Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1522 – Defeating an Immortal Emperor

Chapter 1522 – Defeating an Immortal Emperor

Defeating an Immortal Emperor

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Fu Kui knew Jiang Chen’s capability, but had never expected that Jiang Chen’s strength would reach such an extent. He couldn’t believe that Jiang Chen could actually fight an early Immortal Emperor and even managed to gain the upper hand until now. Initially, he thought that the forces he had gathered was just making a fuss over a minor issue, but now it seemed that he had made the right choice. If his group wasn’t strong enough, even if they could suppress Jiang Chen, it wouldn’t be easy for them to make Jiang Chen stay and get rid of him.

Just like the others, Fu Kui finally understood why his two sons died in Jiang Chen’s hands. Judging from Jiang Chen’s ability, he indeed was capable enough to kill Fu Wei, however the stronger Jiang Chen got, the more determined Fu Kui wanted to kill him. Undoubtedly, a genius like Jiang Chen was extremely terrifying and his speed of growth was just too quick. Jiang Chen’s change was simply too great from the time when he was at Fu Tian Manor. If a talent with such a heaven defying potential wasn’t eliminated today, Fu Kui wouldn’t be able to tell who would be killing who the next time.

“Stormy Waves!”

The early Immortal Emperor struck out once more. His powerful strike was actually blocked by an early Immortal King. It would be too humiliating if such an incident was to spread out. He might not be able to mingle around anymore in the future.

The Immortal Emperor exerted his utmost effort to strike out the fiercest technique that he was most proud of. Energy surged out of his body like tidal waves, and turned into huge energy tides. These energy tides were columns of energy. As it rushed out, each of the energy column turned into an invisible energy dragon before rus.h.i.+ng to Jiang Chen.

An early Immortal Emperor opponent isn’t easy to be dealt with. It will be incomparably hard for me to kill him with my current strength. Fortunately, these early Immortal Emperors are very ordinary. I’m still able to suppress them with the Great Divination Art.

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered with surging combat intent. Battling such an Immortal Emperor was what he thirsted for, today’s battle was a life-and-death battle, however. He needed to figure out a way to get rid of these opponents. With his current combat strength, he was definitely no match for an early Immortal Emperor genius, and could only choose to escape, however these old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds weren’t even close to the genius level, they weren’t as scary and Jiang Chen could deal with them with his dragon-form. If he used the Great Divination Art as well, he would have no problem fully suppressing these early Immortal Emperors.

The Stormy Waves swept across the area unbiasedly. Its raging energy turned into a terrifying domain, sealing the void that Jiang Chen was in.

“Dragon and Sword Unite!” Jiang Chen yelled.

Despite facing such a powerful attack, he was still unafraid. Under the circulation of the Great Divination Art, the flaw of the enemy’s attack was very easily detected. After using the Dragon and Sword Unite, he completely turned into a real dragon, a blood-red dragon that carried primitive Qi. He was no longer the half-human-half-dragon, but a true dragon.


The dragon sword let out a roar. At this moment, the sword was the dragon and the dragon was the sword, completely indistinguishable.

*Whoosh…* *Whoosh…* *Whoosh…

Along with the earth-shattering dragon roar, countless sword light was shot out from the Heavenly Saint Sword. Every ray of sword light was a dragon, an unparalleled dragon sword. The volley consisted of tens of thousands of swords, connecting with the Stormy Waves that was condensed out of energy.

*Hong Long……*

The Heavens and Earth trembled! The void was torn! The entire battlefield was shattered. This was Jiang Chen’s strongest attack. Unparalleled power was unleashed from it.

This was the climax of the battle! Eventually, the stormy waves cast out by the early Immortal Emperor was destroyed by the Heavenly Saint Sword. Despite the Stormy Waves being the most powerful technique of that early Immortal Emperor, instead of dealing Jiang Chen any damage, he received a backlash that disrupted the flow of his blood and Qi.

From afar, the elder of Yan City was already petrified. Previously, he was already shocked by Big Yellow’s power. Now, Jiang Chen’s power had completely subverted his understanding of cultivation. To him, that kind of power only existed in legends. The power that could destroy the Heavens and Earth, and that kind of scene was something he couldn’t even imagine in his dream.

In the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, the father and daughter were also gaping at the scene. Yan Qingcheng’s reaction might seem a little better, because Jiang Chen had always been an omnipotent existence, a great hero, and a high and mighty being in her heart. So, no matter how strong Jiang Chen had become or what kind of miracle he created, Yan Qingcheng wouldn’t feel too surprised, but would feel proud of him instead. The man that she love was incomparable to anyone.

However, Yan Dongliu was different. He didn’t know Jiang Chen that long. Seeing that Jiang Chen was able to achieve such a ma.s.sive progress in such a short period of time, he was unable to accept and believe the reality, because Jiang Chen’s existence had also subverted his belief in cultivation.

