energy spread out like a tide, integrating with the void, immediately forming a tremendous spatial barrier. The Immortal Emperor who fled into the interior of s.p.a.ce and escaped with the help of spatial force was forced out by this domain.


The Immortal Emperor’s expression changed dramatically. Finally, he realized the biggest crisis. He was shocked. Despite his cultivation base and strength, he didn’t even have the chance to run away from an Immortal King kid. That was simply unimaginable.

“I have already said it. None of you can leave. You have already lost your will. Now, you can only die in my hands.”

Jiang Chen spoke sternly. He sounded like the G.o.d of Judgment, putting an end to the life of the Immortal Emperor.

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