Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1523 – Furiously Slashing Immortal Emperors!

Chapter 1523 – Furiously Slashing Immortal Emperors!

Furiously Slas.h.i.+ng Immortal Emperors!

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Fu Kui didn’t dare to delay anymore. Jiang Chen’s power made him very uncomfortable and feel that something unforeseen was going to take place. Suddenly, he also felt that the fool proof Tian Luo Net they deployed might not be able to take Jiang Chen’s life today.

Not just Fu Kui, the rest of them also didn’t dare neglect Jiang Chen anymore, they had brushed away all the underestimation they had towards Jiang Chen. Including the one who was wounded by Jiang Chen’s sword Qi; the five early Immortal Emperors encircled Jiang Chen. Normally, given their cultivation base and status, they absolutely wouldn’t besiege a puny Immortal King junior, because that was too humiliating!

However, their face was no longer important. Jiang Chen’s strength had gone far beyond their expectation. This was a peerless genius, the greatest genius they had ever seen. A genius that could defeat even an early Immortal Emperor. Even if they joined together, they still wouldn’t dare have the slightest neglect and underestimation towards Jiang Chen.

On the other side, Big Yellow and the other early Immortal Emperor were still immersed in their battle. No victor had been decided yet, which irritated the Immortal Emperor incomparably, giving him the impulse to cough up blood. There weren’t many freaks in the world, but unluckily, they had encountered two today. Besides Jiang Chen, this dog was also incredibly ferocious. The Immortal Emperor was incomparably clear in his heart. In a one-versus-one battle, he absolutely had no capability of killing this dog. There was no doubt about it. Nevertheless, what he needed to do now was to continue fighting this dog until the other side had gotten rid of Jiang Chen. Then, his comrades would be able to help him eliminate this dog for good.

In this point of view, no matter how powerful Jiang Chen was, it was impossible for him to deal with five early Immortal Emperors simultaneously, especially when the group had an expert like Fu Kui. Comparing Fu Kui to his peers, his strength was no doubt stronger.

Under the attack of such encampment, Jiang Chen would certainly die for sure. At least, that was what the Immortal Emperor thought.

As for the other Immortal Kings, they no longer had any use. All they could do now was to stay where they were as bystanders. They weren’t the ones to blame. Such a battle was totally out of their league. If they rushed into either of the battlefields, not only could they not provide any aid, they would instantly be killed, instead. No one was willing to joke around with their lives.

*Hong Long…*

Under the lead of Fu Kui, the five great experts simultaneously unleashed their incomparably powerful Qi. Being Immortal Emperors, their Qi soared up to the sky in waves emitting unparalleled brilliance. The five of them launched their incredible attack from five different directions.

“Bring it on!”

Jiang Chen didn’t have the slightest bit of fear. His body was covered in red glow, like he had become a startling and ever-victorious war G.o.d. The Dragon and Flaming Wings had fused together at his back. He lifted the dragon sword upside down, treating the sword like a blade and casted the Nine Phantom Wolves. He aimed at one of the experts before slas.h.i.+ng at him violently. The target was precisely the one he had wounded previously. In the face of five great opponents, he must eliminate them one by one starting from the weakest.

The attacks of the five Immortal Emperors was just too powerful. It wasn’t excessive to describe it as earth-shattering. Their attacks had interwoven into a giant energy net as it lunged at Jiang Chen from above, attempting to crush him to his death.

However, with Jiang Chen’s mystical movement skill, incredible soul power, keen senses and Great Divination Art, he was always able to evade the strongest spot of the giant energy net in a matter of blinks and counter-attacked.

There would be flaws no matter how powerful the attack was. In particular, this was the first time Fu Kui cooperated with the others. The cooperation among them had no tacit understanding. Such a messy and unorganized cooperation didn’t pose a huge threat to Jiang Chen at all. Also, the Great Divination Art allowed him to accurately locate the joint-attack’s flaw and find the spot where he could evade.

*Hong Long……*

Raging energy surged out of Jiang Chen’s body like tidal waves, trying to resist the energy attack that was falling upon him. At the same time, his soul power had fully locked on the wounded Immortal Emperor. He channelled all of his energy into the dragon sword and made a violent slash.

*Chi La!*

The Immortal Emperor had already lost the support of his Immortal Weapon. The slash that Jiang Chen made came from above like a heavenly sword that could take his life at any time.

“Not good!” He exclaimed.

He wanted dodge, but it was already too late. With his current condition and without his Immortal Weapon, he wasn’t able to exert his combat strength. What was even more unthinkable was that with so many experts launching their attacks upon Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen could still launch such a precise attack at one of their own.

*Chi La!*


Accompanied with a terrible wail, the arm of that expert was severed by the dragon sword. It was a very ghastly and b.l.o.o.d.y picture. An early Immortal King chopping the arm of an early Immortal Emperor was definitely like a dream to all the people on the scene.

The instant the arm was cut off, Jiang Chen moved, not giving his target the chance to gasp for air. The Heavenly Saint Sword was swung with incredible speed, reaching that person in a blink of an eye.

As for the other four Immortal Emperors, they had yet to launch their second strike after their first attacks had faded, they hadn’t imagined that Jiang Chen could defuse their joint attack so easily and launch a strike at one of their comrades at such unfavorable situation, seriously injuring the person.

“Save me!”

The Immortal Emperor screamed. He had suffered a heavy injury. Although he still had a certain amount of combat strength left, this bit of combat strength was useless when the opponent was Jiang Chen. He could already feel the threat of death. It was a feeling that he had never felt before, however he could feel it so clearly now.

As an Immortal Emperor, he already had a certain ability to predict. He was well aware that given his current condition, he could never resist Jiang Chen’s terrifying strike. If his comrades couldn’t block this slash of Jiang Chen, then what awaited him next would be death.

“Save him, quick!”

“Son of a b*tch!”

Fu Kui’s group was angered. If Jiang Chen could kill one of them under such a situation, it would surely be extremely irritating and humiliating to them.

Fu Kui lunged at Jiang Chen with a Wolf Fang Mace that radiated black light in his hand.


Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly, totally ignoring the attack of Fu Kui. He knew today’s situation very well. He must deal with them one by one. Now that he had the chance, he would make this kill at all costs.

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