“Dammit! How can this b.a.s.t.a.r.d be so overbearing? Is he really at the early Immortal King realm?”

The early Immortal Emperor expert felt somewhat irritated when he failed to suppress Jiang Chen in his previous two attempts.

“Old w.a.n.g, this kid isn’t easy to deal with. I think we should join forces to get rid of him and eliminate the chances of him becoming a huge threat,” Fu Kui said.

Jiang Chen’s performance made him somewhat anxious. Such a scene had totally exceeded his imagination. Therefore, he couldn’t wait to get rid of Jiang Chen as soon as possible. Only by killing Jiang Chen could he relieve his worries.

“No, I must eliminate this kid myself! No one should interrupt first.”

The early Immortal Emperor named Old w.a.n.g was enraged. Given his cultivation base and capability, if he couldn’t take down a puny little Immortal King, it would be incomparably humiliating.


He drew out an unparalleled battle sword. The body of the sword was engraved with complex sword marks that emitted a colourful brilliant light.

“Jiang Chen, you are indeed the most powerful genius that I have ever met. Unfortunately, your cultivation base is still too weak. You are merely an early Immortal King cultivator. If you are just a little bit stronger, I certainly won’t be your opponent. I won’t be lenient to you anymore. You’d better be prepared to die.” Old w.a.n.g spoke harshly.

“It’s hard to tell who will live and who will die.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He had already tested his combat ability. It was absolutely impossible this early Immortal Emperor to kill him. Even if all the Immortal Emperors here joined forces, it would be very hard for them to kill him.

Moreover, he had a great advantage while fighting them. Apart from his horrifying means, he wasn’t afraid of his energy consumption. He had the Immortal Qi and the millions of dragon marks which could provide him with an endless supply of energy. It would be no problem for him even if this intense battle lasted for three days and three nights. As such, he was least afraid about energy consumption.

“Falling Flower Sword. Die now!”

Old w.a.n.g struck once more. With a casual swing of his sword, flickering flower swords emerged in the void. Then, the sword was slashed at Jiang Chen with extreme speed.

However, in the middle of his attack, Jiang Chen also made his move. The Heavenly Saint Sword unmistakably stabbed through the weak spot of the attack, making it impossible for the rest of his opponent’s attack to be fully unleashed.


The two swords collided. The Immortal Emperor was unexpectedly forced three steps back by Jiang Chen.


This time, Old w.a.n.g was truly shocked. Despite using his Immortal Weapon and circulating all of his combat strength, he was still forced back by Jiang Chen, which was simply unbelievable.

What shocked him even more was that Jiang Chen was able to detect the flaw in his technique so accurately. By making the timely strike at the weak spot of his attack, it disrupted the rest of his attack entirely. So, only half of the power was unleashed. This was the reason he was sent backwards. He was very clear that if he was able to fully exert the power of his attack, he would never lose against Jiang Chen.

He naturally didn’t know that this was due to the Great Divination Art. Jiang Chen had fully circulated the Great Divination Art, which allowed him to detect the flaws of his opponent in the course of the battle.

“Again, Falling Flower Sword!”

The Immortal Emperor struck out the same technique. In his point of view, what Jiang Chen did earlier was just luck.


However, the same situation happened. When the attack was already halfway to its target, Jiang Chen launched a precise attack, forcing him back once more.

*Clang…* *Clang…* *Clang…*

Next, the Immortal Emperor launched a series of attacks, but each time, it was cut off by Jiang Chen, making it unable to unleash all of its power. Such a battle was extremely stifling. Not only could it affect one’s combat ability, but also one’s mind.

The Immortal Emperor was absolutely astounded. If it was luck at the beginning, it definitely wasn’t luck now. Jiang Chen must be using some kind of incredible technique that could detect the flaw of his attack.

*Clang!* *Chi La!*

Jiang Chen took advantage of the moment when his opponent was dazed. This time, his strength became even more terrifying. With one slash, the combat sword flew away from his opponent’s grip. At the same time, the sharp sword Qi left a deep gash on his opponent’s chest. Blood was streaming out from it.


The Immortal Emperor shook his head violently. His eyes were about to spurt out fire. He totally couldn’t accept such a reality, it was just too shocking. Despite being a high and mighty early Immortal Emperor, he was actually defeated and wounded by an Immortal King. This was a scene he had never once imagined even in his dreams, however it was happening right now before him.

Surely, it wasn’t just him who was shocked. Fu Kui and the rest were also stunned. They had witnessed the entire battle and deeply felt Jiang Chen’s terror.

Those who looked down on Jiang Chen had grim expression on their faces. They finally knew that this young man could never be underestimated. Also, they finally understood why Jiang Chen didn’t choose to escape earlier, it wasn’t because of his brain having been fried, but because he possessed incredible capability.

“This kid is too terrifying. Let’s attack together. Don’t hold back!” Fu Kui clamoured and advanced in Jiang Chen’s direction.

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