Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1524 – One Versus Four

Chapter 1524 – One Versus Four

One Versus Four

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Jiang Chen went berserk, totally ignoring the attack of Fu Kui’s Wolf-Tooth Club. Once again, he casted the Nine Phantom Wolves. Nine images of him appeared on different places in the battlefield, with the purpose of distracting Fu Kui. At the same time, the Heavenly Saint Sword was slashed towards the early Immortal Emperor who had just lost an arm with indomitable will.

“It’s now or never!”

Upon seeing the fierceness of Jiang Chen and his comrades weren’t coming to his aid, he was only left with the option to resist, using his residual energy. It was a pity that his current strength couldn’t deal with Jiang Chen’s all-out attack. He was just like an ant shaking a giant tree, totally insignificant.


No accident occurred. Jiang Chen’s dragon sword made the slash, cutting the Immortal Emperor in half on the spot. Mists of blood flew into the air. This was an extremely ghastly picture. A mighty Immortal Emperor was killed just like that. Moreover, he was killed by a puny Immortal King. He probably hadn’t thought that he would die in such a way one day even in his dreams.


Although he had just eliminated one of his enemies, Jiang Chen wasn’t any better. The Wolf-Tooth Club of Fui had destroyed his clones. The shockwave of the attack hit him, and sent him flying 300 meters away before he could regain his balance. A trace of blood trickled off the corner of his mouth.

“Big Brother Jiang!”

Upon seeing Jiang Chen’s injury, Yan Qingcheng exclaimed. Her eyes were full of concern.

“There’s no need to be worried, daughter. Jiang Chen will be alright,” said Yan Dongliu.

He believed in Jiang Chen’s ability. Such an injury was nothing to Jiang Chen. Just like the cultivators outside, he was also greatly shocked, because Jiang Chen had just killed an Immortal Emperor. This was supposed to be an impossible feat, but it had happened before his eyes.

Yan Dongliu was right. The injury wasn’t considered anything to Jiang Chen. With the help of the wood spiritual energy, Jiang Chen was able to recover in a breath. This was also why he dared to risk being wounded by Fu Kui. The wood spiritual Qi was one of his trump cards and his greatest reliance.

“Dammit! Why is this guy so abnormal? He has just killed Old w.a.n.g!”

“Brother Fu, why didn’t you tell us that this kid was so powerful? You have put all of us in danger!”

“Don’t talk about that anymore. Brother Fu, too, had no idea that he had grown to such a powerful extent. Although Old w.a.n.g is already dead, we could still kill him with the four of us. He has already been injured by Brother Fu’s Wolf-Tooth Club. He won’t be able to last very long.”


No one wasn’t shocked by it. The death of an Immortal Emperor had no doubt dealt an extremely huge blow to their minds, because they knew very well that Old w.a.n.g was as capable as they were. Now that Old w.a.n.g was dead, it indicated that Jiang Chen had the strength to kill any one of them. This was clearly far from what they had imagined earlier. Even if there were four of them, they still felt inferior, because the person they wanted to deal with was a lot stronger than they were.

“I’ve warned you all before not to underestimate this kid, but there’s no need to worry about him now. He has been wounded by me. He will surely die today. With our joint effort, we will drain all of his energy. Besides, his incredible combat strength is entirely because of the transformation technique. This technique is able to enhance his strength by tenfold. Such a technique certainly won’t be able to last long. Once he failed to sustain his current form, he will surely become vulnerable. At that time, he would be as weak as an insect that we can simply pinch to death,” Fu Kui said coldly.

His idea was excellent and was accepted by all. After all, that was a tenfold increase. Such a technique was even stronger compared to the Taboo Technique. As Immortal Emperors, they knew better than anyone the conditions before using the Taboo Technique. One would need to pay a certain price every time one used the technique. Jiang Chen was no exception.

However, they had neglected one fact – there were many things in this world that was beyond their imagination, and couldn’t be predicted and evaluated with common sense. Just like the transformation technique of Jiang Chen, it wasn’t a technique, but Jiang Chen’s own body.

“Stop talking nonsense. Kill him!”

One of them had his murderous Qi soaring up to the sky. Unparalleled sword light broke out from the combat weapon in his hand. Subsequently, the four of them unleashed all of their combat strength and lunged at Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen’s combat sword let out a sword cry. Immediately, he casted the Dragon and Sword Unite. He was exerting himself to the utmost to confront the four Immortal Emperors. The battle developed into an incomparably intense situation. Countless divine light showered down, turning the whole sky very bright. Cracks were created in the void one after another. The hundreds of miles of mountains below crumbled down. Countless mountains peaks crumbled to dust.

The earth trembled. The entire battlefield seemed like the end of the world. Boundless destructive energy rolled across every direction. The people from a thousand miles away could also feel the commotion here. Each collision was like the nine heavens lightning.

Those Immortal Kings were scared to death. Those who were pumped up to fight Jiang Chen earlier realized how ridiculous they were. Given their cultivation base, it would be a joke if they partic.i.p.ated in this battle. If they joined the fight now, even if they all joined forces, they still wouldn’t be enough to resist Jiang Chen’s single slash.

“Scary. He’s too scary. Is he still human? Is he really an early Immortal King? He’s able to fight four early Immortal Emperors. It seems like if this was a one-versus-one battle, none of them would be his opponent.”

“He’s absolutely a peerless genius that couldn’t be judged using common measures. If such a man isn’t gotten rid of today, he’s going to be a ma.s.sive threat in the future, and there will be no chance of getting rid of him again when that time comes.”

“I think it’s very difficult to kill him today. The four great experts have yet to take him down until now.”

“Don’t worry. That Jiang Chen has already consumed a ma.s.sive amount of energy. I estimate that he won’t last very long. And that terrifying transformation technique of his will soon vanish. At that time, his real death will arrive.”


No one wasn’t shocked by the scene. It was luck that they were able to witness such an intense battle that happened only in the immemorial times.

The intense battle was still on going. Jiang Chen had completely transformed into a real dragon, his head and tail were wriggling at the center of the battlefield. He casted out the Great Soul Derivation Technique and the Great Divination Art at the same time, which made him as skillful as a fish in water while confronting the four early Immortal Emperor experts. There wasn’t any sign of defeat until now.

However, this wasn’t the case for Fu Kui and the other three. After a long battle, they began to feel somewhat impatient. Their only hope right now was that Jiang Chen would soon run out of energy and he wouldn’t be able to maintain his current form anymore. However, what made them speechless was that Jiang Chen seemed like he had been injected with a stimulant. They couldn’t see any signs of exhaustion from his body.

“Humph! When you all got terribly annoyed, that will be the time I strike back. None of you will be able to leave.”

Jiang Chen snorted coldly in his heart. This was the effect he wanted. He still had a stronger trump card – the Qilin Divine Arm. If this technique was used with the True Dragon Combat Technique, it would surely became his most powerful trump card at present. He couldn’t just simply use this technique, but given his current situation, he was left with no choice.

As to whether the Qilin Divine Arm would arouse the concern of Nanbei Family, Jiang Chen couldn’t care less about it anymore. Being timid had never been his character. If he couldn’t use such a powerful technique every time, then what was the use of it? He might as well just discard it.

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