Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1521 – Monstrous Talen

Chapter 1521 – Monstrous Talen

Monstrous Talent

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Big Yellow’s head was very divine and an indestructible weapon. To any ordinary cultivator, the head was the most vulnerable spot that absolutely couldn’t handle heavy damage. It was already imaginable what the outcome would be if those few late Immortal Kings’ skull connected with Big Yellow’s.

Big Yellow’s speed was just too quick. After being locked on by him, it was completely impossible for his opponent to flee. Fleeing would only be a wishful thinking at that time. In a matter of a few breaths, Big Yellow’s head rammed the head of a late Immortal King expert. With a bang and a half-uttered cry, the head of the expert was smashed to pieces by Big Yellow.

Such a scene was too b.l.o.o.d.y and horrific. A mighty late Immortal King was so vulnerable in front of Big Yellow, like an insect that could be crush at any time.


Big Yellow had gone berserk. As a divine beast, he was born with ferocity and nature of killing. Blood was the most powerful stimulant in their nature. The frenzied Big Yellow was undoubtedly the scariest. Those few Immortal Kings were shocked, deeply regretting their action. If they knew that their opponent was so terrifying, they wouldn’t have been so anxious to confront Jiang Chen. Now, it had already become difficult for them to escape.

It was easy for late Immortal King experts to flee because of their quick speed. Plus, they could also tear up the void and flee using the spatial force in an instant, but unfortunately, in the face of Big Yellow, having this instant was just an extravagant hope. They could clearly feel that all of their escape routes were already locked by Big Yellow and that Big Yellow could eliminate and destroy them in a blink of an eye.

“Go to h.e.l.l now!”

Big Yellow’s momentum surged. He spat out a ray of light. Every ray of light was like a sharp and indestructible blade, capable of tearing the s.p.a.ce into pieces at any time.

*Pu Chi…* *Pu Chi…*


Shrill cries resounded throughout the valley. There was no exception. Of the few late Immortal King cultivators, most of them were jabbed through by those rays of light. They had formed an incredible defence layer by exerting their physical strength, however their strength was just too weak compared to Big Yellow’s. The gap was just too great that it was impossible for them resist. As such, all of their defences had become futile and vulnerable.

In a matter of a few blinks, five to six late Immortal King cultivators had all died miserably and agonizingly. From the moment that they were struck and killed, it all happened too fast, so fast that Fu Kui and the other early Immortal Emperors couldn’t even react and rescue them.

From a far distance, that elder of Yan City was recording everything with his eyes with his mouth wide open. He was terribly astounded.

In the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, Yan Dongliu and his daughter too, were greatly shocked. They finally knew how much Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had grown. Seeing Big Yellow having such a horrifying strength, their worries over Jiang Chen decreased a little bit. They could almost imagine that both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow would be enough to deal with these experts by joining forces.

Of course, they knew that Jiang Chen and Big Yellow didn’t regard these opponents as ‘experts’ even if they did.

“Dammit! Let me kill this dog. You all go and kill Jiang Chen.”

An early Immortal Emperor cursed, then launched an enormous palm at Big Yellow.

“Come on, Master Dog isn’t afraid.”

Big Yellow had become extremely powerful. After advancing to the late Immortal King realm, he now had the strength to instantly kill a half-step Immortal Emperor. Even in the face of an ordinary early Immortal Emperor opponent, he would have the strength to fight it. Presently, while facing the attack of the early Immortal Emperor, he unleashed all of his Qi. A colossal divine beast bloodline wrapped around Big Yellow’s body in an instant, making Big Yellow incomparably divine. That was a kind of primitive energy. It was n.o.ble and powerful.

Big Yellow’s head gave off a dazzling light. There were dragon marks twinkling on the surface of his head. Under the ripple of those dragon marks, a shroud of light covered his head. His original indestructible skull became even more unimaginable after adding a strong defence to it.

He let out a roar before launching his head at the Immortal Emperor.

“Humph! I would like to see how hard your dog skull is.”

The Immortal Emperor harrumphed coldly. His face glowed with ruthlessness, while his horrifying hands, slammed violently against Big Yellow’s head.

*Hong Long…….*

The strike of an early Immortal Emperor was so powerful that it instantly turned the sky murky and the earth dark, and caused howls. A huge divine light filled the air, enshrouding Big Yellow’s enormous body.

Nevertheless, even if such a destructive attack hit Big Yellow’s head, instead of causing him a serious injury, it only managed to create a large spark.


Big Yellow laughed pleasantly, shook his st.u.r.dy tail and lunged at that Immortal Emperor once more. Despite being hit so violently, he didn’t feel the slightest faintness. If his opponent didn’t experience it firsthand, he would never believe it.

