Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1525 – The Might of Qilin Arm

Chapter 1525 – The Might of Qilin Arm

The Might of Qilin Arm

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*Hong Long……*

The fierce combat continued. The four great Immortal Emperors had put their best efforts into play, especially Fu Kui, who had almost exerted all of his strength. The current scene was spectacular. The four of them were standing at different positions, attacking ferociously at the blood-red dragon inthe centre. From time to time, the dragon would wobble its head and tail and would change into a sharp sword. Its body flickered randomly like an illusion. Unparalleled force of antiquity burst out from it as it fought its enemies. The more the dragon fought, the stronger it became, which was getting further and further away from succ.u.mbing to the four.

“Motherf****r! How long can this b.a.s.t.a.r.d last? I won’t be able to hold on any longer.”

One of them got exasperated and almost spurted out blood. He had never encountered such a scene, and an opponent that was so hard to deal with. In fact, the combat strength of an Immortal Emperor was endless, especially when there were four of them joining forces, but they were gradually getting frustrated.

“Don’t care so much. Just keep attacking. We must eliminate this kid today!” Fu Kui spoke violently. Today was his only and last chance. If he couldn’t get rid of Jiang Chen today, he wouldn’t have the chance anymore.

“Fu Kui, I’m done with your business. This kid can’t be killed. You should already know this by now. I will return to you the benefits you gave me. I quit!”

Someone spoke, seemingly ready to leave. As a great Immortal Emperor, he naturally wasn’t a fool, because a fool could never reach such level. This expert could clearly see that it was virtually impossible for them to kill Jiang Chen today.

“Humph! Quit? Too late for that. This Jiang Chen is extremely ruthless. He already put you in his heart. If you don’t kill him today, he’s certainly going to kill you one day. The growth of such a monstrous genius is extraordinary. He will surpa.s.s us very soon. Also, this man won’t let anyone get away even with just a hostile look. He will find you all for vengeance. We have no way back.” Fu Kui snorted coldly.

“d.a.m.ned you Fu Kui! You have put all of us into trouble.”

The man was infuriated and almost coughed up blood. Although he was reluctant to admit it, he knew that what Fu Kui said was right. A figure like Jiang Chen was extremely cruel and would never show kindness to his enemies. Today, they had attacked Jiang Chen. Given Jiang Chen’s personality, he absolutely would never let this matter rest.

Therefore, they had to do whatever it took to eliminate Jiang Chen today, the future threat. Right now, killing Jiang Chen was no longer about avenging their brother’s death, but to save their own lives.

“Haha! Although Fu Kui is stupid, what he said is right. All of you have offended me. None of you will live.”

Jiang Chen laughed loudly, arrogant to the extreme. From the moment he decided to attack, he had already given these people the death sentence. All six Immortal Emperors, none of them shall live.


The four of them were infuriated once more. No one chose to back down. Just like what Fu Kui said, they were left with no other option. If they fled today, they were going to die some day.

*Hong Long……*

A terrifying energy wreaked havoc on this vast battlefield. Mountain peaks continued to crumble. Even the earth was broken by it. Multi-colored light continued to s.h.i.+ne in the sky, startling everyone around.

This intense battle lasted for another dozen minutes, but neither victory nor defeat could be decided. Jiang Chen was too tenacious and couldn’t be killed. Despite the joint attacks of the four great experts, it still did Jiang Chen no harm. At this point, the four of them were truly irritated. Their skills were getting messier. The cooperation amongst them began to slip.

Except for Fu Kui, who was still shouting furiously with his murderous intent soaring up to the sky, the other three were already losing their morale.

“These four guys are out of order. The combat strength of their joint attack is weakening. Now, it’s my turn to attack.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. He had been waiting for this moment – the moment when the four of them reached the limit of their patience.


Jiang Chen let out a dragon’s roar, facing the sky. His dragon body rolled and turned into a half-dragon-half-human form. At the same time, the Heavenly Saint Sword vanished in his hand, because he was going to launch a killing attack.

“Nine Phantom Wolves!”

Jiang Chen roared, casting the Nine Phantom Wolves once more. An excellent movement skill could always play a key role in a battle, especially when the enemy had lost his focus. It could greatly confuse the perception of the enemy so Jiang Chen could find a way to break into the enemy’s defence line.

“Qilin Divine Arm! True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen shouted once more. A cracking sound was heard from his st.u.r.dy dragon arm. Golden scales began to envelop his arm, making his arm a fold bigger. He then locked on one of them with lighting speed, and launched his strike.


The image of the head of the Fire Qilin and True Dragon emerged. The combination of the two was like two great divine beasts fusing together. It was overpowering and earth-shattering. It was absolutely the enhancement of strength.

“Not good, save me!”

An Immortal Emperor immediately cried out when he felt an extremely dangerous Qi. Unfortunately, the other three experts were entangled in the shadows of Jiang Chen. Neither of them could come to his aid.

*Hong Long……*

The powerful might of the Qilin Arm pounded heavily on that expert’s body. The illusion of the fusion of Qilin and True Dragon had turned into an ancient divine beast. It opened its maw and swallowed the Immortal Emperor.


Wails were heard. He was completely trapped at the centre of the raging energy. It was like the power of G.o.d. It wanted to rip his body apart. His Immortal Emperor Qi couldn’t resist the energy at all.

In the blink of an eye, the Immortal Emperor was covered in blood. He had suffered an unimaginable injury this time, and was pretty close to dying.

*Barf…* *Barf…*

He constantly spurted out blood. His body trembled. He had lost all of his combat strength. Fear filled his face. That kind of energy made him feel boundless dread. That was the shadow of death.

“Die now.”

Jiang Chen wouldn’t give him the chance to live. He struck out the True Dragon Palm once more, grabbed on the head of the expert and crushed it with his claws.

Another early Immortal Emperor just died.

At the same time, in Nanbei Family, a young man with blond hair and golden robe suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were incomparably sharp as though they could see through the void. The place he was at was a closed spatial zone lingered with variegated laws.

“I smell the Qi of Qilin, but I’m now at the critical stage of the enlightenment of Tyrannical Sovereign Art. I still can’t act,” the youth spoke.

Immediately, he sent out a divine sense. As soon as he did that, a young man walked in.

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