“Motherf*cker! What’s this dog’s head made of?”

The Immortal Emperor had the impulse to spurt out blood. Such a head was truly invincible. Across the whole immortal world, he was afraid that only Big Yellow had such a head.

*Hong Long……*

The Immortal Emperor was having an intense and inextricable battle with Big Yellow, which had automatically created a new battlefield. High above the sky, the void was smashed to pieces.

On the other side, Fu Kui and the other four Immortal Emperors encircled Jiang Chen. The rest of the Immortal Kings were keeping their distance. Since the formation was useless, they might as well disperse it. Moreover, these Immortal Kings were merely liability on such a fight. They would only be turned into dust if they rushed forth.

“Five Immortal Emperors…you really think highly of me. Bring it on.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a trace of a cold smile. His body was already filled with surging combat intent. This was his first time battling mighty Immortal Emperors, however he had no fear and was full of confidence.

“What an arrogant kid! Let me test him first. I would like to know what makes you so arrogant.”

An early Immortal Emperor stood out. The remaining four, including Fu Kui didn’t make any move. The other three Immortal Emperors thought that it would be disgraceful for all of them to deal with just one puny Immortal King. Fu Kui basically also wanted to see what kind of capability Jiang Chen actually had, and what made Jiang Chen able to kill his two sons.

“Nine Phantom Wolves.”

Jiang Chen took the first move. With a flash, he casted the Nine Phantom Wolves. Images of him appeared on the scene, slightly stunning the Immortal Emperor who was about to launch his trike.

“Argh!” “Argh!”

In the next moment, two wails were heard. When Jiang Chen reappeared, two heads were hanging from his sword, blood was trickling and dripping from it. These two people weren’t stranger. They were precisely the two who attempted to make advances to Yan Qingcheng. Just like what Jiang Chen had said, the first thing he would do was to kill these two men. No one was able to stop him. Not even these few Immortal Emperors.

“Very fast.”

Everyone was frightened, especially those Immortal Kings. Each of them hastily retreated. Even those Immortal Emperors had shock plastered on their faces, because Jiang Chen’s speed was just too quick, even quicker than the dog.

With the Nine Phantom Wolves and the dragon and flaming wings, his speed was naturally unparalleled. The moment his enemies were caught off guard, it was incredibly easy for him to take the lives of those two.

The sword Qi of the Heavenly Saint Sword shook. The two skulls exploded into a mist of blood. Their death wasn’t innocent. From the moment they decided to make advances to Yan Qingcheng, their fate had already been decided. The ones that Jiang Chen wanted to kill would never be able to stay alive.

“Courting death! You dare to kill these people before me?”

The early Immortal Emperor expert was enraged, feeling incomparably humiliated. Jiang Chen killed two people in front of him as soon as he claimed to kill Jiang Chen. Such a scene disgraced and angered him.

The expert advanced. He turned his palm. An incomparably huge energy instantly condensed into an illusory huge mountain. That was a mountain condensed out of pure energy, weighing hundred millions of kilograms. If one was. .h.i.t by this energy mountain, one would surely be crushed to death on the spot.

*Hong Long……*

The void was shattered by the energy mountain. The energy mountain locked on Jiang Chen’s Qi, smas.h.i.+ng at his direction. This was a horrifying strike from the early Immortal Emperor. The Qi that radiated from it was very destructive.

“Come, show me how powerful a mighty Immortal Emperor actually is.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi skyrocketed. The pair of wings on his back fluttered. The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a blood-red fire dragon and slashed at the enormous energy mountain.

*Hong Long……*

This was a fierce contest. The energy emanated from it was formidable. The Heavenly Saint Sword was worthy of being called the divine sword. Under the full force strike of Jiang Chen, it slashed at that energy mountain, splitting it in half.

“What? This kid is only an early Immortal King. How could he have such a powerful combat strength? How could he even have the strength to destroy my energy mountain?”

The early Immortal Emperor was truly shocked. Not just him and the others, even Fu Kui was so shocked that he opened his mouth, feeling that he had just witnessed the most unbelievable thing in this world. Without truly witnessing Jiang Chen’s capability, one would never know how terrifying Jiang Chen actually was. By now, they finally understood how Jiang Chen was able to kill Fu Tian and Fu Wei.

He was a monstrous genius that couldn’t be judged by common sense.

“This kid is too powerful. I have never seen anyone like him. He’s absolutely monstrous.” One man said.

“Therefore, we must get rid of him today. Given his rate of growth, if we let him escape today, it won’t be us killing him anymore in our next encounter.”

Fu Kui said with a dignified look. As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen’s power had far exceeded his imagination.

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